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Jill Fallon’s boys are now in high school. Harrison, who likes to be called Harry, is a freshman and just finished his first season on the basketball team. Jack is a senior and entertaining a life beyond high school to pursue his artistic talents. Knock on wood that the family, even her parents in CT, is healthy. Jill continues to run JFallon & Company and recently expanded the Company’s services to include JFallon Celebrations. She is working with clients from MA to CT to “create those special occasions that celebrate family, friendships, life’s milestones and community” and is loving this new creative outlet.

Angela V. Averett sends in greetings from Jaco Beach, Costa Rica, where she and husband Brian retired two years ago. “It’s beautiful here, and we invite everyone to come and visit anytime.”

Cathy Miller has been swamped with all sorts of activities. Her family is doing well. Both girls are in college: Ali is a freshman at Ferrum, and Madeline is a sophomore at Randolph-Macon. Madeline just got back from her J term in Africa for a biology class. Ali is looking forward to going to Peru for an E-term class. David and I are planning a trip this spring. We enjoyed Russia so much we’re going to visit the Ukraine and Istanbul. We’re busy working, but love spending time with family and friends.

Kit Johnson Parks is excited to go see the Monarch butterflies in Mexico next month. Has been on her life list. Life has been good.

Heidi Willard is on the mend! Walking and sitting up without implements! Loves keeping in touch with Jennifer, Heather, Amoret, Anne, Molly, Dirt, Jean, Francie, Nancy, Sally, Beth and everyone else. Come play Words with Friends with Heidi. Big news is that Heidi has been awarded a Patent!

Monika Neheim: A few things happened since Aug. Of course school started for Julius and that means lots of volunteer opportunities for me. As always Monika designed the drama posters for 2 of the plays and is in the process of working on the next one. Besides drama, she keeps herself busy with the school’s PTSO and any other school related volunteer jobs. Julius is doing well in school and is busy with drama, PTSO, SAC, Physics club and being the captain of the Improv Club. All of these activities are very helpful for their current college hunt. He has already been accepted to a bunch of honors colleges and received a number of scholarships. But he’s still waiting for a few universities. Hopefully by March they’ll know where he’ll go.

Alexa finished her engagement at the Hudson Show Palace and is now working close to home in Fort Lauderdale at the Broward Center for Performing Arts until May, which makes me very happy. The show is similar to Capital Steps and involves acting and singing. Richard is hardly around and busy with work. They spent a week in Cocoa Beach over the holidays, which was very nice and relaxing.

Leslie Taylor Kavanaugh is still living in Downingtown, PA, and is still employed as an automotive controller working for a Subaru dealer in DE. She has a beautiful granddaughter Lily who is the light of her life. She spends most of her free time traveling whenever possible, last year she was in the Exuma’s for the Famous Family Island Regatta, also in Aruba. She spends most of the warm months sailing local waters. So far this year she is heading to the Caribbean for a 7-day sail and also to Scotland in the early spring to tour. She volunteers for NAMI of Chester County and is currently helping to organize the annual NAMI Awareness Walk in May. Her 3 children are all close to her and life is good!

Mary Ames Booker: Late last summer she decided it was time to “get healthy” and over the course of 6 mos. she lost nearly 30 pounds. That is the good news. Last fall had plenty of very sad news too. Joe Borda, husband of Patti Snodgrass Borda, passed away suddenly from a stroke in Sept. And her only brother and sibling, Fitz Booker, passed away from pancreatic cancer in Oct. She wishes all good health and many blessings in 2013.

Jean Van Schroeder Bryan was counting on the Mayans to avoid doing her cards, but since the world didn’t end on 12/21, here they are. She hopes everyone had a wonderful Christmas and is enjoying 2013 so far. It was great to hear from so many of you. It’s really special because for some of you, they only traveled a short time with you. Now, 24 years later they’re still here! You either really do like them or you are just curious to see how long we will last! Peter and she have built a foundation that has endured earthquakes, hurricanes and teenagers! Needless to say, she’s very thankful, and they cherish the friendships they have made along the way! It’s been another interesting year (remember, never boring!) On 1/7/12 they picked up their English Golden Retriever puppy, Stonewall Jackson. He has become their new anti-depressant and constant companion (other than Peter). Molly, their shepherd mix rescue (9), has adapted fairly well but has developed the need to howl. At any given moment she will belt out all hell for no reason. Jean wishes she could act like that! Actually, her kids think she already does. Speaking of those darling children: Betsy (21), George (20), and Anne (19), her new mantra is let go or be dragged! All kidding aside, they’re wonderful and full of life! Betsy is home, working and volunteering with an eye on re-starting college work this summer. George is a sophomore at Virginia Tech. He is really enjoying it—maybe a little too much—but is showing signs of academic maturity. Anne, our social butterfly, loves James Madison U. and has joined a sorority. She’s learning the necessity of prioritizing social and academic obligations as she has some tough classes to get through if she is serious about a medical career. Jean had a part-time job for about 7 mos. in 2012, a temp in our Commissioner of Revenue’s office at City Hall. It was very interesting to say the least. The politics are maddening! Probably not the best environment for someone like Jean, but it proved to her that she is capable of reentering the work force and with Peter right behind her. She is exploring options. Peter’s insurance world is constant! He travels all over and as the business grows, so does his travel schedule. No run-ins with deer or bears in 2012! In April they went to Peter’s 40th reunion for Hampton Roads Academy. In May, Jean went to our 30th reunion at SBC. In June Norfolk hosted OPSAIL and it was a huge Maritime success! They enjoyed seeing Peter’s old schoolmate Bruce Hornsby at Waterside. George did a week internship with his cousin Emily at an architect firm in DC (he is developing an eye for that field), then he joined his sister Anne to be counselors at Camp Chanco. It was a quiet July, so Jean joined forces with her fellow St. Margaret sisters for a romp in the country! Another great party, seems like a recurring theme! Might as well keep it rolling with an Aug. reunion of the von Schrader clan in Nags Head, NC. With Nancy and Chan at the helm, brothers, wives and significant others, 8 grandchildren and assorted drop in friends, we had a blast! Several weeks later, after moving Anne into her dorm, Peter and she ran off to Sanibel Island, FL, for a truly relaxing week shelling, sleeping and sunning. She started a fundraiser for her church by making and selling homemade pimento cheese. It took off over the summer, and she had an ongoing customer base of cheese heads! She tried to retire from teaching Sun. school, but still teaches once a month. She loves her church and after 10 years, they know her and still love her! Two Thanksgivings (one in Norfolk, one in Arlington), oyster roasts, and more parties rounded out Nov. and Dec. She had the tree up and house decorated early, and having Betsy at home has been a big help. She works for a neighbor in the publishing arena, and really enjoys volunteering at the VA. Stage Co./ Wells Theatre. They had special seats opening night for “A Christmas Carol!” And to fill in our idle moments (remember, never boring), they had major appliance breakdowns (fridge and washing machine), 2 sewage back-ups, roof and plumbing leaks, replastering, painting, wisdom teeth extractions, colonoscopies, tears, laughter, and hopefully menopause, Jean leaves you with thoughts from the Serenity prayer. She prays that in 2013 that we will all accept the things we cannot change, change the things we can, and have the wisdom to know the difference! Best to all in the New Year!

Liz Hoskinson still rides and teaches in the NY metro area. She spent last summer competing in the low-jumper division, a “hyper-busy but overall fun experience.” As well, “I’m blogging for TheEquestrianCorner.com, an online tack shop; write a tree column for the area on-line newspaper; do my energy/bodywork clinics and workshops; and fiddle with my heirloom herbs and wish for more time to read!”

Marie Earnhart’s daughter Mary Whitney completed a junior semester abroad in Panama through FL State U., studying emerging democracies. She returned to SBC in Jan. Son Chandler is a freshman in college. Fred and she have been married 25 years this May—hard to believe!

Deborah Bowman recently returned to work as a financial advisor at Morgan Stanley. She enjoyed almost 10 years at home while raising her children, who are now 16 and 11. She loves being able to help clients meet their financial goals, while working close to home. Deb hopes to get to the French Open or Wimbledon this year or next, as she loves her tennis and likes watching it too.

Molly Grenn got together with Nancy “Dirt” Davidson and Marie Earnhart to celebrate all of their birthdays in Jan. They’ve been doing this for the last couple of years. It’s been a great tradition! She has seen a lot of Brianna Brown’s oldest daughter, Hannah, who is getting her master’s in education at GWU. She’ll graduate in May and hopefully stay in the area.

Molly’s husband Mike is trying to finish up his Ph.D. in systems engineering and hopes to graduate in May. It’s been a long haul with him doing this while he’s working full time! Daughter Gracie (8) loves 2nd grade! She has just gotten her yellow belt in Taekwando, is playing basketball and hopes to swim and play lacrosse in the spring!

Anne Bortz continues to build her eCard business Franklin Cards. Sends her best to everyone.

Sally Peek: Nothing much new. We’re all about college in this household now. Two are at AL—roll tide!—and one is at GA Tech—Go Jackets! Our oldest Anthony is now working in NY, but we still cheer for Duke basketball! Go Duke! Of course I miss having them and their friends all here—the laundry, grocery shopping and constant clean up, not so much!

Jennifer Rae: Thanks all of you for kind, supportive thoughts regarding my husband Luigi’s health. Thanks to my consulting business since 1993, I’m able to multitask personal and business. Lil bumpy but keeping on track. As time goes by, more classmates are getting back in touch—kudos you all! Cheers to the DC Metro SBC group—Molly, Dirt, Marie, Mary Whitney, Hannah, Heidi, Kearsley, Brendy and the rest of you who are also in this area. Our latest rendezvous was at Top of the Town perspective student brunch. We still have an awesome time together! Thanks for the great company.