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If you haven’t yet visited and fallen in love with www.MacaroyKangaroo.com, you should! The cutey-cute shop for mamas and kiddos is run by our very own Kristen McCowan DeLargy! Kristen and her husband are living in Leesburg, Va., with kids Daniel (8), Davis (6) and Sullivan (3). This past spring, Kristen and kids took a beach vacation with Nicole Kelleher Linkonis and Holly James Trent. Nicole and her husband, Rich, make their home in Richmond, Va., with their three precious children, Gabi (5), Valentina (3) and baby boy Porter (14 months). Nicole completed her radiology residency and then a breast imaging fellowship at MCV in June 2011. Since then, she has been with Radiology Associates of Richmond where she works at the HCA Breast Centers.

After 12 years of locking up drug dealers while in the narcotics unit of the Richmond City Police Dept., Amanda Acuff is now assigned to the Mounted Squad. Yes, she rides a horse around the city conducting PR as well as enforcing the laws of Va.! She loves the schedule and can focus on her domestic life a lot more, which comes in handy now that she is planning her Oct. wedding to Scott, a Va. state trooper. “Whoomp” and Scott have been living together in Chesterfield for close to three years with their three wonderful dogs.

Whoomp is not the only classmate that can be found on horseback—both Cassie Thomas Campbell and Katrina Balding Bills ride as often as they can. Cassie is working at Peaks View Animal Hospital and is living in Lynchburg, Va., with her daughter Lexi, boyfriend Tim and Tim’s son Timothy. Together, they’ve been traveling this year to places like Bonaire and Fla. Cassie is becoming an amazing photographer, too!

Katrina Bills and hubby Kevin are crazy busy as you might expect. They are happily in the midst of building two businesses. Her Mary Kay business continues to grow and thrive, and Kevin is now, in addition to his job at Sprint, a full-fledged BrewMaster for and co-owner of Corcoran Brewing Company in Waterford, Va. Katrina works in the tasting room a couple days per month and says it’s great fun! Keara (3) and Kenny (9) are doing great, too. Keara started preschool and Kenny is in 3rd grade. They love helping Mom and Dad with work at the Brewery, whether it’s making goal posters, packing orders, crushing grain or adding hops! Katrina writes that all sister Vixens are welcome in Corcoran Brewery’s tasting room. Kerri Rawlings Burtner was the first one to give it a try!

Speaking of beer, Kathryn Black Watson still calls Jackson, Miss., home. She and Allen recently celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary—woo hoo! She decided to go back to work teaching and is loving it! Life for her is busy and full with Caroline in 8th grade, Elizabeth in 5th and Robert in kindergarten.

Jill Gavitt is teaching, too! She is in her second year teaching high school Spanish in Staunton, Va., where she lives with her hubby and two dogs. She writes that working with teenagers is not so bad, although it’s strange to realize that we graduated from SBC the same year her students were born! Besides seeing the crew at reunion, she’s been keeping in touch with Kathy Johnston and Jill Butcher. She also saw Alicia King briefly this summer as Alicia and friends embarked on a week of hiking the Appalachian Trail. Alicia and five of her friends completed their 50-mile hike, and she’s now safely back in Atlanta, Ga., doing SEO for WebMD and walking down the aisle in Nov!

Our other Alicia, Alicia Allen, is off on a different kind of adventure! She is stationed in Mauritania with the Army. She writes that she truly sees the resilience of the human spirit in her work there, and I promised to send out a loud “Holla, holla!” to her favorite Vixen, Christy Jordan, who is halfway through her graduate program at Notre Dame.

Lisa DuCharme Elwell is also overseas! She and Tristan are enjoying life in London with their two boys Evan (3) and Edward (1). She’s working part time at Fidelity International and enjoying belonging to the American Women’s Group. Hmmm, I wonder if Lisa ever ran into Rachelle Colquitt Rose? Rachelle and her husband Lenny lived in England for two years after they were married in 2009. Rachelle is VP of Colquitt Company, a land development company in Chaparral, N.M. and vice president of Lake Section Water Company, a water company in the same city. Rachelle and Lenny recently moved to San Antonio, Texas, where they’ll be for the next years. That means she can hang out with Lucretia Bock, our new class president, more often! Lucretia is living in her hometown of New Braunfels, Texas, in a very cool 1850s cottage retro-fitted with running water and electricity. Doesn’t that sound exactly like something Lucretia would do? In addition to hanging out with Rachelle, who is only 50 minutes away, Lucretia recently caught up with CeCe Valentine ’95 over dinner.

Gina Miller Brown has also moved! In Aug., the Browns moved to Pittsford, N.Y., which is just outside of Rochester. Gina’s husband has been working there for a year and a half so they’re thrilled to be together as a family again! Mason (5) just began kindergarten and Garett (3) in now in nursery school. Plus, Baby Brown #3 will arrive late Feb.! I wonder who’ll debut first—Baby Brown or Baby Foley? Yep! Stephanie Pappanikou Foley is expecting a baby girl this winter! Good thing that Steph and her husband recently moved into a 4-bedroom home in Raleigh, N.C. … what they thought would be a guest room will come in handy as a nursery for a baby sister for Parker (4) and Conner (1). Leigh Wilson gets to play Auntie and visit the Foleys on occasion!

Alison Hall also enjoys the role of aunt for her two nephews, Trevor and Preston. Dothan is living in Auburn, Ala., serving as the city’s community and special programs director. As if that weren’t enough, she’s been named county chair for the United Way of Lee County fund drive! Dothan did take time to travel back to SBC and have a blast at reunion, which she followed up by traveling to various civil war sites, aka the “I See Dead People” trip, with Jess Hiveley.

Way up in New England, Christina Benson Stanton is working part time and living in Stamford, Conn., with her husband, two boys, a cat and a dog. They enjoy time with their little guys and as the mom of two boys, Christina has learned the name of every construction vehicle and the various parts! Katherine Seder Karon and Ticia Harbour Berg caught up in Aug. while Ticia was in Boston, where Katy lives with her husband and two boys, Stephen (2) and Max (5 months). Katy was previously working for a hedge fund, but is lucky enough to spend the next few years at home with her boys until they start school! Ticia and her husband live in Vienna, Va., with their three kids, two of whom are in French Immersion school, très chic!

Northern Va. is also home to Becky Moats Miller and Kerry Coleman-Proksch. Becky and husband Chip, along with Michael (4), live in Warrenton, Va. They enjoy working in their real estate business, as well as on their farm raising Angus beef. Becky sees Julie Nelson ’96 her growing family regularly. In addition to attending our class reunion in May, Becky had a mini reunion with Vaiana Teriitehau Williams and Tasha Swales Newill. Kerry is still living in Woodbridge, Va., with her husband, Steven, and their two sons, Jack (6) and Patrick (3), and working part time as an adjunct professor at NOVA-Woodbridge Kerry visited Tanya Ketchum Young and her daughter Talley while she was in Tenn. in July, and took the boys on their annual visit to see Amy Cook Rexrode and her family in Petersburg, W.Va.

Cape Healey Boyd is living in Charlotte, N.C., with her husband, Brian, and their three awesome kids, twins Aiden and Katherine (6) and Brendan (3). Cape is a stay-at-home mom, but with all the activities they are in, she is rarely at home! Aiden loves baseball and basketball, while Katherine loves soccer and her Daisy Troop. They also do swimming and are already prepping for their First Communion to take place during second grade. Brendan attends preschool, but still keeps Cape on her toes with his never-ceasing energy and wanting to be part of everything his big bro and big sis are doing.

Tamber Marea Hannah recently graduated from nursing school and is living in Miles City, Mont., with her fiancé, Doug Dalton. They enjoy horseback riding, camping, fishing, hunting, their chickens, cats, dogs, turkeys and tending to their large garden. She writes that they are well prepared if the world should end!

After moving all over for med school and residency, Jennifer Swisher Lynes is living in her hometown of Tallahassee, Fla., with her husband, Richard, and daughters Morgan (4) and Madison (18 months). She commutes to a small ER in Cairo, Ga., and loves the job, which she’s been doing for the past three years. Being a doctor came in handy, to put it mildly, when Jen returned home from our reunion in May. Her dad had a cardiac arrest while driving just outside her home. Jen’s training and quick action saved his life! She writes that he is almost back to normal, and is even playing baseball again. Way to go, Jen! When she’s not being a superhero, Jen spends her time at church and working with La Leche League.

As for me, Amy Leigh Campbell, your humble class secretary, 2012 marks my 10th year as an entrepreneur! Like many business owners, the recession was a scary time for our business, but the tidal wave of social media continues to bring new opportunities to our clients, and thus new opportunities for my team as we teach them how to market in the ever-changing landscape! Pink Collar (pinkcollarink.com) has grown to include e-learning and training, and the web programming/mobile apps piece of our business has grown large enough to be self-supporting. The new entity is branded HTMelle (thehtmelle.com), and will be my day-to-day focus beginning Nov. 1!

2012 has been a roller-coaster year for so many 97ers, but none more so than immediate past class president Sarah Betz Bucciero. In Aug. 2011, Sarah gathered 10 of our amazing classmates to focus on Reunion Giving, and thanks to her leadership and all of your generous contributions, the Class of 1997 broke not one, but two giving records! Is 1997 an awesome class, or what? Reunion was a wonder-full, joy-full, and tear-full event, highlighted by our class’ generosity in giving to SBC, but also in another very special way. Lucretia Bock organized and pulled off a Not-So-Silent Auction, assisted by many of our classmates and fellow alumnae, which raised over $10,000 for Sarah’s son, Carter, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor in Oct. 2011. Carter and his big brother, Mason (5), were a huge hit at Reunion, entertaining everyone and enjoying the festivities with Sarah and their dad, Paul. Despite treatment at St. Jude, and an army of prayer warriors pulling for him, Carter earned his angel wings on Aug. 13 and was buried in Cincinnati, Ohio, on Aug. 20. Stacy McKimm Stevens, who is living in Memphis, Tenn., with her husband, Rich and two girls, Mattie (5) and Lily (1), made several trips to visit Sarah while Carter was receiving treatment at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital in Memphis. Stacy also attended Carter’s funeral in Ohio and carried to Sarah all our love and sympathy. In true Sweet Briar fashion, more than 30 alumnae from our class and sister classes traveled to Concord, N.C., after Carter’s passing to support our dear Sarah, and attend Carter’s memorial service. Sarah is taking the lead once again in marshaling our collective strength for a good cause. Sarah and her family have established Sweet Briar’s Carter Bucciero Memorial Scholarship, which will ease the financial burden of a student that has survived a bout with cancer or has been impacted by a sibling or parent with cancer. Please visit www.CarterBucciero.com or contact SBC’s development office for more information and ways to give!

Cancer has touched so many lives in our Sweet Briar family, and we’re not taking it lying down! In Sept. 2011, Ticia Harbour Berg completed a century ride (100 mile bike ride) and raised $6700 for breast cancer research in honor of her little sister, who is a survivor after a double mastectomy and chemo in 2011. Rachelle Colquitt Rose was diagnosed with thyroid cancer our senior year at SBC and it took her eight years, but she beat it, and now she helps other women who have the disease and runs marathons to raise money! Cancer took the life of my nephew Thomas (2) in May, as well as my Aunt Becky this past July, and Liz Drendall Zinckgraf is also praying for a cure after losing both her mother and grandmother to breast cancer.

Let’s all join together to support Alison Hall as she walks in honor of Carter Bucciero, as well as her nephew Preston, in the St. Jude 5K in Dec. in Memphis. She welcomes all classmates to join her! If you can’t walk, you can still give—donate to her walk page at http://heroes.stjude.org/alisonhall!

As always, the Class of 1997 is one to watch. We are making headlines, raising amazing children, supporting our sisters and making time for each other—and doing it all with style and grace. I’m so very, very proud of us all, and grateful to be a member of this tribe! Stay in touch on our Facebook page and send your updates to me at [email protected]!