Claire McDonnell Purnell
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DJ Stanhope gets the distance award as she writes from southwest Asia. She says “I’m now in my 4th location with the USO in southwest Asia: after 17 mos. in Camp Buehring, Kuwait, I transferred to Afghanistan. First to Bagram Airfield for 5 mos., then Camp Leatherneck for 7 mos., and have now been at FOB Sharana since Sept. It’s been an extraordinary experience, and I love providing hospitality and raising morale of the troops and letting them know how much they are supported by the folks back home. Though I live in the same conditions as the troops here, there is one wonderful perk—I get to take a bit more time off so I have been able to travel extensively throughout the region and Europe. On one trip I ran into a friend of both Allison Muller Chambers and Lynn Croft Reeves ’81 and another friend of Joanne Holbrook Patton ’52. I’m so grateful for the support of my wonderful SB pals who provide all the little extras that make these Spartan places a little more “homey!” I couldn’t be more grateful for the support.”

Class Co-President, Mary Kate Ferguson is living in Baltimore, MD. She writes: “I’m enjoying the winter weather with my dogs and horses. I’m still doing a lot of riding and taking lessons and I may actually enter some horse shows this year. Poncho is my mount and the level at which I am currently riding I’ll probably be showing with about 8 other 12 year old girls! You’re never too old.”

Lori Faust Williams is living in White Post, VA, and writes that her daughter Ashli (28) graduated from Lord Fairfax Coll. (LFC) and may attend George Mason in the fall. Shelby (24) has one more semester at LFC and plans to pursue a B.S. and master’s in library science. Shelby has started a small business called Shelby Crafts Extraordinary Fudge. Lori refers to Shelby as her “red-headed Paula Dean.” Shelby will be getting married later this year. Lori loves Shelby’s fiance Daniel Westendorff. Son Ted (23) is attending LFC as well. Lori writes: “I ask myself ‘how did this happen? When did I get this old?”

Kearsley Rand Walsh writes: “I’m still working for Habitat for Humanity of Northern VA. My boys are Angus (22) and Duncan (20). I live in Arlington, VA, and wonder where the rest of you are when I go to SBC events in the area.

Class Co-President, Brendy Reiter Hantzes is living in Chantilly, VA. Her daughter Molly (21) lives at St. Mary’s Home for Disabled Children in Norfolk, VA, and has graduated from their school program. As difficult as it was to decide to have Molly live there, it’s been a wonderful home where she thrives. Hopefully, she’ll move into their new adult facility, Albero House a 12-bed facility currently under construction and almost fully funded.

Brendy and Kearsley Rand Walsh went to 2 SBC Day events, one for the DC club and one for the Hunt Country club. Brendy writes: “We saw Marie Engle, Mary Pope Hudson, Jenny Rae, Phyllis Watt and Lori Faust Williams and learned all about what’s new at SBC including the wonderful renovation plans for the library, which are underway and should be completed by the time of our next Reunion.”

Deborah Donigan Bullet wrote: “Greetings from Ashburn, VA. Robert and I have been empty nesters for 2 years. Xavier is graduating from Randolph Macon College in Ashland and Jax (Jacquelyne) is a sophomore at SBC. Enjoying my job, which allows me travel to fun places.”

Carol Hays Hunley and husband Tom live in Boston. Carol took a job as EVP and head of regulatory compliance for Sovereign Bank. Carol writes: “Tom still works for PNC in Pittsburgh and travels back and forth a lot, which keeps us connected to friends and family there.

Tommy, our youngest, is a junior in HS and is just starting to look at schools. He has made the transition very well. Our oldest daughter, Barbie (25), moved in with us in Nov. and just started a job with New Balance in Boston. Chrissy is a senior at OH U., where she is president of the equestrian team (amazing since I failed riding at SBC!). She and her horse are planning to move to Boston after graduation where she hopes to become certified in therapeutic riding. We are blessed in so many ways and are so glad we made this move, as there is so much to do in Boston and we’re taking advantage! We have enjoyed having lots of visitors to show around our new hometown.”

John and I are still in Annapolis, MD. Our daughter Mary (19) is a freshman at the U. of DE and loves it. Daughter Lizzie (16) is a sophomore and learning to drive. I feel as though Mary just learned. Lizzie misses Mary very much and does not like being the only child at home. Last fall, I went to a Navy Football game against VMI. Lynn Croft Reeves and husband Jack were there to see their son Henry (19), a Keydet, play. Thanks to everyone who sent their news. Take care.