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Leigh Ann White

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Anne Toxey met several alumnae from San Antonio and Austin at the home of Jenny Gough ’13 in Jan. “Feeling the presence of SBC in TX makes me feel more at home.” Anne is back in school where last fall she became a master naturalist, and this spring she is studying to become an arborist. Most of her time is spent with husband Patrick McMillan designing and developing museum exhibitions.

Mary Johnson Ryan is saddened by the loss of Dr. Sharon Beard Testa. At Sharon’s funeral, there was a wonderful reunion of SBC alumnae. Mary was moved to see our class represented from as far away as CA by Betsy Knott Hall and Cara Heard Elliott. Mary is so fortunate and blessed to have had Sharon in her life. Mary is thankful to SBC and to our class, and proud to be part of this great school. She’d feel honored if her two girls also attended SBC.

Louanne Woody is still enjoying life on the Outer Banks of NC.

Bella Viguerie Gsell celebrated her 50th birthday on Jan. 1. She still lives in Houston with three teenage children. Bella still reminisces about her SBC days.

Shannon Kuehlwein and her fiancé are busy planning for their upcoming wedding. To start off the festivities in June, they’re having a ring blessing in the chapel at Shannon’s prep school, St. Andrew’s, in DE. In Oct., they’ll marry at an inn in VT, where they’re making the event a weekend celebration, complete with golf, fly fishing and kayaking.

Mary Beth Miller Orson is still living in Scottsdale, still married, still raising two kids, working and hoping classmates stop by when they’re in town. Ava Spanier now lives nearby.

Harriette Cooper Liederbach is enjoying her second year as a middle school science teacher. She and Mark have a son now at NC State U., a daughter at Appalachian State U., and a 9th grade daughter at home.

Meme Boulware Hobbs enjoys life in Birmingham, AL. Daughter Libby is finishing her sophomore year at TX Christian U. and son Whit is graduating from Woodberry Forest School in May. Meme and David are awaiting college application acceptances. They spent five weekends in TX last year supporting Libby at football games (she’s on the dance team) and three weekends in VA watching Whit play football.

Elizabeth Hall and Roger have been living in LA for 23 years. Their son Griffin will be 17 in June, and daughter Caroline is 14.

Jessica Sinnott is still working for DuPont (15 years in Oct.) as assistant chief IP counsel. Together with husband Bill, Jessica enjoys horseback riding on their PA horse farm.

Beth Ann Trapold Newton is in her fourth year at The Social List of Washington, and Bob is in his 15th year working for CSCI as a senior engineer. He retired last summer from his “other” job after 28 years as captain in the USCG Reserves. Youngest daughter Annie is a year-round lacrosse player and basketball player. The oldest two, Gus and Bonnie, are both in the Presidential Leadership Program at Christopher Newport U. Beth Ann had dinner with April Adelson, Barb Tragakis Connor ’85 and Vicki Vidal Blum ’85.

Susan Mann Levy and Geoff are still practicing law together in Columbia, SC. Daughter Preston at Wake Forest. Susan and Geoff have a house in Brevard, NC, which they’re getting ready to renovate. Susan is so proud of our class and our efforts to support each other this year.

Leigh Ann White is still living in Boston, sharing a peaceful but snowy life with Brian. Leigh Ann is still at Biogen Idec, loving her job as a health economist working in drug development for Alzheimer’s and ALS treatments. Contributing to initiatives that create wildlife corridors for endangered big cats makes her feel like she’s doing a little to give back.

April Adelson is into her second year as a Virginian. Enjoying her apt. inside the home of Heidi Turk ’85. April turned 50 and had several celebrations, so spoiled by friends! Still at Fannie Mae, enjoying her work as a recruiter on the talent acquisition team. April attended a “Vixens in the Country” event on the Eastern Shore to honor Leigh Watkins ’85 visit. Karen Gonya Nickels is a superb party planner. Holla Holla—love our class!