Fran McClung Ferguson
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Amy Campbell Lamphere is an empty nester now, but keeping busy learning new Nia routines (remember that class we took at the last reunion on Sat. morning, after Fannie’s yoga stretch? Or at least some of us took?) She’s teaching 5 classes a week, loving the immersion into movement and music. All is well in NE. She hopes to travel to see some Briarites soon! She asks: Anyone want to invade the Class of ’78’s reunion?

Ann Connolly Simpson has got the travel bug. She drove down to the Outer Banks last summer, then a Jan. trip to St. John, USVI, then New Orleans (where her new beau is from) and then Nashville and CO in the spring. Daughter Hannah is getting her master’s at Simmons in education and is student teaching in Newton.

Jeannine Davis Harris has had lots of transitions in her life this past year. Recently separated, Jeanine is living in Princeton and loving it, working as retail manager at J. Mclaughlin. Her kids are doing well. Leigh is graduating from Furman in May and then will move to Charleston. Reid is a freshman at Miami of Ohio, and Brad is a freshman at Woodberry Forest (boarding school) in VA. Thank God for girl friends, near and far!

Claire Dennison Griffith is still running her Direct Hits Education business, which does SAT and ACT prep in the Atlanta area. For those of us with kids still young enough for the SAT, Direct Hits has some great books and prep materials. Claire had a great evening recently with Carson Freeman Meinen, Diana Tarride Palmer and Ann Darden Self while she was in Fort Worth to visit her son at TCU.

Catherine Flaherty writes from Steamboat Springs, where she was with her book club as the snow came down. All her boys are doing great, and she wishes everyone would visit Minneapolis before the governor starts taxing clothing, if you’ve never been to the Mall of America now is your time!

Martha Fruehauf is happily living in Charlottesville, where she continues her love of horses and the Blue Ridge Mountains. She works tirelessly for Hospice of The Piedmont and LessCancer.com. Her 4 children are grown and have flown the coop. Recently, she took up photography and discovered a new passion. She’s been remarkably successful with her work displayed here in Charlottesville, MI, FL, CO and CA. She’s getting ready to produce a showing of her work, for the benefit of Hospice in Charlottesville this June. In addition, she has committed to the, “Challenge 300” bike ride in MI this summer. This is a fundraiser for LessCancer, and she encourages everyone to take a look at how you can participate in your own way by going to the web site: www.crowdrise.com/challenge300. She’ll be traveling with her mother and Laurie Tuchel to Provence, France, to take a painting seminar from Jill Steenhuis.

After several years working in on-site education on a school-year schedule for the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation, and then several more years working in outreach education, Charlotte Gay Gerhardt is now working in the development office there year round. The girls are almost all out and on their own, so she has more time, and hopefully energy, to commit to more work. Her oldest, Catherine, is in her 2nd year of Law School at U. of SC. Her middle, Augusta, also in SC, is working retail in Charleston. Her youngest, Ann Burton, is a senior at W&L. We are almost there!

Missy Gentry Witherow loves her job at SBC, particularly because it gives her an excuse to visit classmates across the country. Her daughters are thriving: Somer is almost finished her freshman year in college, and Wallace continues her love for community service in high school.

Carolyn Hallahan Salamon just moved to a new home in Frederick County, not far from her old neighborhood. Son Thomas (13) is in 8th grade and Meaghan (12) is in 6th grade. She may win the award for the youngest kids in the class of 1980. Crazy busy in the middle of a move in the same area, just to the next neighborhood over.

Tish Longest Tyler is still working as a paralegal at the Office of the Attorney General in Richmond and will reach 30 years service in Nov. What an interesting set of bosses she must’ve had. She’s not planning on retiring as she really enjoys work and needs to pay for her trips to France. This year’s trip will take her for one week of language school in Sancerre and another week in Paris. She keeps in touch with Carolyn Birbick Thomason and had a visit from Carolyn and her son in Jan.

Catherine “Cackie” Mills Houlahan sent her son Connor off to college in the fall, and what a surprise that he chose a college in my hometown in MS! The really great thing is that he seems to be thriving—happy as he could be. He made a brilliant decision, there, all on his own. She still has 2 girls at home, and they’re all adapting to a new dynamic.

Laurie Newman Tuchel and Chas continue to travel a lot, now splitting their time between the Bahamas, L.A., Edinburgh and Philadelphia. Their oldest son relocated to L.A. last fall following his graduation from Emerson Coll. He’s now pursuing his dream of becoming a writer in the film industry. Their younger son will be finishing his master’s in mechanical engineering at Edinburgh U. and is exploring his career opportunities on both sides of the Atlantic. She’s excited about joining Martha Fruehauf and Jill Steenhuis in Provence this summer for one of Jill’s painting workshops and has begun taking drawing and painting classes in preparation. Lisa Sturkie Greenberg and her husband will be joining them in Edinburgh in Aug. for a visit to Scotland, and they plan to take in the Edinburgh Festival. Chas and Laurie are still cycling loads and last summer spent seven weeks cycling though Europe. Their most difficult route to date was in Switzerland where they spent 10 days cycling through their most challenging alpine route. It was great fun, but exhausting!

Tinsley Place Lockhart and husband John have been seeing Chas and Laurie Tuchel who spend time in Edinburgh where their son goes to university. Tinsley also caught up with Martha Fruehauf in Oct. Tinsley’s son Beauregard married Beatriz Gil-Schwandle in June (with UN parents she speaks 6 languages!), and they’re now in London, as is daughter Esmeralda. “We’re loving getting all the family in one place and being able to take in the museums and concerts when we go visit!”

Sandra Rappaccioli de Padilla is still living in Nicaragua, as the cover of a book says it is “a paradise to be discovered.”Her daughters are studying in the U.S.: Sandra Lucia, is in her 2nd year at Johnson and Wales U. at the Miami campus studying culinary arts, and Violeta is a freshman at Villanova. When the family visited Villanova last Aug., they saw Sherri Manson ’79 and Betsey Simpson ’81. Sandra’s oldest son Max Carlos is returning home to work in March of this year and Jorge Alejandro has been working for the past year at a Toyota dealer in Managua. Felipe is still in high school.

Lind Robinson Bussey wrote from NZ, where she was in the midst of a successful hunting adventure with husband John. In case you’re wondering, they were hunting red stag, elk, chamois, tahr and fallow deer. Lind is a grandmother to a boy (5 mos.) and all is well with her children. She’d love to see SBC friends soon.

Florence Rowe Barnick is still publishing her family’s newspaper, The Freelance Star, in Fredericksburg. Her twins, Andrew and Scott, are studying at Wentworth Institute of Technology after receiving associates’ degrees at Landmark Coll., a school that specializes in helping kids with learning and social disabilities. George is a sophomore in high school. In June, she’s headed back to Camp Alleghany, a summer camp in WV where she spent her childhood and now works as a counselor for a week.

Tony Santangelo Archibald still lives in Rye and works at her high school alma mater, School of the Holy Child in Rye, as director of special events and parent liaison coming on her 10th year. She has enjoyed reconnecting with many SBC friends from different classes and most recently Suzanne Collins ’78! She had dinner in NYC with Hollis Hutchens Volk in Jan. and enjoyed catching up.

Jill Steenhuis Ruffato is painting daily to prepare for her spring tour, which will include: Greensboro, NC, Charlottesville, Spartanburg and Houston for a speaking engagement for The Hope and Health Center. She’s excited that Laurie Tuchel and Martha Fruehauf has signed up for her July oil painting workshop. Anne Darden Self’s niece is doing her workshop in May. Jill’s 3rd son and last has applied to 12 colleges: 7 in the US and 5 in the UK. Serge and Jill will be home alone next year, except for dog, cat and horse.

Kim Wood Fuller is still working part time for Journey House Travel and then spending the rest of the time working with her husband. Their company, DermaMedics is growing rapidly. They just hired 4 new sales reps and a national sales manager. She didn’t get to see any SBC classmates in 2012, but talks to Sally Gray Lovejoy, Janel Hughes Wiles regularly and gets to help Jill Steenhuis Ruffato with her travel arrangements for her art shows. Bryan and Kim celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary on 12/12/12 and took a Viking River cruise in Europe over Christmas to celebrate the milestone.