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Reunion was the SBC highlight this past spring, and so many of you were missed, but great to hear from those of you who have been ‘off the grid’ for a while! You’ve been missed! Hope to hear from more of you in the future!
Becky Mulvihill McKenna spent last summer driving coast to coast to attend her daughter’s graduations (and subsequent moves!) with a nice side trip to Bangor, ME, to stay with Cecie Garcia Tunon Lear. Katie (29) is in her 1st yr. of medical residency (family medicine) in Portland, OR; Maggie (27) completed her master’s in sustainable community development, working in urban farming in the Twin Cities. Erin (25) just received a master’s in clinical social work (Boston) but has moved back to St. Louis to start the job hunt. “No engagements yet. I’m afraid they might all happen at nearly the same time! Yikes!” Becky continues with her private practice in marriage and family therapy, as well as being a professor. Husband Ken has been at a St. Louis high school as a college guidance/personal counselor for 25 yrs. and still loves it, but has a 2nd ‘career’ as a traditional Irish musician.
Julia Sutherland took a leap of faith, jumping from Public Strategies after 11 yrs. to her own public relations consulting business. With a half dozen clients she if off to a strong start! Her home office, the space formerly known as “Phil’s study,” is a plus, along with her “2 loyal and only occasionally loud Scottish Terriers!” Julia also reports that the “real house” they moved into 3 yrs. ago was expected to have all renovations complete by the end of Sept. Be sure to clean out those air ducts!
Lenore Cox is still in Richmond, but was glad to have come back to SBC for reunions to catch up with everyone. She says it was great fun catching up with roomie Katherine Powell Heller, as well the other Class of ’78 friends at Reunion!
Ieke Osinga Scully wrote in from Simsbury, CT, about a mini-reunion with Jane Hemenway, Dana Dotten and Dana’s daughter Ariel. It made it a little easier after having missed Reunion this year. Ieke had to have ankle surgery so was unable to attend. Son Kirk is a senior and freestyle skier at Simsbury High School. William is a senior at Trinity Coll. in Hartford, where he is co-captain of the crew team, which led to a family vacation in London to watch William participate in the Royal Henley Regatta! Another highlight was oldest son Brendan’s graduation from Middlebury Coll. in VT. Brendan now works in Chicago as an actuarial consultant for Milliman. Ieke and Mark continue with their little farm—“ducks, chickens, dogs, mini-horse and pony…all made a bit tricky this year because of the ankle operation.” She also continues singing with the Women’s Praise Choir at church and volunteers with the Simsbury Historical Society, adding “Time flies too quickly. You are 50 (something) before you know it.”
Jane Hemenway wrote in also about the mini-reunion. Jane has been involved with a wonderful project, helping the SBC history department. After reading Daisy’s entries in a diary, Jane realized that much of the NYC Daisy described was preserved and standing. “Daisy was a remarkable, sophisticated young woman—who bounced back and forth to NYC and Sweet Briar. When she was in NY she was a foodie; a fashionista; a culture vulture—and the NY of Daisy and her mom/best friend is here!” Stay tuned! Jane is also busy with college hunting for daughter Elizabeth (17), a senior at Spence School. Son John is a sophomore at Grace Church School and part of pioneering a new high school in NYC near Cooper Union in Greenwich.
Another Jane, Jane Armstrong, and husband Mark are still in Atlanta, where Jane is in her 14th yr. of teaching at her alma mater Westminster Schools. Son David recently finished his master’s in accounting and works for an investment bank while daughter Kate will graduate next spring from W&L with a double-major in biochemistry and music.
Robin Jones Eddy can’t seem to stay away from a party! She hosted a small group at her place the Thursday before Reunion and apparently “had a heckuva time keeping up with my roommate once again…Jackson…at Dru’s (Springer daughter’s) wedding…it was a blast and lots of Sweet Briar gals of all ages!” She also enjoyed catching up with Helen Bauer Bruckman. After those festivities Robin is ready to go back to Mobile, AL!
Cannie Crysler Shafer commented on what a fun Reunion we had but also reported the loss of her “wonderful Aunt Nancy” (Nancy Baldwin) in the beginning of Aug. “As my sister Sophie and I read all the dozens of notes and letters we are receiving, it is confirming something we knew already…how influential she was to generations of SBC students and staff!” They were both looking forward to the memorial service on Homecoming Weekend as “a celebration of a special person who was in a special place!”
After a long absence, Nancy Robinson Lindberg wrote in, 3 sons and 32 yrs. of marriage later! Andy (28) recently married and is a teacher; Tim just returned from 2 yrs. in the Peace Corps and is looking to become a physician’s assistant; Alex (22) is finishing up college before “taking over the world!” Nancy is in her 23rd yr. of a medical practice in Enfield, CT. “It has been a rollercoaster of a ride, but it is nice to be a dinosaur and have stayed in the same practice for so long.” She and husband Mike are passionate about hiking and have climbed the 48 4,000-footers in NH. They were excited about some other new plans for “self-inflicted torture” later in the summer. They were in Solda, Italy, last July and did some great climbs in the Alps. “Don’t let anyone imply age is a limitation; one of our hiking buddies is 83!”
Barbara Behrens Peck wrote in from Greensboro, NC, “enjoying our 2nd yr. as empty nesters!” Sarah (23) works in NYC in advertising, Haley (19) is a sophomore at Chapel Hill and husband Jeff is still with International Textile Group, but finds time to keep a vegetable garden, making cooking together a joy! The 2 spend as much time as possible with the girls, traveling and catching up with family and friends. Barbara still consults with a nonprofit, dealing with art installations for the city of Greensboro, and is active in the art community as president of the Weatherspoon Art Museum Board andon the board of the artist collaborative Elsewhere, a “living museum.” Having recently been invited to rejoin Sweet Briar’s Friends of Art board, she was excited to reconnect with other SBC alumnae on the board. If anyone comes to Greensboro, she would love to take you on a tour of its art community!
Hallie Cardwell reports from Austin that son D.W. attends Woodberry Forest as a freshman. “I’m delighted his selection for boarding school will bring me back to VA for many visits over the next 4 yrs.”
Liz Williams was able to make it to Reunion. She and husband Chuck spent a lot of time last summer on their sailboat, “the weather was unusually cooperative this year.” They are both coming to the conclusion that, when talking about owning a house, “20 yrs. is the magic number for everything to start falling apart,” hence the many home projects they have had to undertake! Liz still works as a management consultant while foxhunting in her spare time.
News from Truro, MA: Anne Taylor Doolittle looked forward to returning to Nashville and her horses. She was busy with a family business, working with the shareholder’s council during a transition to a non-family management for the 1st time in 3 generations. Daughter Betsy has been a senior admissions director at McDaniel Coll. in Westminster, MD, but was hoping to find similar work in Northern VA to be closer to a steady boyfriend in Alexandria. One reason for wanting to head back to Nashville…6 grandchildren! Anne was sorry to miss Reunion but adds that she is on Facebook.
Speaking of Westminster (Coll.), Cathy Mellow Goltermann wrote in that her twin daughters graduated, with Catherine teaching at Oak Hill Nursery School and Christen teaching Kindergarten at Better Learning Children’s Academy. Son Woody is a junior at Ole Miss and “livin’ large” in Alpha Tau Omega, which he pledged. Cathy still teaches preschool and is a “mother’s helper” in the afternoons. Chris still manufactures shoelaces. Both enjoy having the girls back in St. Louis!
Paula Brown Kelley and Jack just got back from delivering daughter Genny to SBC, where she is a freshman and was tapped to be a Sweet Tone! It was a beautiful day and the campus looked gorgeous. It was an emotional experience being greeted in the Wailes Lounge to check in. Prior to the start of school, Paula hosted incoming freshmen (in the D.C. area) and their families. Several “young” alumnae (15 yrs. out) attended, as well as several current students. It was exciting to hear about the careers of recent graduates. Through social media, Paula discovered that Liz Maynard has a daughter at SBC who is a junior! It was fun to connect with Liz and to discover that both girls are in the same dorm. Son JP is a senior at Loyola U. in Baltimore, majoring in finance. He recently completed an internship with the parent company of Transamerica in Baltimore but hopes to work in NY after graduation. Paula continues to operate Kelley Commercial Real Estate Inc. in Fairfax. The market is always a challenge but she enjoys the variety of transactions. She is very involved in her local Rotary Club as its 3rd female president. The empty nest is strange but Paula and Jack had a busy fall planned. Classmates are always welcome to look them up if they are passing through the D.C. area!
Holly McGlothlin went back to Reunion after 15 yrs. It was fun showing Mike around and catching up. “How the campus has changed! Elevators, phones, fans and real heaters in rooms! Spent the rest of the summer tending to my veggies so I could make pasta sauce, pickles and peach jam for the winter. Had a great time seeing Suzanne Stryker Ullrich and Rick for dinner in San Francisco on their way back East.”
Muffy Hamilton Parson also had a blast at Reunion. They are excited that oldest James will graduate from college in Dec. Younger son Spencer is a senior at Roanoke Coll. and on the lacrosse team. It has been fun for Muffy to watch his games and see Robin Jones Eddy, Toni Christian Brown and Lynn Spillman.
Katherine Powell Heller has been busy staying afloat with 3 separate water-related incidents, along with the insurance claims that went along with them, stating that it ‘dampened’ their fun for about 6 mos. The unusual rains in Atlanta last summer kept most everybody inside. She was very much looking forward to fall football season. Her youngest daughter is a senior at U. GA; the oldest is a Kindergarten teacher at a charter school in the Boston area.
Ann Yauger is busy doing special events for Christopher Guy…a luxury furniture design and manufacturing company based in Singapore. Her most recent projects (all in NYC) were planning the grand opening for CGNY, a national sales meeting and another event called What’s New What’s Next @ 200 Lex in Sept. Busy lady!
One of the baseball caps for sale at The Book Shop in June was a spin on Dr. Seuss’s “Oh, The Places You’ll Go.” This particularly holds true for Carolyn Ennis. She works with UNHCR in Kinshasa, Congo, as senior regional officer. In 1/14, she will be assistant regional representative (protection), DRC. Daughters Sara and Mariam are both in college and fluent in German! “Thanks, Herr Horwege, for the German foundation our family has thanks to the SBC German department!” After moving from Iraq to the DRC, Carolyn has been able to visit Zanzibar, Cape Town, Nairobi and Pretoria, as well as D.C. last Sept. She still runs, but more slowly in the heat and humidity, and no marathons since Istanbul 2008. Talk about travel!
Another traveler, Jean Beard Barden, has been on a road trip of a lifetime. Jean took off in her Mini Cooper from Stamford, CT, and ‘Go West, Young Lady’ she went! She wrote, “I am on an adventure to explore our great country: from Niagara Falls, Badlands, Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons and Glacier National Park to Zion Park and the Blue Ridge Mountains…and parts of the country I have not visited, like Salt Lake City. I am driving in my little mini and camping with the skills I learned last year from my 50-day mountaineering expedition in India. Beside that I continue to be unemployed, but searching…sort of!” Wow!
Cindy Whitley Auman is also ‘searching…sort of!’ after downsizing in late 2012. She continues to work on house renovations and raising lab puppy Riley. Husband Dave continues in his own firm, and the 3 of them enjoy spending time at the Outer Banks with friends.
Katie Renaud Baldwin was also in the Outer Banks this past summer, at a family reunion in Duck, NC. Then there was camping in OR, weddings in CA before heading back to reality teaching 1st and 2nd grade. “Lots of changes, aligning standards, new curriculums, report cards, etc. My year will really be busy!” Daughter Amanda is an RN, busy looking for jobs, doing part-time nursing, as well as going back to school for her BSN. Daughter Emily is done with college, looking for jobs, but spending time fishing in AK to make money. Otherwise, all is well in OR!
Missy Powell Adams reports her twin boys are doing well. She recently visited Philip, who lives and works in San Diego and Whitman, who lives and works in Denver. Far from Baltimore, but great spots to visit.
Michelle Tarride Frazier, Audrey Townsend, Missy Powell Adams, Emily Dick McAllister, Lizabeth Lambert Bowden and daughter Zara, and Lisanne Purvis Davidson will head to the Bahamas in Nov. for the wedding of Helen Bauer Bruckman’s daughter Meg. The girls are planning on staying afterward for a few days to catch up and enjoy the beauty of the area. Michelle also reports that her family is doing well. Son John graduated from TX Christian U. and is back in Houston working and enjoying his friends. Daughter Margaret is a junior at TCU.
Audrey Townsend enjoyed attending Reunion with her former roomie Michelle. It was a wonderful weekend.
And so, life takes slight turns, bends and presents some hills to climb, literally and figuratively. Rick and I were sent off to New Caledonia, in the middle of the Coral Sea, for a short-term assignment. The French territory has certainly presented some changes and challenges, as well as many adventures! While it takes us far from family and friends, we adjust and enjoy! The snorkeling, kayaking and sailing help us forget, for a short time, those we miss so much. Alex (32) works in computer software engineering outside Philadelphia; Andrew (30) married this past summer (which we were able to come back for) and works for a German network domain company outside Philadelphia; Ned is learning the challenges and joys of dog ownership in Reading, PA, while working as a metallurgist for Carpenter Technology. We are not sure where the next assignment will be, but we will enjoy this window of opportunity while we can! The very long trips back and forth from Philadelphia to Noumea, including layovers, give us time to catch up with friends on both coasts. My time here on the other side of the world has given me time to catch up with many friends, but there are still many I’d like to reconnect with. Technology has changed the way this happens. (Sorry…snail mail from here is ‘iffy’ and expensive.) So, as a way to ‘reach out and touch,’ please be patient when you receive multiple emails or Facebook messages. In my efforts to reach as many of you as possible…well, it will take some time. Those I wasn’t able to reach this time, feel free to contact me…if you wish, with your preferred contact info. We’d love to hear from you. Besides, we’d like to get information about the Reunion pictures to you! Maybe that will help entice you to join the fun in 2018!