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Mary LaVigne was sorry to miss Reunion, but thankfully her brother is doing great. Her daughters, Eugenia and Henley, will be together in high school. Eugenia is busy preparing for the college decision process. She hopes to play soccer, but wants a co-ed school. Henley will be a freshman, she seems interested in SBC. She and her daughters all ride together. They played polo cross at camp, and Eugenia has been invited to ride in Nationals! Mary went to a two-day intensive seminar at Joel Salatin’s Polyface Farm. Everyone needs to read his book “Folks, This Ain’t Normal” and Michael Pollan’s “The Omnivore’s Dilemna.” Mary hopes everyone is doing great!

Cathy Miller shares she was disappointed to miss the reunion, but judging from the pictures she comments that it was a lot of fun. Her husband and she had a fabulous trip to Russia in May. They took a cruise from St. Petersburg to Moscow. After a summer family trip to Blowing Rock, N.C., they will take the girls off to their colleges, Ferrum and Randolph-Macon. She wishes all a good summer and thank you.

Mary Ames Booker reports not big news to everyone. She’s still enjoying work as the curator on the Battleship NORTH CAROLINA there in Wilmington, N.C. (Come visit in the cooler months.) In her Episcopal church she finished serving on the vestry (4 years) and now assists with stewardship, finance and the annual fundraiser. She periodically follows postings on the Whiteman years on Facebook. Good stories come around. Her Aunt Suzanne VanHorne ’47 and Uncle are still living in Columbus, Ohio. She hasn’t been back to Sweet Briar in 25 years, but carries good memories forever!

Heather Pirnie Albert shares they are getting settled in Fate, Texas, just outside of Dallas. She took a job as a district manager for Ace Cash, a financial services company, and runs a district in east Dallas. Michael is looking for a teaching job, but may end up subbing this year. Such is life. Her oldest, Rebecca is getting married in Nov. It’s an exciting time for them. She is a paralegal with a large law firm in Atlanta. Heather’s youngest, Samantha, graduated in May from the U. of the South, and is a business analyst for Mercer Capital in Memphis. Heather shares she is so sorry she missed the 30th, but is looking forward to our 35th!

Monika Keiser Neheim shares Alexa graduated from the U. of Miami, Frost School of Music with a double major in musical theatre and English literature, as well as a minor in music business. She already performed as Gypsy Rose Louise in the musical Gypsy at an Off-Broadway Theatre here in Fla. and is now going from one audition to the next for more work. She’ll also perform in a 50s 60s Revue in Hudson, Fla., which is a small town north of Tampa, for the next seven weeks. Julius will start his senior year in high school this Aug. He still wants to pursue a career in the medical field and has joined HOSA (Health Opportunities for Students of America). His drama club involvement will therefore be put a bit on the side burner. “We’re now starting the process of college applications—ugh!” Julius and she visited her family in Germany for two weeks in June. During that time she scanned about 4000 family photos to copy then on CDs. It was a lot of fun sitting in the dining room with her mother reminiscing over all those photos. Richard is still with Pepsico International and extremely busy. Monika and her husband will celebrate our 25th in Jan. Where has the time gone. She’s still volunteering at school with the PTSO, the school calendar committee, and the Drama department, and wherever she is needed. Well, that’s it in a nutshell. She hopes all is well.

Heidi Willard was in a life threatening accident in July out in Mont. She has a broken back and her left leg was one big boney mess after a serious horse riding accident. She is so glad that she saw everyone at reunion and sends her love and an open hand for those reunion donations! Look for a fun way to donate coming your way soon.

Chip McPheeters shares she was sorry she missed our 30th reunion, but she went to the riding reunion in April with her daughter. They had a great time! Her news for 2012 is that son James and his wife had their first child, Mary Elizabeth McPheeters on 1/27/12. Being a grandparent is fabulous. She can’t wait for the ponies in her future HA-HA! Also her daughter Heather Ann McPheeters ’10 became engaged this July. They’re busy planning her wedding for 5/18/13!

Francie Belliveau shares that it was great seeing everyone at Reunion! She had a ball! Time marches on for all of us. Ned (20) is in his third year at Hampden-Sydney. Michael (18) is getting ready for college next year. Anna (16) just may be an alumna one day! Scott is still at VMI writing, teaching and occasionally acting! She still loves teaching three-year-olds!

Ethel Burwell Dowling shares that she and her family love living in Lexington, Va. She sees classmates Anne Edmunds Hansen and Francie Mantho Belliveau. Over the summer Molly Johnson gave the Dowlings a tour of Chicago, including a tour of Molly’s favorite tire store.

Martha Cordell shares she’ll officially be an empty-nester in two weeks with a son at Tulane and a daughter at TCU. Despite the reduced parenting time, she still is very busy. She continues to serve as Dean of Students at The U. of Tulsa Coll. of Law; she plays bridge; belongs to a book club; and continues to run and play tennis. In their free time, David and she like to spend time at their condominium down on the Gulf Coast where they can relax and soak up the easy living of the Deep South. Early this summer, she met her dear friend Althea Hurt Randolph ’80 in N.Y.C. for a long weekend of theater and shopping. Martha would like to see more of her SBC friends, and she is very sorry that she couldn’t make it to campus for reunion. She loves keeping up with everyone on FACEBOOK. The class of 1982 is an amazing group of women.

Anne Pridgeon Bortz is married and living in Brentwood, Tenn. She is the founder and CEO of Franklin Card Company, a new photographic e-card website. She loves adventure. In 2010, she climbed to Mount Everest Base Camp for her 50th birthday. She enjoys staying in touch with Jennifer Rae and Heidi Willard.

Rosemary Hardy has just ended her summer of no real schedules, instead total freedom from the work world! Aug. 8 reported back to work as a behavior/autism specialist in the Shawnee Mission School district (each year, the summer is shortened by a day or two)—been with them now for 23 years, always working with the very behaviorally challenged students (and teachers, just kidding). During the relaxed days of summer though, vacationed in Mass. with her brother and his family—took full advantage of the beach! Thoroughly enjoyed every minute of playing with her sweet nephew, Henry (2)! She has been home about a week when her brother called to say Henry is a big brother to his new baby brother, Hamilton. She wishes she could have stayed the extra time to see the new baby. She now has 15 nieces and nephews ranging in age from 30 years to a newborn baby—she absolutely loves being the doting aunt to all of them, regardless of their age. Hope all is well with all our classmates; she is sorry she wasn’t able to make it to the reunion.

Jean Bryan is back from their family reunion and has one child off to college, and one more to go next week! Jean says that she had a blast at reunion seeing all her old friends. She was the first one on campus eagerly waiting for everyone in the quad! Peter and she celebrated 24 years of wedded bliss this year, and they’re off to Sanibel Island this Labor Day. Alone at last! She hopes all is well.

Marie Engel Earnhart shares Mary Whitney is a junior at SBC. She’s doing a semester abroad in Panama City, Panama. She will return to SBC in the spring. Their son Chandler will start his first semester in college this fall. Both kids in college now! Fun for them, fun for us!

Angela V. Averett has been living the dream, retired in Jaco Beach, Costa Rica this past year. All our welcome to come visit! Son, Daniel (25) living and working in Brest, France; daughter Claire (23) living in Brooklyn and working at Time, Inc. in Manhattan; daughter Catherine (22) living and working at an Equestrian SurgiCenter in Tampa, Fla.

Beth Reed retired from teaching in 2011 and is now able to devote more time to her family and dogs. A number of years ago she began showing Cavalier King Charles Spaniels as a way to ward off empty nest syndrome and cope with the decline of our beloved old Newfoundland. She’s now completely an idiot for dogs. Besides showing in AKC, she also trains for obedience and therapy. Bryan and she are thrilled that their daughter Kate, on graduating from Vanderbilt in May with her M.Ed., decided to stay in Nashville. She is an area coordinator for housing and residential education on the Peabody Campus at Vanderbilt and only a three-hour drive away. Their son Matthew is even closer, after graduating from the U. of the South (Sewanee ’10) he has been living and working in Birmingham, and it is wonderful to have him right here. Kate and Beth loved being at the 30th reunion, visiting with everyone and enjoying SBC again. She hopes that even more of the class will be able to attend our reunion in 2017 and as our current class president, she welcomes all communication any one would like to share.

Jennifer Rae (aka Jenny Lynn) was thrilled to be at a class reunion finally. She walked as much of campus as possible during reunion visiting the boathouse and along the outskirts behind the gym area and finishing up at the train station and greenhouse. Also, she enjoyed walking to the former Bistro area and bookshop. She has been busy with rebranding of her public relations consulting LLC. She so enjoys her conversations with Anne Bortz and reconnecting with all of our wonderful classmates as class secretary. She reached out with some phone calls out of the blue and thanks those for talking. She sends a big thank you to all of our classmates connecting on LinkedIn and Facebook. Want to extend a big thank you to our past class board 2007-2012! Well done, you all! Her hubby, Luigi, enjoyed being with a handful of our class at Molly Grenn’s. Kudos to the D.C. contingent. Missed all that weren’t able to attend reunion.