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Reunion was fun! Vivian Yamaguchi Cohn made SBC and our class proud as National Reunion Giving Chair. If you didn’t get an email from me soliciting this news, please send me your email address.

Ebet Little Stevens: “Sad to report that my mother, who lived just a few miles away in Chapel Hill, died in June at age 93. Daughter Liz and her family, including baby Libby who was born in Jan., are still in Houston. Daughter Anne and her husband have moved back to N.C., to Raleigh. Son, Rob, is off to Madrid for a semester. Bob and I continue working on our businesses. Reunion was a lot fun.”

Barb Bernick Peyronnet: “I enjoyed a fun time at our 35th reunion. We’re planning a Nov. wedding for Maggie and searching for colleges for Annie! It will be a fun and crazy year for the Peyronnets full of memories!”

Linda Guardabassi Michael: “Some of us had our own mini reunion in Delray, Fla., at Kari Shipley’s (’76) house. In attendance besides Kari and me were Cindy Webb, Angela Scully, Paula Brumm Hennessey, Janet Williams and Vera Blake Thiers. Our weather was a little shaky with tropical storm Debby encroaching. We took daily beach walks, swam in Kari’s pool, eat yummy meals—mostly out, we got Cindy and Paula on Facebook for the first time. Cindy W. retired from the CIA after (I think) 35 years of service. She still can hardly talk about anything. One night Kari’s hubby John took us out to a great restaurant for dinner. Over our college/post college years, a number of us camped out at John’s, then Kari and John’s apts./homes. Back then he referred to the girls as “the campers.” This year we were renamed “John’s harem.” Speaking of Vera, she always wins the prize for coming from the farthest location, Germany. This spring Doug and I picked up our youngest, Krista (21), from her semester abroad in Barcelona. After her program we flew to Milan and rented a car and visited 4 to 5 places between there and Amsterdam. One wonderful stop was in Heidelberg, where I spent a year abroad at age 21. Best of all we met Vera there. We spent a lovely day in Heidelberg and then drove to Frankfurt, where Vera lives. We had a lovely dinner with her hubby, Gerd, and then stayed one night in her charming house. What a super time we had reconnecting.”

Vivian Yamaguchi Cohn: “We took a family trip to Japan to visit son Cliff (23) who is working for Rakuten in Tokyo. Our oldest son Clay (25) trades options in L.A. Youngest, twins Charlie and Will (18), graduated from h. s. in May. They spent July backpacking through Europe with friends before heading to Colo. College and U. of Denver this fall. Stu and I will celebrate our 30th anniversary in Sept.”

Dee Hubble Dolan: “I enjoyed seeing everyone who attended our 35th reunion. I still work in sales and marketing at Brandermill Woods Retirement Community in Midlothian, VA. It’s a small and wonderful working environment that reminds me of SBC! At home, I still take in rescue animals until a foster home is found. After recently purchasing additional farmland attached to my property, I may start taking in additional horses that need TLC!”

Debbie Koss McCarthy: “It was great seeing a small but stalwart group of classmates at Reunion. The Augustine Literacy Project continues to thrive and grow…we’ve hired a new employee (a development officer) and are exploring more opportunities for replication nationally. David and I have a new grandbaby: Miles David born in June, joining sister Anna Grace (3). Alex has met a special girl so there may be more grandchildren in our future…we love our mountain house in Lake Lure, N.C. Life is good.”

Ellen Sellers McDowell: “We had a great time at reunion and wished for more classmates to attend, (you’re missing out on a fun time so plan to come back at the next one.) After the Reunion our family took a trip to France to celebrate Mary Susan’s graduation from TCU. We stayed with Jill Steenhuis ’80 who gave us a wonderful artist’s tour of Provence to see where Cezanne and Van Gogh painted. Jill even gave us a painting lesson one afternoon on the seaside town of Cassis. Then we met my sister Susan Sellers Ewing ’71 in Paris with her daughter Caroline and had a celebration dinner at the Eiffel Tower. Emily and Mary Susan are working in Houston, Ginny is working in Dallas and Kate is a junior at Samford in Birmingham, Ala. I enjoyed having lunch with Lochrane Coleman Smith ’76 and Eve Jackson London’ 78 when I was in Birmingham.”

Missy Flanigan Clark writes that her daughter and husband made her a grandmother this year. “Isabelle was born in April and is indeed a Divine Spark.”

Gay Owens Gates: “We are in a hotel in Dartmouth, Mass. now waiting to close on our new condo 8/31/12. Bob and I are finally in the same residence again after three years. Lily heads to Westfield State U. on 9/2 majoring in special education. Lauren graduated in May and is juggling different theater jobs in Philly. Not sure I like this distance. Seeing Lisa Carangelo ’80 soon, can’t wait to renew our friendship!”

Roxane Clement: “I’m working on the Obama campaign and will be going to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte next month.”

Sarah Bruce Kelly: “Life is great here on the S.C. coast! Last winter I received the wonderful news that my latest historical novel, Vivaldi’s Muse, had won an international literary award. I’ve never felt so honored. My writing life continues amid a busy teaching schedule. I’m still teaching music and Latin at St. Michael Catholic School as well as courses at Coastal Carolina U. Last Nov. I was invited by the university to lead a student trip to Italy. Frank was able to go too, which worked out well since the trip coincided with our 32nd anniversary. Needless to say, we had a fantastic time! The kids are doing well. Mary Catherine has settled nicely into married life in Bethlehem, Pa., and Frankie is enjoying the single life in San Diego. Frank still works as a field agent for the Knights of Columbus, so we both stay busy. But we find lots of time for the beach, dinners out and other fun stuff!”

Pete and I, Sally Bonham Mohle, took our first overnight trip in four years in July. Drove up through New England, flew to Nova Scotia, all to see friends and family and eat lobster…then turned around and came home. I really enjoyed Reunion in May.