Sally Hubbard

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Eugenia Dickey Caldwell found an avian vet for Dollie, her 33-year-old parrot. Eugenia spends a lot of time caring for Dollie, from administering arthritis medicine to walks in the sunshine.

Melinda Musgrove Chapman’s oldest grandson is a sophomore at the U. of FL and the rest of his family will be in Germany for another 18 months. Her two granddaughters and selling houses keep her busy.

Foy Roberson Cooley is still working as CEO of Access Self Storage, developing and managing self-storage properties in NJ and NY. Husband Ken retired a decade ago. She skis at Snowbird and takes long hikes (New Zealand last Nov.) and will go fly fishing in Argentina in March. Her four children are fine; two in UT and two in NJ. One is married and has two children. Foy is tutoring a homeless person for the GED exam and facilitates a grief group.

Mary Ellen Freese Cota’s husband Alberto’s macular degeneration limits adventures, but they continue singing in the choir. Mel teaches yoga to professors from the U. of Mexico campus nearby. Each weekend they visit Alberto’s sister in Guanajuato.

Sally Rasco Thomas is looking forward to a Danube cruise in April. Oldest granddaughter Naja is awaiting college admission letters.

Sally Wright Hyde and husband Steve downsized and moved to Williamstown, MA, where he went to college. Mary “Dootsie” Duer ’64 and Sally used to visit that Birkshires campus from SBC. They have two daughters and four grandchildren, three to 15.

Brooke Patterson Koehler and husband Dan enjoyed a 21-day river cruise from Bucharest to Amsterdam. She’s had knee surgery for a torn meniscus and a small tear. Brooke flew off to Australia with her tennis partner to watch nine days of the Australian Open. She returned to Indian Wells (where they own a house) to watch the Paribas Open. Brooke’s son Doug still works for her, but is getting restless; son Andrew is teaching school in Bosnia.

Nancy E. MacMeekin traveled to Ireland last fall with Vicky Thoma Barrette. They’re about to embark on a trip to Panama and the colonial city of Cartagena, Colombia. Nancy volunteers for her church and her county’s literacy and ESL programs, and spends time with her grandnieces and grandnephews.

Susan Strong McDonald had a wonderful two-week residence at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts in Oct. Since it is close to SBC, she visited with the art dept. faculty and saw the new art studio facility. Paige Critcher brought her art class to visit Susan’s studio and talk about creating collages. Susan’s oldest grandson is studying at Beloit College in WI. The others are thriving in St. Paul, MN, and Shepherdstown, WV. She moves seasonally between WI and Jacksonville, FL.

Laura Haskell Phinizy’s husband Stewart has had to stop driving because of Alzheimers. On the up side, Laura drove 1800 miles from Augusta to Saint Simons Island, to D.C. and back, with grandson Wesley Gash (8) to visit his twin cousins, go to monuments, play in his first snow, visit the capitol, and celebrate Three Kings Day at St. Alban’s.

Carol Reifsnyder Rhoads’ husband Bob has retired. In “Ring Around Charleston” they rang tower bells in three churches and then they visited D.C. to see “The Dying Gaul” in the National Gallery. 2015 is around the corner—hope everyone is planning to come to SBC!

Magdalena Salvesen will visit 19th-century gardens and parks in Britain this summer in preparation for a seminar she’ll teach at NYU. She continues to manage the estate of artist Jon Schueler and is involved with his exhibitions.

Saralyn McAfee Smith sent a pastoral scene of snow on a rural lane, but fussed that after a week of spring they woke up to that.

Sally Norris Swan’s husband will retire soon from his accounting firm in Amarillo. They’re getting a Brittany pup and love to fly fish in the West; they have a Kevlar canoe (so old folks can carry it) and love backpacking and hiking. Sally’s mother gave her poem book that Robert Frost had signed to Goodwill in 1970; if you see it on E-Bay please buy it back for her. She enjoys writing and poetry.

At 70 (aren’t we all), Sally McCrady Hubbard figures she has five years to do outrageous things. So here came an Anglican priest from Uganda to teach courses at Sewanee about various religions’ response to people with AIDS in their communities. Canon Gideon Byamugisha has provided a boarding school education for 900 children near Kampala (orphans and others affected by AIDS) and is working to establish a four-year college open to all. Sally decided to volunteer for him for the month of April and then Ugandan President Museveni declared war on gays and people who counsel them. It’s terrifying, but she’s willing to be open to this opportunity, and then be coordinator of Canon Gideon’s fundraising efforts in Canada and the USA when she returns.

And what was it Carol said? 2014 + 1 = OUR TURN TO CELEBRATE 50 YEARS!