Mary-Linda “Molly” Morris Flasche

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Greetings to the class of 1994! Things have been busy, and we’re in the midst of celebrating our 20th reunion this year!

Alexandra Stewart Manwarren continues to remodel her home. She’s working to restart the Philadelphia area alumnae group. She is still enjoying teaching therapeutic riding and consulting and now golf. She keeps busy with her two boys.

Parslee Robyn Barto has re-set her life and re-claimed her maiden name. She remains at Bryn Mawr College as student counselor and financial aid administrator, does the soccer and “core curriculum” mom thing, plays knights, dragons and Star Wars and otherwise wrangles the “mischievous twosome,” Madeline Axelle (8) and Alexander Scott (5).

Elizabeth Gilgan saw Amelia McDaniel Johnson in the beginning of Jan. when she happened to be in Boston during a huge snowstorm. She was stuck at Liz’s house with her two kids Wyly (12) and Jed (8). They had a great time with Liz’s kids, Nicholas (5) and Isabella (4). Ashley Henderson Swigart visited last summer with her son Preston (6). At the end of Jan., she went to Austin for Rosemary Ratliff Harris’ wedding.

Caitlin Sundby Russell and Scott celebrated their 10th anniversary last year. Eva is 8 and Julia is 5. Caitlin is a registered dietician nutritionist in Atlanta and has a private practice for adult weight management.

Amy Davis had her second book published in Dec. 2013. “Handsome Heroes and Vile Villans: Men in Disney’s Feature Animation” is earning a lot of buzz, and she has three more academic articles set to be published in 2014.

Vinca Swanson moved from Seattle to Portland, OR, over Christmas. She’s still doing graphic design work, creating art, and playing and coaching lacrosse.

Andrea Buck and husband Chris have settled in southwest Wales, not far from the ancient and historic town of Carmarthen. In 9/2013 they bought a 17th-century house and land and embarked on a long- term renovation project. On a clear day, they can see all the way to Lundy Island on the Devon coast. They hosted Lisa Johnston and Birgit Stolle as they traveled through Wales and hope to catch up with Birgit again when they travel to Germany later in 2014.

Heather Bayfield Weidle is enjoying her work at Life Management Advisors. She’s been in business for 12 years, and started a second company called Care Management Advisors that helps to manage their clients’ healthcare needs. Katherine Lindsay Auchter came to work with her at CMA. Michael (9) plays soccer, Matthew (6) plays golf. She lost her mother in 2012, and her SBC friends were wonderful support. Now her father is engaged to marry his high school sweetheart, and she’s very happy for him.

Kim Szuszczewicz Snead is working as director of information systems for a health informatics organization, Invalon. She spends her free time with boys Cole (12) and Grayson (9). Both boys are playing baseball, and Grayson also plays football. She had a trip to Spain last fall with Heather Roby, Christy Young McCain, Dorothy Bailey, Jodi Szuszczewicz McGee, Katherine Schupp Zeringue and Shelly O’Brien. She attended a baby shower for Heather Roby, and will travel with the family to San Francisco for spring break.

Molly Flasche: I’m working for Delta Gamma Fraternity (I’m an alumna initiate, believe it or not, initiated at the American U. chapter in 1995), and I’m in their housing office. I work with the collegiate officers in the sorority, making sure they’re getting their bills paid. Chuck and I have an adorable Goldendoodle (1) named Indie (named after our Indiana Fletcher Williams), and we’re planning to grow our family through adoption, hopefully in the next year. We’re both looking forward to reunion, and hope to stop at some of the wineries and breweries around Charlottesville while we’re in VA.