Jennifer Rae

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Claude Wasserstein still lives in Manhattan with three teenagers Jack, Dash and Lucy. They have fun together and try to travel to new places every year.

Monika Kaiser subs part time at the h.s. her kids attended and volunteers for PTSO and drama club. Alexa was cast in the role of the Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz at the Actors’ Playhouse in Coral Gables and will be part of Guys and Dolls in April. Julius is at U. of Miami. Richard is still busy at PepsiCo. She is hoping to visit her mom in Germany this spring.

Charlotte Fitzgerald got her workout shoveling snow off the driveway with James (15). He’s a sophomore at Our Lady of Good Counsel High School in Olney, MD, and plays basketball and baseball. He is a great kid who teaches them lessons in gratitude on a regular basis. James has epilepsy. “As parents, it’s hard to see one of your dear child having a grand mal seizure. James has a good attitude through it all. Once they asked him if he was bitter towards God for allowing this medical problem. He told them that he was thankful to God for epilepsy because it gives him a good reason not to give in to peer pressure and “party” like a lot of the high school teenagers. He lives an active life, even though he has a seizure disorder. And we are very thankful to God.”

Francie Belliveau: Anna (17) is going to Sweet Briar next year! Class of 2018—Go Vixens! Michael (19) is a Fourth Classman at Virginia Military Institute (VMI). Ned (21) graduates in May from Hampden-Sydney and is interviewing for a job in sports. Scott continues to work at VMI. Francie still teaches at her church’s preschool.

Heidi Willard is back in MD and teaching. She doesn’t ever want to go to any place in Asia again and doesn’t recommend Mongolia. As your fundraiser, I want to remind you to purchase the Sweet Briar Rose cards (box is $14.95) or make a donation in the name of the Class of 1982.

Gail Mickley Murthy: Moved from Fort Worth, TX, to near Charlottesville, VA. Jettisoned the husband (long overdue) and decided to come home after farm-sitting for my brother in Rapidan, VA, in Aug. Having a great time getting to know neighbors and family again!

Mary Ames Booker, Wilmington, NC, serves on her church’s vestry and continues to manage their website. She is learning about editing videos for church and work creations. She is planning to attend Patti Snodgrass Borda’s nuptials in late April.

Anne Bortz is developing an e-card business. Also, she is helping to take care of her mother in FL who has just suffered from two mini-strokes.

Liz Hoskinson is training one horse and looking after her elderly horse, whom she’s known all of his 20 years. Traveled to Costa Rica and stayed on the Pacific coast on the “thumb” of the country. She continues to write and work at her proofreading/editing job.

Liz Kauffman is living in KY, working as a lawyer, and enjoying her horses. She and Keith are excited about their newest yearling colt. They may breed several mares this spring.

Jean Bryan writes: Betsy is home and working toward an associate degree in multimedia arts. George (21) is a junior at VA Tech majoring in housing. Anne loves James Madison U. and sorority (Tri SIG) life. She has her sights set on the medical profession. Jean and Peter went to Prague last spring. The month of June “they” dealt with a kidney stone—Peter. The summer was celebrated with Jean’s father Chan’s 90th birthday. Nancy (83) is well. Eva (Peter’s mom) is a little frailer. When the kids went back to school they attended the American Community School of London Reunion in Annapolis over Labor Day. Then off they were to Sanibel for a week. Thanksgiving time they celebrated Peter’s uncle’s 95th and aunt’s 93rd.

Joy and blessing being our class’s secretary! Jennifer “Jenny” Rae made Thanksgiving dinner with all her family’s recipes. Being with an Italian man all these years, he was the one that cooked all the time. Since the cook got sick she stepped up to the plate and started cooking again after 30 years. Well the “cat is out of the bag.” Hubby wants her to cook all the time now, and she enjoys it very much. Lost a little time with her business last year, but is playing catch up and making headway.

Anne Powers Woodward, Williamsburg, VA, is a single mother of three boys. First career: boat sales and Mom; second career: government economic development; third and current career: medical-pharmacist technician. Would love to find Virginia Carabelli, Kim Hicks, Roberta Perillo, Nan Dabbs and Ellie Kay Gardner?

Deborah Bowman re-entered the full time workforce as a financial advisor at Morgan Stanley and loves working with people to help them meet their goals. She moved into a new home in Dec. This year she is off to Miami and Newport to watch the tennis tournament!

Lele Casalini’s kids live close by. Eli is in med school at IU in Indianapolis. Sophie is in nursing school. Liza, Ethan and their daughter Harper Willow (4 mos.) live near her new farm, Two Creek Hollow. She’s working on designs for their new house. She has hired her son-in-law, Ethan, as her farm manager. Lele is still teaching Pilates and working as a yoga therapist! She’ll begin a yoga therapy internship this spring working on a three-year yoga therapy research program for veterans at the VA hospital in Indianapolis.

Carol Searles Bohrer in Greensboro has two seniors this year! Price is graduating from W&L. Emily will be graduating from Greensboro Day School, off to Sewanee next year. Jason is a partner in a consulting firm, Newbold Advisors, with offices in Clearwater and Dallas. Carol is looking forward to traveling with him next year. She volunteers for the Greensboro Symphony Guild and the Guild of Family Services. She plays golf and is learning guitar. Valerie Youree came to visit at their Rappahannock River home. Valerie has moved to Sunrise Senior Living in Fairfax, VA.

Marie Earnhart, Northern VA: Daughter Mary Whitney will graduate this May 2014 from Sweet Briar. They’re looking forward to returning to campus to see her walk the stage!

Joan Vetter Ehrenberg is working part time organizing for the Democratic Party in her community having volunteered for many years. She and her daughter have some great times together, amidst the challenges of facing the loss of her daughter’s Dad and being a sophomore in h.s. They’re grateful to have the support of their friends in their community.

Leslie A. Kavanaugh, Downingtown, PA, is the controller for Matt Slap Subaru in Newark, DE. Her three children live nearby, and she enjoys traveling, sailing and spending time with her granddaughter. Next trip is to Greece to sail for 10 days this spring. Last year she sailed in the British Virgin Islands for nine days and went to Scotland and the Caribbean.

Beth Reed, Birmingham, AL: Kate (Sewanee ’08 and Vanderbilt ’12) is the assistant director of residential life at her undergrad alma mater, the U. of the South. Matthew (Sewanee ’10) is a specialist in the U.S. Army and posted in CA. Beth is now able to focus her attention on their Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. The first puppy that they bred earned his AKC Championship from the Bred-By class with her as his only handler. This is the first conformation title for Beth too. Bryan has proven to be a great kennel hand.

Lisa Henderson Bice’s daughter has been accepted into the undergraduate communications disorders program at Auburn and will train to become a speech pathologist. Her son is still exploring options.

Cathy Miller: Madeline and Ali are doing well in college. David and I are enjoying our empty nest. I have started showing again after five years (after back surgery). I’m showing on the flat for a while. David and I are trying to decide where to go for our spring vacation and to celebrate his 50th birthday.

Gaye Browne’s oldest is in college, her middle in high school, and her youngest in seventh grade. She is relaunching Greenopia’s website this spring and releasing 15 city guide e-books. Go to Greenopia.com to sign up for your city guide! Greenopia makes shopping, eating and living green easier!

Patti S. Borda: April 27, Patti will marry the Rev. Earl Mullins at All Saints Episcopal Church in Frederick, MD. Earl is the interim rector at All Saints, and retired Bishop Robert Wilkes Ihloff will officiate at their wedding service. Earl has also been rector at St. Paul’s Church in Dedham, MA, and at St. Barnabas Church in Sykesville, MD. Patti continues as a reporter for The Frederick News-Post, where she has worked since 2009.Mary Ames Booker will be her matron of honor and her daughter, Virginia Jackson Snodgrass Borda, will be a maid of honor.