Sally Bonham Mohle
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Debbie Koss McCarthy: Our grandchildren Anna Grace and Miles David Ramey live in Atlanta; Nana & Papa love being grandparents. Son Alex lives in DC and works for Smithgroup, an architectural/engineering firm. David is still consulting with Duke Energy, and I’m still directing the Augustine Literacy Project. Check it out atwww.augustineproject.organd let me know if you are interested in starting a replication! There are chapters now in 12 cities. We spend time whenever we can at our mountain house in Lake Lure, which happens to be halfway between Atlanta and Chapel Hill. Life is good.

Vera Blake Thiers: The good news is that little has changed—everyone in the family enjoys good health, is employed and manages to get some “playing” done. I had a good visit with SBC classmates Angela Scully, Linda Guardabassi Michael, Cindy Webb, Paula Brumm Hennessy and Janet Williams Osbourne at Kari Anderson Shipley’s house in FL this past summer. We were watching a movie when a tornado warning came up out of nowhere—it did not phase anyone except Linda and me who hovered under the most stable-looking door frame we could find (no basements in Delray Beach!) We all lived to tell the tale. After FL, I moved north to the DC area only to be followed by storms, which proceeded to knock down 5 trees in my sister’s yard. She heard them fall and prophesied that by 7 the next the morning, there would be workmen in from WV offering to clean up her lawn for just a wee sum. It was 7:15 a.m. when they knocked on the door. The moral of the story for me—one is much more a victim of the elements in the U.S. than here in Germany. And one more bit of news—you can say what you want about Facebook, but it’s a great tool for an expat like me. I found SBC German prof Ron Horwege there. Oh yeah, I also had a great email exchange with Gerry Berg—besides history, reading and many things academic, he’s also into restoring vintage fountain pens and keeping up his shooting skills. He confesses that the latter hobby is one that causes much head-shaking among his European friends. I have revived an old hobby myself and am back to fox-hunting, but to hire a livery horse, I have to go Ireland. Poor me. If any of you SBC riders fancy hunting over the walls and through the muck of Ireland, contact me. It’s a blast!

Cathy Goodhart Henson: I had a great time attending my SBC reunion in May. This summer I became a grandmother to Laura Catherine Marshall, who lives in Little Rock. During 1/13, I really enjoyed SBC’s Living Room Learning at the Atlanta History Center and seeing fellow graduates.

Ellen Sellers McDowell: Have just returned from a trip to Birmingham, AL, to see my youngest daughter Kate perform inStep Singat Samford U. Took some SBC friends,Lochrane Coleman Smith ’76andEve Jackson London ’78,along with me to watch the performance. Had a great visit with both of them. Glenn King Springerand husband John came for my nephew’s wedding in 1/13 so it was wonderful to catch up with them. Rex and I have been researching our family history and are planning a trip this summer to Scotland to find the Urquart Castle on Loch Ness where one relative left to settle in AL. Our 4 daughters, Emily (27), Ginny (25), Mary Susan (23) and Kate (21) will travel with us, so we’ll have fun touring the Scottish Highlands.

Kate Mcelhinney Montgomery: Had fun last summer and fall hosting Angela ScullyElser’s son Matthew for a little while as he made the transition from east to west coast. Feel very glad to not only still be in touch with my dear friend and first ever roommate, but to also have had the chance get to know Matt. His mom won’t brag, but he’s a delightful fellow. He was a great addition to the household and he’s very talented. he landed a job with Dreamworks while he was here, and I’m sure we’ll see his name on the big screen one of these days!

Helen Gordon: I have been helping my husband John with recruiting for his company. If anyone has a college grad looking to be in sales in Atlanta, have them contact me. I have 3 grown, but not married sons.

Anne Rubel Waddell: I’m doing well, although I’ve had a few health problems this year. I continue to care for elderly or cancer patients privately. My eldest son, Cooper, is gainfully employed as San Diego’s sole Financial Advisor for Banker’s Life. Jack, the youngest boy is in his 6th and (hopefully) last year at SDSU pursuing a mechanical Engineering degree. Jim and I are enjoying the empty nest syndrome! I talk or text Toni Bredin Massie frequently. She’s also doing quite well; enjoying her summer home on Nantucket.

Missy Flanagan Clark: Our daughter and her husband gave us the gift of a granddaughter (Isabelle) last April, and oh what a feeling! We moved to a house on the Lafayette River, our 2nd son is out of school and working locally and our youngest a senior in college. Life is good, and I hope all of my SBC sisters continue to be blessed as well!

Nina Baker Neal: 2012 was a big year for us. My daughter, Natalie Hazlehurst, graduated from St. Andrews in Scotland, and we went over for the big event. She’s now home and has a full time job! Yea! My step-daughter Kira got engaged in 2012. The wedding will be this June at our home on the Eastern Shore…hope the weather holds out! My step-son Garrett lives in Minneapolis and is a musician. He’s a member of the band USONIA, and they just released another album this past Jan., which got airtime on the radio! Barry and I just got back from a vacation in Cancun. Our first time in Mexico, and we really enjoyed our stay.