Evelyn Cowles
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Sue Mossey Laufer: My husband Ken and I moved to Cape May, NJ. We enjoy our new home on the Delaware Bay and the incredible sunsets every night. Our Standard Poodle Jette loves swimming in the bay.
Ann Major Gibb: Ernie and I recently celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary in London. I loved seeing everyone at Reunion in May. So good at be back at SBC.
Christine Eng Leventhal: Sorry I missed Reunion—tough time of year for me with finals, etc. Peter and I celebrated our 35th anniversary on 9/2. I still teach forensic science, genetics and science research at Darien High School in CT (wish Drs. Sprague, Bellows and Bennett could see me now!), as well as 1 fitness class/wk., volunteer with Hyde School and church, and take 3 ballet classes/wk. Peter and I love to hike and stay active—especially important as he is fighting Parkinson’s disease. Daughter Amy is expecting her 1st child in Sept., so we are excited about being 1st-time grandparents. She opened a fitness studio in Montpelier, VT, last Sept., which is a big success. Son Nick is on a temporary work assignment in Maui, and we will visit him in Feb. Youngest Jon is figuring out his next step after a great road trip this summer across the U.S.
Molly Dunn Martin: Missed Reunion due to a family wedding, but became “Grandmolly in March to William Coleman Farr. Such fun! William is a very happy baby. Daughter Cameron and her husband recently moved to Charlotte, NC, so grandfather William and I look forward to becoming more familiar with that area.
Kris Howell: I still spend half my time in Key West (love it!) and half in NC. I went on an Amazon cruise in Peru in Feb. I just got back from a week in New Orleans and, by the way, got engaged! Going to TX in Sept. to visit family and to Honduras in Nov. with a girlfriend. Lots of camping and working with animal rescue still—loving retirement!
Sara Meyerdierks Hillgrove: We remain happily ensconced in the Richmond, VA, ’burbs, and just sent our last child “off into the world.” (I have a feeling I’m one of the last of us.) After graduating from college in 3 yrs. (why would anyone do that?!), she was accepted by Teach for America (which I discovered is about the equivalent to getting into Harvard!) and starts teaching 8th-grade English (she was a history/government major) next week in far eastern NC. We’re proud of her—and a little anxious. Our other 2 children do well in D.C. and Charlotte, so Tom and I keep busy here—I with teaching at the U. Richmond business school, he with our national recreational management company, which keeps growing and growing. No big vacation travel plans (that nasty “work” thing), but we both just turned 60, so I see Italy on the horizon. Recommendations welcome!
Diane Dale Reiling: I re-licensed for real estate in OR and hung that license with John L. Scott on 7/1. With a hot real estate market and our need to buy a home down here, it makes sense to join husband Chuck back in the business. I also have a full-time “seasonal” job starting 9/1 at Harry & David as a trainer of their seasonal associates. And here I thought I was moving to Medford to retire. I guess not yet. All is good with me and mine. Loved seeing so many at Reunion, but it was way too short. We need a Reunion week!
Carol Anne Provence Gallivan: Mills and I have a new grandson (10 wks.) and granddaughter (18 mos). They are grand, indeed, and have brought such joy to our lives. Two of our 3 grown children are married to really wonderful people, and all 5 of them are gainfully employed and happy. We have 2 attorneys, 2 business executives and 1 in the medical field. Mills is on the mediating/speaking/traveling side of law now, and I have enjoyed accompanying him around the country. The friendships of other attorney couples have been the most enriching aspect of these professional meetings. We just passed our 40th anniversary and are taking a trip to Europe to celebrate. We feel extremely blessed and hope for more of the same!
Joan May Harden: I just walked our dogs to a cacophony of cows, donkeys and roosters—my new life in Lexington since we sold our Ridgewood, NJ, house. I loved Reunion, especially seeing Cindy Bekins Anderson and Ginna Rogers-Gould after all these years! It was wonderful to see Diane honored for all her hard work, too. Right now, we are well, kids and grandkids are well and all visit us here on the farm regularly, so I am happy!
Kristy Alderson: Mark and I are taking daughter Tegwyth to Dartmouth in Sept. to begin college. I also received happy news that my cousin’s daughter is attending SBC as a freshman.
Mary Buxton: Grateful to be spending lots of time in North Lake Tahoe!
Renee Sterling: Reunion was great. I presented a talk on estate planning and the benefits of giving while reconnecting with wonderfully accomplished women. Spent days before and after in Charlottesville with fabulously creative friend Boyd Zenner ’74, who is architectural acquiring editor at UVa Press. Wow! I’ll share that I was voted into “Five Star: Top 100 Wealth Managers” published in Aug. 2103 Texas Monthly magazine.
Barb Prentiss: This has been an amazing and busy year for me. The highlight (so far!) was marrying Al Davis, a very genuine Santa in his spare time. We were married at dawn on 6/1 in the north Cascade Mountains followed by a family unity ceremony on 6/22. Family and friends joined us throughout June to celebrate. My oldest son, who lives in southern CA, and his family, including 2 precious grandsons (2 and 9 mos.), made it, as did Al’s daughter from Reston, VA, and her wonderful son. Al’s twin sister and husband made it from TX as did many others from around WA. Missing was my younger son, who is in the Coast Guard in HI. He and his wife are enjoying paradise, but couldn’t get away. I love my position as IT director for the U. WA med school. It’s truly my dream job. I try to stay in touch with a few of our classmates through Facebook and am more than happy to connect with more. No name change so I’m easy to find!
Ginger Woodward Gast: It was great seeing everyone at our 40th reunion. I was amazed that none of us have changed a bit! I so appreciated Sue Dern Plank’s offer for a ride from Fairfax. I had a lovely lunch with Ann Major Gibb in Berlin, MD, this summer and have enjoyed Renee Sterling’s thoughts about Italy. Youngest daughter, Katie, will study in Milan fall semester and of course I’m planning a visit in Nov. with another daughter. Son- and daughter-in-law are expecting twins in Dec. and am joyfully looking forward to my 1st grandchildren.
Lisa Fowler Winslow “Really enjoyed our 40th (gulp!) reunion. Everyone looked great. Betsie Meric, Jane McFaddin and I were suitemates once again, just like back in our senior yr.! The campus looked beautiful, but I sure missed the dairy yogurt! I saw Peggy Cheesewright Garner in Seattle in July. We had lunch together in her beautiful surroundings. She was disappointed that she could not make it to Reunion—hopefully she will to the 50th!
Kathy Pretzfelder Steele: After 40 yrs. with the same company, I retired at the end of July and am totally enjoying my new life. I get lots of exercise and participate in many community activities and functions, but the best part is that I’m spending more time with my daughters and granddaughter (1). It was wonderful to see everyone at Reunion.
Trish Gilhooly O’Neill: Just got back from Barcelona on a 10-day cruise from Venice with our family to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. So hot, but so much fun! Living between Greenwich, CT, and Honolulu now. I get together with Jan Story Honick for lunch whenever I am in NYC.
Nan Robertson Clarke: Like you said, Reunion was so much fun. Great to see the “usual suspects” and some classmates I had not seen since graduation—I’m looking at you, Cathy Razz! It is really gratifying to see what strong and remarkable women we have grown into. My favorite Reunion moments were the unscripted ones, like a stroll around campus and a walk up to Monument Hill. (Why did it seem such a strenuous hike in 1973?) A month after Reunion, son Charlie got married here in Charlotte; the month after that, son Robbie got married in Fort Worth, TX. So an eventful summer for us—we are kind of glad to settle back into our normal (boring) existence!
Jeanne Schaefer Bingham: Rack and I wanted to come to Reunion this year but my son graduated from high school that weekend. He is a freshman at U. FL—only a half hour away! Stacy, our married daughter with 2 sons (2 and 5), is building a house this year on 5 acres next to us. Could the Lord have treated me any better? I am so happy.
Sue Dern Plank: We started the New Year in Belize, joined by our daughter and family. We enjoyed scuba diving and playing with our granddaughter (6 ½-mos.). I spent part of each of the next several months with Elena and Clara in Clarksville, TN, while her husband was away. He returned home safely a week ago after 7 mos. away. We also saw them in May, when my daughter attended her 10th reunion at Albany Academy for Girls, and again in June, at a wedding in Cohasset, MA. We are suffering withdrawal now as we won’t see her until Oct. If I’d known grandchildren were so much fun, I would have had them sooner! In late May, I lost my dear friend, Elisabeth, from my St. Andrews days, to melanoma. It made me realize that we had known each other for more than 40 yrs. and that perhaps I am older than I feel most days, but what memories we have of our times together! I had a lovely time at our 40th reunion—what a great bunch we are! It was such a fun time I wish we could see each other more often. I’m glad so many, including Ginger Woodward Gast, returned to “the Patch” for the 1st time in decades. I have been busy catching up in my gardens this summer since little was accomplished last year when I was involved settling my mother’s estate. It has been a banner year for weeds despite my best efforts, with help from rainy, warm and very humid weather. Additionally, we have been babysitting our daughter’s dog (114 lbs.) and cat since April, in addition to our own cat. Visits to various vets seem to occupy a large amount of my time. In early Aug., we hosted the annual “Send Off” for incoming 1st-year students, their families and alums of Norwich U., my husband’s alma mater. Visits from family and friends have made the year fly by, too.
Weezie Blakeslee Gilpin: I have been back on the East Coast for a year living in Needham, MA, and working as a counselor at St. Mark’s School in Southborough, MA. I still miss San Diego, especially during the storms last winter! Bob continues to work as an independent college counselor helping students navigate the college process. We celebrated his 70th birthday with a trip to Portugal over my spring break and had a wonderful time. I discovered that there is a white Port, but it is not imported to the States, probably a good thing. After a wonderful time at SBC at our 40th reunion, we spent the summer on Martha’s Vineyard, most of it with children and grandchildren. Blake, a history professor at Tulane, Abbey, and Bear (18 mos.) were with us for 8 wks. Alexa, now a stay-at-home mom, Mike, and Elizabeth (5 mos.) spent a week with us and we are hoping to get Christopher, a manager of a Sydney, Australia, Lululemon, Allison and Tillie (2) back for a visit in Oct. They are expecting their 2nd in early March, so we have tentative plans to go to Sydney in the spring. Bob and I adore being doting, silly, hands-on grandparents and it is a true joy to watch our children raising their own kids.
Jane Potts: Reunion was fun, and great to see so many old friends. I have seen Deborah Ziegler Hopkins twice since Reunion, as she and her husband bought a house in Cashiers, NC, and I visited her there this summer. Fortunately it is only a 5-hour drive from Charleston. We had a 3-hour lunch with Harriet Broughton Holliday; it was fun catching up with her. She hopes to make it to our next reunion. We also had a nice dinner with Catherine Cranston Whitham, who was 2 classes behind us at SBC, and who now lives in Richmond, but has a home in Cashiers. When Deborah, Betsy Perry, Terry Christovich Gay and I returned to Richmond after Reunion, we had a really fun SBC dinner with Linda Lipscomb, Lisa Wickham Haskell, Lacy Williams, Melinda Williams Davis and Sandra Taylor at my mom’s house. Lots of talking and laughter!
Evelyn “Evie” Carter Cowles: I am sad to report that Jane Jordan Crawford passed away on 8/6/13. I do not have any other information at this time. As I compile these notes, I am in MT enjoying the cooler weather, fishing, photography and beautiful views. Back to VA in mid-Sept. to enjoy riding, foxhunting, painting and more beautiful views (yes, I am spoiled). Reynolds claims he’s going to cut back to working 3 days/wk. but I wonder how long those days will be! We went to England in March to see the Grand National and what fun that was, both the races and visiting old friends. Thanks to everyone for their quick response to my plea for news!