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Felecia Bernstein and John live near the ocean in a small N.J. town with two cats and a dog. Son Sam (29) lives in Sonoma Valley, Calif. Felecia works as a surgical coder and has launched a nonprofit called Rose’s Fund for Animals (www.rosesfund.org), which assists pet owners and Good Samaritans who have an animal with a good prognosis, but who are financially unable to provide necessary medical care. In four years, they have helped over 200 pets nationwide.

Lisa Faulkner O’Hara took her daughter, Evan, to Paris this spring for a long-promised mother-daughter trip and had a wonderful time. Next spring, her son Bud will graduate from Boston College and Evan will graduate from high school. She and her husband know that college applications and job hunting lie ahead! Lisa works in advertising.

Karen Black Meredith continues to love being a real estate agent in magnificent Santa Fe, N.M.!

Catherine Mills Houlahan is busy working two part-time jobs in Newport News and Hampton, Va. and being a full-time single mom 24/7. She enjoys her jobs as a course administrator and a paralegal at a software company while waiting for one to hire her full time. This fall, she moved her eldest to college six states and 1000 miles away, and he’s missed! Left in her “hormone-packed house of females” is one daughter in high school and one in middle school. She loves being in touch with friends from SBC!

With her son’s graduation from Nebraska Wesleyan U., Amy Campbell Lamphere is no longer a soccer mom (and sad about that). Her daughter Sarah is at KU. Amy and Jim celebrated 25 years with some spa time in Ariz. last Nov. She is dancing a lot, teaching Nia and baby ballet/tap. And she’s writing. “Business-y” trips have given her a chance to see Mary Cowell Sharpe, Eithne Broderick Carlin, Ann Connolly Simpson, Mimi Walch Doe, Ashley Wilson Brook, Beth Blair McKinney, Megan Coffield Lyon and Catherine Flaherty. As Amy put it: “we laughed! we cried! we remembered Tasteless Wonders! SOOO grateful for my sisters!”

Eithne Broderick Carlin writes from Cape Cod where she’s building DJ’s Family Sports Pub #2 in Falmouth. Her husband and her children (a senior and a junior) are loving life and preparing for the next phase. Eithne got to visit with Amy Campbell Lamphere, Mary Sharpe and Missy Gentry Witherow.

Carolyn Hallahan Salamon enjoys living in Frederick, Md. Her son (13) and daughter (11) are both in middle school. She works in IT in project management.

Phyllis Watt Jordan spent time with Lisa Ward Connors and Kevin, and Flo Rowe Barnick this year. Phyllis works as a communications consultant for nonprofits and foundations, to get children to attend school and learn to read by 3rd grade. (Her kids, 8th- and 10th-graders, read just fine.) Lisa’s last child left for college this fall. She works for World Education Services in N.Y. and loves getting into the city everyday and away from their now empty house.

Barbara Wesley Bagbey is in Richmond teaching preschool. Her daughter is also a teacher and her son is in his second year at Clemson. Her husband is finally back from Iraq, Italy and Germany.

True Dow-Datilio notes “we all sound deliriously healthy and well adjusted for a bunch of middle-aged women” experiencing a lot of changes. Her sons have gone to school in middle earth: Kent, Ohio and Lake Forest, Ill. True has left her job of 12 years for a new career path in the arts. All the best!

Brooks Cunningham Dykes is doing great. Her three boys are all in college, one at SCAD, one at Tulane, and the youngest in school in Colo.

Pam Koehler Elmets’ twins have graduated from college and are employed! Her youngest, Caroline, is a high school junior. Pam thinks it may be time to reinvent herself. She enjoyed a wonderful visit with Missy Gentry Witherow this spring. Missy’s eldest daughter, Somer, graduated from high school and is now a freshman at Skidmore.

Both of Fran McClung Ferguson’s children graduated from college in the past year. Robert is an educator at Discovery Place in Charlotte, N.C. Carol graduated from Sweet Briar—those opportunities to go back to the Briar were glorious—and is now studying at Union Presbyterian Seminary in Richmond, Va.

Jill Steenhuis Ruffato checked in from the south of France. Her book Art, Soul & Destiny is available on her web site (www.jillsteenhuis.com) and will be in the SBC Bookshop by Thanksgiving. She is still painting and having shows (thank goodness) and still with Serge, who is now a full-time sculptor and lithographer. They had a show in Paris and in Aix in 2011. Jimmy Lee is a high school senior, Sergio graduated from SCAD, and Alexander is married to Erin and does marketing for www.semis-Paris.com.

After many years in D.C./Bethesda, Mary Jane Young Thistlethwaite and husband Bill (W&L) packed up their family for the slower pace of rural Ky. She credits being a mama as her greatest accomplishment, but does this sound like she’s resting? Mary Jane is a founder of the Museum of American Music in Helena, Ark., serves on the Advisory Council for the Governor School of Arts, is finalizing two screenplays and writing music. Bill is a surgeon. They have two sons: Taylor (26) works as an American Specialist with Case Antique and Auction in Knoxville. Clay (17) is a junior at Glasgow HS.

Betsy Thomas Rook’s husband Roger had prostate cancer last year, but has been cancer free since March 2011. He is a retired actor and president of the Southwest Herpetological Society in LA. They have four snakes, a lynx point Siamese shelter kitty, and two sons. Wiley (18) attends community college in Salt Lake and works as a nursing assistant. Kirby (14) is in HS and big into sports. Betsy is writing and auditioning, and will be participating in “Monologue,” a show on Pasadena public access TV similar to “America’s Got Talent.” She enjoyed seeing Susan Boline Thompson and Myth Monnich Bayoud in Dallas last year.

Laurie Newman Tuchel has spent the past year straddling both sides of the Atlantic. Her eldest son graduated from Emerson College (Boston) in May and is relocating to LA. Her youngest has entered his final year at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. She and Chas have a home in the Bahamas and one in Edinburgh and spend many months of the year cycling.

Sandra Rappaccioli Padilla and husband Max live in Managua where Max is a full time coffee grower. Their eldest son Max Carlos is working in Atlanta for a construction company. Jorge graduated from SMU and is back working in Managua. Sandra Lucia is studying culinary arts at Johnson and Wales U in Miami. Violeta just started her freshman year at Villanova. Felipe is at home, a sophomore in high school.

Anne Secor and her husband live in the Laurentian mountains north of Montreal, and have opened a store called TECHSPA, which specializes in technology: devices and training, and graphic design. Her stepson Julian took a semester off from university to help out during the summer. Anne also started a new full-time job in January as Art & Design Director for a community newspaper called Main Street (themainstreet.org). She and her family enjoyed a glorious beach vacation in Maine. Her twin girls, Romy and Naia, turned six in June and are now first graders!

Diana Tarride Palmer was diagnosed with breast cancer in March. After chemo in Ft. Worth, in Oct. she was scheduled to go to MD Anderson in Houston for radiation. Her daughter Anna is a senior in high school this year.

Francie Root had a fascinating trip to Cuba with Georgia Schley Ritchie in Jan. Francie’s summer was spent recouping from bilateral knee replacement and waiting for the bionics to kick in. She was looking forward to some beach time. After a gap year in Australia, Georgia’s son Addison moved to Ohio Wesleyan for his freshman year. After that, Georgia was headed to Marrakesh in Sept.

Nancy Bade Fuller has a grandbaby! She and Drew travel to see their daughter Caroline and her husband Tee and baby Tripp in Philadelphia, where Tee goes to business school. Elizabeth works in Houston and Craig, their youngest, is a sophomore at Ga. Nancy wishes they all lived closer to San Antonio!

Lind Robinson Bussey plans to spend a lot of time in Charlottesville, Va: her daughter Jenny Lind lives in C-ville with her husband who is completing a fellowship in radiology at UVa. They were expecting a baby boy in early Oct. While visiting her daughter this summer, Lind ran into Missy Gentry Witherow and her daughters, Ann Darden Self with her daughter who is a sophomore at UVa, Martha Fruehauf, and Lisa Sturkie Greenberg whose youngest son Christopher is at UVa. Back home in Jackson, Miss., her son John is working with his dad. Her youngest son, Anderson, is a senior at Ole Miss.

Liz Swearingen-Edens enjoyed a summer visit to Canada. Her eldest is driving and her “baby” has started high school. Her design/illustration business continues, as does Liz Paper (www.lizpaper.com).

Toni Santangelo Archibald says all is well in Rye, N.Y. She is divorced, very happily living in a great apartment at Westchester Country Club, and working at her high school alma mater Holy Child. Her eldest Johnny (25) works in Denver. Her other kids are 23 and 20.

Beth Blair McKinney feels content in Wilson, N.C. Her law practice is going well and Mac is in D.C. working on the Hill.

Shannon Thompson Eadon wants to come back as one of her children. Logan graduated from MICA in June and is looking for a job in graphic design in N.Y. Tucker is a junior at Endicott living in a 6 BR house on the beach. Shannon works crazy hours raising lots of money for the Count Basie Theatre, a wonderful arts and education venue. Gordie is an investment banker. They are coming up on 30 in May and counting their blessings.

Ann Connolly Simpson traveled this summer in Va. and N.C. with her new beau, and celebrated 22 years at The Dragon’s Nest toy store. Hannah (23) is in grad school at Simmons for her Masters in Education.

Claire Dennison Griffith feels like she’s in a pinball machine. She works with juniors and seniors on SAT and ACT prep through Direct Hits Education and oversees the publishing and sales of two vocabulary books. Find her on twitter @directhitsfan. Ted (26) works in Atlanta and Charlie (20) is a sophomore at TCU. Luther is in venture capital.

Florence Rowe Barnick is still with the newspaper (associate publisher of the Free-Lance Star). Her twins received associate degrees from Landmark College and are now at Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston. George is a sophomore at Stafford HS. Her fun news is that her family learned they descend from Pocahontas (10th g-grandmother). Jeanette and I are now official members of the Patawomeck Tribe!

Catherine Flaherty has sent her eldest, Killian, to college at Creighton in Omaha. He’s there with his cousin, son of Catherine’s sister-in-law Anne Riordan Flaherty ’78. Catherine’s son Callaghan is a junior at Benilde St. Margaret’s and a starting linebacker on the varsity team. Macartan is a high school freshman and plays soccer. Both of them beat their mom in sports… how is that possible? Her direct mail business, Money Mailer, is doing well and she cherishes time with family and SBC friends. She mentioned good times with Fannie Zollicoffer Mallonee, Ginny Faris Hoffman and Amy Campbell Lamphere.

Wishing there was room for every word from Ginny Faris Hoffman! Even though, or maybe because we’ve all skidded past 50, Ginny is more grateful than ever for her Sweet Briar sisters. She proclaims that she’s “had as good times with my SBC buds as ever before…maybe even better” with friends, “each a remarkably resilient, smart and funny ‘vixen.’ Yes, we are most aptly called vixens now. We’ve cooked great meals together, sampled titillating spirits and laughed until we’ve cried at funny stories of shared times: four plus decades worth now. We’ve married, birthed babies, buried parents and in some cases divorced husbands. Through it all, these SBC women are among the gifts in my post-fifty life which I treasure the most.”

So, who’s ready for Reunion? Lots of us, apparently! 2015 is just around the corner!