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Living here in Noumea, New Caledonia, has brought many surprises, challenges, and even some disappointments. Rick and I were able to come back to PA for our son Andrew’s wedding to Esther Martin in Aug. I’m amazed at the underwater life waiting just a short distance away, and also continue to wish I had taken more invertebrate zoology! Thanks to Margaret Simpson, who challenged us with that collection of specimens from the Pacific. The lagoon around the island, within the coral reef, is an amazing sight. This island is full of adventure, not to mention all of the French bread, wine and cheese!

Paula Brown Kelley has been busy with weddings and Navy football, and trips down to SBC to see daughter, Genny, perform with the Sweet Tones and play lacrosse. She continues to stay busy with commercial real estate in the D.C. area, while husband Jack is still with NASA.

Jean Beard Barden met with Ann Maricle Stefano, Lu Litton Griffin, Janet Smalley Todd, Julia Sutherland, Sue Griste Russell, and Becky Dane Evans for a visit in Charleston, SC, this past Feb. (Ann came all the way from CA.) They’re planning another get together in Bar Harbor, ME, so that Cecelia Garcia-Tuñon Lear can join. Jean’s son Scott is working in NYC, and daughter Lelia will graduate from Hobart in May. Jean keeps busy with small assignments in consulting.

Julia Sutherland chimed in about their mini-reunion, adding that conferencing in Cecelia by phone was fun! Julia and husband Phil went on the SBC sponsored tour to Cuba in Jan., “an amazing trip and one that I never thought would be possible,” which included visits to artists’ studios, museums, musical performances and lectures on modern art, Havana’s architecture, and the Cuban economy. Her two-year-old business, Sutherland Consulting, keeps her busy with crisis and litigation communication.

Ann Key Lucas was disappointed to have missed Reunion last year. Son William (22) graduated from U. of Dayton and is now in Cincinnati working for Fidelity Investments. Older son John (24) in living in St. Louis, and (also a U. of Dayton grad) helps with the family shop, Baumann’s Meats. Youngest son Hunt is a sophomore at U. of Dayton.

Clare Cartwright Vaughn and husband George are opening a Youth Wildlife Conservation Photography Program at their ranch in South TX, but they enjoyed time in Dallas when son Gus married his college sweetheart!

Kim Hershey Hatcher’s son George married his girlfriend of 12 years, Alexandra Lane Hostetter, in Easton, MD, last July. Daughter Lynn graduated from St. James School in MD, and attends Gettysburg Coll. For summer training Lynn used the indoor track and outdoor fields at SBC for a few days last Aug. They stayed with husband George’s aunt, Mary Smith Brugh ’57, at her home, “The Brick House” in Clifford. “There is hardly a day when I don’t think about my time at SBC and of professors like Miss Sprague who taught me so much.”

Lee Corollo Boyes is still teaching h.s. chemistry, as well as teaching student teachers at the local university to become science teachers! Lee’s son followed in her footsteps, also teaching in an h.s. classroom, yet after six years decided to get a second master’s degree from U. of WI. The only person Lee hears from is roomie Tricia who is in San Diego.

Mimi Borst Quillman got together in Center Sandwich, NH, with Ginny Craig and Mary Goodwin Gamper at the Gamper house last July. Mimi and Mary also got together with Meg Richards Wiederseim for Meg’s birthday. Meg is now executive director of the Devon Horse Show, Devon, PA. Mary will visit her daughter (in Durham, England) while she is in grad school and playing lacrosse. Mary will also attend the National Bee Conference in England, as she raises bees in Towson, MD.

Nancyellen Keane Smithers’ son West III is applying to law schools. Daughter Austin is a junior at St. Catherine’s. Austin holds the school record for the 55-meter dash with 7.49 seconds! Nancyellen is still working as a lawyer in Richmond, while husband West is working at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting in D.C.

Cassandra Smith Babbitt has been bouncing around the world (Saudi Arabia, England, Philippines) for many years, but is now in Orono, ME, working as a paralegal. The great outdoors of ME, hiking, skiing and kayaking keep Cassandra busy. She has one child at home and three who are settled (for the time being) in Hong Kong and ME.

Katie Renaud Baldwin in OR still teaches first and second grade. Her oldest daughter is an RN, soon to be BSN! Katie’s youngest is in San Francisco. Katie reflected on how lucky she was, with parents (90 and 92) doing well, and able to make it to a family reunion last summer in Duck, NC. She hopes to make the trip back to Duck this coming summer.

Jane Lauderdale Armstrong’s son David is working for an investment bank in Atlanta, while daughter Kate will be graduating from W&L in May ’14 with a double major in music history and bio-chem. The plan is for her to take a gap year before heading on to medical school. Mike is working for a computer software group, while Jane is still teaching part time at Westminster Schools.

Ieke Osinga Scully (New England) stated that Mark was at a new job in NYC three days a week and also in the Simsbury office, close to home! Their oldest, Brendan, is an analyst for an actuarial consulting group in Chicago. Ieke visited him there last Oct. Second son, William, will be graduating from Trinity College in May ’14 with degrees in physics and German. Youngest son, Kirk, is now a senior in h.s. and training at Mt. Snow Ski Academy for slopestyle skiing. He plans to attend college in CO. Ieke keeps occupied taking care of her mini-horse, pony and chickens, singing in the Women’s Praise choir and volunteering at the local historical society.

From the West Coast, Holly McGlothlin wrote: “Won’t have a big veggie garden this year due to no rain, but I do hope to be making more peach jam this summer!”

Cindy Whitley Auman has had no luck with the job hunt since being downsized in 2012. “Hubby Dave is still partner at his firm, and I’m raising a yellow lab puppy, Riley. We’re heading to Napa Valley in March for a wine-country trip.”

Mary Page Stewart says: “Cannie Crysler Shafer and Win, and Kathy Jackson Howe and Root joined us to ring in the New Year at our new place in FL! I look forward to hosting more mini-reunions down there! This marks my last year of teaching.”

Cathy Mellow Goltermann says twins, Catherine and Christen, graduated from Westminster Coll. in Fulton, MO, with degrees in early education. Catherine is teaching at a parochial girls’ school, Oak Hill Nursery School and Christen is teaching kindergarten at a charter school, Better Learning Communities Academy. Woody is finishing his junior year at Ole Miss and is involved with his fraternity ATO. Cathy is still teaching pre-school and is a “mother’s helper” and dog sitter on the side. Chris is still manufacturing shoe laces.

Anne Taylor Quarles Doolittle is still in Nashville. Husband Bob’s son and daughter have graced them with six grandchildren (age 1.5 to 16). Daughter Betsy Beveridge is now associate director of admissions at McDaniel Coll. Anne rides almost daily and sees Emily Dick twice a week during hunt season. Her parents and family business in Fredericksburg, VA, have been through major changes, requiring Anne to return there monthly. She and Bob spend the summers on Cape Cod in Truro, MA, where they’re very near both The Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown and Castle Hill Center for the Arts.

Carol Baugh Webster enjoys being a marketing consultant for small businesses, and celebrated the 10-year anniversary of her company, Cassel International, in Aug. ’13. She and Tim haven’t been doing much traveling in the last few years, “as it is difficult to arrange with taking care of aging parents. We plan on going to my godson’s graduation in May in Atlanta.” Carol hears from Jane Hemenway, Sally-Ann Polson Slocum, Katie Renaud Baldwin and Lu Litton Griffin through Facebook. Youngest son Blake will be married April 26.

Katherine Powell Heller and John are looking forward to traveling in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Kyoto, Japan. With their youngest graduating in May 13, Katherine was hoping to see Carey Johnson Fleming in Hilton Head during the summer.

Lenore Cox is still in Richmond working for Genworth Financial and also mentioned that major h.s. reunion coming up!

From VT, Lauren Place Young got to see roommate Marianne Hutton Felch ’79 and Janet Deans ’77 when both godmothers attended Marianne’s daughter Sarah’s wedding in Bermuda in Jan. Lauren’s daughter Brittany is in Boston, as is son Jake, although Jake was able to snag a one month stint for a nonprofit in HI! Daughter McKenna is attending Rollins U. in FL, and enjoyed a six-week internship in Madrid.

In Nov. ’13 Helen Bauer Bruckmann’s daughter Meg, graduate of W&L, was married in the Bahamas. (Helen and David moved from outside London to the Bahamas in the last year.) Classmates Michelle Tarride Frazier, Missy Powell Adams, Emily Dick McAllister, Lizabeth Lambert Bowden and her daughter Zara, and Lisanne Purvis Davidson attended the wedding while also coming early and staying afterwards. Drew Springer Oswalt with her husband and family also attended. Sadly Audrey Townsend Bertram was unable to attend at the last minute due to a family illness. Muffy Hamilton Parsons and others wanted to express their sadness over the passing of Laura Pryor and Valerie Phillips, as well as Paxson McDonald, a great friend of Suzanne Collins Kilborn, being ill.

Sally-Ann Polson is president of MedWatch, a national medical management firm. Her husband of 29 years has spent much of the last five years traveling to Iraq and Afghanistan. Son Steven graduated From U. of SC. Sally-Ann is still in touch with Mavis Ray Griffith in Dallas or at their ranch in Blanco, TX, and Jana Joustra Davis ’80, as well as Lee Malley ’84.

Barbara Mendelssohn Price enjoyed entertaining Janet Smalley Todd, Sue Griste Russell and Jean Beard Barden in FL, where they had a mini-reunion and “enjoyed biking, eating, talking and being together reminiscing about SBC and JYF. Our first son has graduated Vanderbilt and is working as a design engineer in Detroit for GM and our second son is graduating from SMU in Dallas, but plans to continue studying for a master’s.” She and her husband have moved into a co-op in D.C. “I’m still riding, playing tennis, playing golf and bridge. I walk to classes at the Alliance Francaise to keep up my French.”

While it is always fun to hear what you have all been up to, hearing about accomplishments, large and small, and the major events of life, it’s also always great to see the names of a few “long lost” classmates! As time goes by, we are all too often reminded of the passing of time, the loss of a loved one or dear friend, and school days remembered with the news that a favorite professor has left us. It was indeed a rough time at SBC this past fall and winter. Remember to stay in touch, any time, one way or another.