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As luck would have it, Ellen Tozzer Smith was at SBC when she got our email request for class notes! “It’s just as beautiful as I remember—so many good friends and good memories, I’ve been smiling all day!” She enjoyed showing her family around campus while her youngest daughter had a tour and tried out a few classes!

Kristen Kreassig Carter and I see each other often on my trips to Virginia Beach. Kristen is the vice president of Early Childhood Education at the YMCA of South Hampton Roads. She is still riding as much as she can, and we’re hoping that we can start endurance riding together soon! Kristen’s husband Dave (VMI ’88) and my husband Ted (VMI ’88) were roommates at VMI. We will be heading to VMI for their 25th reunion in Sept.

Angela Callis Ellis reminded me of some of the fun times we had as Sweet Briar, crazy-straw parties and tap nights to name a few! Angela is heading down to VMI to pick up her son for spring break this week.

Drew Hardy Jubert is the director of finance and HR at the Center for International Policy. She’s also consulting to a couple of small nonprofits and has just taken on a restaurant franchise as a new client. Husband Tom has started a resale business through eBay that is starting to show real promise. On the home front, Grace is a junior in high school and is beginning the college tour process. Sam will start middle school next year.

Paige Taylor-Hall is living in Mount Pleasant, SC, with husband Rick and 2 kids, Taylor (boy-9) and Breeden (girl-6). She’s a stay-at-home Mom after giving up her sales career. Paige and her family plan to see Evan Wright Castelo and her family this summer in CA. Paige will be heading to VA in April to visit her mom in Manassas.

Melanie Nelson Gibbons is senior director of marketing with the CoStar group. She and Petch have been married for 12 years and have 2 children, Maggie (9) and Jack (6). Melanie lives in DC and sees Christina Knowles often (their daughters are close!) She sees Kelly Brown Varga occasionally. Ann Moorberg visited last spring and is doing great, living in London with her husband and 3 kids!

Jean “Sam” Lewis Guergai writes that she has much good news to finally share! She has joined Fairfax County Public Schools teaching Spanish at McLean High School. Sam and Grace will be moving locally after closing on their home sale. Grace is singing with all-county and honor choirs. She’s very excited for intermediate school this fall! As always there is much to be thankful for including dear friends! Sam looks forward to seeing all this fall at Homecoming on campus and cheering on the teams! Go Sweet!

Deborah Brennan Leslie and family have completed their first year in Perth, Australia. It has been more of an adjustment than she expected considering the similarity between the 2 nations. Fortunately, they have had the opportunity to travel a bit around the area and her kids have taken up sailing on weekends.

“All is well here in TN,” from Sharon Staley Kelly! She regretted not being at the 25th reunion last year. She bumped into Dana Avery ’86 at Christmas and keeps in touch with Ellen Tozzer Smith and Ginger Pascoe Jennings from time to time. Sharon lost her grandmother Mildred (101) in Feb., which has been quite an adjustment since Mildred lived with Sharon and her family for the past 10 years. She’s adjusting to a new life, a new routine, and a new emptier house. Sharon has been busy as a stay-at-home mom taking care of Contessa (5), who just entered Kindergarten this year, and is homeschooling her 4th grader Kendall! Sharon says homeschooling has been interesting for both of them!

Anne Farrell said there is not much new with her since last year! She has been working as a veterinarian for the last 20 years in Antioch, IL.

Page Franson is getting ready to coach youth lacrosse for girls in grades 3 and 4. Page is playing ice hockey and she also figure skates. She joined an adult beginner synchronized skating team.

Linda Mae Gabriel became engaged to Thomas Scherr Jr. on 11/18/12 on the top of a mountain at The Homestead and is to be married 5/18/13! Jennifer Crossland ’86 will be bridesmaid and several SBC gals will be attending.

Karen Holloway is still in England working as a self-employed graphic designer. Her daughter is at university studying law and her son is at Sixth Form Coll. studying motor mechanics. She’s still in contact with all friends via the wonderful Facebook.

Speaking of Facebook, our SBC Class of 1987 page is going to be re-launched soon. We want to post lots of photos from “back in the day” as well as current information so please send us a few pics when you have a chance! Speaking of great pictures, hope you all received the email from Junie Speight Myers and Teresa Pike Tomlinson. There was a great photo of our class on the Senior Steps and a few others as well. Junie and Teresa have started a class email effort to raise our class giving level and our class participation in SBC’s Annual Fund. If anyone did not receive the email, please contact Teresa at [email protected]

Lee Carroll Roebuck and I still see each other as often as we can. Lee is busy coaching a club field hockey team, which took her to a tournament in FL this winter! Daughter Emily plays field hockey and lacrosse just like Lee! Son CJ is starting to look at colleges. I’m still working from home and busy with my boys Ted (VMI ’88), Conor (13) and Colin (11)! Please keep sending in your notes and don’t forget to send some pics for the Facebook page.