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As this magazine goes to press, the big news is that we’re excited about getting together to celebrate our 25th reunion. Our class presidents Katie Keogh Weidner and Kathryn Ingham Reese have been working hard to plan our weekend including a boat house party especially for our class.

This year is a big one for transitions. My daughter, Nina will be starting high school in the fall and son, Jack will be a junior at LSU.

In the fall Katie Keogh Weidner (in PA) will have 2 sons in college: Jake will be a junior and William will be a freshman. Daughter Caroline will be a freshman in high school.

Kathryn Ingham Reese (Wilmington, DE) keeps busy with her 2 daughters and their activities. She continues to teach 5th and 6th grade English at Tower Hill and coaches middle school lacrosse.

Denise Landau Blind’s son Tyler will be off to college in fall at Fairfield U. in CT where he’ll play baseball. She writes, “we’re thrilled to live close enough to go watch some games!” Daughter Chelsea, a high school freshman, has taken time off from 10 years of competitive gymnastics and has moved on to track. She’s a sprinter and wants to try pole vaulting after the fracture in her pelvis heals. The Blinds spent a week in Palm Springs, CA, in Nov. They live in NJ and felt lucky to get out of town while their house was without power from Superstorm Sandy. Denise can’t wait to see her roommate Julie Martin Collins at the Reunion.

Caroline Reu Rolader is busy with her architecture firm, Reu Architects. She lives in Atlanta and has 2 sons, Holcombe (15) and Xan (12). She loves having the ability to set her schedule to spend time with her boys. She often sees friends from SB in Atlanta, mostly Anne Mobley Hassett and Carol Goodman Doty, both from the class of ’87. On a sad note, Caroline writes, “I lost my brother, Norman who was at UVA class of ’86. He passed away in early Feb. I have been able to reconnect with many of his friends over this loss as well as spend most of the winter at home on St. Simons Island, GA.” Caroline is hoping to attend Reunion.

Cary Grant Milden writes, “I’m celebrating one year at my new job. I work as a technician for Dr. Samuel Galib, ophthalmologist, at The Paoli Eye Institute in PA. It’s so challenging to teach this old dog a new career. My oldest daughter is working at a new store in Vail, CO, called Perch. My younger daughter has one year left at U. Pitt. My twin boys Charlie and Sam just got their drivers licenses—Aghh! I recently saw Katie Keogh Weidner and discovered that we both have a Downton Abbey addiction. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at Reunion!”

Tina Savage Lytle went on a fun girls’ trip—a “destination book club meeting” to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. What a great idea! She’s been doing some teaching and work for The Winkler Botanical Preserve in Alexandria, VA, which she describes as “a wonderful oasis, very close to home.”

Susan Detweiler and partner Ned worked together as field trainers in Antarctica during the austral summer. It was Ned’s first season and it went well. Afterward they took a sailing course in New Zealand and climbed in Australia. They’ll head home in the northern spring to guide climbers in the Tetons for the summer. She’s looking forward to going to reunion with Jennifer Roach Childs and realizing that this will probably be the only reunion she attends, she hopes other classmates come out of the woodwork for this big one!”

Elizabeth Belser Kistler writes from Spartanburg, SC, that her daughter, Lauren, is a junior at Spartanburg High School and her son, Sam is in 8th grade at McCracken Middle School. Lauren plays tennis, basketball and lacrosse and Sam plays soccer on the JV team at SHS and basketball. They’re both honor students and participate in Young Life programs. She notes, “I’m so proud of how hard they work!”Elizabeth and husband, Jim will celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary this May! They enjoyed an amazing family trip to the Galapagos Islands last summer on a National Geographic/Linblad tour. Elizabeth is running her own retail business with Etcetera out of NYC. She loves the flexibility and opportunities this company provides. Jim continues to run his business, Powers Solutions, Inc., and business is improving quickly this year. Elizabeth was featured on an episode of PBS’ Antiques Roadshow when an expert evaluated a silver sword that has belonged to her family for over 100 years.

Eden Zuckerman Brown and husband Bill relocated to Key West. They’ve been traveling there together for 22 years and finally decided to make it a more permanent residence. She says, “life is great in the Conch Republic!” She admits that she doesn’t miss the winters in DC or the hustle and bustle and loves being able to get anywhere on the island on her bike. Eden is finishing her first novel and beginning her 2nd. She’s also looking for a publisher for her children’s book. Her website is: www.readedenbrown.com.

Christine Diver Ans reports from Tampa, FL, “It’s hard to believe that my son, Aleks, just graduated cum laude from U. of FL in international relations and Russian—just like his mom! Daughter Amanda is a junior in high school. I work in a busy little law office that handles family law and real estate. I also keep busy visiting my mom and her husband in Naples, FL. I’m looking forward to catching up with everyone in May—I haven’t seen many of you in quite some time.”

Stacey Sickels Locke, via the online form wrote: “Life is good! Lyn and I celebrated our anniversary with a trip to France visiting many of Lyn’s friends made over his years of traveling there. I’m now serving the U. of MD and enjoying being part of a great and spirited institution. It’s fun when work includes football and basketball games. Kent (16) is doing great and thinking of colleges. Leland (14) is in middle school and into soccer. Our family is nearby, which is a blessing, including sister Susan Sickels Dyer ’91 who moved here with her family from Seattle this summer. I look forward to Reunion and hope everyone expresses their love of Sweet Briar with a reunion gift (my other job is serving on that Committee).”

Kelly O’Conner, who was at SBC for our freshman year, has lived in Nashville for the past 17 years working in development and advancement in the nonprofit world. She just published her first novel, “Awaiting the Green Flash.” She misses her friends from SBC and would love to catch up! Her e-mail address is [email protected].

Kathryn Deriso Schwartz (Miami) and husband Alan celebrated their 22nd anniversary. Daughter Kacki is a senior at FSU and is planning to go to medical school. Her twins are seniors in high school. Burgen was head drum major for this year’s football season. Webb continues to be active with the Dade County Fire Dept. as a Junior Firefighting Cadet. Chandler is in 8th grade and has been busy with an after school science program building robots, rockets and bridges. Their school came in 2nd at the science competition.