Evelyn Carter Cowles

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Jane Potts: When I go to Richmond, I try to visit with my SBC alumnae/St. Catherine’s friends! Last week we had a fun dinner at Lacy Williams’ with Melinda Davis, Susan Dabney Smith (from Charlottesville) and Lisa Wickham. We have our 45th St. C. reunion in April and hope Anne Major Gibbs, Lisa Montgomery and Harriet Broughton Holliday will be there! I’ve gotten together with Deborah Ziegler Hopkins at their new house in Cashiers, NC, and we had lunch this past summer with Harriet Broughton Holliday who also has a house in Cashiers. Hope to see the other Charleston girls: Jane McFadden, Jane Perry McCutcheon McFaddin and Mac Cuthbert Langley. Her son, Cuthbert, is a news reporter on a local station here, so I see him on TV all the time!

Weezie Blakeslee Gilpin: Christopher and Allison are expecting their second child, our fourth grandchild, on March 1, joining Tillie (2 ½). I’ll spend a week with them in Australia. Blake, Allison, and Bear (2) moved to N.O. in Aug. for Blake’s teaching position (history) at Tulane. Alexa and Mike bought their first house in Leesburg, VA, and have Elizabeth (1). I continue my work at St. Mark’s School as a counselor. My work with the Independent School Gender Project (check out our website), now 17 years old, is rewarding and our sixth conference for women and girls will take place in June at Hotchkiss School in CT.

Joan May Harden: “Rick and I will celebrate our 41st anniversary in April with a Viking cruise on the Danube. Love seeing Ginger Woodward Gast’s twin grandchildren on Facebook.” She also reported that Julie Johnson Evans and Ken had their third grandchild and first grandson May 2013. Baby Andrew joined sister Grace and cousin Olivia.

Linda Moscato Wagner: I was selected to be a member of the partnership between the Illinois Commerce Commission and the Tanzania Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority. Tanzania is one of six African countries the U.S. has agreed to assist regarding energy matters in a program called Power Africa. After the meetings concluded, I went on safari at Ngorongoro Crater in northern Tanzania and visited Zanzibar Island. I’m looking forward to future exchanges with the Tanzanians.”

Kathy Pretzfelder Steele: Husband Dave and I are enjoying life in FL. We play golf and pickleball and partake in many other outdoor activities and cultural events as well as volunteering at a local camp. I love spending time with granddaughter Hailey (2) and had a visit with my roommate, Debbie Pollock Arce, from OR.

Kris Howell says that anyone visiting Key West should give her a call. She is still engaged, still fostering animals and is off to Belfast, Ireland, for the Nashville Songwriters Festival/Workshop and to meet Donovan, the singer.

Diane Dale Reiling and husband Chuck thought they were retiring to southern OR, but they have both relicensed as Realtors there. Son Steven (29) works for Amazon up in Seattle while daughter, Erica (26) works for a media company in Los Angeles.

Christine Eng Leventhal: Our first grandson was born last Sept. We visited our son in Maui, and Peter sold his natural food store after 40 years in business. I’m still teaching full time, and Peter is working part time.

Linda Lipscomb: I moved back to Dallas from Richmond in Sept. I’m working as a consultant for a firm that counsels nonprofits. I bumped into Cathy Rasmussen at a fundraising event soon after returning to Dallas. It was great seeing everyone at our 40th.

Rene Conover Reed: Nat and I spent a week in Italy last fall celebrating our anniversary. Daughter Melissa is attending grad school for social work. Son Craig is a second year resident in internal medicine at UNC. Grandbaby Ava entertains us.

Sue Dern Plank: My husband retired at year’s end. His co. was purchased two years ago and the new corporate culture wasn’t a good fit for him. We were able to spend more time in a cool and damp (rain 90% of the time) Belize. Our daughter and family spent two weeks with us over the holidays. Snow has closed schools often so I haven’t been teaching at the environmental education center much. We will be spending more time in TN in the coming months as our son-in-law unexpectedly is being deployed.

Karol Kroetz Sparks is teaching law as an adjunct at Wake Forest while in the process of moving to Lake Keowee, SC (3.5 hours apart), practicing banking law with a Chicago firm, and teaching every other Fri. at Boston U. Daughter Ashley has sons Emmett (2 ½) and Ryan (8 months) in Boston and her son Austin has sons Jack (4 ½) and William (10 months) in Chicago. Austin and his wife are beginning to interview in the Carolinas and may move.

Carter Morris: I have had nice visits in Atlanta with alumnae who attended a wedding here, Susan Craig, Jane Perry McCutchen McFadden and Robin Harmon O’Neil; and with Jenny Stockwell Ferguson, who was visiting from Reno. Our local alumnae club is hosting the most fabulous Sweet Briar Living Room Learning course this winter on the subject of World War I. About 250 men and women attend the lectures on Wed. mornings in Jan. and Feb. organized by alumna Camille Yow.

Jane Knutson James and Michael in Southern CA have two granddaughters. I see both each week! I’m taking a break from painting classes while doing regular childcare. We have a trip to New Orleans planned in May as caregivers while the parents attend a wedding. I do Kung Fu and yoga and enjoy gardening, reading, cooking and seeing friends.

Lisa Fowler Winslow: Debbie Pollack Arce (my roommate sophomore year) came to visit me over a weekend in Jan. We had a great time catching up on each other’s news and doing a bit of seeing some sights in Los Angeles.

Marion McKee Humphreys: The last six years have brought us two grandsons and two granddaughters ranging from age six to age nine months! Hunter is working as hard and teaching at the U. of Memphis Law School, and I’m co-teaching a chronological Bible study!

Ginger Woodward Gast: I got to see my twins (2 mos.) in MS over Christmas and also got to visit Kathleen Schultz’s new house in Brandon, MS. Paul and I enjoy line dancing.

Laurie Norris Coccio: We moved to Saratoga Springs, NY, as our “retirement” home, even though we go back to the Hudson Valley three days a week for Chris to run his company. I’m still on the board of the library there. My older daughter Stephanie is living in Oxford, England, and will become a permanent resident. We visit at least once a year. We’re expecting our second grandchild from Chris’s son and his wife who live in CA. Chris’s older son is getting married this summer. I’m hoping to see Sue Dern Plank and Ginger Woodward Gast this summer when Ginger travels up to NY.

Trish Gilhooly O’Neill: For Christmas vacation we took the family to several of our favorite places where we had lived at one point or another. We spent a week in Hong Kong, spent Christmas in Bangkok, went to No. Laos (Luang Prabang) and then to Cambodia. We are spending much of our time in Greenwhich, CT, and still come and go to HI whenever we can.

Charlotte Ann Evans: I’m retiring from private practice. I’ll still work as a physician, but entirely in the prison system in NC. It is, amazingly enough, the best and most satisfying job I’ve had! Low stress! Even when taking care of serial murderers!

Kathleen Cochran Schutze: Steve and I retired near Jackson, MS, to a home on the Reservoir. We loved visiting with Ginger Woodward Gast during her trip to see grandchildren. Our oldest son, Taylor, is getting married this fall. Emily, who graduated Sweet Briar in 2011, is stretching her wings as the human resources manager for the Design and Production Company near D.C., and Walker, our youngest, is halfway through his masters in economics at George Mason U. after graduating Hampden-Sydney College in 2013. We had a wonderful time at SBC reunion last spring!

All is well in my world except for the unusual VA winter. We had a great time visiting with the kids and grandkids around Christmas and went on a trip to Patagonia fishing with Reynolds’s daughter, son-in-law and friends in Jan. Reynolds then had a shoulder replacement in Feb., which is going well. I’ve been foxhunting as much as I can with the weather and continuing to paint commissions. Like most people on the East Coast I’m looking forward to spring!