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Jean Young Behan died on 9/23/13 after a long illness. We express our sympathy to her family. Sympathy also to Anne Carter Brothers whose husband, Dr. John Brothers, died at the end of last year and to Lee Kucewicz Parham and John who lost their younger son, Rob, to cancer in Feb. Ironically, Anne had sent a reflection on our 50th Reunion, which just missed the deadline for our last class notes: “As I pulled out of the gates of SBC I felt many of the same emotions I had felt when leaving after graduation. I imagine it was because I had anticipated this particular reunion for so long and now it was over. I also wonder if we’ll ever entice so many back to campus. We must try.”

Nerissa Vom Baur Roehrs: “Our daughter Marina was married on Easter Saturday 2013 in London to British Army Captain Nicholas Heppenstall. He was posted to Washington in Dec. Musically my offerings continue to be played here and there. Australia and China heard a couple of my songs, a couple more were sung in recital in Zwickau (Schumann’s birthplace) and my two piano solos were performed during Debussy Week. One of my Christmas carols was sung, in translation, at the Christmas Service of Bach’s choir, the Thomaner.”

Betty Stanly Cates is entertaining all Sweet Briar colleagues who visit Vero Beach. Meta Bond Magevney and Hugh and Susan Dwelle Baxter ’64 were Betty’s house guests on Valentine’s Day weekend, and Lucetta Gardner Mannion and Ed spent the night with her in Jan., en route home after a Caribbean cruise. She had dinner with Mary Lou Morton Seilheimer and Charlie. Mary Lou is on the mend after knee surgery. The Sweet Briar cocktail party, which Betty sponsors annually, was March 4. Attending were Betty Noland Caravati and Charlie and Nancy Caldwell Briggs and Bobby.

Lynn Carol Blau and Jeffrey were off to Nashville and Las Vegas to visit their two daughters and grandchildren and also spend time in their apt. in NYC. Pat Calkins Wilder’s (Victor, NY) husband Mike retired. Pat is still photographing full time, enjoying experiences in the U.S. and abroad and keeping a full schedule of shows. Pat and Mike have three children, one in Seattle, one in NY and one in London with their families.

Ginni Corwin Millo: “I’ve been retired from my aerospace job for 18 years now and spend my time between HI where my family lives and MA where I’m involved with my church’s information technology.” Jean Meyer Aloe’s husband Ed tripped on the stairs and tore the quadriceps ligament off his kneecap resulting in surgery then leg cast and brace. Then Jean fell on her face twice, dislocating her jaw and ending up with a “monstrous black/red/blue eye and cheek.” Jean goes to Abu Dhabi in March to visit their daughter and her family who are there for her job.

Cynthia Hubard Spangler and Charles visited Biarritz with her son and his family last summer followed by two days in Paris. In Jan. Cynthia had back surgery, which has eliminated pain she’s lived with for years. Susan Alexander, Nancy McDowell and Lyn Clark Pegg enjoyed a mini-reunion last Dec. while on a Witness for Peace delegation to Cuba.

Prue Gay Stuhr and Ed have been enjoying the activities of grandchildren and dogs. Their Dalmatian, “Ticket” had a fine year in the show ring and their 10-year-old Dalmatian “Cole” is looking well. Prue tracked down a long-lost classmate, Ashley Schuler Rooney. Shortly after, I had an email from Ashley herself. “So many years have passed, but within 24 hours I heard from Prue Gay and Leslie Buchman Richardson, that tall beautiful blonde who was my roommate so many years ago!” Ashley is a writer with over 40 books to her credit. She has previously worked as a consultant and as a youth minister and youth center coordinator, working with teens. She has a master’s degree in Adolescent Group Dynamics and has produced a TV series focusing on youth concerns. Through two marriages (her first husband died in 1998) she has collected two children, three step-children and 11 grandchildren.

Judy Varn Hays writes, “After 43 years in the same house someone came along who wanted to buy it and we moved in about seven weeks! We’re now at our lake house 100 miles from Atlanta waiting to close on a condo.”

Susan Scott Robinette and Lamar took a three-week trip to WA, MT, Canada and WY in Sept. then to the beach in Pawley’s Island, SC, and to NJ to see grandchildren. Lamar’s daughter Kate (their last) will be getting married next Oct. in Charleston at Magnolia Plantation. Nancy Dixon Brown’s oldest daughter is being married in June. Nancy attended the SBC brunch for President Parker.

Cheri Fitzgerald Burchard: “I enjoy my grandchildren and have welcomed a new one, Anna. Painting and work in the arts delights me.”

Mary Ann Utterback Burritt was sorry to miss our Reunion, but was in the throes of moving her mother into a retirement facility near her home. Mary Ann and Jim are looking forward to a cross country drive in May to visit their son Jimmy, who lives in Laguna Beach with his family.

Marta Sweet Colangelo responded briefly, “Susan Terjen Bernard and I are currently in Tortola, BVI!”

Lisa Wood Hancock: “Daughter Elizabeth is graduating from VA Episcopal Seminary and will be ordained in June. I had a visit in Dallas with Allie Stemmons Simon in early Feb.” Lisa came to provide me with a little R&R after nursing a husband recovering from spinal surgery complicated by infection for four months. He’s improving daily and we’re off for our CO home to spend the month of March.