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As I’m writing these notes my beautiful city of Charlotte is being frenzied with the Democratic National Convention. It has brought back a great memory of when Nancy Trimble Howell ’82 and I were two of the eight delegates from ZBT representing N.M. at the W&L Mock Convention in May 1980. We built a float, road in the parade and were on the floor when we nominated Ronald Reagan. He called and thanked all of us over the loud speaker. All in all it was a really cool experience and, of course, in my youthful exuberance I left my camera on the float! More recently, my stepson Christopher Fagan II finished his tour of duty in the Air Force, has graduated from college as a medical assistant and continues living in San Antonio, Texas. I was very sad to have lost my Davy Jones this past year, but thanks to YouTube I still have my Bobby Sherman! And, I’m going to see David Cassidy in concert in Asheville, N.C. for my 51st birthday! Thank goodness bubblegum music didn’t go the way of disco, long live teen idols! Oops, I didn’t mean it to sound like Bobby S. is dead, he’s alive and well and living in Encino, Calif. (No, I’m not stalking him, I Googled him.) I better get to it, thanks for the great responses this time around and Chris and I can’t wait to see everyone at Reunion! Here we go…

Alice Cutting Laimbeer and Rick are still doing a lot of foxhunting. They have two welsh pony broodmares in foal and are looking forward to the babies in the spring. Rick and Alice are traveling to Italy to pick up Margot when she finishes her semester in Florence. Alice wrote that she is hoping to get together with Wylie Jamison Small, Lucy Chapman Millar and Anne Little Woolley for sporting clays in the fall. Alice says she’ll see everyone in May!

Alicia Nygaard Formagus and Nace were proud to present Mr. and Mrs. Lee William McNutt IV on 7/28/12 in Knoxville, Tenn. Alicia wrote that it was like being back at SBC as they danced to the band “Peace, Love and Happiness” who played strictly Motown Music all night long! The young couple is living just two miles from Alicia and Nace while their son William returns to law school and new daughter-in-law Michelle begins teaching 3rd grade at a nearby elementary school. They are very thrilled that their younger son, Thomas, was out of the area during the Texas A&M shooting, which happened only 100 yards from his home in College Station. Alicia continues her work as a business consultant working primarily with First Responders. Alicia also shared some photos with me and Kathy Barrett Baker for the class scrapbook, very cool.

Leslie Malone Berger continues to love her position with Roanoke County Public Schools as a speech-language pathologist and adores the kids on her caseload (well, adores most of them!) Leslie’s own “babies” are growing up and thankfully healthy and happy. Alex is loving life as a junior at Washington and Lee U. and living off campus. Kiernan achieved the rank of Eagle Scout last year and recently started his freshman year at High Point U. Emilie is a sophomore in high school and stuck with mom and dad for three more years. Kevin and Leslie are thankful they still have Emilie around to keep them busy with marching band and Roanoke College Children’s Choir events. Leslie is looking forward to seeing everyone at reunion!

Amy Boyce Osaki is celebrating being self employed since 1996. Their travel business is thriving and has two websites: www.mountainhikingholdays.com for mountain hiking trips and www.walkingsolftly.com for walking trips with a focus on art/history/architecture. Amy has been married 26 years and has a daughter (12) in 7th grade this year. She saw Desiree Bouchat last year and loves being in touch with SBC folks on FB. Amy “talks” with Elena Quevedo and Sarah Sutton Brophy and many more there. She loves Skype for keeping in touch with Marijtje van Duijn in the Netherlands! Amy writes that she is considering attending Reunion…

Amy Painter Hur wrote that she was recently divorced and still living and working in Austin, Texas. Amy had just moved her youngest into her dorm room at U. of Texas, Austin. Her oldest daughter is a senior at the U. of Ala. Amy is now an “official” empty-nester! If you’re ever in Austin come and see her. Amy is looking forward to seeing everyone at Reunion!

Angelia Goodwin Ashley writes that life is good living in Richmond, Va. and still working in bio-tech sales. Jimmy and Angelia went to the Olympics in London! She says the show jumping was awesome as was London! Angelia is riding again at a farm next to Kathy Barrett Baker and her husband Jim and gets to see them often.

Ann Sterling Hart wrote that she’s been working hard running dressage horse shows and dodging Hurricane Isaac. She wrote that she had to put on her water wings to get to the barn from the house, but they are all healthy and dry in their respective areas. Besides continuing to ride and show, Ann began Mixed Martial Arts classes two years ago! She’s having a blast learning the art! Her girls are grown and out of the house. The youngest, Ali, is finishing her last year of college at U of Fla. and busily applying to a whole slew of Vet Schools. Her oldest, Steph, is in Vail, Colo., making a beautiful life for herself. Ann can’t wait to find out how all her friends from SBC are doing!

Anne Little Woolley has a senior at Elon U., a freshman at U of Ga. and a sophomore in high school. Anne has seen some SBCers over the year…Melissa Byrne Partington and Elizabeth Taylor Seifert. Anne is still in Richmond, Va., and all is well.

Bobbie Serrano Black had just dropped off her two oldest girls at Sewanee. Her oldest, Lizzie, is a senior and her middle daughter, Anna, is a junior. Bobbie’s youngest, Gracie, is a high school senior. Bobbie has enjoyed seeing Sally Davis Daniels ’82, Ellen Claire Gillespie Dreyer and Lilli Gillespie Billings ’84, all with kids at Sewanee. Bobbie and Paul celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary last summer!

Carolyn Hall Ringhoffer is a practicing OB GYN in Mobile, Ala. She and husband Joe have two daughters, Alexandra (13) and Ava (18). Alex is a freshman at SMU. Joe is an investment broker in Mobile.

Deirdre Platt sent in updated news from Pto Lopez, coastal Ecuador. Deirdre spent most of last year concentrating on her physical health and well-being. After defying her doctor’s advice to have radical surgery, she regained her wellness thanks to her wildlife garden, daily yoga, a session of reiki and E-lyber treatments and consuming only the freshest most wholesome foods. She writes that she is as active as ever, managing her habitat for fauna and family and often up in their trees removing excessive branches (tropical growth during the rainy season is indeed astonishing)! Deirdre doesn’t overdo it though and insists on her husband’s help for the more strenuous tasks. They gave up their government jobs in Nov. 2011 and are now awaiting positive outcomes regarding a couple of proposals for either ecological fieldwork or a conservation awareness campaign. Deirdre says that she has definitely learned patience living in Ecuador because things move very slowly there. She is missing her daughters Tanya Salas Platt ’10 (23) and May (16), both excellent students: one is at CalArts with one more year to go, the other is in her last year of high school in Quito. Deirdre writes that whereas her son Martin (8) is not keen on school and prefers cooking! When she has the time she enjoys adding to her innumerable fauna and flora photos with her new camera and is thinking of the book she’ll someday write. She invites all of us to visit Ecuador and says to look-up Puerto Lopez for family vacations!

Diana Duffy Waterman wrote that she had just had one of the greatest experiences in her life! Diana had just returned from Tampa, Fla., where she had been a Md. delegate at the Republican National Convention. Her daughter Caty Waterman ’11 flew in from London (where she had just finished her Masters at the London School of Economics) and she went along as Diana’s guest. Caty served as a page at the ’08 RNC in Minneapolis and had urged her mother to be sure to attend the 2012 convention. Diana said the speakers were amazing, meeting like-minded people from all over the U.S. (and six territories) was so uplifting and, of course, being there in person to hear people like former Sec of State Condi Rice, Gov. Chris Christie, and Sen. Mark Rubio was thrilling. But being in the hall when Rep. Paul Ryan spoke, and then watching Gov. Romney deliver his speech, well it took Diana to a whole new level. After the convention, the next few months Diana was heavily involved in the Republican politics in Md.: Eastern Shore of Md. Coordinator for the Romney campaign, the County Coordinator for her Congressman’s re-election campaign, Chairman of her County Republican Central Committee and up to her eyeballs in Republican State Party activities! Diana writes in other words she basically lives and breathes Republican politics! (So if you don’t like Republicans Diana writes that she probably won’t be your favorite person!) Last summer Diana and her husband took a wonderful trip to London to see Caty. The city at the time was getting ready for the Queen’s Jubilee and the Olympics. Diana loved London! They’re also excited that their son and daughter-in-law live so close because they can see their grandson Liam (16 months) often. Diana wrote that they were building a new house on the farm that they had purchased (about 25 minutes from where they live now-about 500 acres total).

Elena Quevedo has been dating a wonderful man, Kevin, for the past two years. She writes that she has found her soul mate that also has a bit of a “gypsy foot.” They have had adventures in Nova Scotia, Hungary, Poland, El Salvador and last July to Turkey! Elena and Kevin both have two children the same ages and are looking forward to sharing the empty nest syndrome together. Elena’s daughter, Olivia, left the coop to attend Bates College in Lewiston, Maine. Olivia and all the entering freshmen participated in a small-group Outward Bound-like bonding trips. In Olivia’s case a 25-mile, 4-day trek near the Appalachian Trail. Olivia is interested in photography, International Relations/Politics and the Middle East (apple didn’t fall from the tree there…) Elena’s son, Sebastian (16), is 5’ 10” and dwarfs his mother! He is an adorable, happy-go-lucky kid, total mommy’s boy, and is doing beautifully in his school, in spite of his disability. Last year Sebastian was invited to participate year-round, once a month, in a mentoring leadership program at the camp he attends in the summer in update N.Y. While at the camp he learned to mentor other children with autism like him. Elena still works with The MacDowell Colony’s N.Y.C. office fundraising and managing their major gifts program. She loves her job, primarily because she is constantly exposed to the wonderfully creative work of writers, visual artists, filmmakers, composers, architects, playwrights and choreographers who have been at MacDowell. The largest aspect of Elena’s job is to bring donors and artists together in all sorts of contexts, including cultural trips. Last May she traveled with a group of 20 to Cuba to coincide with the Biennial Celebration in Havana. Elena says life is good and she’s grateful for every single bit of it. She’s looking forward to seeing everyone 30 years later! Elena, be sure to have Kevin tag along!

Ellen Claire Gillespie Dreyer’s daughter Gilly is a junior at Sewanee and is studying this fall in Madrid. EC’s other daughter, Sissy, is a freshman at SMU. EC’s not quite an empty-nester yet….her son Stone is a sophomore in high school.

Gigi Harsh Mossburg wrote that she was thinking about Sally Ride, the first woman astronaut in space because she passed away in July 2012. Sally Ride was a guest lecturer at SBC in 1983. She told this great story about not liking to get up in the morning and she was sitting in the Stanford student union drinking her morning coffee and there was a small article in the newspaper about becoming an astronaut and women were encouraged to apply. Sally Ride said her dad could never describe to his friends what she did for a living at their cocktail parties, but after she became an astronaut everyone knew what she did. Gigi was really impressed meeting her and thinking how great it was to be a student at SBC. What an incredible opportunity to meet this legend and also have a picture taken with her. Now where did Gigi put that picture?

Kathy Barrett Baker and Jim vacationed in Bermuda last year for a belated birthday present. Kathy keeps busy with her four step-grandchildren. Her nephew is now 16, he visited them for a month last summer, he plays guitar, participates in community theater where he lives in Miami. When he returned to Miami he told Kathy that he was looking into getting a car and applying to MIT, very exciting! Kathy also has a step-granddaughter Ashley (12) who is quite a dancer and artist. Please send prom, wedding, graduation, and any other life event photos to Kathy for our class Scrapbook (with this being a Reunion year we really want to fill it up!) Send to [email protected] or through FB, or snail mail.

Kim Howell Franklin’s kitchen renovation is done finally! She absolutely loves the new space and cannot believe they lived 18 years with a 1940s kitchen! Last summer, Kim and her husband shared a wonderful week in Paris with their daughter Isabelle “Izzy.” Izzy is in 10th grade at St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes School in Alexandria, Va., and she had a wonderful freshman year academically and played Varsity Soccer, JV Basketball and Lacrosse. Kim had a fabulous reunion weekend last May in Chicago with Melissa Pruyn Vaughan, Dani Depaul Morganthaler ’85 and Ellen Howard Attar. Kim is still working in the Relocation & Immigration Team at Booz Allen Hamilton in the D.C. area and her husband continues his career as a Preservation Architect up on Capital Hill. Kim writes that now the kitchen is behind us he is busy working on our garage renovation and phase II of the kitchen/screen porch project. Check back with her at our 40th reunion to see how those projects are coming! Kim is planning on attending reunion next spring.

Libby Glenn Fisher and husband Charlie are now sort of empty-nesters…son Wil is in his junior year at Pepperdine, and daughter Mary Kathryn entered her freshman year at UVa. While taking Mary Kathryn to UVa Libby re-fell in love with Va. as she does every time she’s there. Charlie retired from P&G last June and has started a consulting business that doesn’t tie them down to a city…so they have bought a house in Santa Rosa Beach, Fla., and are beginning to act like retirees! Libby says there is room for visitors and would love to see some of the SBC crowd stop by! Libby is planning on attending reunion and hopes lots of folks are as well. 30 years, really, how did that number get so big!

Lucy Chapman Millar dropped off her son, Schuyler at SMU last summer. He joined the freshman class along with Ellen Claire’s daughter, Sissy. So Lucy and her husband are temporary empty-nesters until daughter, Peyton, comes home after graduating from UGA in December! If Peyton gets a job and her own place great, but Lucy is waiting to see how that goes…Lucy is still selling Etcetera line of women’s clothing, and is in charge of her local agency. Elizabeth Sprague O’Meara sells with her as well. Lucy plays lots of tennis, shooting sporting clays and going to tournaments when she can. She is co-chairing a big three-day sporting clays charity event in the spring that will benefit local Atlanta children’s charities so Lucy is gearing up for that as well as looking forward to reunion!

M. Churchill Bird McMurrain is living in Vail, Colo. She dropped off the first of her four children to college last summer, SBC that is! Daughter and horse are adjusting to the south beautifully. Churchill has lived in Vail for seven years, after making the big move out from Atlanta. They love it there, it is warm (really!), and gorgeous. Churchill spent several hours catching up with Tish Littleton Byrne Eliades who she never sees enough of, and now she has even more reason to visit, and will hopefully get there more often! Churchill writes that she has an open invitation for us to visit her and ski Vail and Beaver Creek, they have lots of room!

Mandy Beauchemin wrote her big news is about her son Zachary (Zack, 18), her pride and joy is now a 4/C Cadet at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in New London, Conn.! Mandy also posts this information on FB on her page that she has nicknamed “The Zachary Wall of Fame.” Her peacock feathers couldn’t be fluffed any further! It is one of the most difficult schools to get into and named the #1 college by US News and World Report. Zack has a very bright future. Mandy was promoted to practice administrator and manages about 45 employees. She tries to keep her sense of humor and is looking to take up yoga. She is empty nesting with Zack gone and has tried dating again after her divorce (some good things come to an end). Mandy is looking forward to the reunion and hopes to attend if all goes well.

Mary Ware Gibson is still teaching 3rd grade at the Charlotte Latin School and Mary writes they have several alumnae there! Husband Brian continues his ENT practice in Charlotte. The children are pretty independent now; Taylor (24) is an EMT with Medic and part-time student at UNCC, Andrew (21) is a senior at Appalachian State U, and Claire (19) is in the Textile School at NC State. Mary really enjoyed catching up with the girls’ weekend with Mason Bennett Rummel, Lea Sparks Bennett and Kathy Barrett Baker. Mary and Brian are definitely attending the 30th reunion but just cannot believe the number!

Mason Bennett Rummel says things are going well in Ky., she and Rick are very busy with work. Mason is almost finished with her master’s degree in philanthropic studies. Oldest son, Bennett, lives in N.Y.C. Daughters, Annie and Emma, are at U. of L. Mason writes that being empty nesters has its advantages. Mason expanded on the girl’s weekend getaway in W.Va. Mason, Mary, Lea and Kathy stayed in a cabin and lost power for the entire weekend after strong thunderstorms came through. But the weekend wasn’t a bust; there was a lot of laughter and reminiscing! Mason said they had plenty of supplies: candles, flashlights, champagne and food. Rick and she enjoy getaways themselves, a trip to Costa Rica was already planned when she wrote in. Mason is really looking forward to reunion! Hey Mason, I don’t think I’ve ever seen champagne as a necessity on Survivor or in the scouting manuals; you got to love the SBC touch!

Mimi Kitchel DeCamp will have two kids graduating in the spring. Younger son will graduate from high school the weekend of our reunion so she will not be able to attend. Mimi asks that maybe we could move the reunion on her behalf? Her older son will be graduating from college. Hopefully they can all figure out what life holds for them by then. Mimi is still in Nashville, still selling residential real estate and would love to help anyone moving there. Mimi writes that it’s great having friends sending their kids to surrounding colleges; she always loves seeing old friends. Mimi sends a Happy 50th or 51st birthday to all our classmates and Happy 30th reunion, she really hates having to miss it.

Miriam Baker Morris oldest son, Claiborne, started working in Birmingham at an accounting firm. Miriam says it’s nice to have one truly out of the nest! Daughter, Sally, is a senior at College of Charleston which Miriam loves to visit because it’s so fun! If any of us are ever in B’Ham she’s got a couple extra rooms, hint hint!

Pamela Weekes spent most of last spring traveling between N.Y.C. and Williamsburg, Va., where her parents retired to from N.Y. Pam’s mother is struggling with Parkinson’s and it’s been very hard for Pam to be so far away. Back in N.Y. Pam is crazy busy, as always, with three stores open full time, running between N.Y.C. and the Hamptons. She has managed to get to the beach this past year (after several summers of not!) and she’s enjoyed swimming in the bay in the evenings and early mornings, it’s so very beautiful! Pam is still loving the peace that practicing yoga brings her. She’s writes that it doesn’t seem possible that it’s our 30thand says “hi” to everyone and hopes that all is well with everyone.

Ruth Lewin had just got back from a trip to the Vineyard, where she calls home. It’s been seven years since they’ve been there. Ruth met family there for a little reunion. She went to the agricultural fair, a charming good old time country fair. She enjoyed visiting friends, beaching and eating island-grown food. Ruth just loves being there!

Sarah Sutton Brophy attended the riding reunion with Sarah Babcock. Son #1 is finishing up an aerospace engineering degree at Drexel and son #2 started at Paul Smiths in Natural Resource Management. Sarah’s environmental sustainability consulting to museums is full time, and she is co-leading the national summit on green standards for museums. Husband, Michael, makes that possible by holding down the fort and rehabbing it.

Sharon Patton Massie writes all is well in Amherst. She and husband, Sammy, are still with Massie Insurance Agency Inc on Main St. in Amherst. They’re no longer on the farm, they have moved further up the mountain. Sharon is still working, healthy, happy to no longer be farming and looking forward to a calmer life on the mountain. Sharon wishes everyone well!

Susan Hughes Huffman has received her Master’s in School Library Media from Longwood U. and has moved from the classroom to be the librarian at Tye River Elementary School. Husband, Roger, and she continue to be busy with their picture framing and custom furniture/cabinet business.

Tracy Gatewood is finally putting her real estate license to good use—The post-tornado real estate market is “robust.” Please send Tracy every single referral from your friends sending their kids to the U. of Ala. Tracy says, college town life has been an adjustment, but definitely trending upward. Although she’s proud to know nothing about football (and doesn’t even like it) when you’re #1, you just fake it. Tracy says there’s no field hockey or lacrosse around these parts, Girls, it’s Petty Coat Junction but come on down! [email protected]

Wendy Chapin Albert is doing well in Ruxton, Md. Daughter Annie is spending fall semester in Perugia, Italy! Wendy and her husband, Tolly, took Annie to Newark and returned to a house that was too quiet! Her other daughter, Eleanor, is a junior at St. Paul’s School for Girls. Both of their girls love riding and spent last summer busy showing. Wendy is trail riding with their large pony Boysenberry—great fun! Tolly is busy being a stockbroker at Chapin Davis, playing golf and training several race horses! Wendy is still enjoying selling residential real estate, loves gardening and tries to ride whenever possible. She is taking an oil painting class, which is very fun and satisfying! Wendy says anyone passing through Baltimore, give them a call!

Wylie Jameson Small’s son Rudy (18) started his freshman year at Hobart & William Smith College. He is psyched to play on the Hobart squash team and, hopefully, do some studying as well! To fill their empty nest, Wylie and Stuart are thinking of getting another Jack Russell to add to their brood of Peyton (5) and Maris (15). In May, Wylie will be taking on the presidency of a Rochester club that her grandmother founded in 1923! They hope to do some traveling and Wylie is looking forward to doing some writing. She can’t wait for reunion in May! Wylie wants everyone to be sure to check out our class FB page for upcoming reunion plans!

Wynn Henderson sends greetings from Atlanta! She is working at her mom’s jewelry store and is the Assistant to Children’s Ministries at her church—so fun! Wynn has two wonderful children, Adelaide (18) and Jack (16). She also has an exchange student from Germany, Florian. Adelaide spent last year (as a junior) in Germany and was awarded a scholarship from the State Dept. Jack and Wynn missed her while she was gone, but loved being able to visit her and see Germany and Amsterdam. When Adelaide returned the family went to St. Martin, so Wynn felt like quite the world traveler during 2012! Wynn has exchanged emails with Tracy Gatewood, Joan McGettigan, Kim Howell Franklin, Ellen Howard Attar, Lizzie Pierpoint Kerrison, Penney Hartline ’84, Bobbie Serrano Black, Dani DePaul Morganthaler ’85 and Nancy Cunningham Mauck trying to arrange a reunion but has yet to be successful, but will keep trying! I have an idea Wynn, why don’t all of you from ’83 plan on coming to the 30th in May? Tracy G. has great idea of organizing an Amtrak trip for all the girls on the southern train route to take the trip to SBC together and arrange a shuttle from the Amherst Station? Sounds like a blast!