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Carey Bates is working as an independent consultant for a software company in Manhattan, creating her own LLC and running her own business. She has had a couple of great visits with Amber Vellenga this year. She enjoys keeping up with folks on Facebook like Karen Hott, Suzanne Petrie Liscouski and Kathryn Hagist Yunk. Carey also has plans to go to Paris this summer. “That is it for me. Hope you are well. Xxxooo, Carey.”

Joan Dabney Clickner writes from Charlottesville that everyone’s happy, healthy, and busy. Ian (10 and Georgia (5) are enjoying their schools, and are great playmates despite their age difference. Joan may soon be working from home as a copy editor for an Atlanta-based publishing firm. She heard about the job from Karen Jaffa McGoldrick ’79, who recently published “The Dressage Chronicles,” a novel about a young working student in the dressage world. Hope to see you in April!

Karen Holland Carlisle still lives in Fla. and works at Chico’s, going on five years. “Hayden is starting Kindergarten and very excited about new friends. Keeping in touch with Elise Scott and love connections on Facebook. Bless Karen Hott who keeps us all informed and makes me smile about life’s simple things.”

Kristen L. Walberg: Moving from D.C. to R.I. and will be working for the U.S. Sailing Association as director of membership. I hope all SBC ladies will join the association if they are interested in sailing. My daughters are entering 5th and 6th grade.

Laura Rose Martin: Loved the newsletter! Hate that I missed the reunion, had planned on going, but kids’ schedules interfered. Chris and I will be celebrating our 22nd anniversary in ’13! We have been in Dothan, Ala., for 20 years. We have three kids: Kyle (17) is a senior and is hoping to attend VMI in the fall. Nathan (15) is a sophomore currently #5 in his class….Elizabeth (12) is in 7th grade, already telling friends she’s going to SBC! Our family keeps busy with Boy Scouts, swim team, SCUBA diving, dock dog diving and our three Morgan horses. Two of them are rescue success stories. That’s it in a nutshell…LOL!

Mamie Farley: We have had a wonderful summer! My youngest Joanie (8) and I went to Austin to visit Christine and her family. Joanie and Christine’s daughter Charlotte (8) had such a good time together. They were like long lost best friends! We had an awesome time, laughing and catching up. We’ve had lots of family events—my brother-in-law (Matthew’s brother) got remarried in May in Rocky Mount, N.C., to a lovely girl and my youngest sister Katharine had her first baby in Aug., a girl they named Mary Anne! My husband Matthew and I have been helping his mother and stepfather through several health issues. They are in their 80s and have trouble going from being independent to having to depend on others to care for them. Summer has been busy. We made a trip to Tybee Island with my family in June, and then Matthew took Harry (11) to N.Y. while Joanie and I were in Texas. My oldest Miller was away at camp; he has made sure we know that he is up for a special trip next! After swim team, Joanie and Harry each got to experience sleep-away camp for the first time. I’m trying to coordinate their schedules for next summer! After a very busy past two years of volunteer work, I am going to have a lighter year this year before ramping back up the following two years. All in all the Farleys are doing great and excited about fall, with school and soccer and dance and horseback riding, among other activities! Take care and thank you so much for taking on this job—Mamie.

Allene Doucette: Alastair started Kindergarten this year. Wow, that’s about all I’ve got. We hit the road a few times this summer, but mostly stayed home enjoyed the neighborhood pool and beach. Thanks for including the New Orleans information; hopefully we can make that trip happen.

Mary Price: It’s been a very long time since I contributed to the class notes, so I thought I’d turn over a new leaf and break the silence. Here goes: I’m still living in Fairfield, Va. (10 min. north of Lexington) and I’m writing for Virginia Military Institute’s newsletter, the Institute Report. The job is a great fit since my dad went to VMI. My husband, Tim, is a computer programmer. We’re lucky that he’s able to work from home and help out quite a bit with our girls. Ginny and Elaine, who are fraternal twins, turned 7 in May. We are busy and blessed! Oh, and I do keep up with Tori Hutcheson. We met up at a horse show at the Virginia Horse Center in March, and we saw Tori’s daughter Megan (10) ride in a jumper class. Tori has taught her well—Megan knows to sit up and kick on! I think that’s it for right now. I have a mare that Tori gave me in 2004, but I got pregnant with the girls two months after I got the mare, and I almost never have time to ride. So I have a lawn ornament for now.

Lorraine Haire Greer: As many of you may now, last year we relocated to New England. For the first year, we have rented and now we’re searching for our perfect home. Alex is growing by leaps and bounds and we just love the school we have him in. It’s a perfect match for his personality. With some final quiet time after all the hustle in closing the house, business and settling the estate of my parents, I have really enjoyed some personal time, lots of volunteering in various groups including (of course) SBC Riding. I also have been traveling to obtain some specialized training certificates/endorsement. I’m planning to start my own educational consulting services soon. I also have been grateful for staying in contact and depending on the support of some of my close SBC friends and N.C. friends, such as Jen Kemper Wallis, Beth Hensley Martin, Stephanie Berger, Melanie Duke, Karen Hott and Amber Vellenga. I hope everyone enjoyed the class newsletter. I hope to submit one for every quarter to help keep our focus on our plan of action to help and give back to SBC. We need more supporting alumni and need more consistent giving each year to the annual fund. Just a little counts and it all adds up. Be on the lookout for the next newsletter in late Nov. Ideas, articles and comments are always welcome. Please update your personal information with the Alumni Office in order to receive our quarterly newsletter and other class correspondences. Much of our personal class information is outdated. In regards to our 20th reunion scrapbook, please submit your photos and captions to me. I look forward to putting it together for everyone to enjoy. For those who were able to attend you will receive a small questionnaire to be added to the book of memories. Please feel free to submit any remembrance from your time at SBC to also be included. Al Doucette has offered to head up and coordinate a mini-reunion for next year. Please contact her directly if you are interested and she will be able to provide you will all the details of the trip. We will try to keep updates on the trip and other SBC happens on our SBC Facebook page. Thanks to Elliot Pitt for helping manage the page. And, of course, thanks to Karen Hott, our Class President for keeping us focused and in line. Happy Fall to Everyone and Look Forward to Hearing from You.

Respectfully Submitted, Lorraine Haire Greer