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(1986 class notes as of 8/29/12)

Holly McGovern Barber has been enjoying a different kind of summer this year! She’s been working on the 2012 Republican National Convention since March of 2011. Holly and Ralph have sent their oldest, Chas (18), to Ole Miss this summer. Caroline (17) is working hard getting ready for her junior year in an International Baccalaureate program and Will (7) is starting first grade this fall. Holly had a wonderful reunion this past spring with Ashley Simmons Bright, Meme Boulware Hobbs and Linda Cudd Miller in New Orleans, where Ashley’s daughter Ella was named the Queen of Mardi Gras. Holly’s looking forward to a fall reunion with Linda Cudd Miller and Ann Irby Smithey, and says if anyone is in the Tampa area she would love to see you!

From Hermosa Beach Calif., Shelby Burns writes in to say she’s working, doing some freelance web writing, and taking care of her three boys Jack (12), Calvin (10) and Sam (7). She loves their small community. Shelby’s father died last year; while it wasn’t unexpected, it is still a loss. She wishes everyone well!

Harriette Cooper Liederbach has just begun a new career teaching 8th grade science at the school her children attend. The empty nest transition is happening now with Harriette’s oldest a sophomore at N. C. State U., and her second, a freshman at Appalachian State U. this year. Their youngest is in 8th grade. Harriette loves the challenge of teaching, the support of her wonderful husband and juggling children and lots of animals at home.

Burke Morrow says that not much going on with the mid-Western faction. She is still teaching high school earth science and chemistry. Burke had a blast seeing everyone at the reunion and enjoys keeping up with everyone via Facebook. “We just keep looking better and better.”

Beth Ann Trapold Newton reports that her son, Gus (19), received his Eagle Scout award last year and is a freshman at Christopher Newport U. in their Presidential Leadership Program. Her daughter Bonnie (17) went to the summer “Explore Engineering” course at Sweet Briar and loved it! She’s still very active in theater and had one of her dreams come true by getting to perform at the Cappies Gala at The Kennedy Center this spring. She is a senior, so Beth Ann and her husband are busy looking for colleges with her. Annie (10) is going into 5th grade and adores sports, so Beth Ann’s weekends are often spent on the fields. She is in her third year now as the executive editor at The Social List of Washington (aka: The Green Book) so let her know if you move to D.C.!

Mary Jo Biscardi Brown and husband Frank still reside in the Philadelphia area. She would love to hear from anyone visiting or passing through the city of brotherly love! They visited the city of Portland, Ore., for the first time in June and attended a wedding there, followed by a relaxing week in Cancun. Mary Jo served on the Boxwood Circle Giving Committee for the 2011-2012 fiscal year and is looking forward to serving again this year. Mary Jo says it was very nice to speak to those of you whom she was been assigned to contact. Thank you for your gifts to the college!

2012 has been a big year for Michelle Miller Haddad and husband Sam. They celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in March, followed by the marriage of their oldest daughter, making Michelle and Sam in-laws! It is hard to believe how quickly time has passed from first-time-parenthood to marriage of their first-born and the youngest member of the family beginning high school next week. Michelle feels blessed to have a healthy family and is nostalgic about her Sweet Briar study abroad program in Spain as her middle daughter prepares to take off in Sept. for a year in Madrid. Michelle and Sam do plan to visit!

Elizabeth Lindsay reports that the most exciting thing in my life lately has been getting the roof replaced, thanks to three spring hailstorms and a generous insurance company. (We don’t think that’s true—the “most exciting thing in her life” part.) Elizabeth is doing contract copy-editing for the United Methodist Publishing House again. She still takes figure skating and ballet lessons as an alternative to going to a gym, and continues to drive Elsinore Basset-Hound to her monthly “job” at a hospice. Elsinore recently made a cameo appearance as “Pet Therapy Dog” in the hospice’s promotional video: http://www.alivehospice.org/locations-nashville.php (at the 39-sec mark).

Mimi Holland Dinsmore is still living in Charleston, W.V. She and Tyler recently celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. Son Mac is a freshman at Dickinson Coll. in Carlisle, Pa. Mimi has scaled back her gallery director responsibilities to take advantage of the new freedoms of an empty nest! She’s looking forward to some travel!

Ingrid Weirick Squires is still teaching second grade in Virginia Beach, Va. and is still happily married to Dave and loving being mom to Thomas, in 6th grade. Ingrid says Thomas’ life is “way more exciting” than hers. He went to Australia for two weeks this summer without his parents (while Ingrid stayed behind and cleaned his room!!) Thomas plays lacrosse in Williamsburg every spring so Ingrid had the opportunity to visit with Sue Finn Adams and Mike who came out for Thomas’ lacrosse game. What a treat!

Another person who says her life is “not so exciting” (and we don’t believe her either)—Missy Duggins Green writes in to say her kids are back in school. Miles in the 8th grade and Nancy is in 7th. Ken celebrated his 50th birthday in March, and they continued celebrating it for several months after by visiting Las Vegas in May and then Cabo san Lucas in July. She catches up with nearby Jennifer Frost Holden and makes Jennifer come re-live middle school life with her family. Katie Hearn and Karen Gonya Nickles will join Jennifer and Missy for the Chiefs versus Ravens in Oct., so Missy is looking forward to seeing what shenanigans arise.

McKenzie Reed van Meel can’t believe how time has flown since our last reunion! This 2012 school year she has two middle schoolers: Mercer in 6th grade and Madison in 8th. McKenzie is a soccer and field hockey mom and enjoys every minute of it! While the kids are in school, she tends to my growing home-based reiki practice in Old Greenwich, Conn.

Colleen Handte Jones lives in Charlotte, N.C. with husband Jonathan and their daughter Emma. Emma (8) is in third grade at St. Patrick Catholic School. Colleen enjoys working part time at Emma’s school as a teacher assistant for three different grades. They had a fun summer visiting D.C., Tenn., and Hilton Head, S.C.

Meme Boulware Hobbs spent a great extended weekend in New Orleans last Feb. with Holly McGovern Barber and husband Ralph. They were guests of Ashley Simmons Bright and Edgar whose daughter, Ella, was the Queen of Carnival. They celebrated with parties throughout the weekend and at the coronation on Mardi Gras night—true royalty Southern style! As for Meme’s children, Libby (18) is a freshman at Texas Christian U. in Ft. Worth Texas and Whit (16) is a junior at Woodberry Forest School in Orange, Va. Meme has many trips to Va. planned and looks forward to watching the leaves change and reconnecting with old friends.

Sarel Cousins writes in to report that she now has her Masters in Natural Resources from Virginia Tech. She would love a job in the environmental field with the government or a non-profit in the Baltimore-D.C. area. So, if you have any leads, let her know! She wishes everyone the best.

Catherine Stevens is still working as an analyst at the Southern Virginia Higher Education Center (South Boston, Va.) She recently completed a graduate certificate program in higher education assessment through JMU and thoroughly enjoyed it. Son Henry has started seventh grade and will be keeping his parents busy this fall as he is playing on two soccer teams, playing baritone saxophone in middle school band, taking voice lessons and serving as a patrol leader for his Boy Scout troop. They’re hoping for an injury-free fall sports season. When not serving as transportation and meal managers for their son, Catherine and Nelson stay busy tending to their menagerie of horses, dog, cats, peafowl and geese.

Linda Thoma Parson and husband Bill are both retired. Linda retired from teaching math and Bill retired from project management at the Nevada Test Site. Linda had a wonderful transatlantic vacation to Italy with Jean Notestein and Bea Fore. Linda and Bill are enjoying their horses, gardening, traveling and not having to get up at 5:00 a.m. every morning. Life is good!

Gail Glifort has exciting news this year! She finally completed a three-year adoption process and brought Emerie (4) home with her from Russia. After three trips clear across the world (to the island of Sakhalin) starting in July 2011 and enduring freezing temperatures in Jan. and Feb., Gail finally brought her home to join the family, and it has been as if Emerie was them since birth! Emerie is a sweet, animated, affectionate little girl. Life is quite busy with two kids now, but Gail is loving every minute of it.

Mary Beth Miller Orson is still living in Scottsdale, Ariz. with her husband Carl and children Caroline (13) and Eric (9). She notes that not much has changed in her life since the last update, except that everyone is older! She is still V.P. and Associate General Counsel in charge of the business law function at Apollo Group, Inc., still active in the Ariz. Alumnae Club, and still busy with work, family, friends, travel, school and various sports and activities! If you ever make it out to Ariz., feel free to get in touch with her at [email protected].

Eve Hill was married two years ago to Henry Claypool, a disability health policy expert. Almost a year ago, Eve was appointed as senior counselor to the assistant attorney general for civil rights at the Department of Justice where she supervises the Civil Rights Division’s disability rights work. Eve and Henry live in Arlington, Va. with Eve’s cat (20) and dog (14). They work too much, but have a lot of fun! By this time, Eve will have had a much anticipated visit home to Maine.

Laura Hand Glover had lots to report this time. Not a dull moment this past year! As much as she enjoyed her eight years at SBC, it feels incredible to be back at home in Ok. She loves her new job, being close to her mother and daughter again, getting to garden in good Ok. dirt and going to Fri. night high school football games. Her son’s concert and jazz band contributed to his high school being the first in Ok. history to win the sweepstakes in every band category at state contest. The good life doesn’t come without challenges though—truck delays made the move across country difficult and a recent hot water problem caused flooding damage and all sorts of homeowner nightmares that come with that. But all in all, this has been a fabulously great year.

From Boston, Leigh Ann White is thrilled to report that, after a real estate odyssey, she and Brian and their two cats have moved into a lovely, lovely home in Arlington, Mass. They ended up moving two and a half blocks down on the same street. Not having absentmindedly pulled into the old driveway indicates to Leigh Ann that she’s definitely in the right place. Her job as a health economist at Biogen Idec has been by far her favorite; it’s both rewarding and challenging to work toward the hopeful success of a new drug for ALS. When not working, Leigh Ann and Brian frequent Woods Hole and love spending quiet time there in the off-season. Leigh Ann also enjoys getting to Va. to see her parents, siblings and growing nieces and nephews.

April Adelson Marshall is now a Virginian, still single, and an official empty nester! April needed a change, said goodbye to Potomac, Md., and moved to Tysons Corner, Va. where she is renting an awesome basement apt. in the lovely home of Heidi Belofsky Turk ’85. Who would have thought a Vixen would end up being her landlord! April is still recruiting for the IT Industry and her new office is a half mile commute! April loves keeping in touch with all her Sweet Briar sisters on Facebook, and mini-reunions. Holla Holla!

Evie Newell Angevine is living in Earlysville, outside of Charlottesville, with her husband and son (10) and daughter (12). She’s deeply involved in her children’s schools, works part time in property management, and hangs out in an endless carpooling loop. Exciting things in her life have included her dog being attacked by a bear in her yard (she survived), watching her son get clobbered in football, and writing a check for her daughter’s braces. Evie reports that a good friend, a poetry professor at Sweetbriar, has helped her organize an overnight trip at the Outdoors Cabin with her girl scout troop two years ago, and that it was great to see the place again!

Terry Cerrina Davis is thinking how time goes by so quickly—each year seems to pass more quickly than the one before. Terry enjoys being an at-home mom and is busy running around with her very active daughter Lindsay Claire (11). This summer was especially as exciting, as they went to Disney World with Lindsay’s dance school. Some of the girls performed there as part of the Disney Performing Arts Program. Also, this year, Terry begins a two-year term as co-president of her school’s PTO and looks forward to continuing as leader of the lovely girls in the Girl Scout Troop. Terry loves reconnecting with so many from SBC via Facebook and loves seeing everyone’s posts and status updates!

Dayna Avery Hulme is currently still a carpool mom with a 9th grade daughter, Alexandra who is at Harpeth Hall School. Older daughter Courtney is a sophomore at TCU in Ft. Worth. More recent alumnae and current students from Nashville gathered for a back to school event at a local frozen yogurt favorite, Sweet CeCe’s. Conveniently, the decor was pink and green! Among the group including some parents (and me) were Allison Stansberry ’11, Noelle Adams ’13, Lydia Ethridge ’15, Tobi Adegore ’16, Elizabeth Lindsey, Jonna Lee Ashwood ’87.

Liz Maraffi Michaud is still enjoying, after 18 years, her job at PC Connection and her current position as operations manager. Her two daughters will both be in middle school this year, growing up too fast but starting to drop hints of SBC would be a good college. Liz will be leading their Girl Scout Troop again this year as they become Cadette’s and try to help out with the PTA as work allows. If anyone is ever in N.H. give Liz a ring, they’d love to see you!

Robyn “Bynnie” Bailey-Orchard is busy teaching 8th grade English, directing plays, coaching forensics, advising the school newspaper, and cheering for her son Jem (17) at soccer games. Her older son Tatt (20) is pursuing a culinary career. She enjoys staying updated with her SBC classmates on Facebook. BTW: her 1986 yearbook was damaged beyond saving when her basement flooded in a bad storm; does anyone have a suggestion about how she can get another copy, if at all?

Louanne Woody continues to teach at the Dare County Alternative School on the Outer Banks of N.C. She’ll be coordinating and teaching in a program that will give suspended high school students a second chance at improving their behavior and academic performance. On the family front, her daughter-in-law is expecting twin girls, which promises to be quite an adventure!

Sally Engleby Farrell still lives in Bedford, N.Y. Her three boys are growing fast! Her oldest son has just finished his first year of college in Durango, Colo. He is an EMT and very involved in the local volunteer fire dept. Sally’s twin boys will be starting high school this fall and keep themselves busy with ski racing. Husband Chris continues to work for Verizon. Sally finished her first year as director of St. Mark’s Nursery School in New Canaan Conn., really enjoyed it, and especially loved leading chapel each week. She has also become the interim director of children’s ministries at St. Mark’s Church as well. Sally is beginning the final work towards earning her M.A. of Christian Formation at Virginia Theological Seminary. Four summers of classes, hoping to have her degree by Dec. 2013. It’s been a long journey!