April Adelson
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April Adelson reports that all is well in her life. Still recruiting at Fannie Mae, been a VA resident 1 yr., and just legally changed her name back to ‘April Adelson.’ Oh, how she has missed that name! It reminds her of her SBC days, which is awesome! Daughter Lily is a senior at Savannah Coll. of Art and Design and son Hayden a U. MD-Baltimore County junior. April reports that she was just elected by Mclean Bible Church to lead the ‘Focus’ singles community of over 300 single men/women. It’s going to be a VERY busy year for April!
Mary Jo Biscardi Brown still lives outside of Philadelphia, works as a paralegal and does some legal marketing for the firm. She and husband Frank have decided to head to southwest FL upon retirement (in a few yrs.) and bought a house there over the winter. She continues volunteering with the Boxwood Circle Committee for the 2013-2014 school year and enjoys connecting with many SBC friends on Facebook.
Anne Toxey writes from Paris, France, where she, husband Patrick and neighbors are doing a barn raising. They are building—from the ground up—their garage, which was crushed by a neighbor’s tree. (Anne’s architectural education is coming in handy.) Anne feels endless gratitude to the SBC JYF Program for introducing her to France, which has been a very important part of her life every since.
Dana Avery Hulme and husband Tom celebrated their 27th anniversary this summer in Italy. Their girls are busy with school, cheer and dance. Courtney has made the competitive dance team at TX Christian U. Alexandra, a sophomore at The Harpeth Hall School, is involved in completion cheerleading. Dana has been involved with various volunteer projects and a fair amount of traveling. 
Carol Dickson Jahnke and husband Nic still live on their farm outside Middleburg, VA, and will celebrate their 21st anniversary in Nov. Carol continues to serve on 2 nonprofit boards and functions as professional driver to Nicholas (10), who has never met a sport he didn’t love. Daughter Madeleine (15) is a sophomore boarder at Madeira.
Elizabeth Lindsey reports a different energy around, now that her mom’s no longer living down the block. She finally conceded to age and moved into a retirement community near her sister in MI. For the 1st time in 6 yrs., Elizabeth is no longer worrying about how she will get her mom up when she falls. Elizabeth is still doing freelance copy-editing, mostly for a religious publisher. She still has her bassets. Ken has been away, hiking as much of the Appalachian Trail as he can in a 2-month sabbatical.
Shannon Kuehlwein reports that her careers in law enforcement and firefighting/EMT keep her busy and that she’s managed to find time for her latest obsession—golf! She plays as much as she can, which can be challenging in the short “non-snow” seasons in VT. Shannon’s big news is that she’s getting married next Oct., so the planning has begun! She and her fiancé will be married at an inn in VT, following a blessing of their rings at her former prep school in DE. They are busy trying to merge homes, dogs and lots of stuff! Shannon enjoys catching up with SBC friends on Facebook. Go, Vixens!
Valerie Winborne is still the department chair of the Gifted Dance Education Program in VA Beach’s public school system. Valerie married in Oct. and has added a son (21) to her family. Her husband was a single dad. Valerie and her husband sent their son to Japan to visit her husband’s relatives—now he wants to study there. Her girls are 8 and 6. Oldest Ming performed with the theater company during the summer and now wants to do Broadway. Ryleigh has started voice lessons and has an amazing voice. Valerie has served as artist-in-residence at some local universities and does master classes wherever invited. She hopes all in the Class of ’86 have good news and are doing well!
Eve Hill just received a promotion to deputy assistant attorney general for civil rights at the U.S. Justice Department, where she supervises the department’s disability rights enforcement. This summer, Eve traveled to Ireland and Japan, as well as to Marrakesh to help negotiate an international treaty to make more books accessible to the blind. She was thrilled to walk 16 mi. overnight throughout D.C. on The Overnight Walk to Prevent Suicide. Husband Henry Claypool left his job at the Department of Health and Human Services to become exec. VP of the American Assoc. of People with Disabilities. Life in D.C. is busy and very good!
Robyn Bailey-Orchard teaches 8th-grade English and is also drama director, newspaper advisor and forensics coach. She enjoys acting with her community theater, The Indiana Players. This is her last year as a soccer mom since her younger son is a senior.
Susan Swagler Cowles is celebrating 12 yrs. working at U. AL and couldn’t ask for a better job! Daughter Elli is a junior at U. AL; son Jake is a senior in high school. Susan is hoping that this year’s travel for work will take her to cities where she can also reconnect with SBC friends!
Meme Boulware Hobbs and husband David look forward to a year of traveling to see their 2 children play sports at their respective schools. Libby is a sophomore at TX Christian U. and a new member of the dance team. Whit is a senior in high school at Woodberry Forest and plays football, squash and lacrosse. Meme and David have never been on a trip to VA where their paths have not run into old college friends, and they hope to make the most of their time enjoying the Blue Ridge Mountains during his last year at WFS.
Christine Jones is still in London (20 yrs. now) and still loves it, but misses the U.S. Kids (20, 18, 16) flying the nest. Chris is still working in publishing, as is her husband, who makes her look bad by also writing books. Chris’s favorite pastime is keeping up with SBC friends on Facebook and their gorgeous families and pets—they always make her smile! She had a fabulous evening in NYC this summer with Jackie Denu and her stunning daughter Sophia, a sophomore at Hamilton.
Terry Cerrina Davis is happy being a stay-at-home mom (although due to many volunteer commitments, not home much!) and is gearing up for a very busy school and dance year with her 6th-grader Lindsay Claire. Terry is enjoying communicating with the Class of ’86 on Facebook! It makes her realize and remember how special this group of women is and what a special place SBC holds. Terry loves keeping in touch with so many lovely, insightful, open-minded, intelligent ladies through all of the ups and downs of life, sharing thoughts, book reviews, recipes and simply reflecting on times gone by and celebrating the successes with everyone along the way.
Paula Veale reports that Karen Gonya Nickles swung into NYC for a quick visit with her and Stephanie Pesakoff this past spring. They all laughed a lot and had a great time. Paula had a long overdue dinner recently with Jackie Denu. She feels so lucky to have had her as a roommate. Paula is still enjoying NYC and her work at the Ad Council. 
Sandra Wyllie had a great visit this summer with classmate Anne Merriman Duffy in Amherst, MA. They toured an old Shaker village, kayaked on the Deerfield River and visited the MA Museum of Contemporary Art. Husband Kevin is in his 3rd yr. teaching interior architecture at Marywood U. in Scranton, PA. It’s too far from D.C. to commute, so he stays in PA during the week and is home on weekends. Kids Cameron (16), Heather (14) and Jimmy (6) keep them busy!
Harriet McNair Alexander enjoys her art consulting business and her oldest daughter is applying to college for fall 2014—she is the 1st of her 3 chances for a 4th generation of SBC graduates!
Holly McGovern Barber says all is well in Tampa, FL. Chas is starting his 2nd yr. at Ole Miss U. where KA fraternity, beautiful girls and school keep him busy. Caroline is a senior completing her International Baccalaureate program and persevering through the college application process. Will started 2nd grade and is happy as ever. Holly and husband Ralph are gearing up for a new adventure. They will head to Columbus, OH, for Ralph’s new job once Caroline graduates, in summer 2014. Lots of changes, but excited and looking forward to this new chapter! Holly loves hearing from and keeping in touch with SBC friends!
Catherine Stevens reports that she and family are well in southern VA. Henry (13) started at Galileo Magnet School in Danville. Even though it brings many changes, they are excited about the school year. Henry also plays travel soccer, takes riding and voice lessons and is active in his Boy Scout Troop, so his parents will be very busy this fall. Catherine still rides and gives lessons whenever she can squeeze it in after her day job (institutional effectiveness specialist at the Southern VA Higher Education Center). She and Nelson celebrated their 24th anniversary in Sept. 
Tricia Lonick Vergeldedios is living happily with husband Rey and 3 boys (Michael, Jonathon and David). They are busy with the boys’ baseball (go, Giants!), soccer, basketball and scouting. Tricia’s stepson J.R. is currently in the Air Force in NM. Tricia and Rey vacationed in Las Vegas and enjoyed seeing the Grand Canyon via helicopter and boat. Holla, holla, everyone!
Susan Mann Levy and husband Geoff still practice law together in Columbia, SC. They spend as much time as they can at their place near Brevard, NC, and love it up there! They just took their daughter for her 1st yr. at Wake Forest. She loves it! Although she and Geoff are thrilled for her, it’s a little sad for them.