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We may have missed submitting last time around, but hope you’ll agree that this offering makes up for it. We keep working on current email addresses for everyone. If you haven’t heard from us, it’s probably because we don’t have the correct email address for you. Send it to SBC, or one, or all of us, and we’ll make sure to reach you next time around. Also, be sure to check out our FB page, Sweet Briar College Class of 1971.
Rhoda Allen Brooks says they spent most of July and Aug. in Harbor Springs, MI, on Little Traverse Bay, where they spent 10 days over the 4th with her sister Adaline Shinkle ’68, her 2 children and their spouses and granddaughter (2), along with Rhoda’s 2 children, daughter-in-law and 2 grandchildren. It was a fun partial family reunion. Sister Ruth Allen Budde visited them in Cincinnati with 2 of her boys over Labor Day. Rhoda’s son and his family moved back to Cincy 2 1/2 yrs. ago so they now have their 2 grandchildren living 5 minutes away: Jack (3 1/2) and Adaline (almost 1). She reports they couldn’t feel luckier, unless their daughter in Denver were there, too. But Denver is a pretty nice place to visit. 
Frances Barnes Kennamer still loves retirement! In summer 2012, she traveled with a group of friends, including SBC roomie Martha Roton Terry, to Eastern Europe on a Danube River Cruise. What history and fantastic people! In 2/14 she will be off to Australia and New Zealand. At home in AL, she plays golf 2-3 times/wk. and works as a Master Naturalist at the AL Wildlife Center. She also volunteers for the local humane society in any capacity NOT at the shelter. (She already has one rescue dog and says that if she goes back, she would probably come home a carload more.) Frances and husband Seabie of 40 yrs. recently purchased a 2nd home in Highlands, NC. It is a huge renovation project, which they hoped to finish by mid-Sept. Are any SBC ’71ers in the Highlands-Cashiers area part of the year? Let Frances know! They also spend a bit of time in Nashville, TN, with daughter Helen, her husband and granddog Simon, a Spinone Italiano. In May she spent a fun 2 days with Amanda Megargee Sutton at her Pound Ridge, NY, home. Manda has become quite the gardener! Loved her visit and getting to know Manda’s sweetie, Goody. She ended by reporting that she was glad to be a healthy and happy 64-year-old!
Andrea Bateman is still in the Orlando area and busy working, but also trying to be a writer/poet. She actually placed 2nd in a contest in poetry and won a prize; hopefully not her last. Dre has been attending the organizational meetings of the Orlando area chapter for the Florida State Poets Assoc., which hosted the state conference in Oct. She also helped the Pet Ministry do their 1st Pet Adoption Day 8/31.
Beryl Bergquist Farris continues to practice U.S. visa, green card and citizenship law from Atlanta. She volunteer-instructs JAG officers at Ft. Stewart, GA, near Savannah and serves as a mentor to JAG officers at multiple military bases, while assisting low bono or pro bono on their cases. She visited her childhood Camp Ton-A-Wandah in Hendersonville, NC, in Sept. for the camp’s 80th anniversary! Her SBC ’03 daughter Kristin will return to camp, as well as her daughter Ariana, who acknowledges her error in not attending SBC.
Judy Brown Fletcher writes that she and Steve just came back from a lovely fishing/snorkeling trip to Green Turtle Cay in the Abaco with the kids and their significant others. She hasn’t seen such healthy reefs since the early ’60s on St. John. The reef was just at the foot of the dune in front of our cabin, so she could go right in the water and snorkel. The 1st time she counted close to 20 juvenile species. The fishing was great, too. They went out into the Atlantic on a
22-ft boat and trolled (tuna, wahoo, sierra mackerel), bottom-fished (grouper, snapper, hind, grunt, trigger, etc.) and cooked fish for dinner every night.
Carol Cooper reported that she is doing okay and is, for the most part, recovered from her 2008 accident. She retired in 1/10 after 38 yrs. with the U.S. Patent Office. After Reunion in 2011, she handled the extensive rehabilitation and eventual sale of her father’s house, which she is glad to have behind her. For the last 2 yrs., much of her attention has been focused on her own health and improvements are happening. Carol reads, mostly nonfiction, and listens to her nighttime talk shows. She is a Redskins fan and a teddy bear collector. One of her bears was her grandmother’s, who passed it to Carol’s mother, and now Carol has it. Bet that bear could tell some stories. Carol is planning to have a fully accessorized computer in her home before the end of 2013 and promises to share her email address once it is set up.
Louise Dempsey McKean wrote that her summer was so hectic that she couldn’t remember whether or not she’d sent in an update, but now she has! She and Ted are thoroughly enjoying retirement and still dividing their time between NH and their house in Québec (with a few trips south to get warm now and then). Because they live in resort areas, they seem to have a lot of visitors: family and friends. It is wonderful to have all 3 of their children within driving distance (NH, Maine and Montreal) and to have been able to spend a lot of time with them. Their next big journey is to Brittany and Normandy next spring, which will be especially interesting for Louise because that is where her French Canadian ancestors came from in 1641. Thanks to the Catholic Church genealogy in Québec, it is very easy to trace the families back to the towns in France.
Jill Dunbar has not stayed in touch much with SBC. She left after junior year and graduated from Boston U. She’s in real estate, which she’s happy to report is improving in her neck of Long Island. In the small world category, she lives in the same community on Long Island where Mimi Fahs lives and the 2 of them catch up with each other periodically.
Betty Duson responded that she had nothing new to report. She did take her husband to see SBC a couple of yrs. ago, and hardly recognized some of it. There have been so many changes, all improvements, it seems.
Mimi Fahs had quite a summer. On 6/15, she married Elizabeth Thompson, after 33 1/2 yrs. together! Their handsome son (22) escorted each of them. They were married by a good friend and judge, at the Orient Yacht Club, surrounded by family, friends and the beautiful sea. The weather was stormy the week before and after, but on their wedding day it was glorious. Then they joined Mimi’s sister Alice (SBC ’73) and her family in Umbria, Italy, in a gorgeous villa. They were all together when the Supreme Court announced the DOMA decision. The Italian paper’s headline: “Rivoluzione gay: il matrimonio non è solo uomo e donna.” What joy they felt! Back in Orient in July, Mimi came in 2nd in the Spindrift Regatta. In Aug., Mimi performed “Sail Away Ladies” with her fiddle band at Ashokan Fiddle and Dance Camp (Southern Week). All in all, the best summer ever. 
Kathy Garcia Pegues sent greetings from Warrenton, VA. She and John retired from public schools 3 yrs. ago but remain incredibly busy. She is an educational consultant mentoring new teachers, teaching a few seminars at the Governor’s School, reviewing troubled schools and designing curriculum. She’s enjoying being grandma of 2. Son Adam is still a Naval aviator, working on an MBA at Darden (UVa), and he and his Army aviator wife have the 2 kids. Daughter Emily (SBC ’00) is a Ph.D. candidate in art history (Courtauld Institute in London) while still working at the National Gallery (D.C.). They have a pied-à-terre in Charlottesville so they can follow UVa wrestling, and they head to Annapolis for Navy football. They will travel shortly to Cape Cod for a fall vacation and hope to have some free time in the calendar for a visit to central Europe. Thanks to some fine weather, they had a beautiful garden, payoff for some hard work! John is a duplicate bridge fiend, racking up master points every week. They are enjoying retirement and can hardly believe that they ever had enough time to hold down demanding jobs. Is that everyone else’s experience, too?
Susan Greenwald kept her update short indeed! She wrote: Not only is life short, the summer is flying by. Busy, busy on this end. Work and fun activities after work. Sleep sometimes fits into the week. Wish I had more time to travel to visit my SBC friends.
Lendon Gray is still teaching and being the advocate for youth in Dressage. She’s been traveling the country with students for various National Championships and reports that so far they’ve been pretty successful.
Catherine Gross Hendren notes that if anyone has a hankerin’ to visit Winston-Salem, they should come see her. She has just bought a house in Old Salem, and for the 1st time ever, has a guest bedroom. Her house is the Charles Cooper Shop, a skinny little gray house across from the iconic Coffee Pot on South Main St. You can reach her at (336) 624-4116 or at [email protected] By way of explanation, Catherine and Tom separated last year. Their kids, Cate and Matt, are good. Matt’s working in Ethiopia and Cate’s a rising senior at Davidson—only 1 hour away. Catherine is fine, too.
Pammy Henrey Arey writes that she ponders retirement and “tries on” different ideas by visiting other venues. None feel as “comfy” as her current digs in Maryland where she is relatively close to her 4 children and enjoys work as a preschool director and teacher! Two yrs. into it and she is acclimating to widowhood.
Anne Helms Cooper wrote that she has been in the Dominican Republic with her son and his sons; Punta Cana is a beautiful place. Now she is in Kure Beach with her daughter, her 2 daughters and her husband for another great week.
Claire Kinnett Tate wrote that the past year has been an interesting one, including the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. Claire and John are both retired and devoting themselves to visiting family, continuing their nonprofit involvement and traveling. Claire’s mother died in late March so they are still adjusting to a life without that dear sweet, wise lady. Even though she was 85, they were still not ready to lose her! Her father is doing well and she still spends several days a month in GA with him. Their children—daughter Bright with husband Tim and son Austin—are hardworking, wonderful adults and their favorite travel companions. Bright studies nursing and Tim entomology at U. AZ. Austin works for NASCAR. The 5 of them still manage a trip at the end of each year. For various reasons, Claire has thought a lot about SBC this year.
Jill Lowry Wiemer told us that 2 small blessings were added to her family in the past year. Julia Bell and William arrived 6 mos. apart so they have been enjoying this return to “all things” baby. She now has 6 grands (6 mos. to 8 yrs.), 3 boys and 3 girls. Since no babies were due this summer, they took a late spring trip that started in Rome and ended in London. It was nice to travel again, although it was a wet, wet spring and they saw some record water levels!
Mary Lyman Ray recently retired after teaching 30 yrs. of middle school life science in Howard County, MD. She is now embarking on her next phase of life and looking forward to new experiences. She spends her time playing in several bridge groups (thanks to SBC for this valuable game), playing golf, volunteering as an usher at 2 theaters in Baltimore, subbing at her previous school so she can see colleagues, learning how to knit and planning trips to new places. And now that she has more spare time she can go into Baltimore and D.C. and visit all the great museums and art galleries without all the tourists. She will also have more time to visit her 2 grandsons Will (4) and Henry (2), who live outside of Chicago with daughter Meredith and her husband Paul. Younger son Kevin and his wife Amy live near her; older son David lives with Mary for now until he can figure out his next vocation.
Maggie Mather Feldmeier reports that all’s well with them. They had their 2nd grandbaby in April— another little boy, Campbell John Franz. He and his older brother, Anderson, live right in Cazenovia, and they are so blessed to see them all the time! Maggie is still doing some training for Carlisle and a lot of bookkeeping/HR stuff for Jake’s new business. She keeps thinking retirement is around the corner but it’s not happening yet! Life is busy and very full—and she hopes all’s well with the rest of the class.
Gina Mancusi Wills wrote that she is still retired, and trying to figure out the best way to deal with retirement, although she and Ashley are having a lot of fun exploring D.C., and she’s found that she really enjoys working one-on-one with elementary school children on reading. They are still not sure where they want to live, but are spending lots of energy working on that one! She also commented that grandchildren are a wonderful addition to life and that they’re hoping for a few of their own some day.
Lynne Manov Echols had just celebrated her 1st wedding anniversary with Frank when the call for class notes arrived. The couple has spent the past, fast year getting started on the renovations needed to their new-to-them 1922 American Foursquare home in Williamsport, PA. In Phase I they painted every room in the house (some more than once), refinished 2,000 ft2 of floor, replaced 25 windows, gutted the attic warren of Depression-era poor-relative bedrooms and converted it to one spacious guest room (replacing old knob-and-tube wiring in the process), enlarged the master bedroom onto an old sleeping porch, and widened the 5-ft wide bathroom by stealing space from an adjacent bedroom, completely remodeling both in the process. Demo started the end of 8/13 for Phase II, involving gutting and remodeling the kitchen, mudroom and 1st-floor bathroom. Phase III, as yet unscheduled, entails a new furnace, a new roof, new siding and with luck, if the money holds out, a 2-car detached garage and some landscaping. Lynne hopes to have Phase II complete by Christmas. “Frank has been an absolute champ about it. He’s a GEM and I feel so blessed to have him in my life,” she says. Simultaneously she’s taking classes required for eventual (but only potential, her Bishop having the final word!) ordination as a vocational deacon in the Episcopal Church, a process that will last for the next 3 yrs. at least. She has answered a call to the ministry of healing prayer but still needs to discern whether she’s to practice this ministry as a lay or an ordained person.
Carole McIvor reports that she has been employed as a research ecologist by the U.S. Geological Survey for most of her career. She works primarily on coastal wetlands and specifically on the habitat ecology of estuarine fishes. She is presently based in St. Petersburg, FL, where she enjoys gardening, photography and travel. (The FL contingent keeps growing!)
Amanda Megargee Sutton wrote that Frances Barnes Kennamer came to Pound Ridge in 6/13. They had a great visit and Amanda went to Manhattan with her to meet her daughter Helen. They celebrate their birthday together in NYC every few yrs.
Anne Milbank Mell reports that she and John are getting closer to pushing the “retirement button.” They have had some great trips this year, thanks to the wedding circuit (HI, Sonoma, Martha’s Vineyard and Boston). So now that Anne has no vacation time left, she’s trying to conjure up ways to get more time off! Anne’s last vacation was a week at a country inn in NH. All 3 kids, their spouses/significant, plus 2 grandsons were able to come. What a treat that was. Their daughters are in San Francisco and Cleveland; their son is in NYC, which is nearby, but he’s always en route somewhere else.
Mary Frances Oakey Aiken wrote to say that the yrs. seem to be flying by! She’s often awed by the explosion of technology that has occurred since our almost prehistoric SBC yrs. Our grandchildren will be (some already are) amazed that we got through the college yrs. with only a typewriter and whiteout, no Google or Internet. How did we do it? Mary Frances and John happily split their year between Naples, FL, and Richmond, VA, and love volunteer work in both locations. Her children are all in Richmond so she gets lots of good grandmother time. The current count is 4; 2 more are on the way in early 2014! Such a happy occasion! It has been so nice to get reacquainted with Wendy Norton Brown in Richmond when she ran into her at church! She hopes all our classmates are healthy and happy and looks forward to reading all the news.
Wendy Norton Brown also says all is well in Richmond. Their granddaughter was born 8/11/13 to older son David and his wife, who already have a son. She says they are so blessed to have one of each and both healthy! Only other news was seeing so many classmates at Nan Glaser LaGow’s funeral in April. They came from all over, a true testament to Nan. What a legacy she leaves behind. Such a sad loss for us all.
Jacque Penny writes with great enthusiasm that she is now working at SBC in the development office as the director of Boxwood Circle, a dream that became reality. She has a house not far from the office and encourages those coming to campus to get in touch with her and promises to keep all of us updated on our vibrant institution.
Carol Remington Foglesong had a brush with breast cancer during late spring 2013, and by the time the SBC magazine arrives, should be about finished with chemo and radiation. It’s been a journey, that’s for sure. During the heat of the summer in Orlando, FL, she basically didn’t bother with wigs or scarves and went to work bald-and-proud-of-it. Still working full time, Carol has begun to imagine retirement in about 4 more yrs.
Susan Schmidt will spend 2 wks. as “artist in park” living in a Dune Shack on Cape Cod National Seashore. She just found out there’s no electricity, she has to pump water, it’s 100 ft to a pit toilet, there’s a leaky roof, and the previous tenants were mice & weasels. You might conclude (rightfully) that she’s feeling a bit apprehensive. She’s beginning research on the Gulf Stream and climate change for her next book.
Libby Tyree-Taylor reported in from San Francisco. Libby and husband Barry are as busy as ever. Barry’s practice has a focus on China and Silicon Valley and she serves on some boards of local community groups. They continue to travel regularly to Asia and Europe. Daughter Alexa was married on Memorial Day weekend in Sonoma’s Wine Country. Libby was delighted that Anne Milbank Mell and John and Jeannette Bush Miller and Flip were able to join them for the CA celebration. Alexa and new husband Paul, both UVa Law graduates, have just moved to San Francisco from NYC and Charlottesville. Both have new jobs in SF and are enjoying life in CA. Son Lee, also a UVa grad, is working at Microsoft-Yammer and living in San Francisco. Quite a change from having both children on the East Coast!
Bev Van Zandt reports that all is well in San Miguel, and she keeps hoping she might become an artist by osmosis. So many friends are painters, sculptors, clay artists, assemblage artists. She tried clay but it doesn’t talk to her. She is taking a new watercolor class, and the teacher promises everyone goes home with a piece of art; she’s still hopeful. Beverly and Roberta have come for visits and also share her love of SMA. They were here as children and still remember horseback riding in the canyons and swimming in the warm springs. Even with a lot more people and more amenities, the charm and magic of San Miguel remain strong.
Wendy Weiss Smith says that following a summer of family gatherings, she and husband Gilbert look forward to joining Susan Greenwald on a W&L week in Berlin; they haven’t been back since the demise of the Wall. Home continues to be Durham, NC, where Gil oversees the Office of Corporate Research Collaborations at Duke while she loves ESL teaching privately to professionals, mostly from South America. No retirement in sight yet. The photo (of Mom & Wendy) is from June 2013 when her SBC ’74 sister Cathy, Wendy and her mom went to CT to visit Mom’s (also) nonagenarian sister.
Ellen Weintraub still lives in Miami, FL, and just recently moved to a loft. Very avant-garde, right? She was devastated almost 2 yrs. ago to lose her mom. She thinks many of you may remember that they were very close, almost like 2 peas in a pod. Ellen’s mom even came to SBC and stayed in her dorm room in Meta Glass freshman year for a few days. Her roommate Jennifer Slade Belovsky was sweet to lend Ellen’s mom her bed. Mom had a ball! She had never gone to college, being a child of the Depression. She worked after high school, so that her younger brother could attend college. Uncle Lou never forgot that and showered his sister all of his life with love and luxuries, as he did with Ellen. Ellen took off 5 yrs. and cared for her mom with Alzheimer’s until her death, giving up her job and her home. Many have told me I was nuts to do it, but I would do it again. It was the most important job of Ellen’s life and she would do it again. She is now back at work, working for a NYC investment house, which has kindly left her in FL, and set up an office for her close to her new home. Ellen has 2 wonderful fur kids, Beau, the Golden Doodle, and Lily, the pound rescue, who has become a diva, sleeping on her Pratesi pillows. They frequently go to the dog park and have a whole social life there.
Anne Wigglesworth Munoz wrote to report that she and Milton have had a fun year so far. They went to Cabo to see the whales in Feb. and then to Italy in April. Lovely trips. They’re heading to South Africa and Zimbabwe in Jan. Anne has been teaching batik and dyeing workshops this summer and will be teaching again this fall. Her daughter recently told her that her memories of summer include green grass, blue skies and dye on mom’s feet.
Alisa Yust Rowe says she still spends lots of time playing with her 3 in-town grandchildren and has a granddaughter (little Alisa) in Denver, too. They continue to enjoy weekends in the country at the farm and she is still on the board of Arts for Rural Texas, where she enjoys helping bring art education to children in rural areas. This past year she had an encounter with breast cancer but it was caught very early and she is now done with treatment and looking forward to a happy and busy fall. She lunched with an 82-year-old friend recently who had been one of her high school teachers. Her advice: Enjoy every day.
Diana Zeidel and spouse Jon are happily retired in FL, spending summers at the beach in DE. They both decided to give up their part-time consulting jobs when Diana was diagnosed with breast cancer for the 2nd time last spring. But she’s happy to report that she is doing fine, and was able to spend a lovely week with her sisters/children/grandchildren in Bethany, DE, in July. She sees Mimi Pitts Dixon whenever she is in Washington (which is often), and keeps up with Caroline Tuttle Murray, as well. The 3 of them are planning an overdue trip soon. She keeps busy helping her parents, doing some volunteer work, yoga and Mahjong with her friends.