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Becky Mayer Gutierrez: I just spent a week in Old Orchard Beach, ME, with my 2 oldest sons and families. My 4 grandchildren make it amazing, watching them chase seagulls or being excited about finding seashells. It eases the pain of school starting in less than 10 days. I am teaching a 4/5 class again this year. Summers get shorter and shorter. A friend who graduated in ’83 and I visited SBC in April. We were shocked it had its own exit. We completely enjoyed touring the campus early in the morning. I am truly blessed in life and enjoy its wonders and new experiences.
Debbie Koss McCarthy: Our family news is that Courtney and John and our 2 wonderful grandbabies are moving from Atlanta to Charlotte (woohoo…back in NC!) and Alex has taken a new job in D.C. and is starting an MBA at Georgetown U. The Augustine Literacy Project keeps growing and keeps me way too busy. If any classmates are interested in starting a replication chapter, I’d love to talk with them about it.
Linda Uihlein: I’m still hard at work on Em Paks and Owl’s Nest Games creating more USA outdoor preparedness board and card games. Still involved in fire/rescue work. Still looking for a single male, over 2 ft 4 in., head on top of his shoulders, eyes facing forward, who loves animals, adventure and laughing. If he comes with a ranch—more points. Reconnected with Nan Stuart ’75 at a Foxcroft School reunion. Lots of common connections. She still has an incredible sense of humor. Learned about animal rescue in her Code 3 Assoc. VA classes and found out about our similar lives of working with animals and rescue work. Nan has done more for animals than I ever would. I had lunch with Beverley Crispin Heffernan ’75 via Nan Stuart ’75 when I was in Salt Lake City in Jan. Saw more of Bev and her family in early Aug. Rode Bev’s horses, too. What FUN to reconnect with her and her laugher! Anyone traveling to Charlottesville may feel free to stay at my farm.
Missy Flanigan Clark: I’m happy to report that with our 3rd child graduating from college this May we have had 3 up and 3 down! Woo hoo, no more new tuitions for us!
Gregg Smythe: I am a 2x-granny; my husband finally retired—no regrets leaving D.C. in our dust; we have renovated our house and love porch and dock time; we’ve had a string of summer visitors. Very happy in Charleston.
Vera Blake Thiers: Greetings from sunny Germany—we are having a couple of wks. of great summer weather. Not much to report—everyone is currently healthy and gainfully employed. I look forward to a trip to Elba, Italy (in an RV!), and my fall trip to hunt in Ireland. Let me know if any of you are coming this way—always have room in my dungeon for any SBCers.
Kathy Roantree Renken: This has been a big year for us. We are grandparents to a beautiful boy, Benjamin! Unfortunately, they live in GA. Road trips are in our future! I have gone back to school to get my master’s in curriculum and design, with a specialty in instruction design and technology. I am enjoying relearning the technology—it has greatly changed since I stopped working at Control Data 20 yrs. ago.
Beth Wade: Ellie is 16 and going into junior yr., so we are inundated with SATs and college decisions. Noelly is in 7th grade and plays on 2 basketball teams and on a football team this fall. John’s D.C. management consulting firm is doing well and I am still at IBM in federal sales to Homeland Security. My “relief” comes from running, cycling and Pilates!
Laura Burrell Garden: I met the love of my dreams online 3 yrs. ago and this summer we have bought a ranch in Conifer, CO, named Gratitude Springs. My daughter Sarah is a senior in high school looking at colleges. Son Lloyd is doing an internship in Thun, Switzerland, with the International Ski Federation. I am still painting on glass and selling at art shows.
Carla Kinney Reiniger: Daughter Heather (25) is a seasonal zookeeper at the Indianapolis Zoo. She tends to the giraffe and rhinos. She was an intern in the Marine Mammal exhibit from Aug. ’12-Jan. ’13. She is living her dream! My youngest (18) attends St. Petersburg Coll. here at home. Her dream is to become a nurse/educator for children with Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes, which she has lived with for half her life. My husband Dan continues to work for AT&T on VOIP future technology services. I tend to everyone, including my mother-in-law who has lived in an independent living facility close to us for over 3 yrs. I’m learning to make simple quilts and have begun crocheting again.
Gay Owens Gates: Bob and I celebrated our 30th anniversary cruising to Turks and Caicos, San Juan and St. Thomas in Sept. Lily is beginning her sophomore yr. at Westfield St. studying special education and is an RA this year. Lauren is busy in Philadelphia directing some shows, assistant-producing some shows and nannying to pay the bills.
Fran Scott: Fran is starting her 15th yr. with her company Scott.Gardner Group Inc. in Nashville. Son Zach (a.k.a. CutThroatKid) continues to release new music online and work towards a career as music producer.
Sally Bonham Mohle: Pete and I celebrated our 35th anniversary this year. Also went on 2 short trips—to NC to visit a work friend who took us to see the Biltmore mansion (wow!) and to my 40th high school reunion in Northern VA in June.