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Beth Bates Locke is still in Dallas, working in agent services at a very busy Briggs Freeman/Sotheby’s for over a year now. Daughter Becky is a student at Brookhaven College while assisting teaching art. Husband Claude had his left hip replaced in Dec. so they spent Christmas vacation time recuperating at their lake house.

Jennie Bateson Hamby and husband Lou were in Charlottesville in Oct. for son Allan’s wedding at Pippin Hill Winery, which is on Rt. 29 about 7 mi. south of C’ville. Lou and Jennie met in C’ville in 10/1973; they never dreamed 39 years later that their son would be getting married at a place they drove by several times a week on road trips between SBC and UVA! Allan is a resident physician at UVA hospital (psychiatry) and his adorable wife Jenny is an ER RN. They love Charlottesville and Jennie and Lou love visiting them. Jennie and Lou got a Newfoundland puppy, who is 110 lbs. at 11 months of age. She’ll be 130-140 at full size. Jennie and Lou were determined to defy the aging process by getting a large dog as opposed to a small one. It’s a challenge for sure! Jennie has become quite adept at spontaneous napping. Jean Dailey will be coming to visit the Hambys in early March—hope she likes big dogs! Jennie will be retiring from the real estate business, closing her company the end of June. After 32 years, she can hardly wait!

Becky Burt writes from LA that her stepfather passed away 18 mos. ago, and they had the estate sale in Aug.; the house is finally on the market. Things are progressing, but not as quickly as she’d like. Becky spent 3 weeks at Christmas in Santa Fe, trying it on as a potential destination once the house finally sells. But she thinks with her involvement in the Krewe of Muses parade (rode for the 2nd year in Feb.—what a thrill, being a goddess for a night!), the New Orleans Art Markets, Jazz Fest and teaching beginning metal jewelry and other classes, it looks like NOLA will eventually be home. She’ll be doing the Tupelo Gumtree Festival again over Mother’s Day weekend and, hopefully, the Decatur, GA, Art Festival again over Memorial Day weekend. So feel free to drop by and say hello to Becky!

Sherry Buttrick is still working for VA Outdoors Foundation. This past year, she and her husband have been building a new house, which they’re trying to do so that it looks like an old house!

Kelsey Canady Griffo-Grice is in Virginia Beach and says that family company, Virginia Yacht Brokers had a great year in 2012, with a lot of world-wide business. With the business expanding in the Southern Hemisphere, they lost their quiet recharge time in midwinter, but grateful for the business! She did take off New Years to cruise on the ship daughter McKenzie Griffo was performing on. Kelsey and husband Chuck were quite proud to see McKenzie perform professionally. McKenzie is on her 3rd contract with Royal Caribbean and loving living on cruise ships. Son Parker graduated from High Point U. in NC in May and is working with Genesis Global Marketing in Atlanta. Emma Divine, a little white Golden with health issues, has successfully transitioned through 2 TPLO surgeries and is wonderful. Emma’s rehab had them walking 3 mi. a day, rain or shine, to the amusement of the neighbors. Kelsey still finds time to play tennis several times a week and attend yoga, which she doesn’t like, but knows it’s so very good for her.

Candi Casey has been married to Dr. Richard Beatty for 8 years, and lives and works in Chicago. She’s in International Institutional Sales at William Blair. It’s been a hard year for Candi as her father Richard passed away in 8/2012.

Sharon Coe Glen writes from Merrie Old England! She was pleased to hear from the Class of ’76 and is still enjoying her 50s while they last! (Aren’t we all?)

Lochrane Coleman Smith yells roll tide roll! They’re all in a state of euphoria with AL winning the B.C.S. National Championship in Jan. Lochrane’s mother (85) went to the game with 3 others in her age bracket, where they were on a chartered flight that left mid-day for the game and returned to B’ham at 3:30 the next morning! Sallie Hill Bernard Armstrong was in Birmingham in summer 2012, and they had dinner together. Lochrane sees Ellen Sellers McDowell ’77 each year because Ellen’s youngest daughter goes to Samford U. in Birmingham. Lochrane’s life seems boring to her—works all week, stays in the yard as much as possible on the weekends, doesn’t really travel. But she did travel with daughter Lochrane to Vancouver in 10/2012. Husband Mell stayed home and loved having the house to himself for 6 days!

Hilda Dent says 2012 has been a year on steroids for her. Hilda has Old House Specialists and they restore old homes in Montgomery, AL. She finally has internet set up so she isn’t limited to finding WiFi somewhere. Hilda went to D.C. at Christmas to see her eldest son who is working for Live Social there. Hilda was sorry to miss our 35th reunion, but she was at Horace’s graduation from Yale.

Debbie Gahagan Hill says her biggest news is that she’ll be grandma in a month to David Hill III. Debbie lives in Lakeland, FL, and just got promotion to Sr. VP of consumer lending at Midflorida Credit Union. She has traveled to the NC mountains and Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. Otherwise, Debbie stays busy with being landlady, exercising and then cooking in her spare time.

From Houston, Norris Judd Fergeson, writes that husband Grant has left Devon Energy in Jan. due to company relocation to OK City. He’s with a start-up now, Mertz Energy, and they’re very excited about it. Eldest daughter Katie is taking an algebra class at HCC and doing volunteer work with a nonprofit called Compudopt where she’s helping repurpose/program used computers. Youngest daughter, Cecily, is doing a junior semester abroad at St. Andrews, Scotland, and loving it. She’s a double major in Studio Art and English at Trinity U. in San Antonio and is nominated for Phi Beta Kappa. Norris and Grant will pick her up at the end of term in May and then do a Scotland tour. Norris has given up the appraisal work and is so happy she did. It had become a rather stressful thing, a field prone to litigation and increasingly perceived as a money stream by the IRS. Not fun anymore. Norris is doing too many scattered things and sitting on a couple of boards and on nonprofit committees, some art related, some not, but still active as an art consultant/private curator on occasion. She’s also on the collections committee at the Art Museum of South Texas, has been since 2000 when they acquired half of Houston artist Dorothy Hood’s estate for $80,000. In addition to many paintings, drawings, collages and prints, they have Hood’s paints, her brushes, all of her correspondence, even her ashes. They’re working with a distinguished independent curator, Susie Kahlil, who is putting together a scholarly catalog and hope to tour a show to NY and Mexico City, places where Hood’s work is in major public and private collections. So exciting. If it all works out, the Art Museum of South Texas in Corpus Christi will become a destination city for art lovers, and the museum will have the financial support it needs to survive.

From Northern Virginia: Lynn Kahler Rogerson continues to run Art Services International and organize art exhibitions for museums. DECO JAPAN opened in NYC and Toulouse-Lautrec launches in Nov. in NV. Lynn’s 8th grader at the National Cathedral School in DC occupies her remaining time, though she enjoys staying in touch with Maureen O’Hearn Slowinski and Norris Judd Fergeson.

From the Long Lost File, Felice Ludington says life is good in northern CA! Daughter Leslie graduated with her master’s degree from the U. of San Francisco in May! Felice continues to work for an association management firm that specializes in providing headquarters and member support services for over 1,200 nonprofits. And she has been flying to the east coast on a regular basis to visit her parents who are both heading to 90 this year. The visits are always very short (weekends), but allow her to keep in close touch with her siblings. Felice still loves to walk and hike and is now debating on doing either the Komen or Avon walk (again) this year. And she’s still engaged to the most wonderful man around, Peter Lee.

From MT: Cheryl Lux Cobb says it’s been a quiet year, always busy with work. The seasonal chores, from calving to haying, repairing machinery or feedlot pens, to winter feeding cattle herds, preparing for bull sales, etc., don’t change. But every single day is different. Daughter Elizabeth ’15 just returned to SBC for spring semester. She finds her classes and the professors so interesting, she wants to add all sorts of ‘minors’ onto a prospective government major, so tries to juggle it all. Good training for Life. She finds a bunch of us “old” alumnae so cool and intriguing, she “Friends” you on Facebook. Cheryl was back at SBC for Parents’ Weekend in 10/2012 and stayed in some wonderful little B&B’s in the area, did a Garden Tour of Monticello, was impressed with the “King & I” production, visited a neighboring Charolais breeder whose granddaughter is also at SBC. SBC has historically been more than a college; it still is part of a rich, vibrant cultural network of old farming communities. Cheryl’s latest home improvement project is trying to grow roses in “Zone 4b, 5000 feet elevation” mountain wilderness. They even home-grow their own fertilizer. Cheryl has had many visits with Sally BerrimanBrown and husband Steve in Denver, and Sally’s family has been long-time members of the Denver Rose Society, owning “High Country Roses” there. Sally puts her training as a Master Gardener to good use, as her yards are gorgeous!

Margaret “Maggie” Milnor Mallory still lives in Memphis, TN, with her retired-attorney husband Bart, although is quickly going the way of many retirees and spending more time at their vacation house (on a fabulous trout-fishing river in Heber Springs, AR) as well as traveling the world. In the past 4 years, they’ve been to 24 countries in E & W Europe, SE Asia, S. America and the Middle East. Last Nov. they were approached by pirates in the Gulf of Aden, but the onboard security team showed them their machine guns on tripods, and they backed down. (Very exciting indeed!) Margaret’s boys (27, 26) are in the “launch” mode of their careers. One is trying to start his own business and the other is with the U.S. Navy, stationed in San Diego, CA. Margaret is still pursuing her passion of teaching piano and loving every minute of it and is reminded of the expression, “a bad day at work is better than a good day elsewhere!” She still sees Carrington Brown Wise once in a while now that Carrington lives in Memphis. Margaret was disappointed to miss our 35th reunion for her heart is always with SBC!

Mare Moran enjoyed a fabulous 10-day adventure to Costa Rica in Jan., touring coast to coast and through the jungle, volcanoes, rivers, coffee and pineapple plantations, hiking, zip-lining and photographing everything in sight!

Sharon Ruvane thinks fondly of her days at SBC, and cherishes the friendships shared freshman year. Leslie FisherSims (who transferred to Rollins with Sharon) was in touch for a while. Leslie graduated #2 in their class at Rollins, and Sharon ended up as the editor-in-chief of the college newspaper. Sharon is in a year-long training in CT to become a facilitator in Family Constellations. It’s a healing process rooted in psychology, developed by Bert Hellinger and aimed at working with adults. Kids Constellations is designed for children. After more than a decade of working with children who were labeled as LD or ADHD, Sharon felt a need to help students on a more emotional level. She was working with artists, athletes, and musicians…and yet most of her students felt excluded on some level. Kids Constellations began as after-school program for children in grades 4-6 to help them celebrate their place in the universe. They’re now in their 3rd session, with a waiting list to join! A book on Kids Constellations is now in progress, so that additional educators might help more kids to explore the galaxies. Check out the board on Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/sruvane/kids-constellations/

Karina Schless is still working at Shire Pharma and trail riding her horse, Angus. She spent Christmas in Jackson Hole, WY, and will be returning in the summer. Will go to Italy with her brother in Oct. She works so she can travel and play—That’s what it’s all about!

Cynde Seiler Eister welcomed her first grandchild, Wyatt Noel, in Jan. Son Ron and daughter-in-law Meghan are the proud parents. Daughter Sarah and son-in-law Steve are house hunting in the Leesburg, VA, area. Daughter Laura has an audition with “The Voice.” The entire Eister family spent a week at their favorite vacation spot, Ocean City, NJ, and plan to do the same this year. Cynde and husband Ron spent a week in the poorest areas of the Dominican Republic doing medical missionary work. And Cynde continues to love working with her horse and pony as well as other community projects.

The last 18 mos. have been particularly busy for Linda-Jean Smith Schneider. After more than 16 years as Drinker Biddle & Reath’s Law Library Director, she took a 4-mo. break before tackling a different position as firm-wide Electronic Resources Manager for Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP in Philadelphia. In the past several years, Linda-Jean has participated on panels and contributed to the publications of the American Association of Law Libraries, culminating in serving as Chair of the Private Law Libraries Special Interest Section, for 2012-2013. Most importantly, she and husband Lee will celebrate 25 years of marriage and their mutual love of music festivals in June!

Gina Spangler Polley is fine and just doing more of the same—showing dogs (well, just one dog in obedience classes), horses, and traveling. The new carpet manufacturing business is off to a slow start, but having associates in China and Mexico at least has their trips be business expenses. Son Frank is well, still in DC and working for Tennessee Senator Bob Corker on the foreign relations committee.

Ann Stryker Busch has been very busy this last year! Oldest daughter Katie got married 9/9/12 to Erich Geise from Chicago. Katie lives in Chicago and the wedding was in St. Louis so Ann became her local wedding planner! #2 daughter Allie has started her Performance Horse business in Wellington, FL. Allie breaks and trains horses and her business, AMBusch Performance Horses, has a full barn of horses in training. Not bad for the first year in business. Son Adolphus is graduating from CO State U. in May with a degree in business and finance. Ann and son Adolphus are going to Namibia after graduation!

Marshá Taylor Horton is one busy person! Last year Marshá was selected as the dean for the Evelyn Syphax School of Education, Psychology and Interdisciplinary Studies at Virginia Union U. in Richmond, VA. Richmond is home to Marshá parents, sister (Sandra Taylor ’74) and brother, along with a niece, nephew and a host of other family members, so it’s been like a grand reunion! Sandra hosted a mini-reunion dinner in Jan. Lacy Williams, Lisa Wickham, Linda Lipscomb, Melinda Williams—were present and accounted for! Sandra prepared a delicious meal and big fun was had by all! Marshá’s husband and children (Samuel, 13, and Jasmine, 9) are still in DE, so Marshá is driving back and forth at least twice a month. Marshá has also rejoined the SBC Board of Directors, which gives her the opportunity to return to The Patch and keep up with all of the campus happenings!

Susan Verbridge Paulson is still principal at an IB elementary school in CO Springs. Susan became a grandmother in Nov. and is very lucky that her new grandbaby is living close by in Denver.

Tennessee Nielsen and I, Cissy Humphrey had an “excellent adventure” in Nov. to Bentonville, AR, to see the recently opened Crystal Bridges Museum. A fun girl’s road trip! I still see Beth Bates Locke, Kay Ellisor Hopkins and Tennessee every few months for our Girls Night Out dinners. The 40-year friendships are what keep us together!