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Our class banner has been found! After a visit with her parents last fall, Lisa Claypool Stevenson contacted me that the banner was in a box of SBC memorabilia that her parent sent home with her. It looks great and is ready for our next reunion!

Raquel Hickman Thiebes and family have moved once again. They are now in the beautiful resort town of Garmisch, Germany! Husband, George, is attending the Marshall Center there. Alex is in the 10th grade at the Munich International School, and Matthias is completing the 8th grade at the school on the U.S. Army base. Anyone moving to Europe should check out her blog, “Life Lessons of a Military Wife.”

Elizabeth Fokes has combined her love of legal support and computers and returned to school. She’s working on her master’s in information technology with a focus on information security and digital forensics.

Ellen Duffie-Fritz, Keith and their three teenage daughters have relocated to the Philadelphia area. Ellen leads Strategic Consulting & Analytics Practice for the global marketing products division of GSI Commerce, an eBay company.

Its been a banner year for Pauline Hanson Palm and husband, Chris. They celebrated their 20th anniversary! This is also Pauline’s 20th year of teaching!

Kimberly Willock Pardiwala lives in Larchmont, N.Y. with husband, Cyrus, and their son Becket (2). She keeps in touch with Lisa Claypool Stevenson, Sarah West Reeves, and Heather Daly Jones ’92. Kimberly and other like-minded classmates are actively raising funds for the SBC music department! Initially this is to help renovate Babcock 101, but the long-term vision is to support the growth and diversity of the music program. If you are interested in learning more about this effort, please contact Kimberly at [email protected].

I have enjoyed catching up with many of you. I don’t have much new in my life. Other than work, I am continuing my fundraising and volunteer work for the American Heart Association and Lab Rescue of Greater Richmond. I’m also still trail riding as much as possible! Feel free to send news and photos anytime. I will start working on the next update and our scrapbook, too! Take care!