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Carrie Maynard Nichols lives in Charlotte, NC, where she has just begun her 6th yr. as a preschool teacher at Christ Church. Husband Tommy works for Wells Fargo; son Bucky (18) attends a school for disabled children. Son Austin (18) is a freshman at High Point U. Carrie’s niece, Katherine Hoyt, daughter of Liz Maynard Archibald ’78, is a junior at SBC.
Sam Masters Durham
and husband Buck have moved to Corpus Christi, TX—a huge improvement from the frozen tundra of MN! Buck is Chief of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery at the children’s hospital. Sam is coordinating all after-hours events at TX State Aquarium. “This past May we all went to ME to celebrate Ann Husted’s (26) wedding to our precious new son-in-law Luke. Arch (30) has moved to Houston, so it’s nice that we see him often and Rob (23) will finish up his aviation management degree next year. We are very blessed.”
Karen (Battle) Smith
lives in Denver and teaches in the School of Pharmacy at Regis U. “It seems as though I’ve moved from larger universities back to a smaller university. More similar to SBC! Who knew that would happen?” Karen traveled to France to watch the 100th Tour de France. “I was on Alpe d’Huez which is an iconic mountain climb with 21 switchback turns! I even was able to recall some of my French from SBC days!”
Quinne Fokes
is the creative director for Peak Hosting. She also paints, rides and works on EquestrianGiftsByQuinne. They have a Facebook page and are happy to post photos of classmates’ horses. There are photos from last year of Susan Campbell’s equine friends. Quinne is still living in San Anselmo, CA, and says “please let me know when any of you are in town, and we’ll do surfing, lunching and exploring.”
Sigrid Carlen Veasey
: I am back in Philadelphia with Doug and our 3 sons after a sabbatical in Southern France. The twins are gearing up for college applications. Campbell (18) is in Peru working in rural medical clinics. Carlen (18) is doing an internship at Urban Outfitters headquarters. Wylie (16) returned from a series of European squash tournaments. Crew minus Campbell is headed to the Rockies for fly fishing expedition guided by younger sister Lisi Robison ’84.
Liz Seacord
’s son Sasha Feldman (24) received his B.F.A. from the Art Institute of Chicago. He is preparing for the 2nd one-man show of his abstract ceramic sculptures (a previous show was at a small gallery in Los Angeles last Feb.). The show opened in Aug. and continued for another week at a space in Shelter Island, NY. Daughter Iris (16) has returned from her community service trip to the Andes in Peru and is a junior in high school. Husband Adam received one of Ernst and Young’s Regional Entrepreneur of the Year awards. The national awards will be in Palm Springs, CA, in Nov. “I knew he was talented and had excellent business acumen, but I didn’t realize to just what extent!” One of Adam’s offices is located near Geneva, Switzerland, so they combined his business travel with a trip to the South of France in the Pyrenees.
Stephanie Stitt Fitzpatrick
: “Life in suburban D.C. has been busy this year. I am still managing art collections, corporate and private, while engineering husband Dirk has taken on a 2nd job as general contractor of our home renovation.” Some of her favorite jobs take her up to NYC museums, where she sometimes sees Liz Seacord. Daughter Alex (18) will be a freshman at U. MI this year. Son Robbie (15) is a sophomore in high school.
Hope Keating and G.W. Harrell married on 4/21 in Tallahassee, FL. “We had a wonderful honeymoon in Santorini, Greece. We spent several quiet and relaxing days until the Kardashians showed up at our small hotel to film their TV show!”
DJ Stanhope
is with the USO in Sharana, Afghanistan. “This is my 4th location since returning overseas with the USO in 2010—we are now prepping this base to be handed over to the Afghans in a month…I love my work! Being from a huge military family, the culture suits me. One of the perks is getting to travel to great places on leave—Greece, Turkey, Jordan, Israel, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Italy, Germany, both Irelands and England! I’m always looking for a travel buddy so if anyone is interested, let me know. I have a townhome in Williamsburg, VA, for those who live nearby.”
Nancy Webb Corkery
and David spent the summer in Marion, MA, where they golfed, sailed and enjoyed many cocktail cruises. She is slowly getting back on the tennis court. They headed to Scotland this Oct. for more golf. Son Kevin (25) is an associate alumni relations director at The Brooks School in Andover, MA. He also helps out with the football team. Kyle (23) works at State Street Bank. He is a pricer on their London and Brazilian desks. Husband David still works for CBRE, commercial real estate, in Boston. Nancy is a trustee on her family’s educational foundation. Sadly, they had to put down their Australian Shepard, Ozzie, in 2011, and are thinking about getting another dog. Nancy saw Molly Rogers Cramer and Carla Cabot ’84 at a cocktail party they hosted for the installation of ‘Compatible,’ a painted steel sculpture by Mike Hansel. Nancy and David took a golfing trip to Baker’s Bay with Laura Evans ’79 and Virginia Donald Latham.
Brendy Reiter Hantzes
: “Steady as she goes would be the theme for me this summer. Everyone is out of the house and Molly is getting ready to move into the Albero House in Norfolk.” Brendy and Nick vacationed in Yellowstone, spent some time in Jackson Hole and are planning a 30th anniv. trip this year. “Eve Devine and I have hit the antique/junk stores a few times this summer looking for good stuff.”
John and I are still in Annapolis, MD. Our daughter Mary (19) is a sophomore at U. DE studying English. Liz (16) is a junior, studying hard and managing the varsity football team. I had a nice lunch with Mary Kate Ferguson, who is busy running Beeswax Bookkeeping and working with her family-owned company, the Ferguson Corporation. She rides as often as she can and is knitting colorful handbags. For the 5th summer in a row, we visited Long Lake, NY, and saw Liz Seacord and daughter Iris. Liz has been so welcoming. I went home to Pittsburgh and saw my other SBC Liz friend, Liz Winson Sweeney. She is doing well and it was a wonderful visit.