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Rhoda Allen Brooks had her appendix out at the beginning of Jan. after it had ruptured before Thanksgiving. She’s nearly recovered and looking forward to a cruise to Australia and New Zealand in Feb. 2014.

Judy Brown Fletcher hosted a Sweet Briar Day luncheon in Dec. She convinced spouse Steve to have a garage sale. They’re taking the “kids” fishing, again staying on Green Turtle Cay in the Bahamas.

Jeannette Bush Miller wrote in Feb. from Montclair, NJ. She had just returned from Ann Arbor where older daughter Sarah will graduate from Ross School of Business in May. She starts a job with Pepsico this summer and will live in NYC. Daughter Liz lives in NYC, works as a media editor for an educational publisher. They attended Libby Tyree Taylor’s daughter’s wedding in May 2013.

Cami Crocker Wodehouse misses Nan Glazer Lagow. She was lucky to get to see Nan in Richmond when Cami went there to visit her daughter. On their last visit, they shared lunch with Nan’s daughter Caroline, and Nan was as upbeat as ever, even though they both knew this was likely their last visit. Cami will always remember Nan taking daily calls from her beloved girls, answering the phone as if the sun had just risen for the first time. In June, Cami’s mother, Marilyn Crocker ’46, passed away. She was fortunate to have her parents living in her neighborhood for the last 17 years. Cami’s son, daughter-in-law and two grandsons moved close by last spring. Their daughter and her husband live in Richmond. Cami and spouse have taken great cruises in the last couple of years on a small line (100 guests) called Sea Dream: Greek Islands and Turkey in 2012 and Crete and Adriatic Sea, including Croatia and Montenegro last summer. This April they have rented a house in Kauai and will take the family. Jacque Penny, SBC’s new Director of Boxwood Circle, will be visiting Cami, and they plan to see Kathy Burns Beaudreau and Trudy Slade McKnight as well.

Lendon Gray continues to teach dressage, has an intensive program for 15 youth riders going on for three months this winter in Wellington, FL, and travels some to teach and do Emerging Dressage Athlete Clinics the rest of the year.

Mimi Fahs enjoyed a trip to Viet Nam. Then her son Craig graduated cum laude from Middlebury College and will start work in July as an analyst at Goldman Sachs.

Pat Fuller will be semi-retiring the week of Feb. 17, limiting her psychotherapy practice to three days a week and looking forward to new adventures with a retired husband. They’ve discovered the joys of grand parenting. They visit her father (90) in Long Boat Key, FL, and the west coast where their daughter and her husband have traveled via RV with baby and dogs to his various internships. They’ve fallen in love with the Pacific Northwest and plan to go to San Diego for little Indiana’s first birthday. They had two amazing visits with Cleveland Hall ’72, and her ever so appealing man, Lafe, on their WA island paradise!

Barbie Gracey Backer had a house fire on Christmas Eve. No one was hurt, the damage was minimal. They’ll be out of their home for about six months. Besides this drama, life is good. Their children are all grown, unmarried and employed. Barbie is still working, but able to do some volunteer work. She takes yoga lessons twice a week. They’re leaving in a week for a 10-day trip to the Holy Land with the Episcopal Bishop of South FL.

Carol Johnson Haigh says the Haigh family will be on safari in Africa for three weeks after visiting London and Cape Town. Later this year, they’ll be going to the Ryder Cup at Glen Eagles, Scotland, and then to Loch Lomond. Maintaining their VT ski house, ski condominium, Boston apt., and two farms in NC has kept her busy. Locally, in VT, she’s been working on the State of VT “Prevent Child Abuse” project through the Okemo Valley Women’s Club. She’s also in the Ludlow Garden Club. While in Niskayuna, NY, helping with the 50th High School Reunion, Emily Moravec Holt ’70 and Carol caught up.

Alison Jones is still pursuing watershed research and documentation for No Water No Life (www.nowater-nolife.org). Sept.-Oct. 2013, she followed the TN, Cumberland and OH rivers, as the major eastern tributaries to the MS River. Spring 2014 will be an expedition to the Snake River, the major Columbia River tributary in the Pacific NW. Fall will bring a trip to lower MS (New Orleans, the Delta, Baton Rouge, Memphis, Natchez). She visits her daughters in New England and Jean Mackenzie Thatcher in Long Island.

Carolyn Jones Walthall is enjoying Julian’s retirement (May 2012) and still adjusting to the change from his being on call 24/7. It has allowed them to travel more: Italy to see David in Sienna; Albany, NY to visit Claiborne, Beth and baby Madeleine; AK this past July for a Road Scholar trip and up to his family home in Newbern, Hale County, AL.

Claire Kinnett Tate and John are busy with community endeavors in their retirement. She also goes to GA every month to visit her dad. Claire returned in early Feb. from six weeks in Southeast Asia, which brought back memories of The Vietnam War and life at SBC during those years. Son Austin became engaged on Valentine’s Day! Daughter Bright and husband Tim are both in graduate school at the U. of AZ.

Amanda Megargee Sutton is in her third year as a Master Gardener through U.Conn and does her outreach volunteering at the Bartlett Arboretum. Brooke Thomas Dold is going to be a grandmother in March as her daughter Lindsay is pregnant. Amanda is Lindsay’s godmother. Amanda taught herself to snowshoe this winter just to reach the compost and birdfeeders!

Liz Mumford is having a good time teaching drawing and “art history” designed for people going on trips to Italy, France etc. She went to Rome and Florence in Jan. 2014. She still paints.

Wendy Norton Brown says the birth of their granddaughter was exciting and now they have one of each, and in town!

Bev Van Zandt commented that it seems like only yesterday we were deciding whether to walk to the boat house or to study in the Pit.

Jacque Penney loves her position as director of Boxwood Circle at SBC. It allows her to travel, reconnect with old friends and classmates and it introduces her to fabulous alumnae. She’s never been prouder to be a Sweet Briar graduate. She reminds each of us to give their best gift not just at reunion but every year. The College needs our philanthropy now more than ever. Thank you and she hopes to see everyone very soon.

Carol Remington Foglesong continues to strengthen after her bout with breast cancer during 2013. She’s starting to plan short trip adventures for 2014 and making several trips to Baltimore to see her mom who is recovering from a stroke.

Martha Stewart Crosland and her husband attended the wedding of Carter Burns Cunningham’s daughter Lolly on Cape Cod this past Sept. Last week she enjoyed lunch in D.C. with Charlene Sturbitts ’72. Charlene worked with Martha in the Office of the General Counsel at the U.S. Dept. of Energy before she retired two years ago to a life full of exciting adventures with her husband Rick Ahern. Martha is looking forward to a week in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, to enjoy the PGA Tour’s Honda Classic at the PGA Resort. She’ll to go to Vienna on work in April and then to England with the Colonial Dames in June for the Sulgrave Manor Centenary. Kay Glenday ’69 and her husband will also be on the Sulgrave Manor trip. Martha’s son Stewart, an associate with Williams and Connolly in D.C., is engaged. Her daughter Mallory enjoys living in Palm Beach Gardens and working for the PGA of America.

Bev Van Zandt said that all is well in San Miguel. She took a driving trip along the Mexican Pacific coast with a good friend from Boston. Her daughter Roberta’s wedding is March 22 at the bay.

Wendy Weiss Smith and Gil were just back from San Francisco. Next they’ll be off to southern Germany in May to hike on their own between small walled towns, partially inspired by their fun time in Berlin last fall with Susan Greenwald.

Anne Wigglesworth Munoz and Milton just got back from a trip to South Africa (Cape Town and Kruger NP) and Zimbabwe. Anne has lots of batik/quilt projects in the works. She had art quilts exhibited in NY and AZ this winter. And she has a new Etsy shop, BatikEtc.

Alisa Yust Rowe is feeling good after last year’s bout with breast cancer. She and Richard are excited to see what this year brings. He retired in early Feb., but is consulting some. They’re enjoying the grandchildren and going to the farm. They just began taking the Master Naturalist course. It may remind her of Ms. Belcher’s first year biology course!