Nancy Crawford Bent
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With 37 years experience, Giana DePaul (Dallas) started her own business with a very talented photographer 5 fun years ago, “having a blast and doing very well.” She sits on 5 nonprofit boards, loves gardening, and is involved in dog rescue. She has 4 foster “failures” who keep her close to home.

Liz Medaglia (Arlington, VA) sent her Christmas newsletter with additional news of classmates on the back. Sadly, Liz’s father passed away in 6/2012, but lots of family contact has been a great comfort and joy. Liz and husband Joe Sinnott travel (Italy, the Shenandoah Valley), continue traditions like summer evenings at Wolf Trap, and find rewards and opportunities in their work at the Dept. of Labor (Liz) and MITRE (Joe). Liz has begun work on celebrations for the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta (1215) that she hopes will include an original copy on loan from Lincoln Cathedral, GB. Liz and Joe enjoy Viennese Waltz and ballroom dancing, further enlivened for Liz when she spotted Patsy Parkinson Riley (McLean, VA) instantly in a class (“She hasn’t changed at all!”) and again at 2 Viennese Balls where they enjoyed catching up. Liz has also seen Lynn Pearson Russell (Alexandria, VA) who heads the Division of Education at the National Gallery, and is in touch with Peggy Davis Molander (Boxborough, MA) who has retired from Harvard’s Widener Library and is considering moving with husband Erik to Seattle where daughter Margot and her husband live.

Jonathan and Jean Rushin Brown (Wilton, CT) are happy to announce the engagement of son Rob (a VP at Deutsche Bank) to Julia Stroup (JPMorgan Chase), both in NYC. Julia was 2 years behind Rob at Wilton HS, but they started dating in London when he was working there for Deutsche Bank and she was working on her MBA.

When she wrote, Susan Scanlan (Alexandria, VA) was just home from Israel where she got to meet with the Palestinian PM in Remallah. Sue had just been invited to join friends on a trip to Burma, which led her to reminisce about the ‘retirement’ year that Jared and she spent on Koh Samui in Thailand in 1999. “We actually walked across the sand at low tide to get our passports stamped and buy a Coke at the Burmese border. Not much culture absorbed, but still very exciting. The guards let us in for a small remuneration in US $.”

Catherine Hall Stopher sent a note via the online form: Daughter Marshall and son-in-law Douglas Kiker had Walter Simpson Kiker on 8/7/12, named for Douglas’s maternal grandfather. He is the best baby ever! They live in Chevy Chase, DC, and we were lucky enough to have them visit us in Gulf Stream, FL, for Thanksgiving, along with our son Charles, his wife Stephanie, and their darling daughter Lucy (2), who I have every Fri. morning.

Ann Tremain Lee (Newport News, VA) also sent her Christmas letter, reporting a Christmas visit for all the Lees in southern CA with Maria and Marshall (running in the Boston Marathon, ’13), when they got to see Sterling (11) and Kendall (8+) in school and church performances. Ann and Saint took a Baltic cruise, a trip to AZ for Ann’s 65th, and a family week at Nags Head. At home, Ann keeps Larkin (1) for Allie and Zack 2 days/week (they work for a local bank), visits her father (92) in C’ville, and volunteers for church and community (squeezing in tennis, walking, and yoga). Saint continues his part-time therapy practice and work at a free medical clinic, and enjoys his annual ski (CO) and golf (FL) trips. Cameron, in CO, is happy with restaurant work, tax preparation “for a select few,” and her dog, home, and yard.

In ’08, AtLee Walker (D.C.) and her husband moved back from rural VA, happy to be closer to her daughter and 2 grandchildren in MD. Her fabric art and beadwork was in a couple of galleries when she was in VA, but she hasn’t been able to get back into it since the move. “Basically chilling out and caring for my hubby who had 3 surgeries recently.” And celebrating her 66th!

Peter and I contemplate the aging process when we’re not watching Masterpiece or napping with our rescue dogs. I still work as a secretary at the local school where I used to be the nurse (TG – out of that racket!). Adele is in L.A. working for S Factor (google it, but forget the striptease part). Charles is a business manager at Sotheby’s (NYC) and is engaged to be married this July. We love his fiancée!

Save May 30-June 1, 2014 for our 45th Reunion. One last chance to roar before our 50th when we might finally have become too mature for that sort of carrying on.