Debbie Jones
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Cindy Pike Gaylord lives in Chatham, NJ, with husband Jeff. She went to graduate school and earned an M.F.A. in creative nonfiction, then taught writing at Fairleigh Dickinson U. for 5 yrs. until this past May, then returned to Morgan Stanley, where she worked for a good while before Virginia was born, to help out on a communications project. Cindy enjoys being back in NYC but likes getting back on the train and coming home!
Peg Twhoy Devan wrote that she would back for Middleburg Classic 9/20. Check out the prize list—her daughter Carolyn and “Christoph” Crown Royal are on the cover! They are hoping to get into PA and D.C. horse shows this fall. She saw Anne Watkins Templeman a lot at the beach this summer. Carolyn is a senior this yr. and looking at colleges back East. Peg and husband Bob are going on 26 yrs. of marriage living in Basalt, CO, and love it. She still works for the Aspen Ski CO. during the winter, which is the best! “Hello to all. Come visit anytime.
Erika Marshall
is having fun as Cheryl Fortin Young’s son Tim gets tuned in to The Citadel with her son Foster, saying they text all the time with the what, why and how of a military school. Liz Rogers Boyd’s son Louie is also there! Bobby, the children (Wiley, 22; Foster, 21; Elise, 16) and Erika have opened the Marsh Tacky Market Café and Reel Marsh Charters and Excursions on Harbor Island, SC. It is a casual café in which they consider to be generally convenient and conveniently general. Find them both on Facebook and come visit if you are in the Fripp, Hunting, Harbor or St. Helena Island area. Erika’s sister-in-law Elise “Lisa” Marshall Chalmers ’73 recently passed away and several of her classmates were in attendance at their plantation. She enjoys seeing Elizabeth Harley Willett, Liz Rogers Boyd at The Citadel and Elizabeth Sher while fox hunting with Lowcountry Hunt. Abby Strohmeyer ’16 has been schooling one of Erika’s greenies—the riding program is still producing top riders with an amazing love for the sport and sport horse!
Lee Hubbard aka Sister Mary Leanne, SND, writes that she has completed her Doctor of Ministry degree from Washington Theological Union in 8/13 with a project entitled, “Communal Discernment for Catholic Young Adults.” She is beginning her 7th yr. at St. John’s Seminary, the Roman Catholic archdiocesan seminary for Los Angeles, as the director of pastoral formation and field education.
Lili Gillespie Billings has seen several friends over the yrs.—more recently Liz Sprague Brandt, Mimi Kitchel DeCamp ’83 and Elizabeth Perry Liles ’85 last Parents’ Weekend at Vanderbilt. They had a fun evening reconnecting. Lili stays in touch with Elizabeth Cahill Sharman and Heather Willson Freeman. They met in NYC to celebrate Heather’s 50th. Allison Bennett Pishko ’85, Ellen Clare Gillespie Dreyer ’83 and Suzanne Turner Brennan ’83 came, too. Lil has a daughter (out of college) living in Boston and son (out of college) living in NYC, a daughter at Sewanee (several SBC connections there) and a son who is a senior in high school. She and her husband live in D.C.
Sloan Yeadon Mills
writes that eldest daughter Mary Pate is a senior at UNC-Chapel Hill majoring in art history with a biology and medical anthropology double-minor. She hopes to attend medical school. Daisy is a freshman at Baylor U. in Waco, TX. Son Jack is in 8th grade at Wesleyan. He is an avid cycler, biking 100 mi. in an adult event in July. They now have 2 children at college and one child left at home. The house is so quiet!
Roxanne Marguerite Lie
writes from OR where she has been for almost 15 yrs. Working lots of little jobs, including a small horse barn with Polish Arabians. She is still ‘owned’ by her Vizsla dog, Dartagnon, who is 10 yrs. old. She lost Salus, her other Vizsla, last year, at 13 yrs. old but inherited a German wirehair pointer whose owner had passed away.
Liz Rogers Boyd writes that son Louie is a sophomore at The Citadel and Tommy is a senior at Bethel U. (10 mi. from home)—a military school and a fundamental Christian school, so no one can accuse them of pushing their boys in 1 direction! Louie checks in every day but they never hear from Tommy. To have Louie’s knob year behind them is thrilling, as it was hard on his mama, too. Tommy plays both football and basketball this academic yr. after missing them both last yr. because of back surgery. Liz plans on going to the games but keeping her eyes closed. Watching him take hits is going to be painful! Tom and Liz love the empty nest. It is so nice being back to 2. No chaos or drama…peace!
Chris Svoboda has a great time with Liz Boyer when she’s in D.C. and often sees Laura Ferrazzano in D.C., as well. She had a great time at the alumnae lacrosse game weekend with Karen Gonya, Katie Hearn, Kim Knox, Shannon Wood, Linda DeVogt ’86, Susan Finn and Missy Ackerman. Chris spends her time developing single-family homes in D.C. and as a member of the founding organizers of the VA Equality Bar Association and working with Lambda Legal & the ACLU of VA on Harris v. McDonnell. When in Richmond, Chris and Debbie Jones catch up, but lately it has been a game of phone tag!
Ann Alleva Taylor and Carter still live in Vero Beach, FL. Their girls are thriving with lots of outdoor time.
Juliet Jacobson Karstoff is in her 20th yr. at Endless River Adventures. It does not seem like 20 yrs. have passed since moving to NC and starting up a business! While planning anniversary events, she has also been making improvements at the RioQuijos EcoLodge in Ecuador, where a yoga platform is being added. It is on the beach, so riverside yoga sessions will be possible.
Wendy Hyland Warren is recovering from a creepy case of shingles. However, life has been very good for her and her family. Husband Stephen is a social worker for the city of Roanoke. Her 3 children are practically grown and out of the house. Elizabeth (22) is a junior at Radford U., following in her father’s footsteps in the field of social work. Chris (21) is taking time out from college and working for Wells Fargo as a customer service representative. Elizabeth and Chris share a house with friends in Roanoke. Emily (almost 18) is a senior at Hidden Valley High School and plans on attending college, but not sure where yet. She would like to study music, theater arts or both. They are almost empty nesters! This past year, Wendy completed her associate’s in accounting at Va. Western Community Coll. This was a much needed degree for her job, as she is still finance director for the Roanoke Symphony Orchestra. She has been with RSO for over 6 yrs. and really loves working there. It’s amazing where a history degree from SBC can take you! Wendy and her husband love genealogy and have an account on Ancestry.com. She still has a passion for history and is amazed at the information available online about their ancestors. She and Stephen even share the same gggggggg-grandfather! She would like to give a special shoutout to Linda DeVogt ’86, Fran M. Ferguson ’80 and Leslie M. Berger ’83 as they are starting to connect more at local SBC reunions. Holla, holla, holla! Wendy looks forward to connecting with everyone at our 30th reunion and hopes to see us all there, especially Ann A. Taylor and Jocelyn B. Spelker!
Staci Skufca keeps in touch with Juliet Jacobson, Kristin Bryan, Ann Alleva and Anne Sewell. Anne and Staci spent a wonderful week at Wild Dunes on Isle of Palm and Kiawah, SC. It was magnificent! Staci looks forward to meeting up with people next yr.
Holly Pflug Allport and family just got home from their summer at the Allports’ farm in upstate NY. On their way home they took their 3 girls through SBC…more beautiful than she remembered. Son Peter and daughter Sarah will graduate from high school in the spring—2 almost out of the nest; only 2 more to go. Holly was on the campus of High Point U. this summer and met an adorable incoming freshman named Katherine Guthrie who is best friends with one of Cathy Toomey Gregory’s daughters—how cool and crazy is that! Pete is still growing Florida Capital Bank and Holly still teaches little ones how to swim. She hopes everyone is happy and healthy and looks forward to seeing everyone at Reunion.
Ginger Reynolds Davis sees Debbie Jones from time to time and came up to Richmond recently to hang out. She even helped Debbie decide to buy a small horse property!
As for me, Debbie Jones, I am happy to report that the Square One Organic Spirits business is growing with my sister at the helm in our 7th yr. and I enjoy doing my small part while doing my day job still in mortgage banking. Am most excited about moving to the country, as I bought a small horse property 30 min. outside of Richmond. I cannot wait to be with the horses every day and have a little more elbowroom, which means mini-reunions in Crozier, VA! Thanks to Ginger Reynolds Davis for helping me decide on “going for it.” Chris Svoboda and I try to catch up when she is in Richmond but as with all of you, Facebook has kept us in touch along the way. I look forward to Reunion and hope everyone can make it. Also, PLEASE send me any updated contact info for you or anyone else. The hardest part of being a secretary is keeping information current! Holla, holla!
Special mention: Valerie Kernohan Sharpstone died 8/11/11. Her name is listed in this magazine and will be read at the Alumnae Memorial Service during Reunion next spring. We extend our sympathy to her family and friends.