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Class president:
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(Notes are in alphabetical order by maiden name.)

Rhoda Allen Brooks says there’s not really much for news, but also reports that her son and his wife and baby moved back to Cincinnati last summer. Rumor was that they might have camped out at mom’s house while their new house was being painted and having floors re-finished. Rhoda and John have a cottage in northern Mich. for recuperating and escaping the Midwestern heat (but that may not have worked so well this summer!).

Louise Archer Slater purchased Brighton Pavilion in 5/99 after a successful career as a founding regional director and national marketing director for the Worth Collection. Brighton Pavilion (a furniture-making company) has won the prestigious “MADE: In America Build It in America” award, the only company owned by a woman to be selected for this honor. The Venetian Gallerie Cabinet was designed and manufactured for Brighton Pavilion’s MADE: In America Exhibition in Washington, D.C. The Venetian Gallerie Cabinet is manufactured of solid hardwood in their Memphis facility and hand painted by our team of university trained fine artists. The landscapes on the doors of the cabinet were painted to evoke images that Teddy Roosevelt might have witnessed as he toured the western U.S. and executed the formation of our National Park System. Also in 7/12, Louise was selected as one of the 90 women honored for the “90 Years, 90 Women of Achievement” award by the Junior League of Memphis, of which she is a sustaining member. Carol Remington Foglesong and Louise hoped to meet up when Carol was in Memphis in 8/12.

Frances Barnes Kennamer wrote to say that she and Martha Roton Terry took another of their trips on their quest to “see the world.” With several other friends and Frances’ husband, they visited southeast Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and then took a Danube river cruise from Nuremberg to Budapest. A great trip with lots of history! Back home in Montgomery, Frances is still golfing three to four times each week, but has yet to break 90! Since she visits her married daughter in Nashville often, she has also joined a fun ladies’ golf group up there. They are considering a second home in the Nashville area and have already been in touch with Linda Whitlow Knight. She would love to reconnect with anyone else from our class in the Nashville area.

Andrea Bateman was officially 63 on 7/30, but is still working. She says that, while she had a birthday, she never believed she would be this old. She stays busy and runs into Carol Remington Foglesong and another SBC alumna from another decade from time to time at the local library. Dre flirted with an MBA degree, but doesn’t think she’ll make the deadline.

Kristi Bettendorf reported that the only things that have changed in her life are changes in her children’s lives. Her son, an Air Force captain, has married another Air Force officer. Together they muddle through, he, a drone pilot and she, an intelligence officer, in the middle of nowhere in N.M. She doesn’t look a gift horse in the mouth; however, it’s better than the middle of nowhere in Afghanistan. Her “baby” daughter finished graduate school at G.W. in political management. They went on a graduation trip for her around France at the end of July 2012. Two years until retirement for Kristi; she’s enjoyed the last 33 years as a prosecutor and doesn’t precisely know what retirement holds beyond more time to spend on her botanical illustration “hobby.”

Becky Bottomley Meeker reporting in from Gloucester, Va., says that her news, very condensed, is that they’re now happy grandparents of three boys and two girls with one more grandchild on the way—all three years and under! They’re fortunate to see their three sons and their families fairly often either at home or by traveling to Bethesda, Jacksonville or Sebring, Fla. Their daughter Ashley is still between Napa and San Francisco in the wine business and trips out there have been fun too. Kathy Wilson Lamb and Becky have gotten together as Lexington is only a few hours away.

Judy Brown Fletcher says: “Even in this severe drought I’ve had a wonderful veggie garden thanks to the new raised beds and picket fence enclosure (to keep the dogs out) created by Steve and our handy man Terry. What we don’t eat goes to a neighborhood food pantry… they even come by and do a pickup! I’m also having fun in the dog show world with a bitch I bred and co-own. She’s currently the top bitch in her breed (GCH Sawmill’s Nymph of Riverwalk). We took ‘Daphne’ and her mother Deme down to Perry, Ga. for the Peach Blossom Cluster—at the GSMDCA Cotton Classic Daphne won the Specialty and her mother CH Riverwalks Lunar Diademe won Best Veteran. Girls RULE! Boys DROOL!”

Katharine Brown Grala reports that life is good. She is still working at Provident Bank in N.Y., running and biking. She just watched her youngest finish the N.Y.C. Ironman with a 10:38 time. He works at J.P. Morgan in the private bank. Her daughter is a resident at Johns Hopkins and her oldest is living and working in Vt. in between mountain climbing, skiing and rock climbing (tough life). She looks forward to retirement at some point in the not too distant future when and if she ever gets some grandchildren.

Jeannette Bush Miller had an emergency appendectomy in 7/12. All is healing, but the “bugger” ruptured while she was waiting for the surgery to begin, which made it a bigger pain, both literally and figuratively! Thankfully, she is doing well.

Cami Crocker Wodehouse tells us that she hiked with friends for 10 days in Grindelwald and Zermatt, Switzerland, in 9/11 (bucket list). Her second grandson, Austin, was born to her son and his wife in 10/11, joining his brother, Trent, who is 17 months older. That family recently moved to Birmingham from Richmond. Cami’s daughter and husband are still in Richmond. In 9/12 she is going on a cruise to Greece and Turkey, with stops on each end in Athens and Istanbul (bucket list). Cami volunteers at an elementary school, tutoring in reading and math during the school year and serves on the Leadership Development Committee at Sawgrass CC.

Rosemary Dunaway Trible spends a lot of time working with students and helping her husband Paul at Christopher Newport U. where he is president. In 2010 Rosemary published a book, “Fear to Freedom,” in which she shares her journey from fear to freedom after being raped at gunpoint when she was 26. She has recently launched a nonprofit (www.fear2freedom.org) dedicated to helping others who have suffered sexual abuse and to making college students aware of this issue. Her daughter, Mary Katherine, just gave birth to Rosemary’s second grandchild, Truitt, in Richmond. Her son, Paul III, also lives in Richmond and started the online men’s fine shirt company, Ledbury (www.ledbury.com).

Betty Duson and husband Al spent this last year settling estates, negotiating the sale of rice farms and learning more than they ever wanted to know about types of soil, mineral rights and farm subsidies. A real eye opener for the city girl! They also have some fun trips planned for the near future. Betty and her husband, also a psychologist, will present a workshop in Oct. in Newport, R.I. to university counseling center directors on the topic of ethical decision-making. Then they’ll add onto that a fall foliage trip through Maine and N.H. Betty will be joining family in N.Y.C. earlier in Oct. for a surprise celebration of her youthful sister-in-law’s 50th, and will then spend 10 days with hubby in Honolulu and on Kauai right after Christmas.

Michela English writes to report that she and her husband Rob moved into a hip urban condo between Dupont and Logan Circles in D.C. 11/11. She can now walk to work, and they have lots of great restaurants within walking distance. They spend many weekends at their house in Mathews County, Va., on the Chesapeake Bay, giving them a nice blend of urban and rural lifestyles. Their daughter Eleanore was married at the Bay house over Memorial Day weekend. Rob and Michela then took off for two weeks in Morocco with Martha Holland ’72 and her husband. As Eleanore is fond of saying, “I got married, and Mom and Dad took the honeymoon.”

Kathy Fisher Morland says she’s loving retirement. So many fun things to do, among them hiking regularly with a great group of women friends, teaching adult ESL, and having time to keep up with two grandsons in Boston and parents (92 and 95) in Ohio. Our big event of the summer is our younger son’s wedding in 9/12.

Kathy Garcia Pegues and her husband retired two years ago to have more time to play with their grandchildren. They bought a condo in Charlottesville and are regulars at various events there. At home in the Warrenton, Va., area, they are serious gardeners, doing daily battle with marauding deer. Kathy teaches seminars at the governor’s school and works as an educational consultant. They’re looking forward to the SBC trip to France in Sept. Meanwhile the Obama campaign is keeping life busy, busy.

Liz Glassman has some really nice news to share. She recently was informed that she has been awarded the rank of Officer by the Order of Arts and Letters of the Legion of Honor of French Government. Certainly this is no indication of the strength of her French capacities from SBC, but her Sweet Briar Junior Year in Paris did start her on a road of loving all things French. In the intervening years, she has had the opportunity to work there quite a bit, and happily the contributions she has been able to make have been meaningful to the French cultural community. The award is quite special and she will be “medaled” sometime during 2012 or early 2012. Liz remains president of the Terra Foundation for American Art in Chicago and Paris, and their work was featured in the 3/15/12 New York Times. The article gives a complete description of what projects and programs drive Terra’s mission to present American art around the world. As she says: All in all, a tremendously engaging time professionally—and lots of fun!

Lendon Gray continues to teach (and enjoy) dressage (Stephen Colbert’s “sport of the summer”) focusing on programs for youth riders at the local, national and international levels.

Sioux Greenwald reported that it’s been a fun year for her. She’s still working, which keeps her out of the cookie jar. Sioux crossed paths with Gil and Wendy Weiss Smith in Tokyo in 5/12, as they were on different vacations to Japan. She visited with Mollie and Robi Randolph at the end of 7/12 for DC touring and catching up. Sioux tells us all to email other SBC friends.

Anne Helms Cooper went on a trip to England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales this year and reports they are lovely places. She discovered her husband’s family is from the Edinburough area in Scotland. She has grandsons (13 and 11) as well as a granddaughter (3). Anne and her husband retired in the fall 2011 so they have more time to enjoy their grandchildren and it’s their favorite pastime! They have been working on projects at their home and their house at Smith Mountain Lake so stay busy, especially since they have just started mowing their lawn at SML this spring—yuck!

Pam Henery Arey often writes that there is no news, but sadly, this time her news was that her husband Pat died from pulmonary fibrosis on 7/31/11. They were married for 40 years and have four wonderful children (two with spouses). Pam is adjusting to widowhood and still teaches three-year-olds and serves as the director of His Kids Preschool. She sings in her church choir and serves on the Steering Committee for Camp Amazing Grace that serves children whose parents are incarcerated. She is sorry to have missed the reunion.

Louise Jackson reports that all is well. She’s loving retirement and having lots of fun with friends and family. Most likely, she will host again her most amazing Christmas Eve dinner, where she feeds hordes of family and relatives. No telling how she does it!

Carolyn Jones Walthall writes: “I have been retired from my youth leadership development work for about two years, and Julian just retired May 31 as a full-time Presbyterian minister, so we have entered a whole new era! Plus we have our first grandchild, Madeleine Douglas Walthall, who was born in Dec. 2011 to our son Claiborne and his wife, Beth. They live outside Albany, N.Y., and our other son, David, still lives in Siena, Italy, so we are learning how to pack our carry-on luggage in a hurry and be gone visitin’.”

Carol Johnson Haigh tells us that she and her husband have just returned from seven weeks in England, Scotland and Wales. Their travels included the Henley Regatta, Wimbledon and the Olympics. They sold their house in Sudbury, Mass., 10/11, and divide their time between Boston and Ludlow, Vt.

Linda Lewis Brauer told us that she’s looking forward to getting back in touch with friends. These last few years have been crazy. They moved into a condo, which took lots of time building, selling, designing, etc. Then they hit that terrible time of ailing parents. In less than one year they lost three parents and had one wedding for their daughter. Sounds like a movie: “Three Funerals and a Wedding,” and not a very good one, at that, according to Linda. She says she’s lost track of a lot of people and it’s time to find them! She needs some good laughs!

Gina Mancusi Wills and Ashley are living in Arlington, Va. Gina retired in 5/12 from her job in the U.S. State Dept. Their son Zachary is working in the finance sector in N.Y., and their daughter Olivia married in 6/12 and is a therapist in Los Angeles. Gina and Ashley’s primary preoccupation at this point is trying to figure out the best place to retire to, but at the rate they are going may be in Arlington forever.

Lynne Manov Echols (note the new name) happily reports that her wedding with Frank went off flawlessly on 7/28/12. And she’s planning to bring Frank to meet all of us at our next reunion.

Amanda Megargee Sutton reports that things have really changed for her since 2007. That is when Robert Goodman (aka Goody), her beau when she was in graduate school at UVa, got in touch with her. And he did it through SBC! He wrote to the alumnae office and asked them to forward an email because he had lost touch with Amanda. They corresponded regularly and decided they wanted to see each other, so Amanda went to Pound Ridge, N.Y. in 8/08. They had a great time and decided to meet again in 11/08 at Amanda’s mother’s home on the Md. eastern shore for a long weekend. Again, it was wonderful, so they decided to meet at Christmas, Amanda coming to N.Y. on the train. They decided they wanted to spend more time together, but how? Amanda worked full time over 400 miles away. He was retired, but spent time weekly with his parents. Amanda got back to Va. on a Saturday and went back to work on Monday. Sadly, Amanda’s mother died that Friday, 1/9/09 of a heart attack, never having been sick. Goody came to Md. and was wonderful and, when they parted, again, it was “what do they do to be together?” So, over spring break in 2009 they decided that Amanda should retire and move to N.Y. Big changes in a year of big changes. Amanda loves being retired and is over involved at church, garden club, the library and her garden. She also completed a program through the University of Conn. to become a Master Gardener. Amanda’s son Jamey is living in her house in Va., underemployed as are many of his generation. He finished grad school in 12/09 with an MLS in Archiving and works at the Petersburg Public Library. Not full time, and he is trying every day to find full-time work. So, big changes for Amanda after so long, but very happy changes.

Anne Milbank Mell tells us that timing is everything in life! Last fall Anne and John had decided to add a room or two to the back of their house when the famous snow-tober storm hit the northeast. The crashing of two 100+ foot trees into the back of the house started the project ahead of schedule to the architect’s chagrin! Nine months later, they see the end in sight, and are so grateful the trees fell at the beginning of the project rather than at the end. Both Anne and John are still working, although retirement is looking better and better. Daughter Meredith and husband in San Francisco have two boys, while John, his wife, and Caitlin are still living and working in N.Y.C. Daughter Meredith and her boys came to Summit for two weeks. Grandson Marshall loved the bobcat and gigantic backhoe in the back yard. Needless to say, all the home improvements made going to work seem quiet and sane! She recently rescued a box of wine glasses from storage and life is now looking rosey!

Liz Mumford writes that she’s still in her house in Hyannis Port, painting, taught summer school at the community college (art history intro class). Her son (24) is living here as well (plus two dogs and another young friend with a summer job)—not too many dull moments. She got a new knee last winter so is enjoying golf and gardening with no pain. Taylor Swift just bought a house two doors away, so that’s been somewhat exciting, at least for the kids.

Wendy Norton Brown had her first grandchild in 9/2011 and got to babysit him four days a week for almost three months, and then he got in day care! They’re so lucky his parents are in town so they can still see him pretty often. She says that she never knew being a grandparent could be so great—THE BEST!

Mary Frances Oakey Aiken reports that she’s enjoying a year of no moves! Last year they sold their Roanoke, Va. home and their Naples, Fla. condo and bought another home in Naples and a summer/holiday home in Manakin Sabot, Va. They love being closer to their children (four of the five live in Richmond) and grandchildren at least part of the year. She and John are looking forward to the Sweet Briar trip to France in Sept.

Jacque Penny indicates that all is great with her. She’s heading to Newfoundland this summer to visit relatives she’s never met in a land she’s never seen. And then she’s going on to Prince Edward Island to stay with her wonderful parents for a week before school begins.

Carol Remington Foglesong is having a great time getting news and tidbits from all of you. She now has four grandkids and another will arrive in 11/12, and the son with three-plus kids has moved into her neighborhood about four blocks away, which has made life very interesting. She’s finished up her terms as volunteer president of two national groups involved with land records and has begun to contemplate retirement. The home care task this summer is repainting the outside of her house, which is getting to be a bigger project than she could possibly imagine (and, no, she’s not doing it herself!).

Rene Roark Bowditch retired two years ago from being an adjunct professor of law at the William & Mary Law School, and continues to be a full-time volunteer at the breast health organization she cofounded five years ago, Beyond Boobs! It focuses on women who are diagnosed with breast cancer before menopause, as she was. They’re now a nonprofit with five support systems for young women from Virginia Beach to Richmond, Va. and one in Moyock N.C., and they plan to take it nationwide. So please check out their website (www.beyondboobs.org). On Facebook, find their page (Beyond Boobs!) and the truck’s page (Ma’am O’Gram). Their annual “A Calendar to Live By” for 2013 will be premiered 9/15/12 in Williamsburg at the BB! Gala where Rene will appear as her alter-ego, the Good Health Fairy. It took her SBC education and a law degree, but she finally became something: a fairy! Rene is also helping her husband, David, and his brother with their B&B in Yorktown, the Hornsby House Inn, www.hornsbyhouseinn.com. Lastly, their daughter Tilden is starting her senior year at Washington & Lee (that brings back memories!) and had a wonderful summer writing for the Richmond Times Dispatch. Their son, David (24), is working in Bel Air, Md.

Martha Roton Terry and Frances Barnes Kennamer had another wonderful trip this year—went to Southeast Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, and then down the Danube from Nuremberg to Budapest. Fantastic trip! Martha and her son, Caldwell, have purchased (as of 8/1/12) the Wild Birds Unlimited franchise in Mobile. They sell everything for the backyard bird enthusiast! Her daughter has just begun a new career as a copywriter for J. Jill in Boston. Martha wishes it was time for another reunion as she just loves them!

Trudy Slade McKnight recently moved back to her home in Atlantic Beach, Fla., with her husband, Jack. She’s reconnecting with lots of friends and family here. She has enjoyed spending time together with Kathy Burns Beaudreau. She loved her 17-year adventure of moving around the country, and is loving being back in her homeland. She continues to work part-time in her life coaching business and is enjoying connecting with other SBCers on Facebook and discussing SBC’s appearance on the sci-fi channel program “School Spirits.”

Martha Stewart Crosland reports that she and Ed celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary in early August, and finds it hard to believe it has been that long. They’re trying to spend more time at their house in Palm Beach Gardens—a nice break from Washington, D.C.

Brooke Thomas Dold and Wylie continue to live in Houston and watch their three grown children revolve around them. Two of the three are married. They have no grandchildren and one grand-dog. Brooke is a paralegal at a public/municipal law firm and has worked with the same lawyer since 1998. They plan to take a long vacation next year to make up for the lack thereof this year. They did get out to Calif. in 6/12 to visit with their daughter Lindsay and husband Conor.

Caroline Tuttle Murray and Rick still live in Reidsville, N.C. She’s currently spending most of her time enjoying their two grandkiddos, Lilly (4) and Caleb (1). Their daughter, Cassidy, is a CPA with E & Y in Greensboro, and their son, Scott, graduated from UNC Law, works in Raleigh, and is getting married in Dec. Rick closed his law practice a number of years ago due to health, but life is blessedly quiet and uneventful for the most part. She sees Diana Zeidel and Mimi Pitts Dixon from time to time, though not enough.

Libby Tyree Taylor spends her time working on projects and boards that focus on education and women’s issues in the Bay Area. In addition, she is fortunate to be able to travel the world and U.S. with her husband on a regular basis. Her daughter, Alexa, is getting married 5/13. Both Alexa and her fiancé are graduates of the UVA law school, keeping Libby’s connection with Va., even if just in spirit. Her son, Lee (also a UVA grad), lives in San Francisco and works at a high tech company. Libby has seen Anne Milbank Mell, Jeannette Bush Miller and Kathy Cummings Catlin recently and always enjoys her SBC connections!

Beverly Van Zandt still loves living in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Life is slower and so much more peaceful, plus the climate is cool and dry. Both daughters are doing well. Beverly is back in school heading toward a new career in medicine, and Roberta continues with Blackstone in N.Y.C. Come for a visit south of the border!

Miriam Washabaugh Meglan and Vaughn are just back from a glorious vacation in the Canadian Rockies and are now getting ready to tackle some major home improvements. She is happy and challenged in her church job, but finds herself growing a bit weary of maintaining a schedule that permits so little social life and time with her husband.

Wendy Weiss Smith wrote that overlapping trips allowed her and Gil to briefly enjoy Sioux Greenwald’s company in Tokyo this spring. They now have a Plott hound, the N.C. state dog. They thought they were adopting a rescued Lab-something. Wendy is teaching ESL & volunteering with the woman’s organization at Duke Plus at Duke Gardens. She enjoyed celebrating her mother’s 96th birthday this summer with Sweet Briar ’74 sisters, Cathy Thompson and Chris Pfeil.

Kathy Wilson Lamb and Rex continue to love their retired life in Lexington, Va. They are both involved in volunteer causes, and Rex is now teaching a class about Litigation at W&L, and he loves it! They are expecting their third grandchild (a boy to join his sister and his boy cousin) in 9/12. Kathy spent a night with Becky Bottomley Meeker last spring, and spent a night with Lee and Wendy Norton Brown in 6/12. Life is good!

Nancy Young Gilpin told us that she’s moving to Boston for a few years and asked about classmates in the Boston area. We provided her with information on those in the area, so you may be hearing from her.

Alisa Yust Rowe is still a board member for Arts for Rural Texas and is running the auction in Nov. She always needs original art to auction if any generous artistic classmates would like to donate. Rowan (16 mos.) makes grandchild number four. Alisa and Richard celebrated their 40th anniversary in the spring of 2012 and are both healthy and happy. They still enjoy being in Houston and spending some weekends at their farm.