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Mary Margaret Dixon Biss still lives in Skaneateles, NY (Finger Lakes area in Central NY), with husband Andy and daughter Anna (6). Anna completed her 3rd and hopefully final heart surgery in 10/12! She started Kindergarten this year and is very excited about it. “I haven’t decided what I want to do when I grow up, so will substitute-teach at Anna’s school for this next year.” 
Jesse Durham Straus writes that July was filled with Sweet Briar! Husband Oron surprised her with a trip to the Bahamas and included surprise guest Jen Beck Locke! Later that month, Jesse took road trip with Catharine King Laufer and Rachel Baltus Price up to CT to meet up with Sarah Reidy Ferguson, Sarah Chaffee Paris, Jill Jen Trzupek Pala and April Collins Potterfield
Melissa Snyder Giggenbach writes that life continues to hum along in Morgantown, WV. They are now the parents of a middle-schooler! Nikolaus started 6th grade this fall. Thomas is in 3rd grade. “We spent the summer at the baseball field since both boys play and both made post-season teams. Bader’s legal practice continues to grow, and I recently accepted a position as a lecturer at the WV U. College of Law working with students at the W.Va. Innocence Project. I’d love to see anyone who is passing through.”
Sue Whitehead Froehlich writes that things are good. “I just got a promotion at work to talent placement specialist and celebrated 1 yr. with Manpower in Sept., extremely happy to finally be out of retail and spend more time with my family. Caden started Kindergarten, Lilah is in preschool, and Mike and I celebrated our 14th anniversary on 9/5; another big milestone will be my 40th birthday in Oct., but I don’t want to talk about that one.
Sarah Chaffee Paris writes, “It was great to get together with Sarah Reidy Ferguson, Catharine King Laufer, Rachel Baltus Price, Jesse Durham Strauss, Jill Jen Trzupek Pala and April Collins Potterfield in Lakeville, CT. I especially loved rooming with my old roomie Catharine.”
Mary Copeland Stockton got married on 4/20/13 to Martin Stockton.
Amelia Dudman Atwill has seen Claire Myers a few times and has loved reminiscing!
Lee Foley Dolan writes that the Dolan family is doing well. “We had a crazy winter that started with a trip to Disney, only to return home to a flooded house due to a toilet that overflowed while we were away. All 3 floors had severe water damage and we had to move out for 5 mos. while our house was rebuilt and repaired. We’ve spent all summer moving back in and are so happy to be home. This spring, I enjoyed traveling to CA with Laura Susan Lechler for Mary Copeland Stockton’s wedding. We also saw Natalie Brown Adee and had a wonderful time being together. Our kids are doing great and are busy with school, sports and friends. Henry is 11, Mattie is 8 and Fred is 5.”
Sarah Reidy Ferguson writes, “I’ve been living in Atlanta now for 16 yrs. and can’t believe it! I split my time between writing daily posts for my lifestyle blog, Duchess Fare, and continually I’m on the hunt for interesting one-of-a-kind décor to feature on my One Kings Lane Vintage & Market Finds page. So great getting to spend a 4-day weekend in July with Sarah Chaffee Paris, Catharine King Laufer, Rachel Baltus Price, Jesse Durham Strauss, Jill Jen Trzupek Pala and April Collins Potterfield in Lakeville, CT.