Rosalind Ray Spell

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Vicki Bates: My mother Carolyn Bates passed away on 12/28/13. Many will remember her as the director of career planning at Sweet Briar when we were seniors. After her retirement, she lived about a mile off campus, where she continued to enjoy hiking, wildflower photography, swimming and playing Scrabble with a group of her retired friends. Seven years ago, she came to Tallahassee, FL, to live near me. She has left me with many fond memories.

Phyllis Becker: I’m still living in Pacific Palisades, CA. I’ve left the television business in Los Angeles and am now a travel consultant for a company that provides travel arrangements for Americans to go to Cuba legally! In May I’ll be taking a trip to Cuba with a group of Hemingway scholars so I’ll miss being at the reunion.

Daun Thomas Frankland: Daughter Leslie received her appointment to West Point and begins this summer! The Association of Graduates sent her to a year of military prep in Marion, AL. Paris to AL suits her just fine.

Paula Hollingsworth Thomas: Steve and I still live in Lewisburg, TN, where he is the pastor at Belfast Presbyterian. Our daughter, Elyse is in Nashville and works for the restaurant Husk, which started in Charleston. Charles and Julie live in Franklin and are the parents of granddaughters, Eva (3) and Caroline (2 mos.)

Bonnie Chronowski Brophy: Son Chris married Lori Allen in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, this past Oct. They now reside in CA where Chris is marketing manager for Foster Farms, and Lori is a telemetry nurse. Daughter Meghan left her job as PR manager at J. Mendel to work at the The Carlyle Group, a global asset management firm. Jim is still at BAML and I’m in my seventh year of running a Bible study in my parish.

Missy Leib Veghte and Bob (college sweetheart) still live in Wilmington, DE. She has two grandsons and a third on the way. She plays competitive tennis—going to Nationals this year with her senior team—and coaches field hockey and tennis at Wilmington Friends.

Mary Combs: I live in Naples, FL, full time and invite everyone to visit. My cell is 859/533-6946. I had my mom with me the last year of her life. My daughter Ann Sydney lives in Lexington, KY, and I visit her throughout the year.

Laurie Epstein Dearlove: John and I welcomed our second grandchild, Cecilia Louise Dearlove, born 7/8/2013. Daughter Brady graduates from Indiana U. in May. I had a scare with an aneurysm last fall. I get checked out in a year to ascertain if it has enlarged. In the meantime, I was told to live life. Back to Pilates and training sessions, traveling this year.

Mary Landon Darden: I’m serving my fourth year as Center Dean of Concordia U. Texas, San Antonio. Husband Bob is still commuting to Baylor U. where he teaches journalism. We had a third grandbaby last fall. Her name is Rhett and she joins San Antonio cousins Asa (5) and Eilan (3).

Beth Franke Lynn: I’m on a leave of absence from being a second grade teacher at an elementary school in Warrenton, VA. Our daughter and son-in law are expecting their second child in March. For several months Ann Bailey was unable to lift their two-year-old due to her doctor’s restrictions, so I have enjoyed lots of time with granddaughter Lilly Bell. My mother is 90 and both of Jon’s parents are 99. One of our twin sons is an attorney in Washington D.C. and the other is at the Haas School of Business at Berkeley. This past summer our family stayed in a cabin near Lexington, VA, and took Lilly Bell to the Safari Park at Natural Bridge. I’d love to hear from classmates ([email protected]).

Mary Lee Burch Doering: Unfortunately, the dates for reunion coincide with my youngest child’s graduation from high school, Vista del Lago in Folsom, CA. She’s been accepted to three CSU universities and will probably attend San Marcos. Marissa graduated from Ithaca College in May 2013 with a degree in clinical exercise science and is engaged! My sons both live in NY. Grant is doing well with his landscape business and snow removal. He is also employed by Crista Construction as a project manager. His wife is expecting their first child in Aug. Grayson is working for the government in communications and continues in the Air Force Reserves. My husband is a senior partner and account executive with Parkside Lending in San Francisco. I keep myself busy with a book club, church activities, Rotary Club and tutoring five or six students per week in ESL, French, Language Arts and SAT prep.

Mary Bush Norwood: I was re-elected as a Citywide Councilmember to the Atlanta City Council. I’m so appreciative of the support I received from alumnae.

Tricia Barnett Greenberg: Patty married Drew Shenkman in April, and they now live in Atlanta. Barnett is marrying Heather Meibach in Chicago in Oct., and they’ll move back to Florence. He’ll continue to do real estate in Charleston and Florence. Andy is a dentist in Charleston and available. I continue to have my antique booths at Terrace Oaks in Charleston. Rossie Spell, Meredith Thompson Sullivan and Lucinda Young Larson were the hits of the wedding weekend!

Sandra Taylor: I’ve been busy with work (SunTrust Mortgage), my volunteer work (Sweet Briar, Young Women’s Christian League) and family. I have two nieces and two nephews ranging in age from two to 14! My parents are still well and living independently.

Edie McRee Bowles: My oldest, Jamie, and his bride, Megha (from India, they met in London), moved to NYC a year ago and are expecting a baby girl end of March. My youngest, Alex, moved to Colorado Springs from TN last summer and loves the outdoor life. Barney and I bought a Richmond house last summer and spend time at our river house in Tappahannock during warm weather. For the last six years I’ve managed a nonprofit network focused on telemedicine and rural health, and now also am the consulting director for Virginia’s statewide telehealth group. Barney has a marketing/communications business and is an accomplished painter. He had his work exhibited at the VA General Assembly and helped found the art guild/gallery in Tappahannock.

Mary Witt: I’m busy with work at United Healthcare, volunteer activities for UVA medical alumni and students, church and social activities. We spent a week in Oxford, England, with a UVA group staying at Trinity College, studying with 
Andrew O’Shaughnessy, the author and Center for Jefferson Studies director at Monticello.

Janie Reeb Short: I love my new job as senior VP/private client advisor for U.S. Trust. Last year I was chosen by the YWCA as one of their “Women of Distinction” and was also selected by Inside Business magazine for the “Power List,” one of 75 people who shape and influence Hampton Roads. Win and I have been married for 13 years and now have four granddaughters. I’m busy with civic activities, serving on the Virginia Symphony Board, on the boards of the Access College Foundation and ForKids, and have recently been invited to join the Board of Trustees of the Eastern Virginia Medical School. I have enjoyed chairing the SBC Boxwood Circle for the past three years and want to thank all my classmates who so generously give to the college.

Haideh Khosrowshahi Partovi: We have two granddaughters. Hossein, my husband of 38 years, has been battling pancreatic cancer since last Feb. His illness has changed our paths and we’re both staying home now and though the changes have been challenging, we’re grateful and remain hopeful.

Cindy Sorenson Sutherland: I’ll be coming to the reunion to see Ann Stuart McKie Kling receive the Outstanding Alumna Award.

Andria Francis: I’m in my 28th year working at CTB/McGraw-Hill developing educational assessments. Daughter Ashleigh was married at the Eden Project in Cornwall, England. She and her husband live in England where Ashleigh is completing her doctoral dissertation in archaeology. I continue to volunteer at the local animal services.

Eleanor Magruder Harris: Sandy and I have two grandsons now with one son married, one engaged and one single! I continue to do volunteer work with the museum, church and zoo and have my jewelry making business on the side.

Cynthia Hardy McCabe: Husband Dave has accepted pastorates at the Cresson and Patton Presbyterian churches in central PA. I have been serving as director of records and registration for Montgomery County Community College. Our three children Brian, Tiffany (SBC alumna) and Caitlin are grown. I have three grandchildren. I’ve enjoyed the past six years in our cottage in Chester County. Dave’s parents both passed away this past year, and I’m helping my parents through health issues. They’re living in Hendersonville, NC.

Julie Shuer: Youngest daughter Sofia is in her second year at Barnard. Our two older kids live in Tel Aviv where we will spend the next two months. Benji (26) works for an immigration NGO. Gaby (24) finished the Army there, serving as a sergeant and a caregiver for dogs who perform search and rescue and hurt locker operations. We purchased an apt. in the old north of Tel Aviv. Husband Steve is still a lawyer in a busy litigation practice.

Barb Ashton Nicol: Our first grandchild, a boy, will be born about two weeks before reunion. Husband Robert is retiring in March, and I plan to join him in Oct. I will have been at the U. of AL for 25 years.

Elizabeth Andrews Watts: After 22 years at Episcopal High School, Bobby and I are retiring in June and moving to our house near Onancock on the Eastern Shore of VA. Our fourth grandchild, Grace Tomlin Metcalf (second daughter for Betsy and David) was born on Jan 27.

Jan Renne Steffen: This spring we’ll travel to AZ, NM and TX. Early summer will find us traveling up to the Calgary Stampede in Canada then sightseeing through Canada to Newfoundland. I still edit two newsletters for different sewing organizations: Southern California Council of Quilt Guilds and San Diego’s ASG chapter.

Lee Wilkinson Warren: I still work with Stop Hunger Now, an international hunger and relief organization. I will not make it to the reunion because I’ll be exhibiting for Stop Hunger Now at the International Rotary Convention in Sydney, Australia. Charles and I will celebrate 41 years together in May. Our daughter’s girls are four and one. They’re moving from Raleigh to Richmond. Our son and his wife live in Charlotte. My job took me to Boston this past year where I got to visit with Robin Ryan and Ruthie Lentz, Liz Camp and Ellie Boyd. This fall I returned to spiritual studies enrolling in Fr. Richard Rohr’s two-year Living School in ABQ.

Marcia Brandenburg Martinson: My husband, Terry, retired briefly in June. He was offered an interim minister’s position on Martha’s Vineyard at the Federated Church of Edgartown. We’ll be moving into the church’s 1820s parsonage that sits on the shore of Edgartown’s Great Harbor! Two new grandchildren on the way in the next couple of months!

Sarah Johnston Knoblauch: After 24 years teaching Montessori and art, I have begun a new career teaching watercolor to adults. I am also painting watercolor commissions of houses, animals and landscapes. Brendan (30), our Marine, finished his MBA at Case Western and is working at a startup grocery delivery service, PrestoFresh. Kelly (27) graduated from the U. of MD and is a compliance officer with UBS Bank, traveling throughout the U.S. Evan (24) graduated from Denison U. and works in marketing at DVUV with Michael, his dad. Michael and I have been married 36 years. He’s an entrepreneur, owning his own business. Last May we took a three-week trip to Tanzania. We traveled to Korogwe where son Brandon has worked hard coordinating volunteers to improve St. Raphael’s Hospital.

Val Gordon-Johnson: We divide our time between NYC, where Doug and I continue to work as Theatrical Producers for Broadway and Off Broadway, WY, where we, with my brother and his family, are helping to run the family cattle ranch—and HI.

Helen Willard Travis: I won’t be attending reunion as I’ll be in Beirut, Lebanon, visiting my older sister and her family. Since my parents’ death eight years ago, I’ve been managing the family “farm,” The Homestead, in Syosset, NY. My great grandfather bought it in 1909 from Walter Jones’ family who built it in 1810. Walter was the nephew of the original John Jones from Ireland of “keeping up with the Joneses” fame. I’ve made numerous donations of my father’s papers to Stanford U., SUNY Stony Brook and Cold Spring Harbor Library. I’ve found my life’s passion-archivist. I’m very lucky to have found a job at LiRo to help pay the taxes here. It’s a construction mgt. company in Syosset, and I work in accounting.

Mimi Hill Wilk, Scottsdale, AZ: I had the most fun with Rip and Lou Rainey, Andrei and Penelope Constantinidi at my daughter’s wedding last Nov. My son Beau and wife Heather have started their family with baby George.

Wendelin A. White: Daughter Annie graduated from Duke in May and is now back in D.C. working at a PR firm (Hellerman Baretz). Daughter Cole graduated from Vanderbilt in May and is in NY working for Bank of America Merrill Lynch as an alternative investments analyst.

Susan Stephens Geyer: I’m still involved with the Dallas Opera, teaching Sunday school and singing in the church choir. Stewart and Julia finished grad school years ago. Edward is still in grad school for counseling. All five of us traveled to Asia last summer for a month.

Noni Petrovits Campbell: I’m living in Thomaston, ME, having purchased an old brick tavern built by General Henry Knox of Fort Ticonderoga fame. I will be in D.C. for my daughter Morgan’s graduation from GWU in May. My other daughter, Haley, graduated from Cornell and is now working on her Ph.D. in marine biology. I keep up with roommate Val Gordon.

Ann Pritchett Van Horn: My grandchildren are: Wade (7), Henry (4) and Liam (2). I’ve been involved in our Churches’ Community Ministries for the past 16 years and more recently have become certified to travel as an educator for Living Waters For the World.

Marion Van Horn Eagan is busy with her family and six grandchildren, but finds time to paint, sculpt, and travel with husband Lee for VanHorn/Wurth Co.

Ellie Plowden Boyd: I’ll be joining Robin Ryan on the SBC Friends of Art Board and look forward to learning more about the sculpture/folly project being commissioned to compliment the library addition. Molly Gwinn, head of FOA has asked me to be a judge for the student art prize this spring. Our oldest, Clayton, has relocated from Brooklyn to San Francisco where he continues to work as a studio photographer/digital tech. Son John is happy at Vandy and will be working this summer in Austin.

Kelly Borrowman Slobodian: I’m in New Bern, NC, involved in residential and commercial coastal real estate with husband Paul. We spend time at our place in southern VT. Our three sons are grown and one married two years ago. I keep in touch with Susan Brown, Lee Warren and Cottie Mathieson.

Jennifer Smith Hanes: After 30 years of living and raising our family in Roanoke, VA, my husband, Tom, and I moved to Richmond where Tom’s law firm is headquartered and where two of our three children are now located. Oldest daughter, Whitney, lives in Chapel Hill, NC, with her husband, Dr. Michael Pencina, who is director of biostatistics at Duke Clinical Research Center. They have three children: Karolina (7), Henryk (4), Laura (2), with baby number four due in April. Whitney and Michael lived in Boston, MA, for 13 years where she was a regular flutist sub for the Boston Symphony, Boston Pops, Tanglewood, etc. Middle daughter, Ann Blair, is married to Harrison Higgins from Richmond whose grandmother is Emily Peyton Higgins ’41. They have two children, Millie (4) and William (7 mos). Son Leigh Thompson Hanes, Jr. lives in Richmond and is finishing his kinetic imaging degree at VCU. I’ve been busy singing, playing handbells (for over 30 years!), teaching choir classes for children, volunteering, book clubs, gardening/garden clubs, owning a business (now sold), teaching preschool and raising children and now, grandparenting!