Sally Hubbard
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Susan Hobbs Crowder and her husband Herb live in FL. They welcomed 2 grandchildren in 2012, making a total of 3, all under 4 years old. What a thrill every time they see them. Go to Susan’s artist website, www.susancrowder.com, to see what she’s been doing all these years.

Alice Virginia Dodd retired from her job as a middle school librarian after 30 years in the system. But 4 years ago she returned to work; after several jobs she’s now a night school librarian in a Technical & Design College in Louisville KY, part time. She says getting older presents challenges that we used to be able to whiz by not long ago. Courage and best wishes to all!

Sally McCrady Hubbard’s extended family gathered in Sept. for her husband’s (of 38 years) funeral and again in Jan. for her eldest brother Ned’s funeral. A season of farewells. But always there are blessings to look forward to: she’ll be in the audience to hear grandson Duncan as concert master when his Fort Worth Youth String Orchestra performs in Bass Hall soon, and she’s training for a major hike across England next Aug. with her stepdaughter and 2 Tennessee hiking buddies. The Wainwright Trail is 200 miles from west to east coast. Small country. Long hike.

Dabney Williams McCoy still lives in their Richmond home, built 32 years ago. After recovering from moving her mother (94, Class of 1940) and father (95) into a smaller retirement apt., it’ll be time for her to downsize as well. Her husband still works full time. Their older son lives in Richmond and has boys (12 and 9). Their middle son is a lawyer with King & Spalding in Charlotte; he and his wife have 3 boys (13, 10, 7). Their daughter and her husband also live in Richmond, with 2 sons (3, 1). (Does anyone else have 7 grandsons and no granddaughters?) Dabney and SBC roommate Sallie Mullins Thompson and their husbands had dinner in the Outer Banks last spring; in Jan. Dabney and Sallie also met for lunch in NYC where Sallie lives. Dabney’s 2 sisters have returned to Richmond—all 5 siblings are there now, so holidays are busy. As Dabney is our youngest classmate, she is nowhere near 70, ahem.

Susan Strong McDonald lost her husband Angus in 1995. After time to gather herself together, she settled on a schedule of driving back and forth between Minneapolis and FL twice a year. Perhaps she’ll stop for a visit in Sewanee.

Laura Haskell Phinizy has invited Sally Hubbard to Augusta for a day at the Masters Golf Tournament in April. Sounds like a great escape from winter, caregiving, etc. Hooray for old friends. Laura, Keith and the twins were there for Christmas.

Magda Salvesen, who is curator of the Jon Schueler Estate, has a show in Milwaukee in April and 2 group shows, and teaches at NYU.

Lurline Tolbert Sweet has been out of touch with SBC for awhile, so sends news since 1990. Her husband Paul Buppert (47) died in 1990, and she was on her own for 11 years preparing taxes and working as a church secretary. In 2001 she married Jim Sweet, a pastor with 3 sons, 3 daughters-in-law, and 6 grandchildren. (Now that could be considered a life change!) Since their marriage Jim has served as interim pastor in Port Charlotte, FL (where Hurricane Charley demolished their house), Cleveland, OH, and Ocala, FL, where they now have a permanent home and adventurous life.

Sally Rasco Thomas held out till age 70 for the best Social Security payment, and will retire from the American Heart Association at the end of April. She enjoyed her 30-year career in the nonprofit world, especially the last 10 years in planned giving. But the required travel was wearing. Even though HI was in her territory, it was challenging to deal with people 3,000 miles and 3 time zones away.

Eugenia Dickey Caldwellis working on a new, large database machine at IBM which she really enjoys. Having said that, it occupies so much of her time that she is thinking about retiring at the end of this year if she’s unsuccessful in keeping the workload down to 40-45 hours a week. Plus vacations! Peter and Eugenia have planned 2 good ones this year: the Jazz Festival in New Orleans the last weekend in April and first weekend in May; and back to Peru to see the big clay lick frequented by macaws and smaller parrots on the Tambopata River in July. Plus their annual birding trip with Audubon to Mt. Lassen at the end of June.

Elvira McMillan Tate has a wonderful new husband, Jay Mannelly, as of 5/19/2012. They were introduced by a mutual friend and are excited about having spouses again after 5 years for Jay and 28 years for Elvira. Her name has changed, but email and address are the same.