Debbie Hodgkinson Jones     
4416 Bromley Ln.
Richmond, VA 23221-1140
[email protected]

Debbie Jones: Having a blast staying more connected to Ginger Reynolds Davis ’84, and her fun YaYa southern girlfriends—fun little trips that make us laugh and remind me of the good ol’ school days! Still riding my horses in between a still very hectic work schedule in mortgage banking and helping my sister continue growing Square One Organic Spirits biz. Hope all of you are doing well!

Juliet Jacobsen Kastorff: As if running whitewater trips internationally during the winter months on top of a business in N.C. was not enough to stay busy, this year our new RioQuijos Eco-Lodge opened up in Ecuador. It’ll be exciting to have a place that will be loved by more than just kayakers!

Ginger Reynolds Davis: Jeffery has graduated and moved into his own apartment! He is now working driving heavy equipment which gets him closer to his childhood dream of being a “dirt worker.” Carter has just begun his junior year, and he’s playing golf for Presbyterian College. We’re enjoying the empty nest. Love to all. Can’t wait to see y’all at Reunion.

Vida Henry Fonseca: I’m back in the Nashville area to be around family and care for my dad and looking for a job.

Shannon Young Ray: The coming school year promises to be a big one for our family. The triplets (Megan, Taylor and Carson) are seniors this year so we’re busy with all that entails x3! Lots of college visits, testing, varsity field hockey, football, soccer, and golf and parties! Our “middle child” Peter is a junior at Texas A & M in the business school. Again, lots of school and parties! Our oldest, Breck Jr., graduated two years ago from St. Louis U. and has now returned to Fort Worth where he’s a private banker. He’s engaged to his long-time high school sweetheart with a wedding June 2013—right after the triplets graduate and before we take them to their three separate colleges. Hopefully by October, all will be settled (four in college!), and Breck and I will escape for a much-needed break. I hope all is well and not so busy for each of you! If you come through Fort Worth, give a shout—we could use a night out!

Sloane Yeadon Mills: Mary Pate (21) is at King’s College in London for JYA. She is majoring in art history with pre-med focus. Daisy is a senior at Wesleyan, editor-in-chief of school paper, and applying to colleges this fall. Jack is in 7th grade at Wesleyan. Sloane is going on 23 years with FDIC.