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April Adelson Marshall: “Another year still single LOL!” April loves VA and is enjoying her bachelorette pad in the basement level of Heidi Belofsky Turk’s beautiful home in Tysons Corner. In winter, April’s Mom passed away in Boston. Overall, the empty nester thing agrees with April, although she misses her daughter Lily, junior at SCADD, and son Hayden, freshman at UMBC. April works as a Technical Recruiter for Fannie Mae’s Talent Acquisition Center. She loved seeing fellow Vixens at the DC Alumnae Club Event and gets to see Deanne Blanton ’85, Rebecca Metro, Beth Ann Trapold Newton, and Vicki Vidal Blum ’85 at Thurs. Martini Nights, what fun!

Linda DeVogt: This year marks Linda’s 24th year at Anthem in retention sales. It’s been a great year for husband Robert! He quit his job to start research on a biography of VA Civil War General William Mahone (Linda says it’s a little stressful being the breadwinner!) He’ll finish-up his research in the next 12 mos. and begin writing by the end of 2014. Linda is in her 2nd go-round on the alumnae board and serving as nominating chair. If anyone is interested in serving on the board, please let Linda know. She’s looking forward to reading about fellow classmates in the magazine and seeing everyone back on campus for our next reunion!

Dayna Avery Hulme and Tom and will celebrate their 27th anniversary this year in Italy. Daughter Courtney is in her sophomore year at TCU in Ft. Worth and loving TX. Alexandra is off to a great start in high school as a freshman at the Harpeth Hall in Nashville. Dance and cheer are still very much part of their schedule and they love all the fun! Dayna is excited to take the girls on a trip to Paris for their spring break in March. Apart from spending time as the family chauffeur and fitting in exercise, Dayna spends time volunteering with Better Decisions at the women’s prison and with the Best Buddies organization.

Ava Spanier feels like Ernest Hemingway, continuing her writing career, often hailing from exotic worldly tropical spots. She can’t wait for Reunion in 3 years and hopes by then she’ll finally have at least one film credit under her belt! Ava’s move to AZ after a lifetime of living on the east coast has been a huge adjustment, but she and the kids enjoy the resort lifestyle. Ava is engaged and now has 2 adult children in the family in addition to her own teenagers. Ellee will join Mary Beth Orson Miller’s daughter Caroline next year at the local private high school.

Suzanne Bailey and Drew continue to run ECA Risk Management, their environmental risk management company, with offices in AL and MI. Suzanne is still working on her YA fantasy, encouraged by words of praise from the master storyteller, Chris Vogler, a Hollywood veteran of Paramount and Disney and author of “The Writer’s Journey.” Her first published piece of writing comes out later this year in “Hope in the Mourning,” a devotional compilation. Son Chris has been accepted to the Honors Coll. at Auburn as well as Samford U. and earned scholarships at both. He’s starring in his last high school play as the King in Cinderella. Daughter Elizabeth continues riding and winning championships in her division. This year Elizabeth was chosen and rode as a member of the BIET middle school riding team and qualified for Regionals in Zone Four. In March, Elizabeth will begin the local show season in AL—2 young riders on the team are interested in Sweet Briar!

Elizabeth “Betsy” Hall and Roger in Los Angeles just celebrated their 22nd wedding anniversary with another remodel (and last) to their home. Griffin (16) is finishing 9th grade this year and is playing water polo year round, and Caroline (13), finishing 7th grade, is a swimmer and a beginning water polo player. Elizabeth still works at Brentwood School as the director of student activities and service learning coordinator for the middle school. This year marks her 17th year at Brentwood! She loved seeing everyone at Reunion!

Sally Engleby Farrell, her husband, and 3 boys live in Bedford, NY. Oldest son Tommy is home for the year, heavily involved in the Bedford Fire Dept. and EMT work. Twins, Jack and Henry, entered high school this year. Sally is well into her 2nd year as director of St. Mark’s Nursery School, a wonderful small Episcopal nursery school in New Canaan, CT. Sally loves her job! She sees Mary Via Cuoco ’87 in New Canaan. Sally attended the National Assoc. of Episcopal Schools Conference in Nov. and got to spend an evening catching up with Katie Hearn ’85 and Karen Gonya Nickles. Sally is finishing her Ct. director’s credentials and hopes to finish her M.A. in Christian formation in Dec. at VA Theological Seminary.

Jennifer Green Mitchell continues to work as a manager at Blackbaud, supporting large nonprofits in their database needs and working from home. The family business, recently renamed the Culpeper Cheese Co., has expanded 3 times in under 6 years. They now offer a full range of cheeses, wine, specialty beer, including growlers, and prepared foods (cheese centric of course). Daughter Elise (15) hopes to start summer off launching Elise’s Quiches within the family store. They’re quite excited to see her dream become a reality. Unfortunately son Matthew is not fond of cheese! They hope that one of these days he’ll fall in love with some other aspect of the store, but for now, his focus stays on soccer. The Mitchell family still lives in Culpeper, VA, not too far from SBC, and welcome visitors whenever possible!

Corinne Cunningham Brown left her 15-year job with Time Warner 3 years ago to move back home to Savannah with her husband Michael and son Harris (7). Corinne and Michael own a Medical IT company, MD Tech Pro, with offices in Savannah, GA, and Charleston, SC.

In 2012 Anne Toxey published “Materan Contradictions: Architecture, Preservation and Politics,”an architectural history of a stupendous cave city in southern Italy. Although she continues to run a hands-on historic preservation field course in Matera, Italy, she’s launching a new research project in San Antonio, TX, where she now resides. Anne divides her time between academics, including teaching at the U. of TX at San Antonio and running a design firm (with her husband Patrick McMillan) that specialized in museum exhibits. Their work takes them around the western U.S.—especially Denver, Cheyenne and the Bay Area. She’d love to connect with any nearby 1986-ers.

Deanne Dawson James lives in Charlotte, NC. Girls, Teagan and Cameryn, keep busy with sports, theatre, music and friends. David’s moved his growing veterinary practice into a beautiful new facility. Deanne enjoys managing all the finances for both her husband’s practice and her brother’s IT company. Even with all that going on, the family’s wanderlust takes them to South Africa and other interesting places every year. Deanne is planning to see Karen Fennessy-Ketola this spring as well as a girls’ weekend with Ginger Reynolds Davis ’84 and Debbie Jones ’84.

Harriet McNair Alexander says the likelihood of a daughter attending SBC is pretty good! Oldest daughter Rebecca is a junior and recently had a tour of SB; if she doesn’t choose it, they have 2 more girls to go! Houston is a great place to live and work; Harriet continues to build a business as an art consultant, while also blogging about art.

Missy Duggins Green thoroughly enjoyed a weekend last Oct. with Jennifer Frost Holden, Karen Gonya Nickles and Katie Hearn ’85, hitting the football circuit and singing oldies but goodies on their road trip to the MISSOU game. It’s becoming an annual visit for these gals when the Ravens come to town!

Susan Mann Levy and Geoff will celebrate their 23rd anniversary and still practice law together in Columbia, SC. Their daughter (18) is getting ready to graduate from high school and go to college. Although so happy for her daughter, it’s going to be a tough adjustment for Susan!

Nancy Buckey Rothacker, Jack and family have been in Columbus for 3½ years. Jack’s company is doing well, and they love living in Dublin, OH. Jake and Sarah turned 10 in Jan. and love their lives there. They’re lucky enough to be able to ride their bikes to school everyday. Jake enjoys being an active Cub Scout and will become a Boy Scout next year. He has mastered the pinewood derby by winning it every year! He also plays basketball, baseball, tennis, and is on the swim team in the summer. Sarah is a dancer—where did this talent come from? She takes ballet, jazz and tap and is in the placement program in her studio. Sarah also is on the swim team, but her Mom is happiest that she loves lacrosse. Nancy has coached Sarah for the past 3 years and is now the director of the girls lacrosse league. Nancy also works for Jack’s company doing some marketing, and in her free time plays tennis and works out. Jack continues to excel in golf, having won not only the club championship last summer, but the Columbus overall championship as well. Nancy looks forward to seeing everyone again at our 30th!

Greetings from Karen Gonya Nickels in Ellicott City, MD, garden spot of the Old Line State!After 26 years of chaos and mayhem, Karen still enjoys her job teaching special education to emotionally disturbed teenagers and relishing the avalanche of paperwork that drives modern day education. Karen and Lance will celebrate 25 glorious, blissful years of marriage in July 2013. Lance is a lucky man and Karen reminds him of that daily. Claire is a freshman at Appalachian State U., embracing the easygoing bohemian life in the mountains. After all those years of driving soccer players all over the country and eating on the run, Karen reports it’s nice to be able to come home from work and cook a relaxed meal or eat Lucky Charms and Pop Tarts. Those who know Karen well know that it’s more of the latter than the former. Karen is in the early stages of planning a cross-country Winnebago tour with some Vixen friends to celebrate turning 50 in the summer of 2014. The working title of this AARP-A-Palooza is “Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves.” Don’t be surprised if the crew turns up on your doorstep!

Holly McGovern Barber and family still live in Tampa, FL. Oldest son Chas (19) is in his first year and loving Ole Miss U., having just pledged the KA fraternity. Caroline (17) is a junior in the Tampa IB program and beginning the college process. The family has a fun spring break northeastern college tour planned where they’d like to swing by SBC and see the college. Baby Will (7) keeps them entertained at all times! Holly has just finished working the past 2 years on the GOP Convention in Tampa and had a fun job afterwards in Columbus, OH. She’s now looking for new job opportunities closer to home. Holly and Ralph love seeing SBC friends, kids and their husbands whenever possible!

Anne Bruce Porter and husband Billy live in Auburn, AL, and love it. Brucie will be 16 this summer. She plays lots of soccer so her driver’s license will bring an end to their taxi service! Ann Bruce hopes Auburn football will be more fun this season so please let them know if you are ever in the area!

Terry Cerrina Davis is still a busy at home mom enjoying being PTO president for Lindsay’s (11) elementary school and Girl Scout leader for her Junior GS troop. They had a great trip last summer to Disneyworld with her and a group of other dancers and Moms from her dance school. The girls danced two performances at the Downtown Disney stage—it was very exciting! Terry and family survived hurricane Sandy with minimal fallen tree/wind damage to their house, but are still feeling lucky it wasn’t worse! As a result, husband (the other Terry!) has stockpiled more firewood than they’ll ever use. Terry loves keeping up with all the SBC girls on Facebook; it’s brought back a lot of great memories. Terry wishes everyone well!

Karen Harcum Levy is still living in Wyckoff, NJ. Oldest daughter Meredith graduated from Hollins in May and is now working on her master’s. Second daughter Alexandra is a sophomore at Washington Coll. in MD. Son Clayton is a sophomore in high school; almost time to start that whole college process all over again! Eric is the 3rd generation to be running his family’s wholesale flower company, Hillcrest Garden Inc. Business has been challenging and yet rewarding in these economic times, forcing them to think creatively outside the box. Karen has been managing a rental real estate company for the past 3 years, and is working on her teacher training in Yoga. One of Karen’s best recent experiences has been participating in the Avon Breast Cancer 2-day walk; so she’s setting her sights on the Susan B. Komen Breast Cancer 3-day walk. Life is good!

Elizabeth Lindsey spent the last 8 mos. editing the introductory chapters and part of the commentary for the Common English Bible translation’s Study Bible. Now that project’s done, she is repainting the inside of the house. Every few weeks she walks the dogs one block over to her mother’s house to watch a film crew work across the street at the houses used for the exterior and interior shots of Scarlett and Deacon’s homes on ABC’s “Nashville.” Elizabeth says it’s fascinating to see the people, gear, and time necessary for just 10 min. of action. But so far no one’s invited her photogenic, well-trained bassets to be extras on the show.

Lisa Marks Todd has been married to an incredible man for 8 years, and they have 2 precious little girls (6 and 7). Lisa says it’s been fun to find out that Quinci Stevenson Velie and Corinne Cunningham Brown had babies in their 40s so they all can share mommy fatigue! Lisa and family live in Raleigh, and she stays at home to homeschool her daughters. They have a blast! Lisa does a little marketing, communication and website consulting on the side. She’d love to connect with any other SBC friends in or coming through the Raleigh area.

Lee Sakowitz has lived in southern CA for about 12 years now with husband Andrzej, and 2 daughters (12 and 9). There are many things to like about CA, but it is not the East Coast and she’ll never fully embrace CA casual. The girls’ homeschooling takes most of her time, but when she can, Lee enjoys yoga, fitness, golf, gardening, cooking and traveling. June Lee Richardson is just down the road, and they enjoy getting together with her and her husband Dwain. Lee would love to see other Vixens in the area. She took the girls to NYC in fall of 2012 and had a great time seeing Stephanie Pesakoff and Paula Veale. This summer, Lee and the girls are looking forward to traveling to London, Warsaw, Poznan, Berlin and Prague for a few weeks. Lee says it’s great reconnecting with many SBC sisters through Facebook, and it would also be wonderful to hear from those not on it!

Shelby Burns is still living in Hermosa Beach, CA, working as a fixed-income assistant at Capital, and freelance writing. Shelby reports that post divorce has been a challenge, but she and the boys are finally digging out and getting level. Shelby says her kids are healthy and exhausting, so she’s just trying to keep up the illusion of control and purpose!

Lisa Leigh Bennett is happy to report that she’s now 2 years cancer free! She and Bob took 2 vacations this winter: one to Riviera Maya and one to Acapulco. Lisa’s Spanish is getting pretty good. Now that they’ve returned, it’s time to think about farming! Daughter Sydney is in 11th grade and is driving her own bright blue Mustang. Fun, fun! In addition to working on the farm, Lisa is excited to have started her own PR firm, Sugartown Media Group.

Sue Finn Adams gives a shout out from Williamsburg, VA, where she and Michael have been calling home for the last 17 years. They’re amazed how life is changing. The kids are growing and becoming so independent. Elizabeth is a freshman in college, and Ben a sophomore in high school, with Thomas in 8th grade. It’s been a special year for Sue and her family; they celebrated Michael’s mom’s 89th birthday with his entire extended family in town this past Christmas and Sue’s youngest sister (Jenny, born our freshman year at SBC!) had her first child this past year. Sue continues working at home in new product development and loves the flexibility it brings. She hopes to get to the Alumnae Lacrosse game this spring and maybe Homecoming next fall. Sue misses everyone! Holla Holla Holla!

Lynn Mather Charette is watching with some disbelief her older son Ben graduate from boarding school this year; and Tucker will follow next year! Her daughter Elizabeth is in 7thgrade. Sports take much of the family’s time, but Lynn has a personalized stationery and gift business that perks along too! Lynn can’t believe how college visits have reminded her so much of her own experience. She’s sorry she has no daughters to take to tour SB right now. Lynn sends wishes that other moms are starting to find time in their lives to reconnect with friends as they send off kids to make their college friends.

Leigh Ann White looks forward to reading your updates and wishes everyone well! As for herself, Leigh Ann is happily ensconced in a recently purchased 1928 home in Arlington MA, with her long-time partner Brian. The sunny house makes up for shorter Northern days. She’s having great fun spending many indecisive hours choosing paint colors and furnishings, and will always be dreaming up a new home or garden project. Leigh Ann is delighted to report that her role as a health economist at the biotechnology company Biogen Idec is still by far the most rewarding job she’s ever held. So, all is well with L.A. in Boston. Hopefully, the “Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves” tour being planned by Karen Gonya Nickles (’86) will include the northeast and have a built-in Advance Warning System; Leigh Ann must notify Town Hall that an old Winnebago will be parked on the streets.