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The class of 1993 celebrated its milestone 20th reunion in June. And what fun we had! As much fun as it was, we couldn’t help but feel like it could have been so much more fun had more of our class been on campus. Please consider coming to the 25th! You won’t regret it. During reunion, I took up the mantle of class secretary for the next 5 years. I hope you enjoy reading about your classmates as much as I have enjoyed receiving their news:
Amy Densford Giarmo is living in Old Town Alexandria with husband Matthew and son Cameron. She still enjoys her job as a photographer at the Smithsonian’s Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden.
Susan Messikomer Horenkamp and her family have relocated to Dubai, United Arab Emirates for a 2-year ex-pat assignment with her husband Matt’s company. Trevor (6th grade), Lily (4th grade) and Ryan (1st grade) are excited to be attending an international school and will be taking Arabic lessons every day. She is hoping to continue teaching yoga once settled.
Patty Sagasti Suppes is living in Roanoke, and teaching at Ferrum College. Husband Jeff works from his home office. Sebastian is 13 and in 8th grade, and Adrian is 10 and in 5th grade.
Amy Larsen West, living in Washington with husband Kevin and son Winston (4), still loves working at the French language preschool cooperative that she started with friends.
Amy Edwards writes: “I’m slowly adjusting to a relaxed life in the Pacific Northwest after 15 years in Manhattan. The kids enter French immersion school in the fall (Brooke in kindergarten and Alex in preschool), which will give me a chance to dust off my rusty language skills. I am consulting part time while networking my way into a full-time position (fingers crossed). If there’s any free time left in the day, you can probably find me, hubby Brian, and the kids at the ice skating rink. All the best to the Class of ‘93! If anyone finds their way to this neck of the woods, look me up—I’m always happy to offer some hospitality and a glass of Willamette Valley Pinot Noir to an SBC gal.”
Mimi Wroten was a terrific hostess to the Class of 1993’s Friday night dinner at reunion. If you stop by campus, I suggest you drop in on her. She’d love to see you! Mimi writes: “It was great to see everyone at Reunion! I suggest we make a plan to all get together again before the next reunion. Connor is 31/2 going on 5. We had a busy summer but did find time to hit the beach and jump off the diving board at the pool.”
Colleen Grace Daughtry writes: “Matthew is entering middle school, Catherine is in the 4th grade, and Emily is in the 1st grade. Between Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, tae kwon do and swimming, the kids keep us constantly busy! Chris is practicing law in Chesapeake, VA, with his friend from high school and is happy. I am busily preparing for my 21st year of teaching. I have enjoyed teaching first grade for the past 9 years! I recently received an award from the superintendent for efficiency and effectiveness in the classroom!”
Ellen Ober Pitera writes: “Charlie and Douglas are growing fast and keeping us busy. Farm life is so good and our businesses are thriving. Check us out www.rountonfarm.com and then stop by for a visit!”
It was terrific to see Renee Rose Flowers at reunion! We were literally awestruck to hear about all what she and husband Tyrone do to help the at-risk youth of Kansas City. Their non-profit organization, Higher M-Pact is doing amazing work and working miracles one kid at a time. Renee was accepted into the Centurions Leadership Program established by The Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce. Members spend 2 years focusing on building community awareness through civic opportunities and on community issues that affect greater Kansas City.
Heather Safrit moved to West Palm Beach, FL, with her 3 Cavalier King Charles spaniels (aka the girls) this past spring as the COO/operating partner of SDS Salon Partners, the Sola Salon Studios franchisee for 5 counties in S. Florida. Sophie (7), Stella (9) and Kate (1) are enjoying lizard hunting as a new hobby, and Heather is having fun exploring the area and meeting new people.
Nalini Mani writes: “This year has been a whirlwind of work and travel and, well, more work. The year has seen me in India, Paris, Fort Worth, Bangkok, Basel, Barcelona, London, Rome, Chicago, Brussels and now NYC through October. I’m busier than ever with work and am somehow still finding time to take my passion for wines to a new level—sommelier classes at the Culinary Institute! And I’m half a step closer to partnering on a restaurant in Mauritius. Fun times, indeed. Whilst traveling for work I am trying to see fellow SBCers often—so far Chandra Garcia ’94, Vicki Matter ’90 and Nora Oney ’92, not to mention hoping to connect with Carey Bates ’91 in the Big Apple sometime this month. Counting down the days to vacation and Sri Lanka in Oct. and Rome in Nov.—some R & R is in order!”
Jen Risey had an awesome summer. She missed reunion because of the competitive tennis tournament schedule for her oldest. She and her husband took their 3 children (9, 11, 13) to Europe for 3 weeks this summer—to London (Wimbledon) and then yachting in the south of France. She got to visit with Kristen Swensen Sloop while at a tournament in Cary, NC, and she sees Kerry Pollock and Corinne Judeikis Hodges in the ATL regularly.
Kristen Swensen Sloop and husband David and still live in Raleigh, NC. John is 7th grade, Eliza is 4th and Katherine is 2nd. After 10 fun years of running her own business and exhibiting at trade shows, she decided to close the business, slow down and enjoy life! She says it was a great decision and now spends her mornings teaching preschool at their church.
Heather Greaves still lives in Gainesville, FL, and recently became certified as a nuclear medicine technologist. At Munroe Regional Medical Center in Ocala, FL, she performs nuclear medicine scans on all manner of patients.
Pamela Subranni Berman is still married to John Berman. Daughter Jordyn is now 8 and son Blake is 6. Twin daughters Colby and Logan are now 18 and they are off to college this fall! Colby will attend Lehigh University and Logan will attend Penn State University. Pamela is on the board and serves on the development committee of Children’s Crisis Treatment Center in Philadelphia. She also volunteers as fitness liaison for the Lower Merion School District. For the past 9 years, she has been on the Merion Park Civic Association. She is also on the committee for Living Beyond Breast Cancer’s Butterfly Ball black tie gala.
Sisi Zirkle Carroll and family—William (7), Andrew (6) and Chappy (4) and husband Wil— are about to start their 3rd year in Montana and are loving it more and more every year. They skate, ski, mountain bike, hike, trail run and generally take advantage of all Big Sky has to offer. Katie Feiss ’06 and Sisi spent many weekends together this past year on ski slopes and in the mountains. Sisi also became involved in her family’s 380-year-old winery in Germany and is working on importing wines to the U.S. http://www.weingut-boecking.de/. She spent the summer on the east coast with her boys and had lots of fun seeing Jennifer Murphy Boelter, Lynn Russell ’69 and Kate Haw ’92. “Please look me up if any alumnae are in Montana,” Sisi writes.
Dana Varnado Campbell writes: “I’ve had a busy summer, but got to kick it off by going to Reunion, which was an amazing time! I’m still keeping my part-time work status, but was recently hired to be an administrative assistant for a local investment firm. It will be different than working for the running store (can’t wear jeans and sneakers!) but will be a great opportunity. The rest of my time seems to be spent shuttling the kids around! I’m still running, tackling half marathon #6 this fall.”
Hilary Taylor LeBlanc writes: “I am married to a great guy, Jay LeBlanc. I have an adorable Westie and a genius cat. I just started a new job as a staff attorney for the Louisiana First Circuit Court of Appeals in Baton Rouge. I still ride weekly and love to sail.”
Christina Hoy was also at Reunion. “I enjoyed catching up on everyone’s past 20 years (surely it hasn’t been 20 years!), and learning about the journeys and accomplishments among our small group of attendees. It was good to know ’93 can still dominate the dance floor. As for me, I continue to love teaching. I switched schools this summer, and will teach 5th grade at J.V. Washam Elementary in Cornelius, NC. I have been tapped to support teachers in balanced literacy based on my time at Columbia’s Teacher’s College.  Summers are, of course, great for teachers, and my family and I headed to Isle of Palms, SC, this year.”
Sabryna Mc Clung Roberson writes: “What a treat to see some of you at our 20th reunion in June! For those who made the trek, I hope you enjoyed your samples of Geasoning, our all-purpose spice blend. Hoping to have a logo and marketing material for Geasoning soon! We spent our first summer at home since Greg and I were relocated to Sacramento 9 years ago! (Somehow it was even busier than traversing the country with 2 small children and a pooch!) Today Brooks started 5th grade and Lilly started kindergarten! Soccer season for both of them is in full swing, so we will relax sometime in November! Happy fall y’all!”
Dianne Hayes Doss and husband Bill are busy keeping up with their kids and adjusting to ailing family members. Son Dan (13) is going into 8th grade, and is over 6’4” with his shoes off! He is quite the technology geek and wants to go into weapons design or software development. He plays basketball and enjoys kayaking and camping as often as he can. Daughter Jenny (9) is going into 4th grade, and is coming up on 5’ tall. She is a social butterfly, very organized and excels beyond belief in school. She plays soccer and basketball, and is in the Girl Scouts (Dianne is her troop leader). They went to France and Spain at the beginning of this summer (missing reunion—boo hoo), on a trip coordinated by a Spanish teacher from Dan’s middle school. Dan hopes to go on another trip next summer to France and Italy! Their parents are getting older, but the surprise was Bill’s older brother being diagnosed with cancer. This has put life in a whole new light, and has shifted priorities. So, don’t be surprised if she starts trying to find a way to visit us ladies more often!
Laura Warren Underwood’s girls, Christine (12), Katherine (9) and Charlotte (6) are well in VA Beach. They moved from Norfolk in June. Sabryna came the week after the reunion and helped them pack! Laura works with children with autism in VA Beach. She also had a couple of great visits with Jamie Del Monte Galbreath ’92.
Alex Alexander writes: “Reunion was fabulous. [Harpreet Bedi] came to stay with me for a few days in West Palm prior to our attending Reunion. My daughter, Lily, came with us and loved rooming in the dorm and the experience of a community bathroom. Her Auntie Preet spoils her and Lily is over the moon for Auntie Preet. We plan to visit Preet and family in Singapore again next summer. Lily has already been on several trips abroad with me and is a fantastic traveler. I still work for Lockheed Martin. 17 years! My current role is a test lead for one of our autonomous underwater vehicles. I am fortunate to work for this company. I tend not to do the same thing for very long, I’m always learning and I am never bored! I moved from Virginia back to Florida with the company 2 years ago. I love being closer to family and my gal-pals from my graduate program—Florida Atlantic University Ocean Engineering. Son Justin is now 19 and a Marine. I am extremely proud of him. He is stationed in Norfolk, but my hope is that he will attend college in Florida after his training is complete. Lily (6) is starting 1st grade this year. She is fearless and headstrong! She is always happy and keeps me laughing. Life is good!”
Courtenay Cranford Leiphart recently adopted a new dog named Jack and from time to time fosters puppies and dogs up for adoption. She enjoys being the membership and marketing director at Willow Oaks Country Club in Richmond, where they just launched a new website. Maura Hutchens McCarthy recently made the trip up to visit.
Polly Crawford is living in and loving Atlanta just down the street from her sister and her family. Last year, she left Williams-Sonoma after 10 yrs. and is now the district manager for Talbots in Atlanta and South Carolina. In the past year she has had reunions with other SBC girls: Lisa La Londe Hamaker, Kristen Hooper, Ashley File Phoenix, Izzy Harder Botzis, Kerry O’Donnell, Michelle Constable, Lyssa Vaught ’95, Karen Hott ’91 and Sarah Reidy Ferguson ’96.
Debra Elkins is working for the Department of Homeland Security in DC, running the Quadrennial Homeland Security Review Bio Study (which is funny as she despises bio creepy science stuff!).
Norma Bulls Valentine is still doing real estate in Wellington, FL, and has horse farms in Aiken, SC, and Portsmouth, NH.
Elizabeth (Izzy) Harder Botzis had a reunion in Chicago this year with Kerry O’Donnell, Michelle Constable, Lisa La Londe, Ashley Phoenix and Polly Crawford. Taking a break from selling pharmaceuticals, she has enjoyed having the summer off. She is playing lots and lots of tennis! She spent most of the summer at the beach (Edisto Island, SC) with son Reid who turns 8 this fall. Husband Elliott loves that Reid is a mini-me of him: a hunter and fisherman. They still live in Greenville, SC.
On 6/14/13, Lt. Col. Katherine Polevitzky assumed command of Support Battalion, Recruit Training Regiment, Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, SC. Her parents, Gege and Serge Polevitzky, as well as Beth Gilkeson King and Tracy Camden Wilburn joined her. Beth writes: “I left my 3 1/2 year old twins with my husband and Tracy left her 3 teenagers with her husband. We hit the open road and didn’t look back. It was just like the good old days; I was the driver and she was the perfect shotgun. Our visit with K.L. was short, but we all had great time.”
Stacey McClain writes: “I am a proud mom of a 3rd-grader! Ever started her 5th year at the Bolles School. Where has the time gone? Seems like yesterday she was starting pre K. Hubby Bob, Ever and I are looking forward to seeing Tracie Allen Webber and her family in Orlando in Oct. I am busy volunteering, planning Bob’s 50th birthday party and working part time on a Wallace Foundation research study.”
I, Lauri Dabbieri, had a fabulous time catching up with K.L., Dana, Renee, Alex, Mimi, Ellen, Deb, Christina, Sabby, Catherine Jannik Downey, Harpreet Bedi and Heather Bowers Hockman at Reunion in June. I brought my newly moved-in boyfriend, Jerry, along to the party, where he quickly became our mascot for the weekend. A great time was had by all! Back home, I am still teaching Latin in Fairfax County, VA, but only part time. I spend the balance of my time studying for an M.A. in Latin language and literature from U. MD, traveling (I was in Italy for the month of July) and running. Continue to send your news to me either via email, or on Facebook. We all love to see what our old friends are doing. Don’t disappoint!