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Abby Phillips Hinga: We welcomed Maeve Bentsen Hinga to our family, 10/27, a healthy 8lb, 2 oz and 21 inches long. James loves being a big brother!

Robin Bettger Fishburne: Joseph “Parker” Fishburne was born on 7/7/12. He joins big sister, Gibbs, who turns (8) in March. Had a wonderful time at the SBC Greenville luncheon with Sarah Betz Bucciero ’97 and Melody Peters on 1/12/13. I loved being able to talk with prospective students about SBC.

Sarah Chaffee Paris and Jonathan have moved to Austin, TX, 2/28. Sarah, Jonathan, Isabella (10), Stevie (5) and Charlie (2) are enjoying getting to know their new city and hope to meet up with local alumnae.

Gigi Ostrow: Matt and I are settling into life in LA. The holidays brought a bundle of joy to our home. Luke arrived 12/16. I’m back to work at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, and learning how to function on minimal sleep!

Angie Conklin Abell: Hi SBC friends! I run my own real estate company Beach Bay Realty on Chincoteague Island. The kids and family keep me busy when I’m not working. I’m coaching soccer, basketball and softball. Son Taulman is 13 and daughter Hope is 10. My husband is wonderful! I play rec volleyball and softball and ride horses when I have time. My life is busy but great! I’m blessed and thankful. I love my SBC friends and memories! Thank you for keeping in touch! Gotta love Facebook!

Sarah Dennis Robertsworks 4 days a week for Inasmuch Foundation while Hayden remains in admin at Western Heights Public Schools. My initiatives at work include tackling the rate of over incarceration of women in OK and promoting the importance of early childhood education and school reform in OK. Jackson is (9) and Owen is (3). They attend Crossings Christian School, love it. We spend the majority of our time either tackling 3rd grade homework, playing outside with sweet little Owen or watching boys in various sporting events. Jackson plays soccer, flag football, baseball, basketball and swims for the swim team at the Country Club. Owen is in soccer and gymnastics. The weekly schedule is full, but we love it!

Julis Baer Diter is living in the south of France with husband Grégory and children Alexandra (15), Justin (14) and Guillaume (4). This year we’re building a house, which has been both an interesting and exhausting process! Otherwise every one is happy and healthy, which is all we can ask for! Hope everyone is doing well!

Kate Mulligan: I’ll be teaching cooking classes at Terrain, both savory and sweet. Should be super fun. I’ll be an auntie again so I’ll never be able to leave CT with all these cute babies.

Amy Daugherty Michel: Sam and I are pleased to announce the birth of our daughter Octavia Carol Michel on 10/15/12. Her middle name is for my mom, who died in ’99. She’s adored by her big brothers Xander (6) and Owen (3), and of course Sam and I are so in love with our last, sweet, easy baby!

Susan Whitehead Froehlich: Greetings from VA! I started a new job as a staffing specialist for Manpower in 9/2012; it was so nice to leave the crazy retail world of Kroger and have a normal schedule and normal hours! Enjoying 8-5, Mon-Fri job for the first time in a while. It’s rewarding placing people in jobs, and I even found a new job for my husband through Manpower. Caden will start kindergarten next year, and Lilah has started going one day a week to pre-k! How the time flies. Hope everyone is doing well!

Nikki Johnson-Kaler: We had a new baby boy in 12/2012. Ryland is so adorable and I’m loving every bit of him!

Mary Copeland: I’m getting re-married in April! Yea!

Severine Delerue: I was a French exchange student and French TA in ’96.We became Australian Citizens in 2011 after 5 years of permanent residence.I’d like to announce the birth of our 3rd child, Charlotte-Grace, born 4/26/12 in Sydney, Australia.

Beth Ike: Our sweet Leigh Mason has gotten married, new last name is Kitchin, relocated to OR and welcomed a baby boy, Norman Lee, at the end of 2012. I’m having our 2nd, a girl, in March scheduled for delivery 3/12/13. All is well with the other C-ville SBC ’96 gals, and we send lots of love to everyone else!

Amelia Dudman Atwill: We’re moving into our new house in the next few days—pretty exciting! We have had a lot going on and yet we are blessed and grateful for all of the events that have shaped us. Charlie and I are gearing up for Chas’ 1st and Pierce’s 9th birthdays (April 14 and April 18th). It’s wild to have kids be almost 8 years apart and have birthdays so close together. I’m approaching my milestone birthday—hard to believe I’ll be 40, but I guess that’s the new 30, right?! Pierce had her one-year post-op check up and all is continuing to look well. She has a few things that she can’t participate in, but otherwise we were given the all clear to go ahead and enjoy. She isn’t out of the woods yet as her skull could stop growing again; however, the percentage of risk has been reduced dramatically. Baby Chas is growing daily; we couldn’t imagine life without him. Pierce adores her baby brother, which is fantastic as he hasn’t gotten into her things yet. Otherwise, all is well with Charlie, the kids and me. I’ve started a part-time job for an aviation engineering group, which is very active and exciting. I see some SBC folks from time to time and always love it as I do miss the hallowed halls of SBC.

Sarah Reidy Ferguson: I continue to work on my business Duchess Fare, writing daily blog posts and seeking out interesting vintage décor. This spring, I’ll celebrate my one-year anniversary as an original vendor with One Kings Lane’s Vintage & Market Finds site. Looking forward to mini reunions with girls from the classes of ’96 and ’97.