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News from classmates has been scarce, except from those I’m personally in touch with, and I feel reluctant to share their news every time because that doesn’t keep faith with the idea of CLASS notes. Maybe it’s because SBC doesn’t send the postcards out anymore. Or because all of you are on Facebook except for me. How about putting me on your holiday card lists?

I did hear from Almena Hill Pettit (Tallahassee, Fla.) a while ago. (Thank you, Meny.) Brooks and she had nine grandchildren at the time and were still involved in community volunteer efforts, but were backing off more and more “to let the younger people have opportunities!” And I heard from the alumnae office that our 45th reunion weekend is on the calendar: May 30-June 1, 2014. Please save the date and make your best effort to be there. As always, Reunion will certainly be fun and, given the way things are going with the Class of ’69 (or is it me?), it may be the only way for us all to catch up.