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Janet Baldwin McColloch: I’m in Dallas, finally an empty nester after 26 years! Our daughter Anne Lindsey married her long-time beau from Washington and Lee, Davin Hunt. Mike and I had so much fun seeing all the W & L people from his years there. Catherine graduated from W & L in May and we moved her to Houston where she’s teaching at a charter school. Mike Jr. is in college in northern ID. I’m busy with tennis and bridge and have recently started tutoring French to junior high and high school students. Hope to go to the next reunion—it’s been too long!

Hannah Craighill Morehead: No real news; Chip and I are still in Baltimore and both of our children (Sarah, 25 and Ben, 23) live nearby. I teach in a small preschool and work with Corby Hancock Pine. Mary Harris and I try to get together when schedules permit, and it’s always great to catch up. My mother is still in Charlotte in the house I grew up in, so I’m down there several times a year. My sister, Mary Craighill Tourgee ’81, lives in Amherst, and we enjoy spending time in the SB vicinity when we visit! l also have enjoyed catching up with Becky Trulove Symons when visiting Sally Colhoun Engram in NC.

Louise Mueller Cook: Two sons: Craig, sophomore at Schreiner U. in Kerrville, TX; Fritz, freshman at TX A&M, Galveston. Stay in touch with Claire Cartwright Vaughn ’78, Diane Dillworth Gates ’80.When I have free time I spend it with and riding my horses.

Lauren McMannis Huett: My last went off to college in London for the fall with Skidmore Coll. where she’ll go in the spring. My first 2 children, Kate and Phillip, both got engaged. Kate will get married in NYC in 9/2013; Phil at the Cape (at our yacht club) in 8/2014 so lots of fun planning! Phil is in residency at UPMC in Pittsburgh for ENT surgery, and Kate works for a start-up called Howaboutwe.com. Peter works in Boston at Stark Corporation and Chip will graduate from Gettysburg Coll. in 5/2013. I’m still a residential interior decorator and now have a website and a blog, laurenhuyettinteriors.com. I blogged recently about Nancy White and her Flower Bar in Larchmont, NY. Not only did we go to SBC together, but high school as well! I also see Mimi Doe ’80 a bit here in Concord, MA. Husband Bill still travelling a lot with McKinsey and Company. My Mom, Lois Gene Patton ’44, is doing great, just turned 90 and totally great with computers, iPads, etc!

Ashley Wilson Brooke: Loved seeing Becky Trulove Symons during the NC Debutante Ball this Sept! Her daughter Anne and my daughter made their debuts together! They also had a creative writing class at UNC together this fall. Heard from Kathy Pittman Moore via Facebook! Hope to get down to Wilson for a fun visit soon! I love the immediate gratification that Facebook affords me! In my perfect world, we’d all return for our next reunion! I think several of us are planning to crash the Class of ’77’s reunion this year! Please come to our reunion 2014! Love to all! P.S.: It was grand seeing Becky’s parents and sisters at the ball.

Nancy Hatch Schwartzmiller: 2012 was a roller coaster year for my family. We ended up losing Mom in April (3 weeks before her 91st B-day) and Dad in June (3 weeks after his 96th B-day). There were so many beautiful moments mixed in with the difficult ones. Their long and productive lives were quite a love story to say the least. My father truly died of a broken heart. I miss both of them daily, but know that they’re together. Anyway, life is fragile, and we must appreciate the good and bad times along the way.

Catherine Calello Staples is still living in Devon, PA, and teaching in the honors program at Villanova U. Her poetry collection, “The Rattling Window”(Ashland Poetry Press, 2013), won McGovern Prize and is due out in April, (available on Amazon & SPD). She also has achapbook “Never a Note Forfeit”(Seven Kitchens Press, 2011), which she wrote in honor of her beloved brother Paul Calello. Her children are all well, the oldest Claire, is living the life of the starving artist in Oakland, CA. Natalie is spending her junior year studying at U. of Exeter in southwest of England, and the youngest, Kevin, is off to Columbia U. in the fall. She and her husband Jim will be empty nesters next year.She’d love to hear from classmates:[email protected]

Page Breakell Beeler: Things are fine down here in Martinsville, VA. I’m planning a June wedding for my youngest daughter Jennifer. She’s marrying an attorney from Martinsville who lives 2 houses away from us. I guess we’ll be like Everybody Loves Raymond. My oldest daughter, Kathryn, will be without her husband for 9 mos. He’s being deployed this month to Afghanistan. Keep him in your prayers. Looking forward to a mini SBC reunion in Richmond this summer. Cindi Little Townsend is getting a group together.

Nancy White: We just celebrated our 2nd anniversary of owning The Flower Bar: “the most extraordinary flowers in Westchester County.” I’m loving building the business and also playing with flowers, although it has it’s challenges. Still living in our antique farmhouse, but no time to enjoy and appreciate due to the shop. I’ve become a real “townie” now that I own a local shop—I’m on the board of the local Chamber of Commerce and President of the Larchmont Historical Society. I also mentor a local high school senior girl through a program funded by Judge Judy called “Her Honor.” On the personal front, John and I will be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary the day before Mother’s Day (I guess we’ll wait to celebrate afterwards). Despite the physical changes, I’m loving the 50s.

Mary “Robbie” McBride Bingham: Youngest son William going to high school. I’m not sure I’m ready. He is. My oldest, Sam, will be a senior in high school. He’s attending school and working at Sandia National labs in NM. I volunteer at the Carnegie Natural History Museum and will be in active job search mode once it comes time to hire teachers. I’m really enjoying Pittsburgh after being in the west for so long.