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Susan Detweiler enjoyed Reunion a lot more than she anticipated; especially becoming friends with gals she didn’t hang out with back in college. She and Ned guided climbers again in the Tetons last summer and then headed back to Antarctica to teach survival skills and guide scientists again. On their way home they plan to follow up on last year’s sailing course in New Zealand by renting a boat and gaining more experience before returning home.
Vida Henry Fonseca says that her daddy had a massive heart attack on 7/10 and they are slowly fighting their way back out of the healthcare system. “Long story short, I’m pretty much unemployed again except for my part-time gig with Christine Mohn Carmouche ’89. If anyone else needs her, the website is updated daily.”
Cecilia Moore is sorry that she did not make it our 25th but did have a mini-reunion with 2 dear friends in May: Beth Stookey Sargent, Caroline Corum and Cecilia had a great weekend celebrating our SBC years at Beth’s house in Ashburn, VA. Beth and husband Doug have a very sweet and smart little girl, Macy. Perhaps Macy will choose SBC for college one day, too. Cecilia hopes so. She stays in touch with Rapti de Silva and Praka Punniamoorthy Sahi. Rapti returned home to Sri Lanka to teach about 4 yrs. ago. “I am very honored that Rapti entrusted me with the care of her Syracuse-born cat, Ibby. Praka is a dentist and she and her husband Guru have 2 great boys. I am entering yr. 17 teaching in the Department of Religious Studies at U. of Dayton.”
Kathryn Deriso Schwartz reports that she and Alan thoroughly enjoyed seeing everybody at Reunion. Burgen is up in Tallahassee with older sister Kacki attending FL St. U. Webb started his EMT certification program at Miami Dade C.C. Medical Campus and continues to be a volunteer Fire Fighter. Chandler just started her freshman yr. at Coral Reef Mega Magnet High School in the business strand. As everyone has just about emptied the nest, Kathryn is looking for employment!
Katie Keogh Weidner reports that she is just doing her mom thing, enjoying summer and happy! Great to see you at Reunion, Katie!
Elizabeth Kistler: I had so much fun at our 25th reunion! We started the school year smoothly. Lauren is a senior at Spartanburg High School. We are visiting UNC, Georgetown U. and UVa in a few weeks. I’m finding it hard to believe we are looking at colleges for next year! Sam is also at Spartanburg (9th grade). We are headed to the DMV today for his restricted license! I am working with a skincare company called Rodan and Fields. I am also volunteering as a Guardian Ad Litem for neglected and abused children in Spartanburg County. I missed seeing a lot of friends at Reunion and hope they can all come next time!
Christine D. Ans: It was certainly great to go back to SBC for our 25th. Those who could not attend were there in spirit, as we had their faces with us wherever we went…luncheon, dinner and dance, etc. A lot of us reconnected or connected with classmates we did not have the opportunity to connect with 25 yrs. ago…as some of us lived off the beaten path in the Language House! It was so great to see Andrea Fraley at Reunion and again later, as she came down for a visit to check out the Tampa Bay area! I still live in Tampa, FL. Son Aleks (23) is in his 1st yr. at IN U. Graduate School for Russian/Russian studies. My daughter (17) is a senior in high school and has assured me that one of the schools she will be applying to will be Sweet Briar! Holla, holla!