Sarah Reidy Ferguson
1915 Edinburgh Ter. NE
Atlanta, GA 30307
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Mrs. Kelly Collins Lear        
24 Prescott Dr.
Hudson, OH 44236
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Abby Phillips Hinga: We still love living in Denver and having fun with Laura Powell Gatling and her three kids! We also went back to D.C. to visit friends a couple of times this year, including Easter at the Durham’s with Jesse Durham Strauss, Bridget Bayliss Curren and Rachel Baltus Price. We’re also very excited to be expecting Baby Hinga #2 this fall.

Annie Pankoski Sherman: Enjoying another beautiful, mild summer in Larkspur, Calif. Found time to visit Janeen Sharma in Boulder, Colo. Annie and her husband, Peter, have two children, Max (6), and Elsa (3). Annie is a busy stay-at-home mom as she shuttles Max to various therapies; Max was diagnosed with autism in 2009.

Mary Copeland Dellinger: Just got engaged! We’re living in Pala, Calif., and planning the wedding for 2013.

Jennifer Smith: I’m going into my second year as a high school administrator in Charlottesville City Schools and am truly enjoying it. In Dec., I visited Andie Thomas-Young ’95 and her husband Terance in N.C. as they were preparing for the arrival of their son Christopher who was born in Jan. It was great helping them put the final touches on his bedroom. I’m in constant communication with Yolanda Davis Saunders ’96 as we prepare for our 20th high school reunion!

Jesse Durham Strauss: I enjoyed a wonderful pool party birthday on Aug. 1 with several classmates: Laura Lechler; Rachel Baltus Price and her daughter Winona (1); Sarah Chaffee Paris, her husband Jon and their children Bella (9), Stevie (5) and Charlie (2); Lee Foley Dolan and her children Henry (10), Mattie (7) and Fred (4); and Bridget Bayliss Curren, husband Rich, and daughter Aoife (1). My children, Anna (5), Audrey (4) and Ari (2), loved getting to play with their Sweet Briar pals!

Sarah Reidy Ferguson: I continue to sell my hand-selected vintage decor and one-of-a-kind finds through One Kings Lane and write daily postings for my lifestyle blog, Duchess Fare, www.duchessfare.com.

Robin Bettger Fishburne: So much has been happening. Joe, Gibbs and I had a new addition to our family on 7/7/12. Joseph “Parker” is a true miracle and blessing. Gibbs (7) is madly in love with her new brother. Gibbs starts second grade in the fall. Sarah Betz Bucciero ’97 is Parker and Gibbs’ godmother and spoils them rotten. We see them more often now that they moved to Greenwood, S.C. Sarah’ son Carter (3) lost his battle with cancer on 8/13/12. Carter and big brother Mason (4) are our blessed godsons. Thank you to everyone who has contacted me from SBC and all your beautiful messages. I’ve been blessed with a wonderful career with 11 years in real estate. I’m currently with Keller Williams Realty here in Greenville and love my team of Realtors.

Tara Moran Weyer: Celebrating 15 years working for Discovery Channel and living in Md. with my husband of 10 years and Julia (5) and Evan (3). Hoping everyone is doing well!

Catharine King Laufer: We moved to Aiken, S.C., in June for Jordan’s new job. Aiken is a wonderful town, and we’re enjoying our new home. I started teaching at a private school and Jackson attends the 3K program there as well.

Sarah Dennis Roberts: The Roberts Family continues to thrive in Oklahoma City, Okla. Jackson (9) and Owen (3) are happy attending Crossings Christian School. Jackson enjoys playing whatever sport is in season, and Owen is trying gymnastics for the first time. I am working at Inasmuch Foundation and Hayden is working at Western Heights Public Schools. Over the summer, we took a great trip back to Tenn. for the 4th of July and we look forward to a trip to N.Y.C. this fall. We’re ready for some Sooner football and some Thunder basketball to begin!

Heather Baskett: My partner Layla and I purchased a townhouse in March and have been enjoying northern Va. to its fullest. I took a position as biologist in the Dept. of Nutrition at Smithsonian National Zoo. Although I’m not working directly with the elephants anymore, I visit them all the time! I keep in contact with Penelope Spain and Melanie Vracas.

Amy Daugherty Michel: Sam and I are expecting Baby #3 around 10/5, our last baby, and it’s a girl this time! An exciting new adventure for the whole Michel family. Xander (5) started Kindergarten in early Aug. and loves it. Owen (3) is very busy, and is having fun getting a little alone time before becoming a big brother. Auntie Paige Vaught Campion is planning to visit later in the fall, and I can’t wait—it’s been too long since we were together at Reunion!

Jen Beck Locke: Hunter just took over as the general manager for RockTenn Corporation in the Jacksonville and Gainesville areas. We moved two weeks ago (move #8). Marte (9) is in 4th grade and is playing soccer, golf and enjoying pottery and art classes. Thomas (6) is in K and enjoys swimming. Trae (4) is in Pre-K and will be playing as many sports as a 4-year-old can play, including football and baseball. We’re still settling in, but feel that Jacksonville will be a great fit for our family. I’m the room mom for all three kids and active volunteering at the school, as well as several local autism and Asperger’s support groups. I am the proud aunt of Chris and Susan’s first child, Ann Mason “Macey” Chastain Beck born seven weeks premature and still in NICU.

Kelly Collins Lear: Evelyn is in 1st grade, Teddy is in Kindergarten. They love riding the bus together. I’ve been volunteering in school and am home with Penelope (2). Aaron is practicing sports medicine at Akron General Hospital. Things are busy and fun in Hudson, Ohio!

Amelia Dudman Atwill: Greetings, Class of 1996. I hope this finds everyone happy and healthy. We have had quite the year in the Atwill household. First, thank you to my fellow Vixens for your love, prayers and support during Pierce’s surgeries last fall. It was great to hear from you and got us through a challenging time. I’m happy to report that Pierce is doing very well, has grown about 2.5 inches and thriving. We aren’t out of the woods (all clear will be when she is 17-18), but we have jumped a huge hurdle with success. Pierce has a condition called craniosynostosis and each case is different but P’s was a late development hence the delay in intervention. On 4/14/12, Charles Bailey Atwill III arrived with great excitement and much love! He is all boy and loves to smile especially at pretty ladies. Janna McLarty Chandler and her kiddos passed through Richmond on their way to a family event. It was great to catch up and meet Eleanor, Emma and Austin in person! Have run into local Richmond SBC gals too and always a treat to see them too. Looking forward to our next reunion and seeing everyone.