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Susan Griffith Grossman: I’m a professor at Providence College in RI and live in NYC (Union Sq. area) with second husband of 20 years. He’s now retired from his professorship at U. of CA, Berkeley, and we each have private psychotherapy practices in NY. My three children from my first marriage are all grown: Meghan (36) lives in Farmington Hills, MI, where she’s a psychiatric case manager for adults; the second and third are identical twin girls (34). The elder, Elizabeth, lives near Dallas, TX, with her son Jordan (12) The younger twin, Moira, lives outside of Pittsburgh and has two daughters Molly (6) in first grade and Charlotte (3). Hopefully they’ll follow in their grandmother’s footsteps, as I did in mine. My grandmother Katherine Knorr from Fargo, ND, attended SBC when the lower floor of Grammer was used as the quarters for the maid each student brought with her! I speak to Mary Winston Blount and Carolyn Williams Seeling less frequently than I’d like and always hold my SBC friends in my heart. I think the best birthday party I ever had was the surprise “Tacky 20th” that Dorothy Lear ’78 threw for me in the campus Laundromat!

Ann Crossingham Cannon: Two grandchildren, boy (2) and a girl (4 mos.) Still work with rescue. Formed my own 501 c 3 Spay It Forward whose mission is to help fund spay and neuter pets of low income families. Have eight dogs of our own and have two foster dogs. Still feed five retired saddlebreds in barn behind house. And still show saddlebreds. Been married for 37 years. Garden, volunteer on boards, take care of dogs, horses and family. Think often of SBC.

Carolyn Williams Seeling: I continue to enjoy work with elementary school kids in special ed. Son Justin (27) married Emily Hartsough in June ’13. They’re both working in the world of international medicine. We’ll celebrate his getting a master’s from Boston U. We will celebrate daughter Sarah’s (21) graduation, also in May, from Franklin & Marshall (psychology). My husband Stephen has a new job working with a medical school, St. Georges, in Grenada. We look forward to a trip to Cuba in two weeks. Jane Maloney ’74 is back in the Philadelphia area! She and I drove to SBC in the fall for the memorial service of Nancy Godwin Baldwin ’57. Saw Jane Mooney, Dorothy Lear Mooney ’78, Sophie Crysler Hart ’81, and Cannie Crysler Shafer ’78, the VanTreese’s and Lee Piepho.

Anne “Rube” Rubel Waddell: I’m doing well as an artist (www.annewaddell.com). I also care for elderly/disabled patients in their homes part time. Husband Jim Waddell has been promoted to portfolio manager for the La Jolla office of Morgan Stanley. Youngest son Jack graduated from San Diego State U. with a degree in mechanical engineering. He plans to work for NASA. Both boys are college graduates with jobs. Jim and I plan to go on our first cruise in March. We’re also going to celebrate our 28th anniversary in Los Cabos Mexico. I hear from Toni DuPont Bredin Massie frequently. She’s in Kona, HI, as I write this. We hope to get together this summer on Nantucket Island.

Debbie Falcigno Carr: Jed and I retired and sold our Alexandria, VA, home and moved back into our south FL townhouse last fall. I am also doing some consulting in between to support special initiatives for the CDC and national not-for-profits.

Dee Hubble Dolan: I’m still loving employment at Brandermill Woods Retirement Community outside of Richmond, VA. All the critters on the farm (Paradise) are healthy, although I’m downsizing to have more free time. Love traveling back to SBC for alumnae board!

Ellen Sellers McDowell: Oldest daughter Emily is getting married in April and moving to Portland, OR—any alumnae out there? Youngest daughter Kate is graduating from Samford in Birmingham in May. I’ll miss my trips to Birmingham and getting to see Lochrane Coleman Smith ’76 and Eve Jackson London ’78. Took a trip to Paris with my daughter Ginny and my sister Susan Sellers Ewing ’71. We’re working on a family history project researching our artist aunt, Rella Rudulph, who lived in Paris for many years. Ran into Sophie MacKenzie Belouet ’68 at the American Cathedral where we had gone with our cousin Lois Seward Kumpers ’58. Daughter Mary Susan is enjoying life in Houston and her work at Baker Hughes as a mechanical engineer. Rex is still traveling back and forth to AL for work, but we got in a fun trip to Spain last fall. I volunteer at church, organize cookbook clubs in Dallas and travel.

Kathy Roantree Renken: Grandson Benjamin was born last June in GA. I’m working towards my master’s in curriculum and design with a focus in instructional design and technology. I still teach a GED class at our church. I tutor math at the local community college.

Beth Wade: Today (2/16) is my 32nd anniversary with IBM. I’m still working in sales and my customer is Homeland Security. Husband John is in his fourth year as CEO of The Clearing, a management consulting small business located near Dupont Circle. Ellie (16) is looking at colleges—only co-ed. Noel, my son, is in 7th grade and is a basketball/football fanatic. We moved Mom and Dad to Rockville from Louisville a couple of years ago.

Fran Scott’s marketing consultancy is celebrating its 15th year. Her son Zach’s music production career (aka CutThroatKid) is beginning to take off. His track “Sidewinder” climbed the charts from #88 to #12 in a matter of days.

Elvira Cash Pecora, Chapel Hill: My husband Chip works for SunTrust bank as a financial adviser and refs recreational/ travelling/h.s./adult soccer. Oldest son Greg works with Schooldude as a customer service rep and plays and coaches soccer. Second son Kent lives in Baltimore and works for Columbia Bank as a teller and also part time for a lawyer. I have returned to teaching four-year-olds as of July. I still work at Talbots most weekends. Chip and I celebrated our 30th anniversary in Oct. with a two-week trip to Italy.

Libby White Drbal: I had a wonderful girls’ weekend in NYC in late Jan. with Vivian Yamaguchi Cohn. Vivian and I will be together again in Lexington, KY, late in April at the three-day Rolex event. We’ll put our house on the market this spring. Oldest son Drew (24) is employed in Boston. I went to a dude ranch in MT last June with a childhood friend. Hoping to visit Maggie Shriver outside of D.C.

Jean Romanske Zaniewski and husband Ken are enjoying their mix of early retirement and late parenthood. Their children (17, 14 and 11) are students in the public schools of Sharon, MA. Jean enjoys reading, writing, gardening, the Unitarian Church, the Sharon Historical Society; and swimming, biking, and running. Jean completed a full Ironman triathlon in Quebec in Aug. ’13.