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Lynn Gullett Strazzini returned from her third biennial drive (5,000 mi.) around the U.S. with a fellow retired FAA girlfriend. The emphasis this time was the civil rights era in the South, where they visited many national park service civil rights historic sites etc. “I’m now aboard Ed Strazzini’s sailboat cruising the Chesapeake Bay for a week. Following this week’s trip is the annual gathering of nine ‘girls’ from my school days. 2013 will be our Nifty 68 trip. I travel with two other groups: Saucy 60s and Check Mates. I’m on the road about 200 days annually. Ed and I visit our three grandchildren in NYC as often as we can.”

Dottie Dana King is still living in Jacksonville, FL. She’s been a widow for seven years and has three married children and six grandchildren (6 mos. to 8 years) who live in Atlanta and NY. She enjoys teaching and playing tournament bridge.

Judy Bensen Stigle has adjusted to FL weather. She’s playing lots of golf, working two days a week and has jumped back into PEO, women’s club and newcomers. She sees lots of old roomie Bonnie Blew Pierie who has undergone second rotator cuff surgery on the same arm.

Maria Wiglesworth Hemmings is cutting back to 24 hours at the hospital in March and spending longer weekends in FL. “We’re in Hobe Sound if any of you are nearby. Family is good; if any SBC grads need gardening or landscaping in the Jackson Hole area, daughter Emery’s Teton Gardens will take care of you. She and Jeff are now visiting daughter Anne in Park City skiing.” In June, the Hemmings go with their church to Kenya for a mission trip. After the work portion they’re going to Masai Mara and Tanzania.

Mary Gillespie Monroe was flying across country to visit her grandsons, Vake and Gil Martin, who live in Klamath Falls, OR, when she reported. If not in OR she will be driving or taking the train to visit her granddaughter, Mary Frances Rivera, in Baltimore, MD. “I’m still teaching anatomy and histology at Virginia Commonwealth U. during the fall and spring semesters.”

Barb Tillman Kelley and Carlton have a trip planned to the Galapagos Islands in March. They’re also taking a river cruise on the Danube from Prague to Budapest in Aug.

Judy Schlatter Fogle enjoyed a trip to Berlin and Munich with her son Ander and his wife Robin and their three sons.

Carroll Randolph Barr loves the printed word on a page in a magazine, especially our Class Notes in our SBC Magazine. “SBC’s magazine is truly one of the best I have ever read/seen, not that I’m prejudiced, but I do believe it’s worth the expense to write, publish and mail.” She writes, “Our son, Angus and his fiancée, Erin Holshouser, were married here at our house on Lake Latané in Oct. They live in Huntersville and work in Charlotte, NC, where he’s a chef at the downtown Hilton Hotel, and she’s an office manager with Duffey Construction. Michael and Ali and Eloise have moved into their house in Larchmont. Michael commutes into NYC via train to Neuberger Berman, and Ali owns her own pajama business called ThreeJNYC (threejnyc.com). I love retirement with tennis, golf, watching UVA basketball, tutoring French, and now the Olympics. Mike is still in real estate, but also enjoys golf, tennis and now pickleball. On my last trip to Larchmont, I visited with my goddaughter, Elaine Musselman and her son, Wes, in NYC. Elaine is Ina Brown Bond’s daughter.

Adele Laslie Kellman and Paul sold their home of 20+ years and moved into a condo in Morristown, NJ. The Kellmans took two trips to Spain, first in June when their daughter and her husband had a legal wedding ceremony in Andorra, then later in Sept. when the couple had a destination wedding in Barcelona (where they live). During the summer, Adele spent several weeks in FL with her stepmother in her final days. The Kellmans went to Costa Rica in Jan.

Hallie Darby Smith’s son remarried and is expecting a daughter in March to join older brothers (9 and 6)! This gives Hallie three grandsons and three granddaughters. “I have become interested in beekeeping. Last fall I went on a wine tasting tour of Germany, followed by a trip along the wine road of Alsace, France with Sophie Mackenzie Belouet ’68.”

Stephanie Lucas Harrison: “About 5 years ago I married Ted Carpenter. We became engaged when we went to Carmel for Lyn Milton Cooper’s wedding. I have two married sons and three grandsons. When I married Ted, I acquired two stepdaughters and a step-granddaughter (6).” Stephanie is practicing commercial real estate law and taking ballet and salsa dancing lessons. Her sister Cathy, SBC ’70, lives there as does her younger son, Charlie, and his wife and the baby-on-the way. Everyone else is scattered in CA, OR and NC.

Connie Quereau Graf and Ernie enjoy having both children nearby in the D.C. area. She babysits the three grandchildren once a week. She’s still riding and maintaining two horses. She sees Putzi Von Rebhan occasionally.

Margaret Mapp Young’s oldest son died of heart failure in Feb. He had lived with a TBI since 1991, but had married and fathered two beautiful children before his divorce. He was living on his own with great caregivers in Accomac. She is fortunate to be able to spend time with Paul and Sara Mapp now as they live with their mother close by. Mapp lives in Northern VA, is a school teacher and he and his wife have three boys and a girl! Richard, Jr. is in Portland, OR, and he and his wife have two girls. Margaret and Dick plan to go back to the FL Keys for two months this winter. They missed last year due to her broken ankle and his collapsed lung!

Bonnie Blew Pierie remembers Randy Brown: “Time passes and, while I miss Randy, I’m happy that Hospice made her transition away comfortable. It was offered in her own home with her family able to participate. Just yesterday, as I was going over a drawer of photos, there was another photo of Randy during a visit here looking like, well…Randy (!) with that big smile and joy-of-life look.” Randy’s daughter Lee has been in touch, and it seems that after the great ordeal the family endured, they’re healing and happy for their memories of their mother.”

Judi Bensen Stigle is consistently winning in the Waterford Womens’ Golf League while she attempts a second effort to re-attach the tendon in my right shoulder otherwise known as rotator cuff. Judi visited Gracey Stoddard in Naples in Dec. She is working to support the “African Dream Academy,” and also on rehabbing/decorating a family condominium. When she just recently went to Africa to visit the Academy and took a side trip safari with 12 other people; she just happened to mention that she had gone to Sweet Briar and met her first cousin. Now that is a small world! Judi looks forward to seeing Ginny Carpenter Delgado and everyone at our next reunion if not before.

Martha Meehan Elgar married Tom after graduation and they moved several times in his career with General Electric Company. They’ve lived in Atlanta for almost 25 years. They enjoy having their children and six grandchildren nearby, who range in age from 12 years to 9 months. They volunteer for their church and community and travel. They had a reunion several years ago with Lindsay Smith Newsom, Peggy Handly Fitzgerald,Sally Haskell Richardson, Page Munroe Renger, Gretchen Bullard Barber and Sue Morck Perrin.

Dolly Caballera Garcia has eight grandchildren. The Garcias took a cruise to the Black Sea. This year they’re planning on taking two of the grandkids on a Disney cruise in April and then hope to go to Israel and Jordan in Sept.

Victoria Baker made a sightseeing trip, interspersed with family visits, up the east coast from FL to Ft. Kent, ME (mile marker #1 on U.S.1) for partner Lee’s 50th high school reunion. In Oct. she took him to her remote anthropological research village in Sri Lanka to reconnect with old friends. Victoria and Lee continue to be avid ballroom dancers.

Ginny Carpenter Delgado: “All is well in Madrid! My son and family have moved here. I tutor his boys in English (their second language). I’ll be spending the month of July in Breckenridge, CO, with my sister and husband and will be taking my grandson Álvaro (13). If any of you are in the Denver area, maybe we could get together in July? Looking forward to visiting with Glory McCrae Bowen here in Madrid in May.”

Kim Waters Keriakos has been enjoying Washington, D.C., this winter. “I hope anyone passing through will give me a call. I volunteer with Travelers Aid at Dulles Intl Airport so would be happy to greet you and take you to the city if that’s your plan. I continue to serve as a floral designer at church and have joined a garden club. I visited SBC at homecoming last fall and, with our loss of Nancy Baldwin and Peter Daniel, have corresponded with many old friends. Both Nancy and Peter were great mentors when I worked for the Admissions Office after graduation. I became a great-grandmother at the end of 2013.”

Jill Berguido Gill retired from tutoring. She loves having the time to read and write. She’s planning an extensive vegetable garden. “Chamois, my yellow Lab (11) is still full of pep…I have added more duties to my roster at Christ Church, Philadelphia. Bruce won’t reach retirement age for several more years. He loves his work at Harriton House. He is good friends with his Harriton neighbor, Chef Walter Staib. Both Bruce and Harriton Plantation have been frequent guests on Walter’s PBS show, “A Taste of History.” My son, Tim Clement, has been working at the Thomas Scattergood Behavioral Health Foundation in Philadelphia since last June. He is the Scattergood Fellow on Stigma Reduction.”

Susan Sumners Alloway has moved from central NY to Rockport, TX, a shrimping village and artists’ colony on the Gulf Coast where she vacationed as a child and where she and her husband wintered the last 10 years of his life. “Current projects include making for my son, the farmer, a set of dishes incised with Pueblo prayer symbols for good harvests, and designing two retreats, one on ‘covenant,’ one on ‘power.’ I see my son and grandson four or five times a year in northern CA, and this summer plan a painting class at Ghost Ranch, a northern NM retreat center in Georgia O’Keefe country. My sister and I are contemplating a trip to the Greek islands to celebrate my 70th.”

Beth Gawthrop Riely: “After a difficult period, at this age it’s better just to say so: divorce and death of former husband John, my life is now full and rich with family and friendships. I continue to write on food and food history and music. Right now I am co-president of my chorus, The Boston Cecilia. My older son Christopher and his companion Ingrid have my first grandchild, Sylvia. Christopher is a forester working in RI’s reservoir watershed. Andrew, my younger son, teaches geography at National Cathedral School in Washington, D.C.”

Stephanie Ewalt Coleman’s first husband, Rye Ayers, passed away. Judi Bensen Stigle and Lynn Lyle were both in that wedding. On a happier note, her youngest son, Brandon, married Ashby Wallace last Nov.! Lynn and friend, Jamie Sheridan, came from Raleigh to attend! Lisa Harvey Morton and John were to attend, but sadly illness hit Lisa after her family reunion the previous weekend! Now Lee and his wife, Amanda, have a daughter, Reagan (3). They’re expecting a son, Riley (named for granddad). Her middle son, Cameron, lives in NOVA and works in D.C. as senior editor at a large publishing company. Lisa has two grandchildren, two daughters-in-law and sons nearby, two stepsons, their wives and four step-grandchildren. “I see my two brothers and one sister-in-law, Chloe Briscoe Ewalt ’74, in MD often as well as two half-sisters and one brother-in-law in Amherst. One of my half-sisters has attended Ascension Episcopal Church in Amherst of which Kat Barnhardt Chase is deacon! I have a half-brother and sister-in-law living in NC.”

Ginny Stanley Douglas (Sacremento): “I’m off to Marrakech in April with girlfriends! Bill and I are off to Tunisia and cruising the Mediterranean in June. Our grandkids keep us busy. Bill and I are still here in Baton Rouge, LA, with our three dogs and three backyard chickens. In June we took a three-week river cruise. We drank the ship out of wine! We had a fun trip to the FL Keys with friends in Oct. for Fantasy Fest. In Nov. we went on a week plus safari to Kenya. We both keep busy with our volunteer work. Bill was honored along with several others last year as a volunteer activist. Between us we have five children, two of his plus one of mine in TX and two of mine in Baton Rouge and New Orleans plus five grandchildren scattered between the two states. If you’re ever in the Baton Rouge area, or any part of LA, please holler. We have an open door policy and I can certainly meet anyone wherever. In fact I had the opportunity to meet Randy Brown in Donaldsonville, halfway between New Orleans and Baton Rouge while she was still ambulatory. What a special treat!

Glory McRae had seen Lynn Lyle at their 50th High School Class Reunion in Jacksonville, FL. Glory’s son T.J. graduated from the New School in NYC with a masters in economics. She spent Thanksgiving in D.C. with her older son Derick who works for the World Bank. Her daughter Glory’s theater festival in NYC was fantastic. Glory Jr. is working with the La Mama International Group on a production in Singapore. Glory and her daughter took a holiday cruise up the Brazilian end of the Amazon River. Mama Glory also took a cruise from San Diego to the west coast of Mexico, Guatamala, Costa Rica and through the Panama Canal with a stop in Colon, Panama, then Cartegena, Columbia, ending in Ft. Lauderdale. In Aug. she went to Iceland and Greenland. At the end of the summer she took a bus tour to Chicago. In Nov. she went to Winnipeg and then to Manitoba. Glory is still singing with the U. Women’s Chorale of A.A.U.W. and performs with the opera chorus, Coro Lirica, as well as her choir at the Unitarian Church in Summit where she also leads the World Religions group.

Janie Willingham McNabb and husband Lanny have eight children (plus seven son/daughter in-laws) and 20 grandchildren between them. Her hobbies are still grandchildren, photography, videography and gardening. All four of her children live in town and Lanny’s four all live in Atlanta except for one who travels with condos in Atlanta and Bangkok. “We’re downsizing into a garage apt., which I’m building at present. The apt. will be attached to our family ancestral home (built by my father in 1937) where we currently live and into which my oldest daughter will soon move with her family.”

Linda Fite has a cousin in Scott, LA, whom she visits every Jan. Linda bought another farmhouse in her back-country hamlet. “I suppose these houses (the largest is 1,200 square feet; the smallest, 900) could be considered investments, only I don’t rent them out conventionally. Summers in the Hudson Valley are so wonderful that, except for a family get-together at Bethany Beach, DE, and a visit to ME, I stay home. Lots of visitors to this area, so I get houseguests galore (including the Brooklyn kids and grandkids). Last autumn I visited an English friend in the South of France, and on the way I stopped in Paris to see Pam Ford Kelley and Brendan. I love going to NYC to visit friends and the kids. I’m still in a writing group. I spent a week in Key West with Joanne Tumolo Bario ’68—heavenly!”

Carole Munn is still single and living in FL; she’s flying for Delta (44 years total with Pan Am and Delta!) and spent a three-week vacation in Myanmar (Burma) last Nov.

Pat Neithold Hertzberg and Mike moved to FL three years ago to a family home in Palm Beach. “We still go back to Bethesda, MD, in the summer and fall because our son and his family are there. The two grandkids, Graham (11) and Caroline (12), spend spring breaks with us in FL. Mike has started an export consulting business in West Palm, and I’m still working (remotely and part time) with an investment management firm (Keystone Asset Management in McLean, VA). Enjoy painting and drawing. Stay in touch with Mellie Hickey and Paul Nelson, Judy Powell and Harry Martin and Beth Gawthrop Riley.

Gracey Stoddard is now retired (Dec. ’13) from her day job with Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney. She hopes to have more time to travel and would love to hear from anyone who is in NY.

At the time of the last Class Notes Anne Stuart Brown Swann was dealing with an Acoustic Neuroma in her brain. She explains, “I had Cyberknife surgery at Johns Hopkins last Aug., and my report last month was good. Tumor is slightly swollen from the radiation, but three fourths of it is displaying tissue death. Won’t need another MRI for a year! Even though I have lost hearing in my left year I feel blessed. Husband Kirk has retired. We have our two sons, two daughters-in-law and five grandchildren nearby.”

Barbara Annan: “I’m enjoying travel and taking writing workshops. I’ve kayaked in the Everglades, in British Columbia, and northern WI. I visit NYC several times a year and in the winter I use my condo in Palm Beach, where my brother lives.”

Page Munroe Renger is busy practicing for spring interclub tennis. She says, “Will go to the beach for Easter and Memorial Day. Doing a cruise of the Greek Isles and finishing up in Istanbul in June and then hope to take numerous long stints at the beach. I babysit for my little princesses (5 and 7) and drive back and forth to River Hills where my significant other lives.”