Mary-Linda “Molly” Morris Flasche
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Hello Class of 1994! We’re approaching one year before our 20th Reunion, and I cannot wait to get that party started—start planning now to be on campus May 30-June 1, 2014! (Disclaimer: Some of these notes may be expired. I dropped the ball and forgot to submit notes last year. I hope the info I have is still accurate and up to date!)

We have all been pretty busy. Amy Ross Hanna took 9 trips to New Orleans in 2012, including one very special trip with her closest friends and family. She married Gary Hanna on the balcony at Muriel’s in Jackson Square. Corrine Gaillard was there to “holla holla” her, as well as Gretchen Vida ’95 and Lauri Dabberi ’93.

Corrine Gaillard was visited by the great Lia DeSimone Colbert and Frank when they visited New Orleans for JazzFest. She did point out the details of Amy Ross Hanna’s wedding. “The bride’s taste for bling was well-accounted for, right down to the rhinestone-studded disposable cameras.” She also wrote that Amy’s sons Oliver and Carter stole the show with their dance moves.

Liz Gilgan’s son Nicholas (4) will be starting kindergarten in fall. This winter he’s been busy with ski lessons and ripping up the mountain. Isabella (3) is doing great and loving preschool. She’s been teaching the other students in the class how to put on their socks. In order to do it properly, you must lie on your back and stick your feet up. In order to put on your coat, you must turn around twice before you stick your arms in the sleeves. (Clearly her mother’s daughter.) She saw Ashley Henderson Swigart and Lia DeSimone Colbert over the holidays and enjoys keeping in touch with Amelia McDaniel Johnson and Robyn Barto.

Kim Bramley’s daughters Morgan (12) and Ryleigh (11) are busy with karate, and Kim is active in car racing. In 2011, Kim and Scott took a trip to Europe to race cars and celebrated Oktoberfest in Munich. If you follow VIR and Road America, look for Kim!

Carlene Harper is living in Wake Forest and selling real estate. She was named Listing Broker of the Year for her office, and she’s enjoying growing her business in the Triangle area. She’s been having fun playing tennis. She loves staying in touch with everyone on facebook.

Tysha Calhoun Stroka is expanding her theatre involvement by directing Lockhart and Wimberley. She loves directing even more than being on stage: “something I know might be shocking to hear!” She celebrated her 40th birthday in Costa Rica and recommends the country to anyone looking for laid-back adventure.

Kelleigh Smith Sommer has been married over 15 years and recently quit her accounting job to start a home-based quilting business: www.kellsquilting.com. She makes custom t-shirt quilts and provides quilting services to other quilters. She loves the flexibility of her schedule and the ability to spend time with boys Richard and Sam (12). In their spare time, they like to take their travel trailer to the lake. They spent spring break in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Katherine Schupp Zeringue is still running the Environmental and Historic Preservation Compliance Dept. in the Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts. Aside from that, she keeps herself busy with volleyball, horseback riding and paddleboarding. She’s very active in Mardi Gras, including riding in the parades! (I love seeing her costumes on Facebook!)

Cara Gunther Waterhouse and her family moved to Farnham, England last Christmas. They enjoy being so close to Amy Davis, who is also godmother to their youngest daughter, Emma. They’re often near Royal Holloway and she thinks fondly of her junior year abroad there…and now married to a fellow former Royal Holloway student!

Caitin Sundby Russell is still in Atlanta. She and Scott celebrated their 10-yr anniversary. Eva (7) and Julia (4) keep them busy with piano, ballet, tennis and swimming. They get along very well together and believe it or not, they love pink and green! She enjoys keeping up with Molly Morris Flasche, Betsy Lanard McCafferty, Kelleigh Smith Sommer, Kelly Schmitt Molique, Lucia Marks and Karen Hott ’92. She is now a registered dietician and took a family cruise in the Caribbean to celebrate that fabulous achievement!

Amelia McDaniel Johnson writes that Wyly is 11 and Jed is 7. She has had to explain to her kid that yes, while she did go to football games in college, there was a big difference—going to games in Death Valley in Baton Rouge was not the same as Farmville or Lexington. She does wish that birthdays in her 40s were repeats of Lost in the Supermarket at the boathouse. She’s teaching religion in her kids’ school and enjoys it. “The Church Lady” has many stories to share!

Patti Geets Hathaway has done the unthinkable—she has become a suburbanite. She and her family moved from DC to Leesburg, VA. She’s working part time for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research. This gives her more time to spend with her 2 kids. She had a mini-reunion last year with Laura Greene Silsbee, Heather Stevens Wine, Lee McEachern Collins and Ali Chance Carter.

Lucia Marks and daughter Lily (4) are still in Atlanta. Lucia works for the CDC. She took Lily to a recent SB Day, and they gave her a name tag that read “Class of 2030!”

Allison Vollmer Douglass and William are still in Westchester, close to his job in NYC. She’s busy with Kate (11), Abby (8) and Will (4). Swimming, soccer and lacrosse keep them busy. She loves keeping up with everyone on Facebook.

Hopie Carter Avery has launched a local area guide: “The Scout Guide: Raleigh| Durham| Chapel Hill.” It started in Charlottesville and has taken off in the past year. It’s been a fun project—working with a talented local photographer and meeting businesses and entrepreneurs. “It’s the perfect blend of my background in design and my love to chat!” In June she attended a baby shower for Kim Clayton Cohen. Noam Charlotte Cohen was born a few weeks later and her parents are thrilled. Over the summer she enjoyed visits with Kirsten Osmundsen Boyd and Dr. Ashley Celis Cavalier. Hopie’s son Porter (6) is in a great magnet school in the area, specializing in the arts and humanities. Liza (5) will start Kindergarten next year.

Life dynamics and positive renewal finds Robyn Barto in the Philadelphia, PA area, working as a student affairs administrator at Bryn Mawr Coll. She’s grateful for endlessly loving and supportive SB friends who continue to encourage her through thick and thin. Children Madeline (6) and Alex (4) are blessedly well, navigating their first years of school.

Molly Phemister and her partner live in Lincoln, NE, where Molly works as a landscape designer and volunteers with the Occupy Lincoln Community Garden group (OLGA). She’s also joining the board of her local health food co-op.

Linda Lombardo is between gigs, enjoying time off. She’s using this time to get her house in order, both literally and figuratively. She has remodeled the kitchen and one bathroom so far and the halls are next. She recommends doing a whole house purge. She’s grateful to have been able to watch Daniel’s son. Daniel and his wife are expecting a daughter and Linda will be taking care of her as well. Her son David will be getting married in May 2013 at the Mast Farm Inn in Boone, NC. She’s looking forward to welcoming Ashley into the family and gaining another daughter. She writes that Tony is doing great, and Mark is working at a law firm in Charlotte.

Sarah Evans Stacy and Chad are in their 3rd year of living on the campus of a boarding school in Los Olivos (Santa Barbara County, CA) where Chad is the dir. of finance. They have 2 boys and 2 girls, (ages 10 to 3). They bought a small ranch bordering the Ventana wilderness in the Santa Lucia Mts. in Monterey County, where they will dabble in farming. Sarah is a stay-at-home mom, as well as being involved in the school and she loves it.

Last year Chuck and I moved to Bexley, a suburb of Columbus, where we bought an old house a block from the church where we got married in 2011. We promptly gutted the kitchen and I’m enjoying my culinary masterpieces. (I love my kitchen!) At Christmas, we got a goldendoodle puppy, Indiana “Indie” (named after our very own Indiana Fletcher Williams) and she’s an absolute joy. I’m biased, but she’s very cute and very well-behaved. (By the time this goes to print, our house will be destroyed, I’m sure!) I’m working for JP Morgan Chase, and Chuck’s job is going really well. We’ve got great friends, and we’re planning a vacation to HI in May. Last summer we spent a few days in Chapel Hill with Dana Varnado Campbell’93 and family and proved that Dana and I can regress 20 years or so in mere minutes. Okay ladies, mark your calendars! We descend on Sweet Briar May 30-June 1, 2014! Get ready to celebrate our 20th!