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It is amazing, but our 15th reunion is about nine months away! Plans are underway. You will all be hearing from a fellow classmate very soon with reunion updates and fundraising.

Valerie Walston said that she still lives in Santa Barbara, Calif. She works from home writing freelance. This allows her to work as an EMT for the Santa Barbara County Search and Rescue. She hikes or flies to missing or injured outdoorsmen, rappels down steep cliff faces, swims through Class 4 currents, and jumps from helicopters (hopefully not all in one day!) Another Calif. girl, Candice Broughton Maillard wrote that her husband, Richard, became an American citizen on Aug. 24. She said that it was fascinating to watch the ceremony of 3,500 people from 99 different countries take the oath to become Americans. Yeah Richard!

Rush Harris informed us that her daughter, Kattie Anne, just celebrated her first birthday. Her town of Mooresville, Ala., (only 53 residents) will be featured in the December ’12 Southern Lady Magazine. Everyone in town decorated their houses for the photo shoot. Photos were taken in Rush’s house, but they won’t know until the magazine comes out if they actually made the cut. Rush said there will be many Christmas decorating ideas!

Bobbie Hedrick Atristain was recruited by IBM, so now works near Atlanta. She flies down on Mondays and returns home on Thurs. for the weekends. Yikes! She is in charge of the web infrastructure for online sites of Macy’s and Bloomingdales. No kids…no time! She will celebrate her 10th wedding anniversary in Nov. They hope to go on holiday to Hawaii to celebrate early next year.

In Aug., Anne-Claire Wackenhut Kasten started her fifth year of teaching at the Friends School of Atlanta. She and Scott took Jacques (b. 4/30/11) on his first trip to France, where he thoroughly enjoyed visiting with family, including his great-grandparents; visiting the parks and gardens of Paris; riding the Metro; building castles in the sands of Normandy; and, of course, eating lots of baguette! Anne-Claire and Jacques have also connected several times with fellow Atlanta-area alumnae: Tanya Ketchum Young ’97 and Lisa Tedder Baker ’97, both of whom have children around Jacques’s age. Anne-Claire’s sister Sophie Wackenhut Szymanski ’02 has also returned to town with her children this past year, and her parents now live there permanently as well, so it has been wonderful to take advantage of many regular opportunities to be family.

Diana Jordan Avery said that after much consideration, she decided to get a part-time job and is now a sales associate at Soma Intimates in Richmond. Diana reports that this gives her some “adult time” and also makes her a better mom and wife. If anyone needs or wants new intimate apparel, stop by and see her at Short Pump Mall! Her daughter, Meredith started second grade and loves it so far. She keeps asking when she gets to go to college and can’t wait to get to SBC! (Holla, holla!) Her son, Aaron, started three-day preschool in Sept. and is a joyous handful.

Kelly Bowman Greenwood caught up with Sophie Simonard ’97 on her recent trip to Calif. They had a blast with Helen Greenwood (class of ’28, if a double major in drumming and paleontology is offered) at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Page Darney is now Deputy Attorney General in the Civil Litigation Section for the Pa. Office of Attorney General. She is in love with her new white German Shepherd puppy, Samson!

Cady Thomas visited with Serena Putegnat and sister Tara ’00 this summer in Texas to celebrate their brother’s (William HSC ’04) 30th birthday. She also keeps in touch with many SBC friends throughout the year. Cady reports that reunion planning is underway and she hopes as many people can participate this year as possible!

Heather Smith reports that she’ll be relocating to Birmingham, Ala., this fall because the company she works for was bought. She still works as a dietetic technician in enteral nutrition.

Chantel Bartlett is five months into her new job. She is grateful for a job! She is very much looking forward to reunion and catching up with everyone in person.

Babies born: Jacqueline “Jake” Weiner Flaherty is thrilled to announce the arrival of Jack Liam Flaherty born on 7/5/12. He is the best news of 2012 for Jake and her husband! Tonya Grudier Montgomery welcomed baby girl Ryan Marie in July. She is healthy and perfect, and is “so cute” according to big brother Mitchell. Jenny Hogan Kohen and husband David welcomed a son, Alden Burke, on 6/14/12. He joins big sister Adella (2). They love living in upstate N.Y. and hope to see everyone next spring! This Sept., Cynthia Bumgardner Puckett welcomed her fourth child, a 2nd son! In addition to homeschooling, she is also co-chairing our Reunion Committee and encourages everyone to respond quickly when you are contacted. She is looking forward to reconnecting with fellow classmates! Alicia Foster Wilbun announced the birth of their third daughter, Roslyn Victoria (Dec ’11). Her husband bought the girls chickens for Easter, this did not please Alicia. Now, though, she likes the fresh eggs. Krista Wigginton Gravatt ’99 came for a visit in April. Estelle (seconddaughter) had to have her adenoids removed, but there is the possibility of future tonsillectomy. Estelle was able to swim without floaties this summer and Brianna is now swimming underwater and learning to dive. Alicia’s dad was in the hospital for a while with blood clots in both lungs and legs, but he has recovered. Alicia is trying to keep her sanity of being a mom of three little girls (4 if you count their Lab Cocoa or 10 if you add the chickens)!

Expecting babies: Courtney Morgan Harris is expecting baby #two in Dec. This will be a boy! Big sister Morgan (3) is very excited. Courtney also told me that Emily Meger will be getting married in Oct. to Ohad Braha. Congrats, Emily!