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Kathy Pretzfelder Steele and her husband Dave built a house on a lake in Mount Dora, Fla., and moved from N.J. in June. “I continue to work for my N.J.-based company remotely out of my home. Our daughter Kelly delivered our first grandchild, Hailey Brynn, on July 1, and they live less than an hour away so we are enjoying our time with her. Our other daughter Tracy moved from Chicago to Atlanta so is also relatively close by. No more snow for us! Can’t wait until our 40th next year! Hope we get a great turnout.”

Renee Sterling sent the following exciting notice: “Morgan Stanley Smith Barney’s Renee Sterling is recognized as a Five Star: Top 100 Wealth Manager appearing in Texas Monthly. I am pleased to announce that Renee Sterling has been recognized for the 2nd time in four years in Texas Monthly as one of the 2012 Five Star: Top Wealth managers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The article appears in the August 2012 issue of the publication and less than four percent of licensed wealth managers in the area were recognized.”

Lisa Fowler Winslow writes, “Life is busy and full. I am still working as a law librarian at a large law firm in Century City (Los Angeles) and enjoying it very much. Both my son and daughter are attorneys, my son in San Diego and my daughter in L.A., so I get to see them often. I keep busy with travel, golf and on a Bocce ball league, (which is so much fun!) I hope to make the reunion and will try to get my buddies there as well. 40 years—wow!”

Trish O’Neill is in the process of moving to Greenwich, Conn. “I packed up the house in the UK a few weeks ago. As one son is in N.Y.C. working on his MBA and the other is in Fla. doing the same, they’re happy to have us closer by. We still come and go to Hawaii and consider it home. It will be our final resting place! We first moved there in 2000 full time. I went to Oman for a few days last month. Fascinating country, charming people, beautiful coastline and beaches, wonderful hotels and restaurants, so much to see and do. No, I do not work for their travel bureau!”

Linda Lipscomb writes, “I don’t have much news to note. However, I have now moved to my new place in Richmond. My first guests for some wine and inspection tour were Jane Potts, in town for the weekend, Lisa Wickham Haskell and Lacy Williams. Very fun and hard to believe that it has been almost 40 years. Gasp is right!”

Kristy Alderson: “So many of you have been through the process Mark and I are just now starting with our daughter, Tegwyth Alderson-Taber. We just came back from a six-day road trip looking at colleges. We had a blast, but now the hard work begins. By the time everyone reads this blog, maybe all 15 or so applications will be submitted with essays written, SAT and ACT tutoring and testing completed, auditions for acting behind us and just the waiting game will be in process. My mom always said not to wish my life away, but this college application process, along with the demands of senior year is somewhat overwhelming for any 17-year-old, let alone the parents of a 17-year-old. All I can say is that it was a lot easier for me and probably for you 43 years ago! I will gladly tell you how it all came out at our 40th reunion! Or Tegwyth will tell you since she (and Mark) have been to every single reunion with me. If all goes well, we will see you there.”

Jane Potts: “I was just in Richmond in Aug. and got together with Lisa WickhamLacy Williams and Linda Lipscomb. Linda has moved to Richmond from Dallas and has a great job at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. It was great to see her, and my other Richmond/SBC friends! Am going to Highlands, N.C., with Deborah Zeigler Hopkins over Labor Day (her mother has a house there she is letting us use), and hope to see Harriett Broughton Holliday who has a house in Cashiers, not too far away. Also in June, we had a great dinner party here in Charleston at Jane Perry McCutcheon McFadden’s house, with lots of SBC classmates: Mac Cuthbert Langley, Susan Craig, Robin Harmon O’Neil, Diane Leslie, Lisa Marshall, Nan Robertson…and more I think! “

Nan Robertson Clarke: “After years of trying to pretend that I had any real news (a life filled with book clubs, gardening and friends being way more fulfilling than exciting to read about), I do have something to report: Our two youngest sons Charlie and Robbie both got engaged this summer and both fiancées are wonderful young women who will bring a lot to our family. The plans are for them to get married in the summer of ’13, one in Charlotte and the other in Fort Worth Texas, only a month apart. Gulp, though my veteran MOB/MOG friends assure me it can work with sons. I also went to a mini-reunion this past spring at the beach and saw Susan Craig, Emily Garth Brown, Diane Leslie, Robin Harmon O’Neil, Lisa Marshall Chalmers, Mac Cuthbert Langley, Jane Potts, Jane McCutcheon McFadden, and I may have left someone out! Lots of fun plus the bittersweet memories that come with making it to our 60s.”

Marion Humphreys: “Wow! Time flies! Cannot believe 1973 was so long ago. Seems like yesterday. I’m now dividing my time between three grandchildren, Hunter (5), Madelyn (2), and Tucker (1). To try and keep up with them, I’m still swimming, lifting, and now biking on our fabulous new green line. Hunter and I manage to go to our lake house in Ark. about two weekends a month. It’s a great escape! Everyone is now in Memphis, and one son is a lawyer (like Dad), the other teaches at Soulsville Academy, a charter school, and one of my daughters-in-law is in commercial real estate, while the other is a coach for the masters’ students at Memphis Teacher Residency. (You get your masters and give back three years of teaching in the city or a charter school in Memphis). I’m involved in a chronological Bible study that keeps me on track, and a fascinating study of the book of Revelation. Started both last year and continuing where we left off this fall. Amazing how you can see the threads woven throughout scripture! Learning so much.”

Ann Major Gibb: “Our son David got his M.D. and his Ph.D. from VCU in May and has moved to New Haven to begin his residency and fellowship at Yale. Our daughter Emily is in Philadelphia with our twin grandsons (2). Ernie is looking forward to retirement in a few years, and I continue to write grants for Snow Hill, Md. Life is good!”

Diane Dale Reiling: “We’re enjoying sunny Medford, Ore. after years in the rain in Seattle. Chuck and I plan to be at Reunion 2013. WOW, 40 years! We may take a few side trips before and after, now that we have the time. We have a class Facebook page at “Sweet Briar College, Class of 1973” and would love to have everyone join as we approach Reunion, so we can share details. We already have 39 members, so we are off to an excellent start with that. Homecoming is October 19-21, 2012 and will be a great planning session (plus having students on campus that weekend), if you are close enough to come to both! I cannot wait to see y’all, so start planning your road trip now. We always have such a good time!”

Mary Buxton: “My news is that my son graduated from high school (I’m definitely a late bloomer in the mom role). I am using my new free time to learn outrigger canoe and do other sports. I am traveling to see my mom a lot more. All is well in northern Calif! I hope to attend the reunion.”

Kristin Howell writes “still in Key West half-time and on the Cape Fear River half-time! Going to Belize in Nov., Texas as usual for Christmas, and to Peru in Feb. (Texas is always the wildest!)—still love adventure and the animals!”

And right now I am in Mont. enjoying fishing, hiking and photography with some Va. friends. Still riding, painting and gardening when in Va. and Reynolds is still working. I will be attending homecoming to start planning our reunion and attend the Riders Visiting Committee weekend. I went to the riding reunion weekend at SBC, and it was a blast. Join our Facebook page and try to come to reunion. I know the last one was great!