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Hello to all, especially to the 12 or so of us who returned to SBC for our 45th reunion. Our cast of characters included Diane Hunt, Sara Granath, Emmy Savage, Connie Williams de Bordenave, Amanda de Coligny, Courtney Cash Mustin, Francie de Saussure Meade, Martha Bennett Conner, Amy Thompson McCandless, Blair Walker Lawrence, Kathy Obenchain Glass, Lynne Gardner Detmer and a few husbands and significant others. We certainly had a marvelous time together sharing experiences, joys, concerns, reminiscences…reconnecting in wonderful ways. We elected Martha Bennett Conner and Francie deSaussure Meade as co-presidents and I am continuing as your class secretary. Yay and thank you! For our Reunion giving we had a stellar participation rate of 60% of eligible classmates. THANK YOU to our generous donors, and…get a new envelope started for our 50th reunion! Ahem…don’t forget where you put it! We wished that every last one of us could have been there for a magical weekend. Please PLAN on coming to our 50th! Make it a priority. Don’t worry that you will not be recognized…we all had to adjust to our different appearances! Besides, you’ll have nametags to help.
Here are some post-Reunion comments: Courtney Cash Mustin: “It was really fun seeing all of you again in the environs of our alma mater. Hard to believe how fast the time has gone. Hope to see everyone again in 5 yrs. at the longest!” Francie deSaussure Meade: “It was wonderful seeing everyone at Reunion. Loved being together again!” Blair Walker Lawrence: “I wonder if it is typical; our little group seemed to be closer, despite our differences in life experiences…It was wonderful to be with all of you.”
A class note to share that got missed (my fault completely) in the spring issue: Addie Russo writes, “All good wishes for 2013. I doubt if I will attend Reunion because I am on sabbatical in France this term, finishing a book on the contemporary poet Michel Deguy. I am convinced that Sweet Briar is not interested in news from alumnae who have chosen academic careers. In 2008 I won 2 important prizes for my 2007 book “Le Peintre comme modèle: Du Surréalisme à l’Extrême Contemporain” (Presses Universitaires du Septentrion, 2007): the Modern Language Association Scaglioni Prize for the outstanding book in French and Francophone Studies published in 2007, and a Prize from the French Académie des Beaux Arts. It was a wonderful experience to find myself under the Coupole of the Institute de France to receive that award…I was also inducted as a Chevalier in the French Ordre des Arts et des Lettres in 2009, named director of the Program in Comparative Literature at LSU that same year and awarded the Phyllis Taylor Endowed Chair in French Studies.” Addie continues, “2011 was a sad year marked by the death of my beloved father. I am in touch with Jane Weihman Block, Stephanie Bredin Speakman and Kristin Kuhns Alexander. Although I was not able to attend Alicia Glass’s memorial service, I shared my good memories of her with Melissa Allen Kalinowsky and Christina Bacchiani. I have lost touch with some of my Sweet Briar friends and would have liked to see them at Reunion.”
Remember to send me Christmas letters, etc. for inclusion in the next issue. Deadline will be early in 2014! Thanks to you all, and have happy and healthy fall and winter seasons!