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A big “Holla, holla!” to our very own Teresa Pike Tomlinson, recipient of Sweet Briar’s Distinguished Alumna Award for 2011 (Summer 2012 Sweet Briar College Magazine). This award is given out by the Alumnae Association Board to honor alumnae who have brought distinction to themselves and to the College through outstanding accomplishments in a volunteer or professional capacity. Along with a host of other accomplishments, Teresa was elected the first female mayor of Columbus, Ga., in Nov. 2010. Teresa writes, “My husband Trip and I had an incredible time at our 25th reunion. It was so good to see everyone. The campus was as beautiful as ever. It was also wonderful to see Verda Andrews Colvin, Vikki Schroeder and others in Columbus, Ga., this summer for the Distinguished Alumna Award. It was a deeply moving experience, and it was all the sweeter to have long ago friends I admire so much come such distances. Trip is still practicing law and I’m headed into my 20th month as mayor of the great city of Columbus. We’ll be heading to Sweet Briar in fall to speak to a few classes on government and leadership. It’ll be exciting to be on the reverse side of the classroom for a change!”

Shannon Wood Bush writes from Texas, “All is well in the Bush house. We finally finished building the house of our dreams, just in time for the kids to go off to boarding school! Eleanor will be a junior at Cranbrook in Mich. and Bennett is in eighth grade, starting the boarding school search this fall. Chris is doing splendidly, taking care of the family business. It’s been tough, as we’ve been in a horrible drought for the past five-plus years. I’m still driving the taxi, but for only one large 13-year-old boy, and sailing competitively about once a month during the year. Sorry to miss reunion, but I was able to get back for the annual alumnae Old Lady Lacrosse Game in April.”

Mary Hunter Adams is “happily married” to Jim with one son, Hunter (13) and has lived in Barboursville, W.Va. for 12 years. Mary works full time as family nurse practitioner for a nonprofit healthcare company called, Valley Health Inc. “I love my job and I get to swim and play tennis occasionally. I think of Sweet Briar often. Behind our house are horse pastures so that lovely smell on warm days quickly brings back memories.”

Louise Gilliam Williams was married in Charlottesville on 6/9/12 to Jim Williams. Kem McCoid Roth ’88 and Brooke Rinehart Dunn ’88 attended.

Mary Yorke Robison Oates is still coaching 8th-grade field hockey at Charlotte Latin and loving it. “I’m taking my oldest son to college this fall. He’ll play lacrosse at Birmingham-Southern Coll. I’m thrilled he’ll get a fun DIII team experience like I did!”

Carol Sue Jones Smith lives in Kathmandu, Nepal, with her husband Will and four children (two in high school and two in primary). “We love living in this crazy country, trekking in the Himalayas and love our work in community and leadership development. I also am involved with a group of women seeking to battle the ever growing issue of sex trafficking throughout the sub continent.”

Angela Callis Ellis went back to school and got her M.Ed. and teaches full time. She married Mike Ellis (VMI ’86) and has two children, Quinn who will be a third at VMI this year, and Mary Katherine who will be in the eighth grade. “I’m down in the northern neck of Va., near where I grew up. It’s the northern most peninsula of Va. and surrounded by the Potomac and Rappahannock Rivers. I’m missing the mountains though!”

Sydney Marthinson Coffin lives Charlotte, N.C. with Charlie and three kids, Detlow (12), Hugh (10) and Kit (8). “I have a small stationery business on the side, but mostly I do the PTA and carpool thing, fitting in plenty of tennis and bridge when I can. I keep up with Dede Connors King in Spartanburg, S.C. and run into Mary Yorke Oates around town once in a while. When I visit my parents in Virginia Beach I try to touch base with Ellen Carver ’85. All three of those SBC gals have a child born on my birthday! Every summer, Catty Hubbard Andry ’85 and I spend a girls’ week at her family’s cabin near Mount Mitchell, N.C., where we play Bananagrams and Scrabble like fiends. It reminds me of being at SBC: sitting around with girlfriends, gazing at the beautiful landscape, reading meaningful literature, and eating like princesses! It’s a great life now, but I loved the time I spent at Sweet Briar!”

Anne Farrell has been busy practicing veterinary medicine in Antioch, Ill., for almost 20 years. “Occasionally, I’ll get to some of the Chicago SBC events, but still haven’t gotten back to campus for some time. I do keep up with SBC friends on Facebook.”

Melanie Nelson Gibbons is senior director of marketing at CoStar Group in Washington, D.C. She gets together with Christina Knowles for beach time.

Caroline Trask Wallace is an independent contractor with the oldest and one of the top travel agencies in the USA. “I work for Brownell Travel and book high end trips worldwide. Please check out my website at www.carolinetravelstheworld.com. Our oldest daughter, Lizzie, is a senior at St Catherine’s in Richmond, Va., and our youngest daughter, Anna, is entering 9th grade. I keep in pretty close contact with Blair Beebe Smith, Liz Wilson Parrish, Amy Watkins Tankard, Cameron Clark Sipe, Ansley Merritt Conner and Carol Goodman Doty.”

Paige Taylor Hall lives in Mount Pleasant, S.C. with her husband and two children, Taylor (8) and Breeden (6). “We love the Low Country! We went to Jupiter, Fla., for a year or so but are so pleased to be back in the Charleston area and have plans to stay here forever!. Evan Wright Castelo and I met in D.C. this summer with our families and had fun touring Mount Vernon and the International Spy Museum. She and her family came last summer to stay with us in Mount Pleasant, S.C., and we are planning to get together in California soon.”

Angelyn Schmid writes “I’m still a stay-at-home mom. My daughter (12) and son (9) both play a lot of sports as well as the piano. My husband John weathered the telecom meltdown and the recession, landing a great job he enjoys at Eaton Corp. I’ve got a little blog going for those who like history. It’s at www.angelynschmid.com. Would love to see folks stop by and comment!”

Amy Watkins Tankard lives on a farm in the eastern shore of Va. on the Chesapeake Bay with her husband, Ed and two daughters. “I have spoken with Paul Cronin numerous times this year about some fox-hunting advice in the Va. area. He is so kind and funny and reminds me again of all the support I have received over the years through my Sweet Briar contacts. To stay in touch with professors after so many years, and receive such a warm response is testament to Sweet Briar’s networking strengths. I appreciate so much the enriching people I have in my life due to the far reaching and diverse Sweet Briar community.”

Beth Nelson Suhr has lived in Denmark since 1990. “It was through a Sweet Briar friend (Marianne Jensen ’88) that I ended up over here. My husband Johannes and I have two kids: Caroline (13) and Johannes (11). I enjoyed seeing everyone at our 25th reunion—what a fantastic weekend! I’m really glad I made the effort and am looking forward to next reunion.”

Deborah Brennan Leslie moved to Perth, Australia, for her husband’s job. “We are all enjoying the constant summer and laid back atmosphere. It has been great for all to reset our lives and start over. With the kids beginning an age of independence, it has allowed me to reevaluate my life and decide what I want to do for the next 20 years. Now, if only I could decide.”

Paige Franson is in Falmouth, Mass., on Cape Cod working for MEDITECH in the Fall River, Mass., building. “I have been there for 25 years as of 6/12, programming software for different divisions of the company. I play softball, take figure skating lessons and play ice hockey. In the spring, I coach youth lacrosse; I am a level one certified coach. I have the U11 program, third and fourth grade girls. Coaching and seeing the progress that kids make is beyond rewarding. I visited Elizabeth Lindsey ’86 in Nashville in 2011. We spent time sight-seeing and skating at her rink. We saw the Nashville Predators play, too.”

Blair Beebe Smith, her husband and three children have been in Richmond since 1990. “Sarah attends Denison U. and is spending her jr. year in Prague. Peyton is a freshman at William and Mary, and Harvard (15) is the last one at home. Didn’t realize the nest would empty so quickly! I keep up with Cameron Clark Sipe, Caroline Trask Wallace, Liz Wilson Parrish and Mary Via Cuoco. I spend my time going to our children’s games, playing bridge, and as a volunteer around town.”

Cameron Clark Sipe is still in Charlottesville. Charles, is a freshman at Hobart Coll. in N.Y. where he will play lacrosse. Clark (16) and Ann Carter (11) are still home.

Verda Andrews Colvin writes from Macon, Ga.: “I’ve never done this as I just like to see where my classmates are and what they are doing, but here goes. I am assistant U.S. attorney for the Middle District of Ga. serving as anti-gang coordinator and POC human trafficking. I love trial work. My son is a vivacious senior who is Mr. Personality, VP of the student body, etc. so we’re beginning the arduous task of finding the perfect college. My daughter is a gifted fourth grader excelling scholastically and artistically. I went to the ceremony honoring Teresa Pike Tomlinson, the mayor of Columbus, Ga., as SBC Distinguished Alumna. I’m so proud of my classmate and road trip buddy. Her staff and I surprised her by not letting her know I would be there. We were teary eyed when we saw each other. I am proud to be a graduate of SBC. I owe a lot of my success to the gifts that SBC bestowed upon me.”

Kim Houtman lives in San Francisco and works at PG&E as a compensation manager. “My domestic partner, John, and I are happily child-free. We enjoy frequent travel. I keep in touch with Robyn Bailey Orchard ’86.”

Sam Lewis Guergai just joined Fairfax County Public Schools teaching Spanish at McLean High School.

Ellen Tozzer Smith just helped her oldest daughter, Gingy, move into her dorm at another fine women’s college, Agnes Scott, in Ga. “Life is different now with only two chicks in the nest. Mamie is a junior in high school and Asa is a freshman.” Ellen and Powell (W&L ’87) will celebrate their 25th anniversary in Sept. Ellen was glad to visit Stacy Lee Pae at her art studio in Calif. last spring. “We miss the Blue Ridge Mountains and our college friends and would love to hear from you: [email protected].”

Stacy Lee Pae reports, “Just visited SBC with my second daughter in Aug. while driving through Va. to visit family. The campus was even more beautiful than I remembered it to be. I’m currently living in Irvine, Calif., busy being mom and serving in our community to keep the arts alive for all the art lovers. I opened up an art studio, Art Smart Studio & Gallery, in Tustin, Calif. Going on five years teaching art to children and adults (www.artsmartsg.com). My daughter Emily (19) is a sophomore at Fordham U., N.Y. Ashley (16) is a senior at Beckman High School. Been happily married 22 years to Peter Pae who is the technology editor for the LA TIMES.”

Sharon Staley Kelly is still caretaking for her grandmother (100) as well as her daughters Contessa (5) and Kendall (9). “Both girls are very busy with soccer, piano and church. My husband, Steve, and I celebrated our 12th anniversary in April. Spring chickens compared to some of you old married folk. We live in the Historic District and are always working on the house. I still work with seniors to keep them active.”

Malinda Bradley Bergen lives in Savannah, Ga., with her husband, Fred. Their 23rd anniversary is this Oct. Fred, Jr., is a junior at UGA and Fontaine, is a freshman at UT-Austin.

Mary Sue Cate Mayes is still in Iowa with her husband Larry. “We just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. I’m still on the staff at Iowa State U. I’m an assistant scientist in the Animal Science Department. My kids are great! Andy is a freshman at Simpson Coll. and Jenny is a sophomore at Gilbert High School. Life is good!”

Tami Trebus-Ross is still living in Morristown, N.J., with husband Eban and two boys, Jack (12) and Sam (10). She is a graphic designer and works out of her home! She is still in touch with friends, Moira Carroll, Dana Ostrowsky and Charlotte Hudson, but doesn’t see them nearly enough! Dana lives in N.Y.C., Moira in Chicago, and Charlotte in Va.

Maggie Fogarty and her husband Tim and two children Danny (14) and Mary (11) are enjoying life in Dover, N.H., making annual return trips to Bolivia where they lived for almost four years when the children were younger. They live in a duplex with another family, and enjoy hosting lots of neighborhood celebrations including an annual summer block party and a fall “soup fest.” Maggie is a community organizer and policy advocate for the American Friends Service Committee, a Quaker organization working on peace and social justice. Maggie’s work promotes human and civil rights for immigrants and refugees, low income families, tenants in rental housing, low-wage workers and people experiencing homelessness.

Brooke von Maur Fleming lives in Duxbury, Mass., and has three children, daughters Peyton (15), Quinn (13) and son Jan (11). “After being at home for many years, I now work as a gardener/landscaper both for myself and for a larger outfit. Since graduation I’ve started two businesses, one private and one nonprofit and worked several corporate jobs in between. It’s been an amazing journey with many personal and professional twists. None of which I would trade! I often visit Dena Driver and her precious family who live in Brooklyn. I often think of our days back at SBC and am a grateful member of the class of 1987!”

Pam Miscall Cusick and I, Lee Carroll Roebuck, have both ended up in Baltimore. Pam and Ted (VMI ’88) have two sons, Conor (12) and Colin (10). Pam is special projects manager for a healthcare consulting firm based in Norfolk. When Pam travels to Norfolk, she sees Kristen Kreassig Carter who lives there with her husband Dave (VMI ’88) and son Scott (12). Charles and I will be celebrating our 20th anniversary in 2013. Our children, C.J. (16) and Emily (14) are busy high schoolers, and I’m at home keeping it all straight. I do a lot of volunteering and coach field hockey each fall. Emily plays club field hockey, so I travel with her to national tournaments. Missy Ackerman and I were able to catch up at a tournament in Richmond, Va. where Missy is athletic director at St. Gertrude High School. Our 25th Reunion was a lot of fun. Being back on campus reminded me that my days at SBC were some of the best days of my life! A special shout-out to our classmates who attended: Beth Nelson Suhr all the way from Denmark! Julianne Burkhardt, Teresa Pike Tomlinson, Junie Speight Meyers, Kristen Kreassig Carter, Teeki Taylor, Vikki Schroeder, Teresa Aagaard Pam Miscall Cusick and me. Look forward to seeing more of you in 2017!